One of the major reasons students are hesitant to study abroad is that they believe that leaving home won’t add any value to their major or career goals. However, Culinary Arts majors need not fear! Studying abroad is an excellent way to differentiate yourself in a competitive field. What better way to master a style of cooking than by studying in the country where it originated? If you want to learn about French cuisine, study in France! You can go anywhere your heart (or stomach) may desire. Even if you aren’t a Culinary Arts major, studying cooking while abroad is an excellent way to get to know the unique culture and values of a country.

Culinary Arts

If you want to learn how to craft a 3-star meal, studying Culinary Arts abroad will be extremely beneficial. Where you study will be very important; choose a region that compliments the style of cooking you want to perfect. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced chef looking to expand your skill set, studying the cooking style of a foreign country will make you stand out in your home country.

Pastry Chef

If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to consider studying in pastry chef courses. Studying in this field will be very rewarding to those who love desserts; it won't be a piece of cake, however - you'll need to be very exact and have a great deal of patience. Studying this in a different country will allow you to learn techniques and recipes that you wouldn't find at home.


Studying butchery abroad will help you develop your knife skills and get immersed in hands-on work. Going abroad can help introduce you to new techniques from foreign chefs or it can expose you to new experiences, such as butchering animals on organic farms. This field is not for the faint of heart: understand that being a butcher professionally will require you to witness the slaughter of many animals. It is a necessary function, but is nonetheless emotionally draining for some.

Wine and Beverage

If your goal is to become a Sommelier or a Wine Expert, studying abroad will expose you to some of the most amazing wines. Your palate will be trained to distinguish subtle differences between beverages and you'll get to taste wines you may not have had access to at home. You aren't limited to just wine though - you may also work with coffee, spirits, or sake. You may also look into studying Mixology and learn the art of creating the perfect cocktail.


Known as the capital of gastronomy, there are few places better to study the secrets of culinary masters than France -- both Paris and Lyon are classic destinations to study culinary arts. With a vast array of programs, including Le Cordon Bleu, you can’t really go wrong. Stroll through markets with the freshest ingredients while picking up French and rubbing elbows with some of the finest chefs in the world.


The other major gastronomy capital of the world, the best Italian food is simple, yet extremely hard to perfect. Italy has a numerous schools, and you’ll be surprised to find that the food styles and techniques are extremely regional. The first thing an Italian cooking instructor will tell you is that there is no such thing as Italian food; there is Tuscan food, Roman food, etc. Each region has a unique history and their food reflects that. Italy is also a great country to master wine and food pairing.


Sitting at the crossroads of India, Oceania, and China, Thai cuisine is unique that it blends the techniques and ingredients of all three cultures. Classes are inexpensive but you’ll learn about how to blend techniques and ingredients across borders and work with many spices you may be unfamiliar with. The climate also provides different fruits and vegetables that you may not have seen at your home university.

Before setting out to study abroad, be sure to look into the scholarships listed below. And don’t forget to look into the program you end up choosing, often they have their own scholarships for international students.

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