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Volunteering abroad is great -- getting paid to volunteer abroad is even better! Here are some great companies that pay their employees to volunteer abroad... put them on your list to apply for a job someday.
Oceania is a huge region, with a surprising number of study abroad destinations. If you know you want to end up studying in this area of the world, but aren't quite sure where -- consider one of these 10 amazing places to study abroad.
Taking a gap year used to be a negative mark on your resume -- not anymore! Now you can leverage gap year experiences to land your dream job. Here's everything you need to know to put your gap year on your resume.
Ready to experience pura vida while studying abroad... but not sure how you'll pay for it? Check out this curated list of scholarships that can help making studying abroad in Costa Rica a reality.
Craving fika breaks, weekend trips to see the Northern Lights, and world-class education on your study abroad experience? Sweden is a great place for you! Here are the cities worth considering once you decide to study abroad in Sweden.
Are you a literature major uncertain how studying abroad will fit into your academic career? Learn how, why, and where you should study literature abroad to expand your global knowledge.
Among many things it is known for, Argentina is a great destination for food and drink. Learn more about the must-try foods and drinks you can (and should) enjoy while studying abroad in Argentina.
Is volunteering with sea turtles a dream opportunity for you? If so, consider volunteering in one of these top countries where you can find a wide range of species and volunteer programs to support sea turtles.
You're excited about teaching abroad... but is there a little fear mixed in too? That's okay! It's normal to have some fears before you start teaching abroad -- here are six of the most common fears, and how to deal with them.
Curious what it's like to volunteer abroad? Hear from four volunteers who've spent extensive time in the communities where they worked -- and learn about the real impact volunteering can have.

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