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International TEFL Academy is passionate about two things:

1) Providing the highest quality TEFL certification classes.

2) Ensuring all of our graduates find professional, paid English teaching jobs abroad & have a wonderful experience overseas.

All of our staff at ITA have worked, lived & traveled abroad extensively. We "get it," and we're passionate about helping you have a great international adventure like we did.

Based in Chicago IL, ITA is a worldwide leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad offering accredited TEFL classes in 25 locations worldwide & a state-of-the-art Online class. We certify 5,000 people per year to teach English abroad and we have graduates teaching in 80+ countries.

In addition to earning an accredited teaching qualification recognized worldwide, all of our students receive lifetime job search guidance & access to a full array of alumni services and networking opportunities.

ITA has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


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I have been thinking about teaching abroad for so many years. I finally decided to go through with up because... why not!? I found ITA Costa Rica in Barva, Heredia, through searching ESL teaching programs abroad. ITA Costa Rica was the one I found the most positive reviews about. While reading about the program I had the best feeling about the program. It was a sense of comfort and I felt like it was a true educational program that would prepare me the best for teaching English as a Second Language. Once choosing ITA Costa Rica I had a sense of peace and I felt like I was about to make the greatest move of my life.

* Reasons why you SHOULD take this course:
- The course instructors, Luke and Melanie are absolutely amazing. You are given so much guidance throughout the whole process. They are both experts in TESOL and give you so many helpful resources & tools throughout the course.
- Starting with the first day of class, your mind will be put at ease with what you'll have to do and what is expected of you throughout the course. Everything is organized very nicely day by day. You are shown how to navigate the calendars, teaching schedule, moodle (where all course info will be available online), and where all the essential things are in Barva to help you be successful throughout the month.
- Without a doubt you are able to walk into this course with out any teaching experience and walk out feeling confident about how to be a teacher in the TESOL world. So don't be intimidated!!!
- It is not overwhelming if you stay on top of the work and if you have good time management skills - you will be fine!
- It is a very affordable program!
- You have the opportunity to stay with a homestay family - and you should definitely do it!! It gives you such a sense of security to have a family and they truly do care about you. They are supportive, extremely nice and cook amazing food! It's an easy way to experience the culture and practice Spanish.
- You are living in a beautiful country - obviously :)

How can this program be improved?
Honestly, nothing. You will need to be open to new opportunities and different cultural approaches.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My expectations were very high coming into this course, and still they were exceeded. I met some of the best people in this course & they have prepared me amazingly to be a teacher. They introduced us to many people who are directors of language academies. Most of them personally know Luke and Melanie & they trust that the class prepares us well. I was even hired before the course finished because they knew that I would be able to teach efficiently if I made it though the course. That being said, the course is so doable. It’s all very practical and the instructors help you every step of the way. Overall this course was so fun and helped me not only be a fantastic teacher, but it helped me be familiar with Costa Rican culture!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I completed the ITA TEFL course in Costa Rica. The coursework was very challenging and kept me busy with work the entire month, however, my classmates and I still found time to get away on the weekends to enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

While I understood a lot of Spanish before arriving, my speaking ability was very limited. Staying in a homestay, I had the opportunity to learn so much, as well as getting excellent meals and having my laundry done, allowing me all the time I needed to complete my coursework.

The instructors were very knowledgeable and although I was wondering during the first two weeks if they were trying to weed us out due to the intensity of the workload, I came to understand that they were just ensuring we were fully prepared.

3 weeks into the course, I applied for a job teaching English in the Galapagos Islands, a dream location for a former science teacher! Within three days, I had been interviewed and offered the job! The morning after completing my TEFL course, I was on a plane to Ecuador.

At least once a day, I use specific information, tricks, activities, or grammar learned during my course, and I can still hear my instructors voices as I teach.

Don’t expect this course to be an easy A, even for the most experienced student. I have 2 masters degrees, and this was the most work I’ve had to do for a course ever, but every assignment has proven to be valuable.

How can this program be improved?
More organization of the course schedule and assignments. I found myself having to check multiple documents to find the information needed to understand the scope of each assignment, and had different ways to turn in different assignments. Streamlining this process would reduce the already high stress that naturally accompanies an intensive course such as this.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I took it upon myself to walk into the ITA office several years ago merely inquiring about my options for my [then] pipe-dream of living and working abroad. From start to finish, the staff was extremely helpful and gave me the tools I needed to feel more confident regarding my experience of teaching abroad and has since opened up quite a few doors over the years.

Compared to many people I know, my TEFL certification experience was unique in the sense that I was in a classroom for a month-long practicum. Although ITA offers an online course which I have also heard great things about, I preferred to be in a classroom and interacting with other people in the same boat as me.

ITA was the boost that gave me the courage to move halfway across the world in 2013, and nearly five years later I'm still finding the course beneficial. One of the reasons this program is unparalleled to others in the market is the fact the alumni groups exist. I've been teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for a little over a year now and have connected with so many awesome ITA alumni here through the Facebook groups. It's honestly been an invaluable asset to the certification itself. In addition, the South Korea Alumni group connected me with one of my closest girlfriends I've met abroad; same with the Vietnam group.

While I didn't initially move abroad to teach English in Vietnam, I'm glad the path brought me here, as not only is it one of my favorite countries on our planet, but my entire experience in Saigon has been completely transformative. I largely have ITA to thank for that, as I may not have had this opportunity otherwise.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience and cannot recommend the program enough.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing I can really recommend changing would be to possibly adapt some of the course material to include sections on dealing with super young learners, rather than just adults. Many people who go to Asia are generally not teaching adults right off the bat. This may have changed since 2013, though!
Yes, I recommend this program
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I had been contemplating taking the TEFL certification course for over a year and had ben speaking with ITA TEFL Academy for some time. I registered at a time when I received a great discount in the price of the courses and I was very satisfied. The courseload was a bit difficult because I was a high school teacher with a full load at the same time. But I persevered and am at the end of my Practicum. I was very satisfied and would recommend this course to others.

How can this program be improved?
I would not change anything about this program right now.
Response from International TEFL Academy

Hey Jacqueline, Thank you for your review! Really happy to hear that things are off to a fantastic start. Keep us posted on your adventures and if you ever need anything, just get in touch! - ITA

Yes, I recommend this program


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