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There are distinct advantages to learning Arabic in Dubai -- despite the fact that many Emiratis speak English on a regular basis. Learn more about living and learning Arabic in the UAE's city of contrasts.
The NAFSA 2017 Annual Conference & Expo is fast approaching. We worked with NAFSA to create this handy resource guide about the types of people and companies that attend the annual event, and how NAFSA can help your company and career.
Need some sun this semester? Consider choosing a study abroad destination near the beach. Here are 11 of the best beach destinations and tips for studying abroad there.
Teaching abroad allows you to educate your students about your home culture and experiences as much as you learn from theirs. Here are some lesson plan ideas if you want to educate your students about American Holidays while teaching abroad.
How do you define a gap year? As you search for programs and opportunities, here are some helpful things to keep in mind to create a life-changing gap year experience.
Working in partnership with Education in Ireland, we are helping provide 26 students with the chance to study abroad in Ireland. We've reviewed your essays, photos, and applications, and are excited to announce the graduate winners.
Moving to China for an internship or as part of your Gap Year? A local shares secrets about what living in Beijing is like, including truths about the cost of living.
The international internship application process can be dizzying and complex. Here's a guide that will give you all the info you need: where to find internships, popular destinations and industries, and how to make your application shine.
After volunteering abroad, you may feel lost and unsure how your life-changing experience translates to life at home. That's a normal feeling! Here are some strategies to help you adjust, produced in partnership with United Planet.
Si vous êtes citoyen canadien qui rêve d'un travail et voyage en Australie, c'est la ressource ultime pour vous. Voici tout ce que vous devez savoir pour obtenir un travail de travail en Australie.

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