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Greenheart Travel is excited to provide authentic cultural immersion experiences for teenagers and adults in countries all over the world. Our programs include volunteer opportunities, short and long term teaching contracts and work and internship positions abroad. We also offer TEFL certification, high school study abroad programs and teen summer language camp courses. Our mission is to travel for a change!

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My three months in Italy was one I will always remember. The thing that made the most impact on me in my time in Italy was the hospitality of the Italians. The families that I stayed with, the teachers in the school I taught in and especially my students all welcomed me as part of their own. This made transitioning into my daily Italian life easy and I was reassured that I was in good hands.

The teaching experience is something that I also enjoyed. Whether you come with years of experience or none at all, the support and content you are given is there to make your lessons fun and enjoyable.

I highly recommend this program to anyone that is even having the slightest urge or curiosity about taking part. Because after the three months, you will definitely come out feeling accomplished, content and feeling like you want to go back.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe a more planned out orientation at the start of the program, ex. activities to get to know other people in the program more.
Yes, I recommend
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I can honestly say that my spring semester in high school abroad in Finland was the best experience of my life! During my time (2018), Greenheart Travel teams up with a local exchange organization called SUN Experiences. Having the smaller local coordinator making sure everything goes well with the family, school, and just life helps make the trip both safe and a blast. Many of my best memories and best friends have come from this exchange, so I would fully recommend doing it to anyone interested in Finland or Nordic culture!

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My time teaching in Thailand has been nothing short of amazing, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Greenheart Travel. I signed up for the one-month Chiang Mai TESOL course in the end of 2016, and I am still teaching in Thailand till this day!

I can’t get enough - every day holds a new adventure and a new experience.
The friendships I have made through Greenheart Travel and with fellow English teachers in town are truly unbreakable bonds.

I would have never been as successful in my teaching career in Thailand if it were not for Greenheart Travel.
They supplied me with packets and packets of information - from what clothes to pack, Thai culture and customs, and what to expect in the classroom. Sara T was extremely helpful, and would respond to questions so quickly. The entire process was so smooth.

It can be pretty daunting to pack up your life in a suitcase and buy a one-way ticket to a country on the other side of the world. But with Greenheart Travel, they ease every worry you may have. I highly recommend signing up for this life changing experience - don’t hesitate! Travel for a change! 💚

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I loved my 3 months in France. My host family were great, so friendly and generous, and they fully included me in their lives for the time I was with them. I was surprised how well matched we were. My French improved a lot.
The support from Greenheart Travel was really good. Everything went smoothly during the application procedure, and the pre-departure info was thorough. All my emails were answered quickly and fully.

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When I started thinking about teaching in Thailand, I was very overwhelmed by all the options I found online. You could go a totally DIY route (doing your TESOL online and finding your own placement) or go with a program that would hold your hand throughout the whole process. I was very uncertain about spending so much money to have someone help me with a process that I could have done myself, but ultimately the fact that I'd never traveled alone before (much less to somewhere as different as Asia) and the real teaching experience during the course IN the country I'd be teaching in were the two things that really swayed me.
The orientation week was so exciting and so memorable - although it did feel like a summer camp at times. But being able to meet and bond with other people going through the exact same situation as me during that first month absolutely made my time after the course a lot easier. In addition, once you graduate the course, you're connected on facebook with an entire network of other people in Thailand who are teaching and went through the program as well. So we got a bunch of teaching resources and ideas in the course, but then that network of people is a gift that keeps on giving! The program also gives you essentially lifetime in-country support, so if you ever have any issues post-program, the staff are still there for you and will help you as much as they can.
One thing I wasn't quite expecting, but really appreciated, was how much work we had to do for the TESOL course. We had homework to do almost every night during the course! I've heard of some programs that are basically just a party and you don't really learn much in your course, but this one wasn't like that at all. We learned a TON and it really prepared me to be in the classroom. Even though it was a lot of work we still a lots of fun in and out of the classrooms!

How can this program be improved?
Looking back on the course, it seemed that a lot of the info and tips in the course would be more useful for teaching younger children. As someone that went on to teach high schoolers, I felt that there could have been more tips/strategies/information for dealing with older students. I managed to figure things out on my own, but I felt out of my element with the older kids for the first few weeks.
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