Internship Program in Beijing
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Internship Program in Beijing

New programs, new cities!
Now announcing program locations in Tokyo, Japan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

Craving an authentic China experience? There is no place in the world that can rival the historical and cultural landscape of Beijing!

Beijing is famous for its preserved hutong neighborhoods, roast duck and being home to China's most famous landmark, the Great Wall.

This internship program will give you the opportunity to get real hands-on experience in the internship sector of your choice. We also arrange networking events, group activities and much more for you to get acclimated with the city!

You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 month internship durations. We are connected with over 500 host companies, so we can guarantee that we will find you an internship in your professional sector with a company that is the right fit for you!

This is a once in a lifetime experience to meet other students and individuals from around the world, while creating and establishing professional relationships.

  • We work with over 500 host companies in China and place interns in 14 sectors - we guarantee placements in your professional sector of choice
  • Continuous, 24/7 on-the-ground support from our local CRCC Asia office, located in Beijing
  • Clean, accessible accommodations - our hotel-style apartments can be shared with one or two roommates (of the same gender). This is a great way to meet new people sharing the same experience!
  • Experience Chinese culture first-hand! Our local office arranges weekly cultural activities or explore the by yourself (or with your new friends!)
  • Alumni network over of 6,000 strong! Maintain strong connections with our global alumni network.
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Computer Science
International Business
Life Sciences
1-3 Months
Year Round
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Enrollment/completion of a degree program (Associates, Bachelors or Masters)
GPA: 2.7 minimum
Online Application
Phone Interview
Weekly Hours
Starting Price
Price Details
Program Includes:
24/7 Support
Airport Pick-Up
English-speaking Supervisor
Guaranteed internship in a sector of your choice
Induction Day & Cultural Training
Mandarin Lessons (Weekly)
Pre-Departure & Visa
SIM Card & City Guide
Social & Networking Events
Welcome Package & Banquet

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Program Reviews (27)

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27 years old
United States
University of South Florida

My Summer in China


I had a great three months in Beijing and I wish I was still there. The apartment was located right in Beijing's 798 Art District which provided access to great food and exciting activities. The staff who assisted us in Beijing were professional, attentive and always happy to help.

One of my concerns before I arrived was the language barrier. However, I quickly found that the local residents were incredibly friendly and accommodating. I did not have a single problem with any people.

Beijing is enormous. I could spend my entire life there and not see it all. There is always something to do and new things to see. There are beautiful historical sites like the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City as well as a vibrant night life in Sanlitun.

The internship experience was similarly fantastic. CRCC matched me with a great organization that fulfilled all my requirements. Make sure to be very clear when signing up for the program about what you need. If you do, CRCC will go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met.

In regard to traveling to Beijing, just remember to keep an open mind and leave your expectations at home. There is a lot to experience and the more open you are the better it will be. After coming home, I have decided to continue traveling abroad. In the coming months, I will go to South Korea to teach English. My experience in Beijing with CRCC has given me the confidence I need to live and work abroad.

Some last notes. Alert your bank that you are traveling before you go. Download your VPN on your phone and laptop before you leave. Make sure you download WeChat on your phone. Once you arrive, make sure to make friends with the owner of a restaurant called Makatos in 798.

How can this program be improved?

I think with a little more funding for the people on the ground, they could organize better events.

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20 years old
Nottingham Trent University

Testimonial for CRCC Asia experience


I am a Marketing student at Nottingham Trent University and I really wanted to gain some work experience. At Nottingham Business School Global week, I saw the stand for CRCC Asia and spoke to their representative. He told me about the opportunities that they had to offer me with working in either the city of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China. I applied that same day and was delighted when accepted to work in Beijing for one month directly in a marketing department.
The skills and life lessons that I learnt whilst working out in China was phenomenal. I learnt some mandarin that helped me in the work place. The office that I was put in suited my style and the future job role that I want after graduating from NTU. I would recommend this once in a life time experience to anyone with a drive and a passion to do something different.
This work internship looks amazing on any CV and as such I managed to secure my placement year before Christmas. I am sure that having worked in China really went a long way in my application process. Further to this the friends that you make whilst out in China really stay with you. It’s amazing how close you become to people in such a short amount of time. It is something that I am very much looking forward to do again. Not to mention the contacts that you create when in China. As CRCC Asia organise a networking event specifically for this.
The experience overall has aided me in everyday life problems. After working in China, you feel that you can overcome most problems that you face when you return to university. Another great thing about China. It’s only 80p for a pint!

