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There are only a couple of places remaining for The Intern Group's Spring internship programs. Apply now to secure a space!


We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in one of the world's most exciting and fastest-growing economies, Colombia. During your internship abroad, you will gain hands-on professional experience and build a network for your future career. Your internship in Latin America will make you stand out from your peers.

We are extremely proud of the partnerships that we have with leading companies and organizations. We've previously placed interns at BanColombia, FIFA, and The Colombian Government.

As an intern in Colombia, your program includes accommodation, airport pick up and drop off, regular social and cultural events, professional development tools and workshop, 24/7 emergency assistance, alumni career coaching, optional Spanish classes and many other great benefits. Apply now to our award-winning program featured in CNN, TIME and Forbes.

  • Have a top-class international internship in Colombia! Our personalised process ensures that you will be working in the industry sector of your choice, in a role that is tailored to your professional goals.
  • For non native-Spanish speakers, perfect your language! Learn Spanish from some of the clearest Spanish speakers in the world.
  • It makes your resume stand out! In todays society, everyone does sport, plays an instrument and is part of a society. As one of millions of young people applying for their first job, you need to find a way to jump off the page!
  • Make friends and professional networks in Colombia and from all over the world! Whether you like it or not, its not what you know, its who you know.
  • Have an amazing life experience in Colombia! We know that moving to a new place can be nerve-racking. Thats why our team on the ground is made up of Colombians who are there to give you support 24/7.

Questions & Answers

Applicants have the opportunity to complete an internship in a wide variety of different industries in Medellín. More information can be found here:… I am also happy to be contacted, as an alumnus of the Colombia programme, to answer further queries.
Okay perfect, thank you so much!
Language can be a hurdle. You need to go with the intent of learning Spanish as to communicate better. They really appreciate it. Time is also not as strict, I remember getting to work for 8am as this was the designated start time and I was the only person there, so that is a little bit different. Apart from that, they are very friendly and curious to learn more, so just relax and enjoy!


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  • Growth 8.7
  • Support 9
  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9.4
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Working in Medellin

My time in Medellin can only be described as fantastic. The staff were freindly and helpful at both the Intern Group, my workplace and the University(ies). The range of work opportunities on offer from the program is broad, with lots of areas for one to both implement and develop their skills.

The Program is more than simply working however, as the culture and language learning opportunities provided by the program really give you value for your money. The Spanish language course is great and tailored to your exisiting skill level with firendly teachers who will assisst you with your individual needs. As for the culutral espect, Medellin (and Antioquia) might well be Colombia's best kept secret. There is so much to experience here from the night life, to the museums, as well as the trips outside the city, and so much more.

Overall I would highly recommend this program to anyone. The work experience aspect alone is worth it, but its the stuff on the side that really makes this progam a must

How can this program be improved?
More could be done to monitor the accomodation, in particular the state of equipment in them. For example the oven in my kitchen did not work.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Just go!

This summer in Medellin, Colombia has easily become one of the greatest summers I've had in years. Despite some negativity and concern from family and friends I arrived in Colombia with an open mind.

Intern Latin America does their best to take care of you from the moment you arrive providing you with a driver who picks you up and takes you straight to your accommodation. Within a few days you have an official introduction with the ILA team where they explain a few more things to know about Medellin. The team, along with the majority of people you'll meet in Colombia are extremely inviting, friendly and easy to get along with. Regardless of your Spanish level, many of the locals are both eager to help and patient enough to wait as you stumble along trying to make sense in their language. It's an excellent place to learn or perfect your Spanish, so take advantage of it!

Fortunately when I arrived there were already a few social events planned, mostly due to the World Cup games, which provided an opportunity to get to meet some of the other interns on the program. This was a huge plus as my roommates and I lived in a separate building and wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet any of the others prior to that event.

Medellin is an exciting and upbeat city, and getting to be there in the midst of the world cup madness was proof that Colombia has some of the most passionate, happy and welcoming people. There is always something to see or do in the city. Granted you do still have to be careful not to flaunt your wealth or act in a way that draws unnecessary attention, however I generally felt quite safe in the city. As with every city, there are good areas and areas to avoid, and this is no exception. The team does their part to warn you of these areas in your introduction.

My main intention of doing this program was to have an opportunity to develop my language skills, experience a new culture and meet many of the locals. For these reasons it was an excellent experience all around. My actual internship wasn't the most educational experience but that may have been due to not knowing how best to make the most of their interns. It was a little difficult to get time to see my boss or get any feedback on the work I was doing until it was a little to late. However, I will say that after communicating my concerns to the ILA team there was a noticeable improvement at work and an increased effort to involve me in more challenging projects.

