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Greenheart Travel is excited to provide authentic cultural immersion experiences for teenagers and adults in countries all over the world. Our programs include volunteer opportunities, short and long term teaching contracts and work and internship positions abroad. We also offer TEFL certification, high school study abroad programs and teen summer language camp courses. Our mission is to travel for a change!

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Deciding to teach abroad is a huge decision and deciding what company to go through can be really overwhelming and stressful. I can honestly say Greenheart Travel made it SO much easier! Sara is incredibly knowledgeable and replied to all of my emails (and I sent her a ton of emails) in a very timely manner. Greenheart breaks down everything that needs done into a manageable timeline, provides feedback on your Thai resume, sets you up with Thai insurance, and helps you with all of the paperwork needed to apply for a visa. They also send a packing list and a guidebook that were so helpful! Once I got to Thailand, Sara reached out on multiple occasions to check in and make sure everything was going well. If you have any interest in teaching abroad, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Greenheart Travel! I will 100% be using them again for future travels!

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I spent three months in Madrid, Spain for Greenheart’s Teach in a Homestau program and loved every second of it. I felt like Greenheart really listened to my preferences and paired me with an absolutely incredible family. My program support liaison, Allison, was such a pleasure to work with and kept touch throughout the program to see how everything was going and if I was enjoying it. The program itself is a bit hands off- I didn’t feel connected to the company or in a program setting once I arrived in Spain, but they did provide me the tools and housing to make me feel comfortable and able to prosper there. If you are looking to travel abroad and can’t commit to a longer program, I would hands down recommend this one. It was a truly great experience!

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I used Greenheart Travel to go to South Korea through the EPIK program. Kara was so helpful and was available to help me every step of the way! She answered/returned every call and email very promptly. She also updated me as often as she could with any new information she had about my particular application. The information Greenheart provided about what my life may be like in South Korea was also very helpful and the webinars were full of information. I would highly recommend this program!

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A few other recruiters offered their participants free 30 day sim cards. I thought this might be a good perk.
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At the beginning of last summer, I made the decision to change my life around a bit and decided that I wanted to move to South Korea to teach English. I have a degree in Theatre and while I love the field, I wanted to be able to do something that would combine my love of teaching with my love of travelling and cultures. I did some research online and found many different programs that would help me get to South Korea. I got in touch with a few of them, but it wasn't until I came upon Greenheart and Kara that I found the program I was the most comfortable with. Most people decide that they want to go abroad and give themselves plenty of time, but I was determined to be hired by EPIK and leave the US for the Spring 2018 intake in February. This meant that everything needed to happen very quickly for my goals to be met.

I was able to schedule my first interview with Greenheart the next day. I was working at a summer camp and was not off of work yet, so I was anxious because I was in summer clothing chilling in the storage cupboard at work during my interview. Kara was so wonderful and easy to talk to however, and I felt very comfortable from the very beginning. Kara helped me decide which route would be the easiest for me to take and talked to me about getting my TEFL from the International TEFL Academy. I was signed up for the August in-person TEFL class in Chicago by the very next week!

When it came time for the EPIK application process it was very comforting to know that I had Kara to look over my application and help me make it as strong as possible. I have never done anything like this before and that support was very appreciated. She looked over my application and letters of recommendation and walked me through each step of the process. After our third chat, I felt much more comfortable with the application process and knew exactly what I needed to complete to have a winning application.

EPIK is a wonderful program, but applying to EPIK was the most stressful 6 months of my life. I was constantly wondering whether I would get an interview, would I would be prepared when I did get an interview, had I passed my interview, did my documents arrive in Korea safely, WHERE will I be placed, when can I buy my airplane ticket, and when exactly will I need to be in Korea. The materials that Greenheart provides really helped calm me down during these months of waiting (and to be honest I read some of the packets WAY to many times). It was also comforting to know that I could turn to Kara with any concerns and she would respond in a timely manner. Now that I am in Korea, she still keeps in touch and follows my adventures on Facebook, and I can feel that she is genuinely interested in what happens to the people that she helps place abroad.

Overall, my experience with Greenheart was wonderful. Kara dealt with all of my panicked e-mails and helped me every step of the way. I would work with them again in a heartbeat. They truly made the stress of changing your entire life and moving halfway around the world much more bearable!

Thank you, Kara and Greenheart for everything.

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Before going to Chile, I had studied abroad and lived with a host family; however, that experience did not compare to the complete cultural immersion of the greenheart program. Pre-departure, the greenheart staff were all very accommodating and informative, making me feel completely prepared for my time abroad. Upon arrival, I received more support from the in-country partner agency. I would definitely say the best party of my experience was my host family. They were just as excited to teach me about their culture and integrate me into their life with family and friends as they were about learning the english language. My host placement was located in a very small town which allowed me to feel part of their community and learn a lot about the Chilean culture. I was also able to take day and weekend trips during my time in Chile to see some of the larger, popular cities. Although my host family would sometimes treat me as actual family and be protective, I never had any concern regarding safety. I would highly recommend this program to any traveler hoping to gain an understanding of another country's culture, build a relationship while also getting the experience of teaching to a non-native english speaker.

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