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26 years old

A Memorable Experience


When I graduated from by Bachelor Political Science I was looking for a new adventure abroad before pursuing my graduate studies and it was with great excitement that I decided to apply to the 2 months Language + Internship program offered by CRCC Asia in Beijing.
This incredible experience in China gave me a professional, cultural and social enrichment thanks to CRCC Asia!
After only a few days in Beijing, I had my routine and I was excited to discover all the beauty that the capital has to offer. All the interns on the program quickly became like family and we all spent so many great moments together. We did and saw during our stay in Beijing! Social and cultural activities were provided by CRCC Asia during the entire Program.
I chose to learn Chinese due to the growing place of that language in the world and my love for foreign languages. My first month of studying mandarin gave me the opportunity to learn some basic of the language and amplify my desire to speak it fluently, and also the desire to explore the world and even more the Chinese culture.
My internship in a Chinese company gave me the chance to have an international working experience in China! I was able to use my competencies, but also to learn so much about the working environment in China and in developing my capacity of adaptation and my autonomy. Discussions with my supervisor and colleagues, lunch meetings and participation at the Convention of Technology in Beijing gave me the chance to gain a better understanding of the business etiquette in China.
Shortly after my return to Canada I realised the beauty of my experience. My stay in China gave me a better understanding of the culture and the way of doing business in China, as well as the desire to become more familiar with different aspects of that country.
Participating in one of the programs offered by CRCC Asia was certainly one of the most rewarding experience I did and that I highly recommend to everyone with the desire to live a memorable professional and social experience.

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23 years old
Macomb, MI
University of Michigan

Amazing experience interning in Beijing!


I had an overall incredible experience in Beijing. The staff was very friendly, helpful, and answered all of the questions that I had about my internship. The people I met during my time there were the best part about my trip. We all got so close and are still friends till this day. There are so many things to do in China and the nightlife is amazing! Overall, I had a great internship experience and would highly recommend CRCC Asia!

How can this program be improved?

Everything was great about the program but I wish my commute to work wasn't so long!

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23 years old
United Kingdom, Birmingham
University of Birmingham

Best experience of my life!


The best aspect of this programme was definitely the ability to meet new people from across the globe and essentially network with them. I was extremely nervous about coming to China as I had only travelled once on my own before but as soon as I arrived, the staff were very supportive and the other students were very friendly and approachable. The internship itself was okay, I wasn't involved in anything challenging although I asked to be, but I was kept busy nonetheless. I appreciated how the CRCC Asia staff were approachable enough to offer assistance when needed but offered us plenty of space to socialise and do our own thing. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to see a beautiful country, meet amazing people and learn skills from your placement. However, it does help learning a few words of Mandarin beforehand, although it's the capital, you'd be surprised at how few people actually speak Mandarin. A good tip - if you're lost, ask teenagers or very young adults for help, their English level is usually pretty good!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would suggest would be to have more events!

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26 years old
Birmingham, UK
University of Birmingham

China is the best.


China was brilliant! Best experience of my life. I learnt and grew as a person.

I thought I knew a lot about China but when I went there I saw that I was not even close to knowing China. Beijing is a place full of life and culture. The people are amazing and are extremely friendly. They went out of their way to make me feel at home. I loved it. I loved them!

The work ethic there is brilliant and people indeed work hard. I found customer service to be a bit slow but I guess everyone and everything can't be perfect. The random spitting on the roads was also a bit of a turn off but I would say the positives in China massively outweigh the negatives.

China is beautiful and has warm and wonderful people.

I left a bit if my heart there.

How can this program be improved?

The welcoming of people at the airport should be more coordinated, considering most if those who arrived there had more that 15 hour flights.