On that note I found the Intern Latin America team to be extremely helpful and supportive. I think it's unrealistic to expect them to be able to solve every problem, however they do their best to assist in any way possible. They were a pleasure to work with and an absolute blast to get to know. In the end, as with any experience like this it all comes down to what you make of it. It's easy to forget that you are in a developing country because it is so beautiful, but be prepared to be flexible in your expectations in areas such as housing or work pace etc.

The program is on the upper end in terms of cost, but if you have the money I would most definitely recommend it. Travel around Colombia as much as possible, and spend more time out in the city talking to people than you do in your apartment and you will have a good time! Medellin is an absolutely beautiful and unique city and Colombia is a country that is so much more than its past.

How can this program be improved?
I think this program could be improved if prior to arrival interns were made aware of where they would be living, what it looked like, and things to expect etc. The majority of the problems mentioned by some of the other interns all revolved around not knowing what they were walking into before coming.

If possible, it would be helpful if the ILA team could make the effort to drop by the apartment after you have settled in so that it's easier to communicate any issues right away and know that the support is there if you need it.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Colombia is definitely a place worth visiting

When I initially left for Colombia, I had no clue on what to expect especially given the stereotypical views of Colombia that I had been accustomed to. Once I reached there however, it is amazing on how off they were! A small example: with the little bit of Spanish I knew, I introduced myself to one of my roommates and asked him to show me around my first day there. He, thankfully, spoke English. Without any hesitation, he accepted and showed me around. I needed to do some grocery shopping and was not sure if my credit card was going to work or not. He offered to pay for my stuff (even though he barely knew me!) The people there are the most amiable and friendly people you will find. I did not mind being at work by 7.30 am everyday because of the sense of family I had there. I even somehow befriended some local vendors whom I greeted every morning and bought breakfast (pastel de jamon y queso) from. It's definitely a very welcoming environment.

Another thing that definitely hit me was how developed Colombia was for a third world country! The part of Medellin the intern group lodges interns is called Poblado. The malls, the beautiful view, the fact everything you need is pretty much within walking distance of you; all these factors were definitely a big plus for me while I was there.

Colombia has so much to offer! While I was there I went para-sailing, rock climbing, cave exploring, horse-back riding on top of mountains and so much more! I am also a little better at salsa, merengue and bachata now :)

The only downside I will say was that Intern Latin America was not as proactive in the beginning at organizing get togethers and other social events for interns to meet each other. Nonetheless towards the end that changed quite a bit which is something I would like to see continue. My internship was very valuable to me as it helped me better shape my career goal. I also felt very valuable to the team I worked with as one of my designed projects is actually in the process of being implemented! There is nothing that provides a more fulfilling feeling than that!

Oh, I was also lucky enough to experience the FIFA world cup in a football loving country. It is definitely something very unique.

How can this program be improved?
Just keep up the communication with interns. It is always reassuring to be reminded of the constant support we have access to.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Life in Medellin

Life in Medellin was really rewarding for me.Travelling all by myself to such a far away country with little grasp of the Spanish language proved overwhelming,but only for a short while.I adjusted very well to living in Medellin and made a lot of friends from the program.I also got to learn a bit of Spanish from the local paisas and in that way I made even more friends from Colombia.The support from the Intern Latin America group was outstanding as there was always someone there when we needed help or just someone to talk to.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing I could recommend changing is maybe the accommodation.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A life changing experience

When I applied to this programe, back in September of last year, I of course shared the same concern that a curious pre-applicant may also share. Firstly, this is too good to be true, surely it is a scam? Secondly, is Colombia safe? I shall attempt to address both points in my review.

Colombia, for me, is a country of opportunity. A country which is working tirelessly to enhance its reputation on a global scale. On a daily basis I experienced no shortage of youthful graduates emigrating in order to take advantage of this. Colombia is a beautiful country, steeped in tradition, culture and curiosity. In thirteen weeks I was blessed by the generosity of its people, while simultaneously being proven that Colombia is indeed a place where I can establish myself as an individual with ambition. I had no issues with safety or any concerns whatsoever in my time there.

With regards to the Intern group, I myself was at first sceptical, but this is a company with one ambition, and that ambition is to empower the younger generation. If you can afford to part with the money, then you will embark on a journey that you will never forget.

How can this program be improved?
My only fault with this programe was the accomodation that was provided. Despite being cleaned thoroughly on a weekly basis, and being in a safe and ideal location, we did experience many breakages and issues. Nonetheless, these were resolved quickly.
Yes, I recommend this program
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12 weeks in Medellin, Colombia

I spent twelve weeks in Medellin living with a Colombian family. I previously studied Spanish at university in the States do I did not take Spanish classes during my stay. However, living with a family that only speaks Spanish was a great way to better my language skills. I also had the opportunity to practice at my internship so I think my speaking ability has greatly improved. I felt very safe during my entire stay. The neighborhood in which all the interns live is very modern, comfortable, and easy to get around. Taxis and the metro are very cheap so it is easy to travel to other neighborhoods in the city. The social programs and day trips provided by the Intern Group give you a chance to meet many other interns in the city, and I spent three or four days a week with them. I have made friends from all over the world and that has been one of the best parts of this experience. I only had minimal complaints. One being the amount of work I was given at my job was minimal and at times I was bored with nothing to do. The work ethic in Colombia is very different than the US so that was partly the reason. Also, although my host family was alright I would have preferred to be more like a family, cooking dinner together, sightseeing, etc. Living in an apartment as opposed to a homestay, however, does lessen your Spanish exposure significantly. Overall I had a good experience!

