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Trusted by 90,000+ volunteers, IVHQ offers the most popular volunteer programs in Bali and 40+ other destinations around the world.

As an IVHQ volunteer in Bali, you can choose to volunteer in Ubud or the coastal town of Lovina. Your Program Fee includes airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support. You’ll be accommodated in a volunteer house, with other like-minded, impact-focused travelers from around the world.

IVHQ is trusted to support the meaningful adventures of thousands of volunteers every year, so before you even depart for Bali, you’ll receive outstanding personalized service from your expert Volunteer Program Manager and exclusive access to superior pre-departure volunteer training.

IVHQ Volunteer Projects in Bali:

  • Teaching (Ubud)
  • Kindergarten (Ubud)
  • Construction & Renovation (Ubud)
  • Turtle Conservation (Ubud)
  • Environmental Education (Ubud)
  • Health Education (Ubud)
  • Kindergarten Support and Teaching (Lovina)
  • School and Community Renovation (Lovina)
  • IVHQ’s Bali programs are available year-round, starting every Monday and you can choose to volunteer for periods ranging from 1 week to 12 weeks.
  • Highly affordable program fees from $295 for 1 week - including airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support.
  • You’ll receive outstanding personalized service from your expert Volunteer Program Manager and exclusive access to superior pre-departure training.
  • Our outstanding safety systems and track record set us apart - we are the world’s safest organization and you’ll have 24/7 in-country support.
  • You’ll be joining between 40 and 80 other IVHQ volunteers who start in Bali each month and you’ll be joining a network of 80,000+ volunteers.

Questions & Answers

IVHQ requires that all volunteers participating on the program be at least 18 years old. However, if you volunteer with a parent or guardian on the same project as you, you can go at younger than 18. It is important to note that the local organization, Green Lion Bali, does host volunteers from other organizations other than IVHQ, and some of those organizations have different age requirements....


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IVHQ offers an affordable and memorable volunteering experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 week program as it was filled with so many memorable experiences. The program offers an all inclusive package where you are taken out to see local events and taken care of since day 1.
Food is all supplied and transport to and fro anywhere is taken care of by the coordinators.
Very helpful and caring staff great to talk to. I would reccomend anyone interested in volunteering, especially in Bali, to take part of this affordable program. Very worthwhile!

Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Max. Thank you for sharing your review. We are so glad it was such a memorable experience for you and that you felt supported by our local team in Bali. We hope to welcome you on another IVHQ program again in the future.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Trip of a lifetime

I stayed in Bali for 4 weeks volunteering on the healthcare education program. To be honest, it was a little bit disorganized volunteer-wise, and the primary focus seems to be on kindergarten or english; but it still worked out. I was originally paired up with another volunteer who was also doing healthcare, but because there weren't enough volunteers for our classes we split up and taught our own lessons. I had a class of 5-9 grade 5's and they were an awesome bunch. You really get out of it whatever you put into it. Our school was ~45 minutes away from our volunteer house, but I didn't mind because every day the drive allowed you to notice more beauties of Bali. I came to Bali expecting just to volunteer. I was surprised by how much research the other volunteers did about the island, and so every weekend we'd go to new places in Bali... each one more jaw dropping than the next! Yoga is abundant and so are healthy foods, beautiful scenery, and happy & kind people. It was the most amazing experience of my life, and I highly recommend! (PS. I was 22 when I volunteered and most of the other volunteers were ~19-20 years old; not many were of other ages... I think we had one woman in our group who was ~60.)

