Volunteer Programs in Bali, Indonesia

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Volunteer Programs in Bali

Volunteer Programs in Bali, Indonesia


Bali is one of the most popular island destinations in the world. This beautiful Indonesian province offers volunteers a variety of options when it comes to activities and landscapes. From supporting health care and human rights, to swimming, hiking, and learning about the rich culture and history of Indonesia, there are infinite ways for volunteers to spend their time. Learn about Bali and immerse yourself in culture while volunteering!

Program Types

Work with Children

Many organizations in Bali are dedicated solely to working with children. There are about 4,000 children living in 71 orphanages around this island province. Several different factors contribute to the high number of orphans including poverty and health issues like HIV.

Public education is free until age 11 and many families lack the money and resources to continue to send their children to school. Many families believe education is a luxury for the rich and children start working at a young age. Volunteers can work in orphanages, assist local teachers, or teach a variety of subjects, including English.


Volunteers who are willing to work outdoors and get their hands dirty building and restoring structures can be of great help in Bali. Because of the lack of money in education, many schools are in poor physical condition. The 6.0 earthquake that hit Bali in 2011 also caused damage to many old structures that need restoring. Daily activities may include laying bricks or painting buildings.

Planning Your Trip

Volunteering Tips

Best Places to Volunteer: While volunteers are sure to enjoy nearly every part of Bali, there are a few specific places that stand out. Nusa Penida is sometimes called the best off-the-beaten-path spot, a great way for volunteers to live amongst locals. West Bali National Park is the only nature preserve in the area and is perfect for anyone interested in conservation volunteer work. Denpasar is another great spot. This busy urban destination is surprisingly free of crowds of tourists.

Know Before You Go: While Bali is an amazing vacation spot, volunteers are encouraged to take their work seriously. Always keep your impact on the local community in mind and make sure to be respectful. Take time to relax on the beaches while also working hard to make a real difference.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Bali

Bali is generally a safe place for volunteers and tourists. Things to keep in mind are avoiding scammers and anyone selling drugs, also watch out for the monkeys known for stealing small personal possessions. When swimming in the ocean, stay away from areas with red flags, which signify dangerous currents.

Before volunteering in Bali, all travelers should get a routine health check up as well as some vaccinations. Recommended vaccinations include: hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, and MMR. Check out more details on MD Travel Health.

What People Are Saying

Bali Volunteer Programs from $26/day | Most Affordable & Trusted

Everyone was so nice and welcoming, i was nervous as i was traveling alone for the first time (i’m 17 years old) but the volunteer house was full of people who were 18-38 years old and were all very...
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Bali Volunteer Programs from $26/day | Most Affordable & Trusted

Overall my time in Nusa Penida was amazing. I was a little nervous going into the trip because it was my first solo trip and wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Upon my arrival in Bali, everyone was...
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Bali Volunteer Programs from $26/day | Most Affordable & Trusted

The support from the International Volunteers HQ and local Green Lion Team was excellent, like working with very good friends. We were immersed in the local community culture very quickly by everyone...
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