How can this program be improved?
If I could change one thing I would recommend finding Colombian families who want to have foreigners stay with them and become part of their family, not just someone looking for a paycheck each month.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Fantastic opportunity

A fantastic experience supported by the great team of people that make up The Intern Group. The team working in Colombia were responsive and helpful from day 1 and I felt at ease before and during my time in Colombia.

Aside from working at the stadium during the U-20 World Cup in Medellín I took Spanish classes at the local university. I found these an excellent way to begin learning a new language and the professor was excellent and provided me with more knowledge on the culture and history of a fascinating area of the world. I actually took more classes than what was initially included in the program.

The social opportunities surrounding the internship were excellent. I met lots of local people while working and also fellow interns, many of whom I am still in touch with now. The trips and events organised by The Intern Group were always a fun and interesting way of seeing more of what the area had to offer, especially such trips as the one to Guatapé. The nightlife in Medellín is very good with lots of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

These opportunities are unique and are an excellent way to immerse yourself into a new culture and the rewards are huge.

Yes, I recommend this program
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It is what you make of it.

An internship or a semester abroad is less about everything around you and more about yourself. You will get everything you put into it. IF its work experience you're looking for then you have to be in the mindset that you're there to work and be productive. And you can celebrate and have fun on weekends. I took a lot out of my internship because I put a lot of effort into it, every day, and I am glad that I did because I grew as a person as a result of that effort.

How can this program be improved?
Medellin is a big city, the program did a good job organizing everyone in close quarters so that we could all spend together and given the relative new nature of the program more and more activities were constantly being added for new participants.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Secretary of Education Internship, Accommodation, Safety, Support - review

My internship in the Secretary for Education of Sabaneta was incredibly disappointing. I was not given any of the jobs mentioned in the role description (scrutinising and evaluating the school curriculum for Sabaneta students and proposing how we could improve this). I managed to join a research project started by a previous intern, but we received no training or guidance on improving our personal development throughout. As such, I feel I learned little from the experience.

The secretary for education was not prepared to offer structured and meaningful internships.

This was wonderful! Conveniently located and in a very safe area, I had no complaints. Our maid, Lijia, always put so much effort into making the place look amazing when she came each week.

I felt very safe at home, travelling to work, and exploring medellin. The walking tour included in the programme is very useful for helping you figure out where is safe to go in the city centre. Medellín is certainly not as unsafe as people outside of the country would have you believe!

I would've liked for the intern group representatives to check in with me more, and do something about it if I wasn't getting enough from my internship.

Otherwise, they were very receptive about things we needed, e.g. Maintenance in our flat. They also try hard to organise social events for the interns to meet each other, which were great fun.

Response from The Intern Group

We are saddened that you did not enjoy your internship in the Secretary of Education. The Colombian work style is certainly very different from the UK style and as we make clear in our pre-departure material, it is crucial that interns are much more proactive than they would be used to being in the UK. Interns in Colombian culture are expected to constantly be asking supervisors for feedback and for more tasks. With that said though, we will certainly be feeding in your comments to our partners at the Government to make sure future interns feel the internships are as meaningful and structured as possible. However we are glad you enjoyed the social events as we’re sure you could see how hard our country directors worked to make sure everyone had a good time! Also we’re pleased you found the accommodation wonderful! One of the most important aspects of our program is that our interns feel comfortable and at home.

No, I don't recommend this program
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Internship in Human Rights

I had an amazing time interning in Colombia! I lived in an apartment with three roommates in the center of the city close to great food and a fun social scene. I was in Colombia to do research for my senior thesis on forced displacement, and my internship allowed me to interact with the displaced on a more personal level. The internship was great for me academically and professionally; I actually got an internship this winter/spring based on my ability to show that I had worked in an all Spanish-speaking workplace. There are so many wonderful weekend and day trips around Medellin, and the people are extremely friendly. I had a bit of a hard time at first with the accent, but I got used to it. I hope to go back to Medellin again one day!