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30 years old
University of Leeds

Once in a life time experience (do not miss it)


Through this internship I have developed business connections with the most important parts of the world with some like minded students or future prospects. The culture is factor with huge impact in terms of intarnationalization and international business, things are done differently, efficiently and under hard working conditions.

How can this program be improved?

Job offers/positions.

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22 years old
McGill University

A New Perspective on our Western World


Downtown BeiJing... the daily metro ride with 30 million... the drive to extract every drop of knowledge during those three months. Not only is everyday filled with questioning your upbringing in the West, but also questioning where have YOU been? China is where its at!!! The growth, the passion and the bustle of people is inspiring to push your own boundaries of understanding. Anyways, that's my experience. So wonderful. What an eye-opener.

How can this program be improved?

Really nothing is wrong with CRCC. It gets a bit hectic mid-Summer when ALL the interns come (little slower in May and August), but the staff handles it well. They're definitely on top of their game, as the staff are about our age and understand the cuture shock.

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31 years old
San Jose, California
California State Polytechnic University- Pomona

So much to do in Beijing


There was so much to learn and do in Beijing. We were there for 3 months and we still did not have enough time to do all the things we wanted. The program group was great and it was exciting to learn from everyone. I can honestly say that this was one of the best moments of my life.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe what could be done is ask the group once within their trip what it is they would like to do together and try do plan that.

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25 years old
Gloucester, UK
University of Gloucestershire

Absolute must do if you get the chance!


This is an absolute must do you if have, or are able to create the chance.

China really is a thriving business hub and the skills gained from tackling a challenging internship will help you stand out from the crowd and stand you on good shape for lining up your dream job!

How can this program be improved?

Put in contact with house mates before arrival, e.g. through Facebook etc.

Not everybody can make the pre-trip meeting in London.

Default avatar
25 years old
University of Melbourne

Why you don't want to lose your passport when interning abroad.


During my 8 week internship that I completed with my host organization in Beijing-China, I unfortunately had the experience of having my passport lost/stolen while touring the city.

In my last two weeks of my job where I had my major project due, I had to negotiate and organize time with my employer to call and visit the local police station and public security bureau multiple times, obtain evidence and documentation of the incident, and go through the long and detailed process of applying for a new visa and passport within 2 weeks. It was quite an adventure!! An adventure that resulted in me picking up my visa the morning I was due to fly home. Thank god public transport to the airport is so amazing because I only just made my flight!
The Staff were very friendly and understanding given my situation and were extremely helpful in helping me obtain my documents I needed to be able to come home.

I greatly enjoyed my time in China and would definitely do it all again.

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27 years old
Montreal, Canada

Everything I needed and more


During the months of April and May 2015, I had the great privilege to complete a two-month internship at a Chinese law firm in Beijing, through CRCC Asia. The idea to benefit from a professional experience abroad had crossed my mind a few months earlier. When it became clear that I wanted to pursue an internship abroad, I immediately chose China. What had emanated from some research because of my curiosity became an ongoing learning experience during those two months that I will never regret!

I applied to CRCC Asia because, after researching other internship placement options, it seemed to me that the CRCC Asia Program was wide-ranging enough to offer me the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of the innovative way law is practiced in China, with a privileged glance on the fundamental aspects of international business. China has the world’s fastest-growing economy and is undergoing what has been described as a second industrial revolution. China is one of the world’s top exporters and is attracting record amounts of foreign investment. To be introduced on a practical basis to the main legal issues arising from the globalisation of the world economy and to gain some experience delivering international standards of excellence in a stimulating unique environment, I knew that that internship with the CRCC Asia program was the key.

CRCC Asia provided me with the opportunity to complete my internship in a Chinese law firm consisting of more than 200 legal professionals and considered as one of the oldest and largest private full-service partnership law firms in China. My department specialized in facilitating legal services to multinationals, domestic companies, and individuals for both inbound and outbound investment. As an intern, I drafted and amended legal research documents, performed market research and sector analysis, attended contract meetings with colleagues and potential international clients, and practiced my presentation and interpersonal skills by briefing my supervisor on my research and individual projects. I really felt like part of the team!