How can this program be improved?
Although my experience in Bali was amazing, I didn't really feel like I made a big impact on the community... maybe somehow if IVHQ could let volunteers know that they're appreciated more or how they changed the community in a way, they might feel that?
Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for your review and feedback on your 4 weeks in Bali. We really appreciate it. IVHQ are glad that you enjoyed exploring Bali on your weekends adventures and that the children you were teaching created a an awesome experience for you. Thanks for being an IVHQer and we hope that you will join us on another program in the future.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My trip as an IVHQ international volunteer

My Trip as an International Volunteer: Bali


I have thought about this long time ago.
Being an international volunteer once or for many times, paying a visit alone to another country and experiencing another kind of lifestyle have always been one of my dreams.
Fortunately, now I have already arrived at the airport and after today, tomorrow will be the first day of my dream. The flight is at 2:15a.m on July 19th, 2015.
About three months ago, I registered to be an IVHQ volunteer formally and the program will last for three weeks.
Actually, I have been pay close attention to the organization for ages. And I just decided to go to Bali hesitantly, which cost me a long time. My previous plan and first choice is to go Nepal. It is a country with high happiness rate and I have been longing for visiting.
There is too much preparation to do for me, as someone who goes abroad alone for the first time. After all, it is not everyone in Bali(Indonesia) can speak English or Chinese. However, things still go smoothly.
My program is teaching and the reason for me to join in this may be the affinity and rapport with children. You may feel strange and unexpected because I am a big boy form what I look like. However, nobody can resist the temptation of the direction in one’s heart.
My desire and aspiration are simple, which is to deliver and convey my happiness to those children abroad. The most beautiful thing in the world may be the smile on the rosy cheeks of children. Three weeks, such a short period of time, international volunteers are never going to change the world. The only thing we can do is to teach and tell them what we know before, to deliver our happiness. In the meantime, we can broaden our horizon and experience the life in another country.
Three weeks in the future are mysterious, which is expected by me.

Arrival and the first week

The airflow that on the coming way is very strong and the plane was shaking up and down, which sometimes lead to passengers’ shriek. Beijing was raining heavily and my first flight was delayed almost two hours. When I was catching my second flight, I was running in the Kuala Lumpur airport and finally I made it. However, I made it, but my package didn’t, which was sent to the volunteer office by AirAisa.
The first time to see Bali is on the plane and I found that its’ outline was similar to the one I saw on the map before I came here. There are blue sea and sky. Sky and water merge at the horizon. The airport stands next to the sea. Those things are beauties beyond description. The waves were like chasing our plane when landing, which caused by the airflow. We landed successfully and left the airport then were picked up by local staff.
I sat on the seat where the driver sits in China because the driver in Bali sits on the right side. I was amazed by the scenery on the way form Denpasar to Ubud. The island has everything it should have: The azure sky with clouds, comfortable temperature and fresh air that is better thousands of times than Beijing. The streets are very narrow in Bali, which always cost traffic jams and makes it crowded. However I found it later that it seems like the drivers get used to it for a long time and they don’t get annoyed. Or, the comfort and a little laziness in the slow pace island have been rooted in the Balinese people’s heart. Speaking of drivers, I have to give commitment to the cute local drivers. Though they sometimes give us kind of high price to bargain, but most of them understand how to respect people and the always wait to go until passers-by cross the street. When we saw the drivers doing this, we always smile to show our gratitude. Also, there is few traffic light in Bali.
We lived in the local homestay because we were volunteers and this way of living made us better involved in the local culture. The following week was orientation week.
We paid a visit to Monkey forest, which made me thought about the monkeys in Emei Mountain in China. And the monkeys even rode on my shoulder once. Also we learnt how to do flower offering and get immersed in the local religion. Walking in the rice field was one of my wonderful experiences too and the rice field which can stretch to the horizon under blue sky and white clouds made me feel amazing. In addition, we enjoyed a cooking class and made yummy Balinese food together. Meanwhile we went to holy temple to get wet by the holy water and made a precious wish. Finally of course we cannot miss the language classes and we learnt basic Bahasa Indonesia.
The first week passed quickly and we gradually get used to the local culture, food, weather etc. and are immersed in the lazy slow pace and comfort atmosphere. We went to Kuta during the first weekend and experience this place’s noisy from the ostentatious area. Kuta and Seminyak are famous for their bars and stores, which gives vigor to Bali. However, Kuta is also known for ”Kuta Beach”. Plus, we went to Ayung River for rafting and it lasts for two and a half hours to finish. The canoe took us four people and travel between the gorges. The water was sometimes rapid and sometimes placid. The luckiest thing is to meet a nice tour guide who always made us laugh. We even taught him to sing the simple Chinese song and he made it! On Sunday we went to Nusa Dua and Jimbaran beach to enjoy sunshine. Lying on the beach chair for the whole afternoon, facing the sea, the airport is not far away which makes you can see the plane taking off and landing and people coming and going made me feel like dreaming. It feels life’s incredible that we saw waves hit the beach, ordered one drink near the beach and lied down under the shadow of the umbrella. The sunset time was coming with dinner, which is served by seafood. Life is so good.