How can this program be improved?
When I arrived at my internship the other girl who was already working there didn't know I was coming, I think I would just make sure that the interns who will be affected know when someone new is arriving.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Internship in Asamblea de Antioquia, Medellin

I would certainly consider my time in Medellin as a rewarding, enriching and truly inspiring experience. As a language student, perhaps one of the most important aspects of an extended stay in a different country is the opportunity to meet locals and this is the only way to really challenge your grasp of a language.
If you want to improve your Spanish and you go to Madrid, Barcelona or Buenos Aires you will find it infinitely harder to meet locals and it is very easy to stay in your comfort zone and socialize solely with fellow travelers. However, during my stay in Medellin there was an abundance of invitations from work colleagues, friends of work colleagues and this provided me with an instant platform to improve my Spanish and also to experience a completely different culture.
I worked at the local government where I essentially had an administrative role. Whilst this was at times mundane, I was constantly talking Spanish and I met many interesting people from all the different echelons of society. For instance, I attended a national conference which was attended by the Colombian President but at the same time I was fortunate enough to visit the poorest communities with local politicians and attend meetings in which these locals addressed the problems that they felt needed immediate action.
In terms of social life, Medellin has an area full of nightclubs called Parque Lleras which is great fun; there are also nights out organised by InternLatinAmerica and this gives you an opportunity to socialise with other interns from all around the world. Whilst I was there, there were interns from the US, Belgium, Holland, France and the UK.
Perhaps the only issue that I should raise, and I do feel that this should be acknowledged, is that if you apply for a home stay with a Colombian family, that family has no obligation whatsoever to involve you in their daily activities. The term 'homestay' is actually misleading as in reality you are just renting a room within the house of a Colombian family. My 'homestay' consisted of an unemployed Colombian women who stayed in her bed all day, chain-smoking. (Her name was Olga. If you do end up applying just say I don't want Olga!)
To conclude, I would absolutely recommend the Intern Latin America program. Aside from the issue with the accommodation, it was a fantastic experience and any keen linguist should seriously consider it as an option to improving their written and spoken Spanish.

How can this program be improved?
My only critical feedback relates the accommodation. If I were to do the program again, I would choose the option to stay in an apartment with other students.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Exploration and Discovery in the land of Eternal Spring!

In the words of Michel Foucault; “I do not feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.”

Working in the Municipal of Envigado, in the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development allowed me to do just that. To learn, not just about my academic field of study but about myself which further enhanced my experience and allowed me to grow in every sense of the word.

I feel it suffice to say that every day was different. Every day was a challenge. But every challenge, I saw as an opportunity and, each opportunity led me to an incredible experience.
I also feel each experience is very much unique, and it was one of the main things I loved about interning through The Intern Group; as they’re a relatively new enterprise, there is no such template of experiences one often gets with longer running companies. Talking with other interns, we’d all be surprised at how incredibly different our network and work dynamics were which I really appreciated. It was very much customised to each participant but at the same time, there was a very healthy and strong support system within the interns and The Intern Group.

Medellin, is a beautiful city I fell in love with. I always took care but always felt very safe. I feel that if you educate yourself on what the city is like, where is safe and where is not, and if you follow your intuition, you delve into an affluence off care. Public transport is really easy to take and the humanitarian culture is unlike any other; people are always willing to help. If ever you get lost, embrace the moment. It was on these occasions in which I discovered beautiful little places or met wonderful people. It's important to remember that every moment is a journey of exploration and discovery.

Everyone in Medellin is certain that it’s the best place to live in the world, and thus, the energy is transcendent and one begins to not only feel it, but believe it. It’s the smiles and landscapes, the history and joy which really do make it the City of Eternal Spring.

My experience with The Intern Group in Medellin, Colombia is one I wouldn't change for anything and one I’d recommend to everyone.

~Danah Maria Jaffar

How can this program be improved?
I’m a different type of traveller and I really don’t get very much satisfaction from tours. I prefer to travel as an explorer and not a tourist as I feel tours they take away from the cultural and historical value by commercialising everything too much. If there were one thing I’d add (not change, because I know that many others do like the convenience of tours), I would add a very hands on, all terrain authentic experience to the program. Whether it’s ‘be an Arriero for a day’, or visiting an indigenous community within the state of Antioquia over a weekend. An entire cultural immersion is what I think would complement the program.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I had an amazing time working at BTG Pactual. I learned so much during that period that I will have huge advantage of in the future. I met so many interesting and nice people, and got treated very good by the amazing staff at the company.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe more locations and countries to apply for and be able to work in.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Internship in the government

The team in Colombia were amazing! There were loads of events every week and we had a great community - I definitely made friends for life! More importantly, I had experience at working directly in the government which is what my resume really lacked and so the experience was great! My biggest highlight was the amazing support offered, they were there catering for everything. The biggest challenge was improving my spanish and performing well in my internship every day! I would definitely recommend the program to others!

How can this program be improved?
I wasn't the biggest fan of the food in Colombia!
Yes, I recommend this program


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