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Cody descending down through a lush forest on the side of the Great Wall at Mutianyu
Cody descending down through a lush forest on the side of the Great Wall at Mutianyu
The view over the South China Sea in a small fishing village
The view over the South China Sea in a small fishing village
Cricket game between Australia and New Zealand
Cricket game between Australia and New Zealand
Meeting between BYICAA and local Artist
Meeting between BYICAA and local Artist
Forbidden City
Great Wall


CRCC Asia offers award-winning internship programs in Beijing, Shenzhen & Shanghai in China. Constantly reimagining itself as it races towards the future, yet inextricably linked to its glorious, notorious past, China is as compelling as it is complex...this is your opportunity to work there.

Through these 1, 2 or 3-month global internship programs, you will have the valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, cuisine, history, business whilst having the chance to explore the many amazing attractions that exist throughout the vastness of China! CRCC works with over 1,000 forward-thinking host-companies and so we are confident we can find the perfect internship for you, irrelevant of sector. The wealth of skills, knowledge and experience you will gain during your international internship will dramatically increase your career prospects and future global employability.

  • Accommodation Provided: Clean, Accessible Accommodations - Our Hotel-Style Apartments Can Be Shared with One or Two Roommates (Of the Same Gender). This Is a Great Way to Meet New People Sharing the Same Experience!
  • Includes Visa-Processing, Airport Pickup, Drop-Off & Pre-Paid Sim and Travel Cards
  • Includes Pre-Departure Services, Social, Business and Networking Events as Well as a Leaving Ceremony
  • Access to CareerBridge, our Professional Development Hub, which contains our 12 professional development courses
  • Over 9,000 Satisfied Global Allumni

Questions & Answers

Hi Ahmad, most of our participants are current students or recent graduates, but we accept applications of all ages and encourage you to consider the opportunity. Please let me know if you have any further questions- you can read more about us and apply on our website:


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  • Growth 8.4
  • Support 8.5
  • Fun 9.2
  • Housing 9.7
  • Safety 9.3
  • Academics 10
  • Support 9
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Brilliant time interning in Beijing

I cannot overstate how much I recommend applying for this internship – I loved every second of mine! I worked for an educational NGO in Beijing, and fulfilled two of my greatest career ambitions: working abroad and working within the charity sector. Getting this experience was invaluable to me, and I hope to continue working abroad in this sector, and hopefully even in Beijing again!

Exploring the endless things Beijing has on offer has also been incredible. Every evening and weekend was filled with visiting a new site, restaurant, museum or bar. Being able to immerse myself in a new culture like this, as someone working in the city, rather than as a quickly visiting tourist, is a once-in-a-life-time-opportunity that I feel so lucky to have experienced.

What would you improve about this program?
More optional cultural activities could be provided.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Law in Beijing

I had such a fun time in Beijing, if you are into culture then this is definitely the city for you. Everything you get to see comes at a really reasonable cost and theres student discounts on most of the attractions.
My internship for the most part was very nice, I worked in a lovely firm that were really flexible with days off. I did not see much of my supervisors and this was not one of the perks however if we emailed them they were very quick to reply to us.
The projects we were given were fun and our clients are some of the largest corporations in China and the United States which was really cool.
When reviewing CRCC, I think the pre departure although when the information was received was useful, we only received our pre departure pack 3 days before we flew which was not ideal. The team in Beijing are led by a very competent able woman however the team underneath her are not always as organised. I feel as though some of the activities could be put at a better time, and some of the hidden costs were not ideal.
I would recommend the programme to anyone I had a fabulous time however I did not know I would be paying for my own sim and having to pay big electric and water bills when I was told on my scholarship would cover my accommodation. I also think the community and cultural events could be better organised I would have liked to have been told I had to make my own way there and back for some of them.
would recommend though had a great summer.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
make a list of everything you do at work that way you know the skills you gained from it, be as cultural as possible, make as many friends as you can
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No, I don't recommend this program

Not worth what I paid

Beijing was very cool and I was placed in a great company with a heavy workload. The apartments were very nice and in a good part of the city, but a little far from the closest subway. CRCC was not very organized and had embarrassing response time to their WeChat contact, and after the first week they basically left us alone. They did not really provide anything for us except for our internship placement, the first introduction week of activities, and a couple of cultural activities along the way that were not very exciting and very early in the morning. Their contact with the internees was very poor and if there was an emergency I would be worried about being able to reach them. CRCC made us take mandatory Mandarin classes which originally sounded fun, but the classrooms were a 45 minute commute from the apartments which is tough after a long day at work. Also the classes only had one level (beginner), so for someone who knows a decent amount of Chinese it was very painful to sit through them for an hour and a half twice a week. Overall, Beijing and my internship was cool but I do not think I would recommend CRCC at the price I paid for it.

