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Aug 07, 2023
Jul 03, 2024
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The TEFLPros Plus 120 Hour Online TEFL Course provides high-quality instruction, weekly live coaching calls, full accreditation and practical skill-building techniques with 50+ hours of real-life classroom and instructional videos. Get the best of both worlds: high-quality training with a flexible schedule.

Perks of learning with TEFLPros:
- High-Quality Training
- Weekly Live Coaching Calls
- Accreditation
- Practical Skill-Building
- Time Flexibility
- Location Independence

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Program Highlights

  • Complete our free 2-day trial so that you can see our course materials for yourself.
  • Hop on a Strategy Session call with our team to get an in-depth evaluation of your specific needs as a TEFL participant.
  • Work at your own pace while getting weekly assistance from your trainers via coaching calls.
  • Gain practical skill-building in the areas of lesson planning, classroom management and career prep.
  • Receive valuable feedback on your performance from our team of trainers.

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  • Instruction 5
  • Support 5
  • Value 5
  • Academic Rigor 4.45
  • Job Assistance 4.7
  • Content 4.95
  • Engagement 4.9
  • Support 5
  • Platform 4.95
  • Value 4.95
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Christopher S.
Yes, I recommend this program

TEFLPros certificate training

Because it was remote learning, online, I wanted examples of classroom experience. Additionally, I hadn't created lesson plans in my past experience, so I wanted that to be a central feature of the program. I thought the lessons were engaging, the resources helpful and the numerous video examples of a classes applying the lessons was informative. Finally, the course offered weekly follow up/question opportunities to understand the lessons, but it was also good opportunity for some of the students to meet one another.
From what I can tell, this is an excellent ESL certificate program.

  • Detailed examples and practice lesson plan making
  • Plentiful classroom examples
  • Lesson Plan resources
  • I don't have any cons
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Yes, I recommend this program

Tefl Pros

I was drawn to Tefl Pros because of the comprehensive curriculum offered which focuses on lesson planning. Tefl Pros helps you build a skillset so that you can teach with confidence. Plus it's accredited.
You can work at your own pace but you are also very much connected to the whole process as their are live coaching calls one or twice a week. The videos they show of live teaching sessions are also very helpful.
Something I really like about Tefl Pros is that the staff is very professional, positive and personable.
They are always prompt to respond to any questions I may have, big or small.
If youre looking for a tefl course, Tefl Pros won't let you down.

  • You can study at your own pace
  • Live coaching calls
  • Professional, responsive staff
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great All Around Program!

I loved this course! As a seasoned teacher, I kept wishing I'd had something like this when I was first starting out. I found the course to be very well organized and very user friendly. It prepared me to teach ESL in a variety of settings. Instead of providing you with a bunch of prepared lesson plans, this course teaches you how to choose and adapt materials to use in lesson plan templates depending on your needs. The Activity Book and the pro teaching tips and videos are excellent resources. Highly recommend!

  • Very well organized and thorough
  • Watch pro teachers in action
  • Excellent activity book
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Yes, I recommend this program

Plenty of Support and Resources

I don't have experience teaching or with another TEFL program, but TEFL Pros has a ton of resources that are helping to prepare me. All of the videos, especially the classroom examples with teachers and students, were very helpful to see so you know what to expect. It was beneficial to have the quizzes and portfolio assignments at the end of each module that you can look back to for reference. You can go at your own pace with the course and I found the content to be interesting. As a new teacher, a lot of my questions were answered.
There is always someone available at TEFL Pros to help answer any questions.

  • Videos, files, and guides that you can download
  • If you need to watch the videos you have to have a good wifi connection
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Yes, I recommend this program


I 10/10 recommend TEFL Pros if you're thinking about teaching in-person abroad. This course allowed me to work from anywhere at any pace. They set you up for success because by the end of the course you will have a portfolio, cover letter, and tips for your resume. The two coaching calls each week are incredibly personable and allow you to bond with the other students taking the course with you. I am now a digital nomad in Costa Rica with a group chat with new teacher friends, a Facebook community of TEFL Pro students, and volunteer experience. Thank you Whitney!

  • Self-paced
  • Personable and encouraging
  • All online
  • Not as much time in this course is dedicated to teaching online classes compared to the time dedicated to teaching in-person classes
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Yes, I recommend this program


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The information was given in a clear manner with a lot of light banter and personal stories that made it enjoyable and relatable. I learned a lot of different techniques. I completely appreciated the class videos where I could see the techniques being applied. That was very helpful to me in understanding how to implement them and how the students reacted to them.
The guides were very useful in following along with the lessons. I also appreciated the worksheets which allowed me to put my thoughts in order.

What was your funniest moment?
I enjoyed some of the ways that the students behaved during some of the mingles
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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFLPROS experience

It’s sometimes difficult to choose among different internet sites when it comes to invest money in your future ; As an English teacher for 4 years, I was still lacking elements to become a great teacher and I wanted also to be able to get a certificate allowing me to teach to kids, teens or adults anywhere in the world. Teflpros was my solution even if I didn’t know anything about them. When speaking for the 1st time with Whitney my teacher, I realized right away that Teflpros is a reliable and serious company because as a professional you can feel when someone knows what he/she is talking about. I always got an aswer ASAP to all my requests, the program was very helpful and well structured. The people are open, approachable, (always a good atmosphere during the live sessions). I was able to advance at my own path with all the advices I needed, with no pressure and assistance whenever I wanted. After getting the certificate, I still got suggestions, advices and directions to get a job. So, it’s very reassuring that once the training period is over, you find support.
I am very confident that anyone who follows the program, the guidance, methods and methodology of Teflpros will succeed in being a good teacher and finding a job without a shadow of a doubt. Special thanks to Whitney who is a very nice teacher full of goodwill and attention and very efficient. I wish her team the very best because it was a very fulfilling experience studying at Teflpros.

What was your funniest moment?
live sessions : sharing experiences with each others
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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFLPros 120-Hour Online Course

Mostly, at first, I thought that the course would just be a set of instructions and that I'd be able to finish it quickly but, surprisingly, everything in the course was very helpful and for sure going to be useful for teachers like me, who are only just beginning with their journey as ESL Teachers. I liked that at every module, you're always presented with tips or advice at the end, the little things that can certainly help you become a good, successful teacher. They really do make sure that you'll be able to know everything as much as possible in order to prepare you for the real thing.

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Questions & Answers

The short answer, yes it is appropriate for online or in-person 🙂 The long answer - A proper TEFL course should provide you with the teaching foundation to teach any age, setting or class type. Period. That’s the whole point of a TEFL course (the same for young learners, business English etc.). TEFLPros prepares you. The courses that try to upsell you on “online teaching modules” are a gimmick and...

Great question! Yes it is. Over 50 hours of course content is delivered via video - the majority of which is observation of real classes being taught. Some video is structured like a podcast with large text slides, and the remainder is video of step-by-step lesson planning. The course documents are all downloadable so you can print them on the paper that is best for you. Text is written in 12/14...