Thirdly, thanks to CRCC Asia, during the very first days, I learnt the difference between visiting another country and living there. In fact, it was even refreshing to be destabilized from my usual environment. It was also good to be able to lean on someone who knows the place for any enquiries I had regarding the attractions, public transportation, fake money or fake alcohol, and cultural differences to pay attention to. With an amusing quiz testing our knowledge on China’s demographic and economic portraits, Sheree and Gogo, our two Program Managers, introduced us to this big city’s survival tips. How do we use our transportation cards? How do we read directions on bus stops since they are only in Chinese characters? How do we give business cards (yes, it matters a lot!)? All of this was eased thanks to these two friendly women who made us comfortable to ask questions – even the most ridiculous ones – from day one.

Also, if you have never been to China, the first thing that will strike you upon arrival is how you definitely need more Mandarin than “Nihao” and “Xie Xie” to get around in Beijing. In Western countries, we can easily find people with a minimal comprehension of English, and if not, it is quite possible to jabber some Italian or Portuguese thanks to our basic knowledge of Latin idioms. However, in Beijing, understanding each other is a massive challenge! Fortunately, with CRCC Asia, some Mandarin classes are included.

It is undoubtedly a well-structured program with constant support for your wellbeing, from the day you apply to the moment you will come back to your country. However, don’t believe that, because of that, you won’t have time to visit the city! First, the accommodation where all the CRCC interns lived was excitingly located in the District 798, where we can find several art pieces from Chinese artists. This area had such a modern energy! On our second day there, we visited the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, which was organized by CRCC. Catch a cab and quickly you can be in Sanlitun, the district that could be in any other international city with its infinite futurist towers and its trendy bars full of expatriates. On our second weekend in Beijing, we were offered the opportunity to climb the Great Wall and to camp by it for a night. You cannot go to Beijing for an extended period of time without seeing the Beijing Acrobatics Show, a classic of the Chaoyang Theatre, since the history of acrobatic shows in China has been existent for more than two thousand years. We saw it as well, courtesy of CRCC.

Finally, we also had the opportunity to meet other expatriates and feel like, as interns, we were part of the whole Beijing young expatriates community. If some cultural or business event for expatriates was held, CRCC Asia never failed to invite us. I performed some community service, attended networking events held by the British Chamber of Commerce, and even assisted to a Seminar at the Residence of the Ambassador of New Zealand. If these activities were incredibly intrinsically enriching, they were also great opportunities to meet like-minded young professionals and students from around the globe, to develop a lasting network of business connections, and, of course, to establish treasured new friendships.

Considering everything I gained, my experience with CRCC Asia undeniably provided me with everything I needed…and more. What I wanted to acquire from this internship program was the ability to run into unfamiliar situations with confidence. I did get that confidence; however, what I did not know before leaving Canada is that, thanks to CRCC, Beijing is now a place that I can call home.

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24 years old
Lancaster, UK
Lancaster University

Internship in Beijing


What the CRCC Asia program offers is a unique opportunity to explore the cultural dynamism China has to offer, but in a structured environment for those who want to take advantage of it. My time spent in Beijing has been an absolute highlight and it is something I would highly recommend anyone to do. Rather than arriving alone in a foreign county, where English speaking locals are often sparse, you’ll find yourself greeted by CRCC Asia staff and this is only where their process of gradually integrating you into the Beijing way of life begins.

As you’ll be in Beijing with a variety of other interns from across the world, all sharing the same like-minded attitude of being successful self-motivated individuals, you’ll begin to understand the importance of networking, meeting contacts and developing Guanxi. I would highly recommend any intern on this program to really take advantage of your time in China, attend as many networking events as possible and attend any events being organised by your work place. In Chinese culture maintaining good social relationships with your fellow colleagues is extremely important, you may even notice the quality of your work load and other opportunities improve.