What would you improve about this program?
CRCC needs to improve the format of their program. For what I paid, I expected to have lots of tours, trips, and cultural events. Instead they set us up one tour the first week, two boring/useless business seminars, 3 cultural events that were very early in the morning and not very fun (also they would take you to these places, but then leave you and expect you to be able to get home by yourself), Mandarin classes that were long and for beginners, and a couple dinners that you had to pay out of pocket for. Overall I would change how CRCC worded the program on their website and their price. I paid way to much for what I got and their website had a lot of fluffing on it to make the program sound better.
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Yes, I recommend this program


My experience on the CRCC Asia china internship was incredible! I learnt so much both professionally and personally. I enjoyed being out of my comfort zone: I was in a completely foreign country, not being able to speak the language or have experience in the professional environment and yet I was able to adapt really well and enjoy my time there. It's a very rewarding feeling.

The staff were also really accommodating. We had organised events which allowed us to really make the most of our time, for example learning wushu, getting weekly Mandarin lessons and attending a Chinese business seminar.

I'd definitely recommend this programme to those who wish not only to build their CV but to challenge themselves personally. It was my first but definitely not my last trip to China!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I accidentally ate some snake in a restaurant in China. I couldn't believe it when a local person told me this afterwards.. although I have to say it wasn't the worst thing I've eaten!
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Time in Beijing

I didn't really know what to expect when coming to Beijing, but despite this, the city was very different from what I imagined. When we first arrived CRCC full on threw us in the deep end by taking us to a restaurant by the hotel and then just leaving us there (with no idea of how to order, how to pay, or how to get back to the accommodation). I feel like this first night could've been planned better).
In regards to sim cards, we were given the option to purchase unlimited data, which many of us did, but we were not told by CRCC that this could not be used until the 1st of the month (three days from when we got the sim card) so we all started using our data, but as a result many people had issues with their sim cards as they had gone over the limit given for those three days, despite us not being told that there was a limit. Also collecting the sim cards was a long process and I think CRCC could find a better way to sort this out as we were sat in the phone shop for over two hours with only 12 of us in need of a sim.
The 798 art district is an amazing place to live, so top marks to CRCC for location of the accommodation there (even though it then is quite far out from the rest of Beijing - at least an hour travel to any of the major tourist attractions). My only issue with CRCC is the amount of free time they take up. Between mandatory mandarin sessions (which were not very helpful, the syllabus was very sporadic and we were not learning things that would help us - there is also only so much you can learn in 3 lessons), mandatory drop in sessions which were at an inconvenient time which took up the whole evening for a five minute chat that could've easily been done over WeChat and the cultural events being on weekends, we found that between working and these CRCC commitments, we struggled to fit everything in to the time that we had in the city (also down to how long it took to get to places from the accommodation).
My internship was okay. My supervisors met me on the first day and that was it. They never checked in with work that I was doing and I, along with my fellow intern were basically helped by a fellow intern who was only 18. The work at the firm was boring and was nothing like what I had descried to CRCC as to what I wanted to do.
Over all my experience in Beijing was amazing down to the friends that I made and the things that I did in my spare time, as opposed to the actual internship.

What would you improve about this program?
The communication between CRCC staff before the program began was shocking and we can to China oblivious to many things.
I also think CRCC market themselves as if they take you on lots of trips (like to the great wall of China), but they do not, and I wish they had told me this before going.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An aspiring female lawyer in China

It is not unusual for students to graduate University feeling ‘lost’ and overwhelmed. I was no different. I wanted to obtain more legal work experience and I saw this opportunity at my University's career fairs and I decided to apply for the Beijing programme. It was the best decision of my life, as now I am sure of what I want to do.

