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International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy is passionate about two things:

1) Providing the highest quality TEFL certification classes.

2) Ensuring all of our graduates find professional, paid English teaching jobs abroad & have a wonderful experience overseas.

All of our staff at ITA have worked, lived & traveled abroad extensively. We "get it," and we're passionate about helping you have a great international adventure like we did.

Based in Chicago IL, ITA is a worldwide leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad offering accredited TEFL classes in 25 locations worldwide & a state-of-the-art Online class. We certify 5,000 people per year to teach English abroad and we have graduates teaching in 80+ countries.

In addition to earning an accredited teaching qualification recognized worldwide, all of our students receive lifetime job search guidance & access to a full array of alumni services and networking opportunities.

ITA has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


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Wow, where do I start, the organisation of this trip was incredible. It’s the most brilliant introduction to Thailand and entitles you to travel Thailand further after the trip with the friends you have made. The leader Britt was so enthusiastic about Thailand and inspired us to want to travel other countries in Asia too. We can’t wait to explore Vietnam with Intro Travel next year! What an amazing way to end the year.

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International TEFL Academy is an absolutely incredible program! Not only is the coursework applicable to teaching in the ESL classroom, but their constant support and guidance is priceless. The team at International TEFL Academy have experience in the ESL job network and they know how to advice their student. This program is perfect for anyone looking to teach English abroad! Thanks to International TEFL Academy, I have been teaching abroad for 2 years and plan to make this my life-long career!

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ITA is not actually a school, they reach out to other company's and act as a connecter between you and an on site school. What this means, is that if something happens at the onsite school, ITA will not help you out. Your instructor was falling asleep during lessons and getting his information wrong? tough luck. Has your instructor offered to take you on an over night trip but turns out he has been experiencing health problems and is unsafe to take you scuba diving? ITA doesn't give a crap. Is your school charging you way too much money for housing in a place that is beside a sewer river and has bugs everywhere?

Also ITA promises in country job assistance. Turns out my in country help only had one resource and hadn't been paid in MONTHS.

What a waste of money this rip off "Academy" was, you are better off saving your money and getting a $50 online certificate.

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This might sound overly dramatic but working with ITA changed my life. At a time when I was really trying to figure out how to make a shift, they really helped me out. Not to mention the support that they gave me while I was searching to get a job teaching English. ITA helped me navigate the murky waters of getting a job in South Korea and I believe I could not have done it without their help. If you are looking for a crew of people dedicated to your success who have already done what you are trying to do, look no further. Choose ITA and let them help you make your dreams come true.

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I undertook my TEFL course with ITA in October 2015. It was my third attempt at trying the TEFL course. I had signed up for TEFL courses, with different institutions, in Thailand and Costa Rica, in 2015. However, the way TEFL was being taught in Thailand and Costa Rica was not for me. The way that TEFL was taught with International TEFL Academy - Chicago was for me :). The institution and staff are; friendly, professional and the course was wonderful. The instructors were excellent - supportive, positive and engaging.
In 2016, I worked as an ESL teacher in Colombia, S.America for a year. This was amazing - I had the opportunity to work on a very exciting project, also through the organization I got a teaching job with, Volunteers Colombia (it was paid :)).
This year, 2017, I am working in S.Korea in a private school. I love this.
The course with ITA is a very high quality, and gives a standard of TEFL that a lot of recruiters ask for.

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