I was in Beijing initially on a two-month China Internship Program with the largest social networking company in China. I was regularly challenged within my placement, from days spent interviewing potential job applicants, to working on marketing integration campaigns with companies such as Nike and Dell, each day presented something new and different. Fortunately I had a conscientious English-speaking supervisor who was always available if I had any troubles. As we would have lunch each day he would also introduce me to some of the more ‘local’ local dishes! And while these were quite challenging for my taste buds it was definitely something he respected me doing, the same applies for using the language. Even if you have never spoken the language before, try to use it as often as possible, it might not sound correct, or you may say the wrong thing, but that will come in time and with confidence. Importantly though the Chinese people will really appreciate that you’re taking the time to integrate with their culture, language and way of life.

After my internship placement was finished I had been well and truly bitten by the “Beijing Bug” which seems to be what keeps hundreds of thousands of expats happy in the capital! With the CRCC Asia program you’ll receive two hours of Mandarin lessons each week, provided through ‘That’s Mandarin’. Having spent two months with the company I knew they provided an exemplary teaching service with teachers who were incredibly motivational and genuinely eager to see you improve, teaching each lesson appropriately. It was because of this that I had no concerns whatsoever about extending my time with CRCC Asia for an additional month and joined the Intensive Chinese Language Program.

It was an incredibly worthwhile decision, and within days of having intensive lessons tailored towards your learning progress you’ll begin to notice the dramatic improvements immediately. Of course the work only begins in the classroom, I’d recommend you get out onto the streets, chat to people in the exercise parks, order your meals in Chinese and taxi drivers love nothing more than to talk to foreigners Beijing so give it a try!

Take advantage of each and every minute. Talk to whoever you can, explore off the beaten track and find your favourites parts of Beijing which haven’t been seen by the travel books. I’ve left China for now with a bunch of job offers, useful contacts and a good level of Mandarin, but intend to return as soon as possible. Choosing CRCC Asia was an incredible decision and one I’d recommend to everyone, if you get the chance to join this program I recommend you do it!

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24 years old
Great Neck, New York
Binghamton University

CRCC Asia Beijing


CRCC Asia not only enhanced my business skills but also helped round me as a more adept and cultural individual. Spending my days in the office was a pleasure, I was surrounded by proffesionals that took me with open hands. The work was interesting and the environment as warm and friendly as could be. I couldn't have enjoyed my leasure time more, hanging with other interns from across the globe. We kicked back together at nights and went sight seeing to the most magnificant places during the days. CRCC Asia will with out a doubt be an experience you will never forget.

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24 years old
Union Springs, New York
Roanoke College

Fun Program


In regards to the CRCC Asia internship program I would recommend it. The company is very legitimate and I had a life changing experience while in China. I would recommend any student considering this avenue go for the two month program. This is what I did and some of the other interns that I met who only were there for a month didn't get nearly as much out of it as I did. The first month you are settling in with your company, so the second month is where you really begin to form professional relationships with your colleagues. Another option to throw out there, which I think would really benefit the interns is to participate in the intensive mandarin classes the first month, then go to work the second. By doing this, the interns will be able to settle in quicker because the language barrier will not be as difficult. However, each intern is assigned an English speaking supervisor, so the intern will always be able to communicate with someone in the company.

I really enjoyed my company, but some of the other interns has mixed reviews. Some felt that they weren't utilized as much as they had hoped, but I really think you have to go into it with an open mind, and try and make the best out of each situation. Some companies are better than others, just like here in the states. Also, CRCC does an excellent job if you are not satisfied with your company, helping you find another to finish out your internship.

Overall, I do recommend going with CRCC although it is more costly then going on your own because they do a lot for you. It was nice to be picked up from the airport, and taken to the accommodations. I was assigned roommates that were also starting internships, so I instantly had friends. Also, they place all the interns in the same hotel, so it is very easy to make friends and have people to travel around with. The program also hosts dinners and events with all of the interns to help break the ice while in China. Networking events are also made available each week so that interns can network with other young professionals in China. In addition they are there at anytime of the day if you need a translator, or directions, or help planning trips such as to the Great Wall, etc. Your first day they also host an orientation which briefs you on Chinese culture and they get you set up with the subway and public transportation system as well.