In October 2018, I started my programme. I was mesmerised by the county. China is an amazing country, with such a developed economy and vibrant culture! There is something for everyone in Beijing, from clubs, opera, fine dining and historical places!

The CRCC Asia programme was fantastic and I recommend it to everyone. The accommodation provided was at a very high standard, in a nice area, close to transportation, supermarkets and even provided a gym and swimming pool.

The CRCC Asia team did a great job matching me to the right company! I was able to work for a corporate law firm in a securities department! It was a new area of law and I was very exited! I was able to learn from the most aspirational female leaders in the legal industry!

Once a week, we had Mandarin classes, where we had the opportunity to develop our Mandarin language skills. In addition, we also had many cultural events, community events and business seminars organised by CRCC Asia.

I loved this experience so much, that I began looking for another internship in Beijing and I was able to obtain an internship at the Embassy! Moreover, after adding this experience to my LinkedIn profile, I already had many job offers from all over the world!

I strongly recommend this China internship programme as it has allowed me to gain international work experience, build up an international network of contacts, and even learn a new language in the process, which will support my goal of becoming a successful international female lawyer.

What would you improve about this program?
I believe that some of the students should have the opportunity to have more Mandarin classes per week.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Legal Internship in Beijing!

In the Summer of 2018 I spent a month working at Jingshi Law Firm in Beijing; and it was such an incredibly interesting and rewarding experience. It was exactly the type of firm I was looking for when I applied through CRCC Asia, so I was very grateful to have the chance to work there.

I thoroughly enjoyed going into work every day (even if it did mean leaving the great accommodation we were in!) and I found that I was assigned much more responsibility and tasks than I imagined considering I am not a Law student, which was fantastic.

Whilst I am by no means a linguist, and probably never will be, the optional Mandarin lessons provided by CRCC were not only useful and informative, but also rather entertaining.

I think my internship in Beijing was extremely rewarding and worthwhile, as I have gained a huge amount of knowledge, not only about the legal sector, but also about business and culture in China. This experience will benefit me greatly in applying for jobs in the future, as it should make my CV and applications stand out!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship program- Beijing

Being immersed in Beijing for two months was certainly a challenge and having been to China before it prepared me for the experience. During my time there I had the opportunity to travel outside Beijing to the city of Qing Dao and this was great time to relax after the two months.

The CRCC Asia program was great, they placed me in a international division of a marketing company. The company had a Chinese and International team. I worked in the International team. The accommodation was very good due to it's convenient location as there were many restaurants, cafe's and bars.

The staff was very friendly and this made the program less stress-free. The networking provided with new opportunities me opened more doors back home in London and I would highly recommend the program for one who is looking to widen their network and gain more experience.

Yes, I recommend this program

My Intern Experience

The internship was amazing! It really was a brilliant way to get a feel for a tough work environment that's quite different to the UK. It gave me a lot of transferable skills and I had the best time and made some awesome new friends!! The social life in Beijing is fantastic as they really pride themselves on going out in groups either personally or professionally and it's a great way to interact and meet new people.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Devils in Beijing: Cody Holt's Summer in Beijing

Being in Beijing was an incredible experience, compounded by the awesome non-governmental organization I worked with, Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association. The program CRCC Asia helped to coordinate was a phenomenal experience and absolutely something I would recommend to others. It was my first time abroad and it went beyond smoothly. Though the work was not necessarily what I was interested in (we couldn't find a human rights internship unfortunately) the work I did was nonetheless important in supporting low-income communities. I worked at the main office and created a comprehensive list of museums across the world for my organization to use in promoting globalized art and cultural artifacts. I also went in twice a week to a special needs primary school in Eastern Beijing, which was such a wholesome experience.

Overall, CRCC Asia did an excellent job at supporting our internships, our network-building, and providing a great experience abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
Adding the number of internship placement opportunities to include a wider variety of career interests
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Summer in China

I had a great three months in Beijing and I wish I was still there. The apartment was located right in Beijing's 798 Art District which provided access to great food and exciting activities. The staff who assisted us in Beijing were professional, attentive and always happy to help.

One of my concerns before I arrived was the language barrier. However, I quickly found that the local residents were incredibly friendly and accommodating. I did not have a single problem with any people.

