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Want a semester abroad filled with German culture, pretzels and currywurst, and everything else that German culture entails? If you're curious about the total cost of studying abroad in Germany, learn more in this article, including tuition and cost of living estimates.
Ready to improve your Spanish language skills and give back while you do? Consider volunteering abroad in a Spanish-speaking country -- these top volunteer opportunities will give you a language immersion too.
If you're uncertain when you want to study abroad -- and are open to the idea of studying abroad as a freshman -- you might be surprised how much you'll experience. Learn more about the pros and cons of studying abroad in your first year of college.
Considering which type of TEFL certification to get? Learn more about CELTA, what it entails, and the main differences between a TEFL and CELTA certification when it comes to teaching English abroad.
While some refugee crises are always in the headlines, there are opportunities to support refugee relief all over the world. Learn about 10 countries where refugees face the most urgent need this year, and programs to help you get involved as a volunteer.
Considering where to study abroad? Europe is the top continent for studying abroad -- and there are more options and opportunities than you can imagine! To help you narrow your search, consider these 10 popular cities for the 2018-2019 academic year.
If you want to teach English in Spain, consider getting your TEFL certificate there as well. Here are the top cities in Spain where you can enjoy Spanish life, earn your TEFL, and have good teaching job prospects afterward.
Volunteering in marine conservation is one of the most popular activities on Go Overseas. Learn more about marine conservation efforts, why they matter, and all the different ways you can get involved as a marine conservation volunteer.
In the cosmopolitan Emirati cities where most students study abroad, it's entirely possible to go the whole semester and never try local food. If you're determined to sample local flavors while studying abroad in the UAE, here are the foods to try.
South Korea is a dream destination for many teachers: high salaries, attentive students, and a good quality of life. If you've decided to teach abroad in South Korea and have started browsing for jobs, here's a list of some of the top opportunities according to the Go Overseas...

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