I say anyone with an open mind and ability to adapt to an entirely different culture would really enjoy it. I know I certainly did, and will be going back to China very soon! In addition, since I have been home I have been contacted by several Chinese companies via linked in, interested in employing me, and I received a really great recommendation and it really helped buff up my resume. That I think in itself is a great intangible asset that I obtained from this internship.

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24 years old
London, United Kingdom
University of Edinburgh

CRCC provides a great starting platform but can be taken much further by your own perseverence.


I spent two months out in Shanghai, the first month having one on one lessons in Business Mandarin. During this month I also realised that my internship was not actually in an area I wanted to gain experience in. Through personal contacts via the Shanghai staff at CRCC, I was not only able to change my internship but interviewed and won a position in a top Chinese Private Equity Firm- I was the first foreigner to work there and recieved invaluable experience in a real Chinese business environment.

Having already lived in China previously, I know the difficultis involved with finding flats, meeting people and getting to know a city by yourself. Whilst CRCC may seem a little expensive it is deffinately value for money as everything including getting a sim card is organised for you- extremley cushy.

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24 years old

CRCC gives you exactly what is promised in the contract


CRCC was invaluable as a means to enter into China for a working-holiday. I had heard that this was one of the most expensive internship programs one could find, but they do the work of finding your job for you and the companies they place you with are very reputable. CRCC provides exactly what is in their contract with you, no more and no less. I found the living accommodations extremely agreeable, we had a new apartment with new furniture and ample space for 2 other flatmates.

On your first day of work, they take you directly to your office via hired van. Watch out, because they do not provide you with transportation to get home from your first day of work, so you feel as if you've been dropped in some random location in China and you have to become a homing pigeon to find your way home. I would recommend taking a taxi home that first day, it is not worth getting lost.

The staff at CRCC are very helpful and they love their jobs. A lot of their plans are communicated through email format, you must check your email daily to keep up with the ever changing plans. They tend to switch locales of events often, so to stay informed I kept in contact with the fellow interns to keep updated when internet was unreliable.

The Mandarin classes offered use a very quick technique of teaching! If you are attentive and take advantage of every class offered, you will learn enough Mandarin to have short conversations and survive in general in one quick month. Note that the Mandarin classes are held in an office that is "off the beaten trail" from the main streets, and I was slightly nervous walking to and from that location at night alone. It is better to meet up with a friend at the subway platform or a specific subway exit and walk together.

I would recommend this to a friend if he/she:
- has never been to Beijing/China/Asia
- does not know the language
- is travelling alone
- is willing to work hard at their internship, as it is not a vacation
- likes Chinese food
- has done other overseas travelling before

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24 years old
East-West University

Beijing in August


I Loved my experience with CRCC Asia and the city of Beijing. There were many opportunities to supplement your internship with extra edifying cultural experiences i.e. learning the language or visiting rich cultural sites such as the Great Wall of China. CRCC is very accommodating, if you weren’t satisfied with your internship you could be placed with an alternative option. Support from CRCC Asia could have been a little better, when first learning how to access phone usages or similar small activities could have a better experience. Overall, I had a really great time. Met a lot of interesting people and gained a few great friends across the world!

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24 years old
Chicago, IL.

Loved it!


It was truly an eye opening experience. I have learned a lot about Chinese customs and culture in general, just by visiting many various sites across Beijing. Every day was a new adventure and I enjoyed every second of it. As far as internship itself, although people at my office were friendly, there was not much to do, other than sending e-mails and researching few things all day long. It all depends on who you intern for, but other than that it was an awesome internship.

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24 years old
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington

Rick Purvis Beijing 2011 (August - October)


I, Rick Purvis, was on a two-month internship in Beijing, China organized by CRCC Asia. I worked for Deli Solar, a subsidiary of China Solar and Clean Energy Solutions.

Firstly, the highlights as I do not have many difficulties to share. I prefer to learn from mistakes and to take experiences as they come, no regrets.