Beijing is enormous. I could spend my entire life there and not see it all. There is always something to do and new things to see. There are beautiful historical sites like the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City as well as a vibrant night life in Sanlitun.

The internship experience was similarly fantastic. CRCC matched me with a great organization that fulfilled all my requirements. Make sure to be very clear when signing up for the program about what you need. If you do, CRCC will go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met.

In regard to traveling to Beijing, just remember to keep an open mind and leave your expectations at home. There is a lot to experience and the more open you are the better it will be. After coming home, I have decided to continue traveling abroad. In the coming months, I will go to South Korea to teach English. My experience in Beijing with CRCC has given me the confidence I need to live and work abroad.

Some last notes. Alert your bank that you are traveling before you go. Download your VPN on your phone and laptop before you leave. Make sure you download WeChat on your phone. Once you arrive, make sure to make friends with the owner of a restaurant called Makatos in 798.

What would you improve about this program?
I think with a little more funding for the people on the ground, they could organize better events.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Testimonial for CRCC Asia experience

I am a Marketing student at Nottingham Trent University and I really wanted to gain some work experience. At Nottingham Business School Global week, I saw the stand for CRCC Asia and spoke to their representative. He told me about the opportunities that they had to offer me with working in either the city of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China. I applied that same day and was delighted when accepted to work in Beijing for one month directly in a marketing department.
The skills and life lessons that I learnt whilst working out in China was phenomenal. I learnt some mandarin that helped me in the work place. The office that I was put in suited my style and the future job role that I want after graduating from NTU. I would recommend this once in a life time experience to anyone with a drive and a passion to do something different.
This work internship looks amazing on any CV and as such I managed to secure my placement year before Christmas. I am sure that having worked in China really went a long way in my application process. Further to this the friends that you make whilst out in China really stay with you. It’s amazing how close you become to people in such a short amount of time. It is something that I am very much looking forward to do again. Not to mention the contacts that you create when in China. As CRCC Asia organise a networking event specifically for this.
The experience overall has aided me in everyday life problems. After working in China, you feel that you can overcome most problems that you face when you return to university. Another great thing about China. It’s only 80p for a pint!

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Yes, I recommend this program

3 months in China

Undertaking the China Internship Program and Mandarin was the best choice I have ever made in my life. This wasn't my first time in China, but using the services CRCC Asia provided, created a whole new experience for me.
I selected to do the China Internship Program and Mandarin because I wanted to get the full experience that I could. It was one-month Mandarin classes (which they were hard) and two months interning at Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association (BYICAA) as their Marketer. I feel like this was the best choice for me at the time, and I was correct.

To some three months might seem like a long time to be away from home, but that is the last thing you are thinking about when you are on one of these programs. All the students that are on the program are all kept in the same apartment building which creates a fantastic opportunity to catch up with each other. We had all formed a bond together and shared Christmas day with each other and even allowing for a game of cricket on Christmas night in our living rooms. (See photo)

Working for BYICAA was a valuable experience for me. I could use the skills I learnt at university and apply them to a different setting. This being outside of big business which I had done in previous internships in Australia. To this day, my colleges at BYICAA consider me like family, and the feeling is mutual.

The additional activities were a bonus. The business events were a great insight into the vast world of international business. I had the opportunity to talk with people who were conducting operations in China. This was a valuable resource. However, it was not all business, the KTV and dumpling making sessions were also a blast. All at no additional cost to myself.

By the end of the trip, I have experienced a different side to China. My original view was that of a naive tourist, but I feel by the end of the three months I could live there forever. I had the opportunity to make great friends with the 30 other students conducting the same program as me. These students weren't just from Australia, but all over the globe, adding to the international experience.

Undertaking this program will be the best thing you ever do.

Yes, I recommend this program

CRCC Asia Beijing Internship + The Dragon Trip

To intern abroad is now widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to bolster your career and gain practical experience in your preferred industry sector. China is increasingly regarded as a global business powerhouse due to its burgeoning economy, increasing prevalence in the global market and strong projected growth, adding value to a unique internship experience. CRCC Asia programs are extremely international as they accept interns from all over the world, including: England, United States, Canada, Australia, and many more.