The second and the third week

The second and third week are teaching weeks. Actually the students are called to be back home on the first Monday because there are something wrong with the school and the arrangement. We understood later that the English class in the afternoon is optional for the students and in the meantime their teachers are always changed, which because the English teachers are formed by volunteers like us.
I worked with two another volunteers in the first week and we taught Grade Five. When we arrived at the school and took our first step into the school, we actually felt nervous subconsciously. The children’s curiosity and our nervousness are mingled together at that time. They almost follow us with our eyes as we walked into the classroom. At first, they sat silently and straightly and we introduced ourselves in English briefly. Then we started to teach some of the things we prepared before. However, though we had thought about the English level of the kids are not so high, we still felt hard to discipline and teach the class. They barely can understand what we talked about. It is kids’ nature to be free and it is hard to avoid that they were running everywhere and clamoring for games. To be honest, it is kind of a mess at the first day and we were thinking positively to change the situation.
Later we tried our best to teach them words by drawing, which made them maximize their creativity and imagination. I remember one kid who can draw very well and it is not easy at his age. Also we led them to play games and tried our best to deliver our happiness.
We went to Lembongam Island on the second weekend and we headed to the Sanur harbor in the morning of Saturday. We found a hotel that is not far away from the beach and sea. All the people are in a lazy and relaxing style during travelling. We didn’t join in any activities and programs the whole day and just stayed in the hotel to enjoy the tranquility.
I was transferred to teach Grade Six in the third week because of the changes in the number of volunteers. I found it easier and happier to teach in this week mainly might because the Grade Six kids are more mature and I feel more experienced compared with last week. Time flies, and everyone cherish every last minute we spent together.
Maybe we left little knowledge in kids’ heart but we hope them stay happy forever.
Maybe this is one of our most valuable experiences in life, but for them, we were just passing volunteers and we hope them have more chances to visit the world.
Also we hope them keep their smiling faces, which is gifts from god.
I hope this passage can commemorate my IVHQ international volunteer experience.

Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Tongkun, thanks for sharing your story from your volunteer experience in Bali with IVHQ. It sounds like you had a really rewarding trip. Thanks for being an IVHQer!

Yes, I recommend this program
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To be continued, volunteer in Bali

The whole process and people you met are the real significance where the travel lies. I have been to several countries these years, due to the volunteer work, Balinese is the culture that I have touched most. The factors of religion and caste system influence this area a lot, maybe that why most of Balinese people are kind and friendly. However, the economy in the country is limited by its technology and education, I was always wondering where the government spend the money in, cause their educational conditions are so poor and roads in rural area are inconvenient. When I was teaching English in the primary school, it was hard to communicate to the children (in grade 4) for they could barely speak basic English, even they do have English text books, they don't have a completed system in learning English, just volunteers coming there to teach and then leave. So it's important to know what they have learnt before start teaching, and if their English remains in greeting and simple words, it will be better to translate the new words in Bahasa and ask local people (coordinator) for help. What's more, some blackboards are in really poor condition and it's hard to write down or for students to read. I recommend you who may has interested in teaching in Bali to choose the period at least for three weeks (including the orientation week if you have) that you can know what and how to teach little by little.
Students there would be crazy about stickers so prepare some before you come for you can't find them in Bali, and make sure they understand the reward principles. Review is quite necessary in teaching and correct pronunciation again and again. I also did the kindergarten program in Bali, the it was totally different from teaching, because children in the kindergarten know nothing about English and not that much in that mother tongue, what we can do is do the coloring with them and sing a song. Perhaps what you can bring them would be less then you expected but it would be worth trying and you can meet some really nice people during the trip.
Some tips:
1. Bring enough medicine
2. You wouldn't have place to hang up a mosquito net
3. Drink clean water and avoid street food
4. Indonesia may shut down the airport because of the volcano and earthquake happens a lot, so check the news and don't forget to tell your family about the news.
5. Read the booklet before departure!

Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Shen, It's great to hear from you, thanks for taking the time to review your experience volunteering in Bali. You have offered some valuable advice for future volunteers, and we couldn't agree with you more on your point about reading the IVHQ Information Booklet, it is so valuable and is often overlooked by volunteers. Thanks for sharing a few photos as well. See you on another IVHQ program soon!

Yes, I recommend this program
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The fantanstic experience in bali!!

I have participated the voluntary teaching program with IVHQ in Bali for 2 weeks, which is one of the most fantanstic experience in my life.

Actually I am a very traditional Chinese girl and it is the first time that I have been abroad. The coordinator is very responsible and enthusiastic and they have already arranged ammodations, meals very well. We lived
in Ubud which is a peaceful and beautiful town and art center in Bali. There are lost of gallerys, artist shops, painting shops.

The first week is orientation week. During this week , we have visited Bali beautiful sceneries such as Urub Palace, Tegallalang, etc. Additionally, we have learned how to cook traditional Bali dishes and some simple Indonesian. I have also learned how to make traditional Indonesia paintings. Meanwhile, I made some friends with the volunteers from all over the world. On weekends, we went to seaside to see sunset and taste seafood BBQ, which was so romantic and unforgettable!!!!

The second week is volunteer week. My program is voluntary teaching. My partner is a girl from Germany and we teached english together in a elementary school. The english class always began in the afternoon so we prepared for the class in the morning and night.

The children are so clever and cute!!!Every day when we ended the class, the kids were so grateful and touched my hands with their foreheads, which encouraged me to try my best to teach them. I didn't want to leave them!!!!

To sum up, volunteering with IVHQ in Bali is one of the most amazing experience in my life.

Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Weiqi, It’s great to read about your volunteer experience in Bali and to hear it was such a rewarding experience for you. Thanks for sharing a summary of what volunteer life in Bali with IVHQ is like. We hope to have you on another IVHQ program again in the future.

Yes, I recommend this program
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amazing experience!!

Bali is an amazing place to go,the gorgeous landscape and interesting culture as well as the nice and hospitable people make it the place I would definitely visit again.
Bali program is relatively new but it is very well organized and the staff are very responsible and efficient.I had not encountered any difficulties while I was volunteering there.they had made it so easy for a foreigner.
I have applied for the 2week healthcare education program,I mainly work with 10 year old kids in elementary school.They have already got the basic english communication skills but we still have an interpreter for bahasa-english interpreting.For healthcare education,we had a local clinic doctor to train us for two hours .This helped us a lot to prepare the teaching.I mainly covered the correct way of tooth brushing ,hand washiing and some safety tips and also information about dengue fever during my week of volunteer job.I feel like even it is very short term I still helped the local kids healthwise and that is the most rewarding part about taking part in this program.
Also,I have made many friends during my stay in Bali who gave me a wonderful time when I do not volunteer.
To sum up.this is a program worth trying and you will fall in love with Bali in a short time.

How can this program be improved?
I wish more money can go directly to the local community and the education of the kids.Volunteers should get more training sessions before they start their volunteer work.
Yes, I recommend this program


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