The CRCC staff were absolutely amazing. If I ever wanted advice (wedding presents), directions, or help to understand the Chinese characters on the washing machine they were always there for me. What stood out the most about the staff are their personalities and understanding. They knew we were in Beijing to work but also enjoy the city and were happy to accommodate. For me, I felt they were a fellow intern who wanted to enjoy each others company. The extra activities, school visits, and business talks (Gung Ho Pizza – is the best and most useful talk I’ve had, thank you). I lived in a Shaungjing hotel with 100+ fellow interns and roomed with the one and only Italian gentleman known as, Emanuele. The guy is a legend.

The locals I interacted with were very welcoming and especially helpful. It was good to see even with language difficulties we could laugh at the situation. Some comedic situations are universal. The social scene I found to be amazing (especially coming from little ol’ NZ). It is extremely forgiving and relaxed with rules etc. I miss the bars and restaurants scene in the Hutongs. Beijing provided a great mix between classy bars and areas where you just want to have some fun. The fun of the Sanlitun bars/clubs matches well with the vibrant food stalls in the same area. The atmosphere here is unique with so much going on, food, drinking, and with different nationalities mingling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the people I worked with at Deli Solar: Patrick (supervisor), Cisily, Serena, and Sunny. The girls were amazing and they were open to helping me understand China’s culture, people, and history. It was fun to work in a new environment to what I am accustomed to and to view different working mentalities and organizational processes. I wouldn’t say I was challenged with the workload, however, there is only so much a company can do for a 2-month intern.

On a more personal note, I could not have asked for better during my time in Beijing. I am naturally a confident person yet this trip as provided me with a greater zest for life, travel, cultures, and experiences. I always felt safe in Beijing because of my own ability to make intelligent decisions, otherwise I was aware of who could help and of emergency contacts (CRCC Asia). Personally, I choose not to be given prior information, I was in China for an experience and I believe in learning from your mistakes. It is part of my journey. I do not have regrets because I made the most of my opportunities and that is all I can ask for. However, when the doctor warns you of becoming sick from the food because your body is not used to it, listen and do take some prescribed medication with you ha. I do expect to return to China someday, it will not be through CRCC because the friends I met, experiences with them, and the ‘newbie’ situation is where I want to leave it. That was the most important time in my life and I want it kept untouched. For those I believe suitable, yes I would advise them to visit China through CRCC in a heartbeat. It was the best time in my life.

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32 years old
Hilo, Hawaii

Overall experience great, internship so-so


I have little to complain about, the lodgings were great, the staff incredible. I personally didn't feel like I had the most fulfilling internship. I was given little to do, and the work I was given wasn't particularly interesting. I don't know how much I'll be able to talk it up in a future interview. Talking to other interns, I don't think I stand alone in this regard. That's not to say every intern had the same experience. Some people had extremely rewarding internships, where they were given a lot of responsibilities and had the chance to develop some useful professional skills. Despite my own experience, I would absolutely recommend this to friends.

Kate in Colombia in February 2017
26 years old
Hanoi, Vietnam
University of Arkansas- Fayetteville

Pick CRCC Asia for your Internship Abroad


Graduation has been sneaking up on me and I was feeling the pressure from my advisors and peers to land a big kid job. I applied for the marketing internship in Beijing through CRCC Asia thinking that there was slim to no chance that a girl from small town Arkansas would be selected. Before I knew it, I was applying, interviewing, and accepting the internship.
Working in Beijing during the summer has been one of the most challenging and exciting experiences of my life. I gained knowledge, experience, and an advantage against my fellow graduates.
Take the plunge and go to China for your internship. CRCC Asia was a great program to work with. From the crash course in all things China to the social events to make friends with your fellow comrades, I always felt that the CRCC team had my best interest in mind.
My only parting advice is to opt for the longer internship because one month is just not enough to fully immerse yourself into the Beijing lifestyle.