Ultimately I accepted a one month internship with one of the leading Chinese mobile software companies and the developer of integrated mobile services for the e-commerce sector. The company's largest client is China Merchants Bank, the biggest private bank in China, and their app receives over 60 million users per month.In early 2016, the company began the process of creating its own app that fills a need in the marketplace for English-speaking foreigners seeking the daily updates, news, coupons, and discounts in the city of Beijing that are all often prescribed in Mandarin. As an intern, some of the goals for me included to helping the business operations and marketing team with market research, data input into the app, data collecting around Beijing, content writing, and writing published feature posts on daily news around the city.

I landed in Beijing on the evening of June 3, 2016 and was picked up by a CRCC Asia representative who took a few other interns and me back to our condominium in the northeast part of the city in the heart of the well-known 798 Art District. Overall, I was very pleased with the living arrangement CRCC provided for us as part of the program. Although I had two other roommates, we each had our own bedroom along with a very spacious living room which gave us more than enough personal space. If I could make one recommendation, it would be that the accommodation was a little closer to the center of the city, instead of in the northeast outskirts. CRCC provided us with a lot of support over the course of the internship duration. They frequently keep tabs on you making sure your experience is as best as it can be. The professionalism & friendliness of their employees truly stood out.

All in all, I had an exceptional experience working with my host company. First and foremost, I was given the opportunity to see firsthand how an emerging business was built almost from the ground up. It is a business that has adapted to the modern age and observing how hard each employee worked on a day to day basis for a common goal was the biggest thing that stood out to me. While the tasks that were asked of me put me in a position to learn a lot, the relationships I formed, not only with manager, but with my other coworkers as well, turned into friendships that made the biggest impact on me and my future. CRCC Asia's placement truly helped make Beijing feel like a home away from home.

Many of the interns remained in China after the program to learn more about the Chinese culture and people.  In July, I commenced on The Dragon Trip – an epic 21-day backpacking trip around the best of China. Incredible sights and off-the- beaten-track attractions took my breath away – camping on the Great Wall outside Beijing; meeting the pandas in Chengdu; seeing the Terracotta Warriors outside Xi’an; a kung fu lesson from a legendary monk at the Shaolin Temple; bamboo rafting on the Li River in Yangshuo… This was the time for some well- deserved fun, together with a small group of 15 new friends from around the world, and for getting to know China outside of the big cities. I would highly recommend anyone to participate in The Dragon Trip. It is one of the few ways for foreigners to get a glimpse at the 'true China" experience.

What would you improve about this program?
I think CRCC Asia could improve two aspects. As I stated above, the location of the accommodation in Beijing was a little far out from the center of Beijing. It is still in a very nice area (798 Art District), but really made it a journey to & from work each day. Another thing CRCC Asia could improve upon is there post internship follow up & overview. I think everyone will have a truly amazing experience through CRCC Asia but I think they could do a better job going over and making sure each student truly values the experience they were given.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Memorable Experience

When I graduated from by Bachelor Political Science I was looking for a new adventure abroad before pursuing my graduate studies and it was with great excitement that I decided to apply to the 2 months Language + Internship program offered by CRCC Asia in Beijing.
This incredible experience in China gave me a professional, cultural and social enrichment thanks to CRCC Asia!
After only a few days in Beijing, I had my routine and I was excited to discover all the beauty that the capital has to offer. All the interns on the program quickly became like family and we all spent so many great moments together. We did and saw during our stay in Beijing! Social and cultural activities were provided by CRCC Asia during the entire Program.
I chose to learn Chinese due to the growing place of that language in the world and my love for foreign languages. My first month of studying mandarin gave me the opportunity to learn some basic of the language and amplify my desire to speak it fluently, and also the desire to explore the world and even more the Chinese culture.
My internship in a Chinese company gave me the chance to have an international working experience in China! I was able to use my competencies, but also to learn so much about the working environment in China and in developing my capacity of adaptation and my autonomy. Discussions with my supervisor and colleagues, lunch meetings and participation at the Convention of Technology in Beijing gave me the chance to gain a better understanding of the business etiquette in China.
Shortly after my return to Canada I realised the beauty of my experience. My stay in China gave me a better understanding of the culture and the way of doing business in China, as well as the desire to become more familiar with different aspects of that country.
Participating in one of the programs offered by CRCC Asia was certainly one of the most rewarding experience I did and that I highly recommend to everyone with the desire to live a memorable professional and social experience.