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24 years old
New York, New York

June in Beijing


Every night before I went to sleep (in my enormous king-size bed) I would send emails to my friends and loved ones back home in New York. I told them about my day and what I saw and I can honestly say there is no more surreal feeling than what I experienced in telling people I had been to either the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. It was almost as if it weren't real until I wrote it down and told them. I found it very difficult to believe that I was not only in China but actually living there and working for RenRen, the facebook of China. Awake by 7am, I looked forward to work every day. My job provided me with the experience, that has made my transgression into my current internship at Morgan Stanley infinitely easier. I felt prepared and confident on my first day. After a long day of work I hopped on the subway and made my way back home where I was greeted by friends and quickly ushered to leave for dinner. "Family dinner" as we liked to call it managed to make my time in Beijing that much more enjoyable. The night life in Beijing was like nothing I had ever seen and I will leave it at that...but if you like clubs "Banana Baby Face" will be your second home. If you're questioning whether or not this program is for you, contact an alumni and try to set up a time where you can talk with them. That's where you'll get the most valuable information. Good Luck and Zai Jian!

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32 years old
Chicago, Illinois

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity


If you are looking for a unique experience then look no further. CRCC Asia will offer you a complete package in regards to real world experience. Looking at the current global market, it is safe to realize that future employers look to hire future leaders with international exposure.

CRCC Asia - Beijing Experience Intern Program offered day to day work experience in current leading job markets and professions. The additional focus of one-on-one mentoring and performance presentations, your internship adviser will provide the necessary coaching in order for your complete success.

The additional focus on the cultural aspects of Beijing and the Chinese people will provide insight to their thoughts and mannerisms. This is provided by the great and interactive CRCC Asia Staff. The programs and workshops provided by them would allow you to succeed in any workplace you choose to intern with.

One of the great highlights of your experience is the amount of contact, networks, and friends you will make. These people will impact your day to day experience and will continue long after your internship has ended.

The backdrop of the city is an additional highlight. Living within this mega metropolis, Beijing's attractions in and outside of the city walls would fill anybody's photo collection.

CRCC Asia - Beijing experience is an experience of a lifetime. No other experience can compare.

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24 years old
Chestnut Hill, MA

Fun and a learning experience


The entire experience was a ton of fun and a great learning and growth experience. I learned a ton of chinese culture and the other interns on the program were great to learn from because they came from a variety of backgrounds. Some internships were better than others but everyone was placed with an internship that suited their skills

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24 years old
Eden Prairie, MN
Luther College

Awesome time in Beijing!


The work was tough, but worth it! I made a lot of good friends from all over the world and had the time of my life. I wish we could have all stayed longer!

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24 years old
Fayetteville, AR
University of Arkansas- Fayetteville

The Experience of a Lifetime!!


Witnessing the economic recession in the United States I knew that I needed something to set me apart from all of the other soon to be college graduates looking for a job. Learning about China from the news and from my dad's business experiences there I knew that it would be the perfect location. I heard about CRCC Asia through my university's careerlink, I did some research, and decided to apply on the spot. Within days I was called for a phone interview, and my parents were able to get in contact with the US CRCC Asia representative to discuss safety concerns.

The excitement began as soon as I was met in Beijing airport by a CRCC Asia representative and taken to the bus to meet the other interns! We were taken to our accomodations which were far nicer than anything I had expected, and all of the interns were quick to start getting to know eachother and our new home.

Work was amazing. I had an accounting internship with a Taxation Agents organisation and they were quick to welcome me with open arms. I met with several different department heads and even got to have a long and very informative meeting with the Chief Partner, who welcomed me back to China in the future with a job opportunity. They were very interested in giving me the full Chinese experience when it came to business and sightseeing, with my mentor taking me and some of my CRCC Asia intern friends to the Great Wall.

My month long experience in China was definitely too short. The people I met, the memories I made, and the knowledge I gained will never be forgotten. I am still in contact with several other CRCC Asia interns now that we have been home for a little while, and I fully intend on coming back to China hopefully within the near future.
My university, the University of Arkansas, has a recent partnership with CRCC Asia and I am excited to be able to work with them to help expand the campus' awareness about this amazing opportunity. In return for funding the trip I am going to be recording some podcasts for the Walton College of Business website. Being able to share this experience with as many people as possible is something that I've wanted to do since the second I boarded the plane home.

I would recommend CRCC Asia to anyone looking for a complete cultural experience. It will be a decision you will not regret and an experience with memories to last a lifetime.

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