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Teaching English to non-native speakers is essential now more than ever. Both at home and abroad, the necessity for English teachers is growing daily. Getting TEFL certified means greater job opportunity in your hometown, as well as the promise of adventure abroad. With CIEE, the leader in international education and exchange since 1947, you get the support and knowledge of over 70 years of experience as well as access to the resources of over 350,000 alumni across the world.

CIEE currently offers 3 different online TEFL courses:
  • 150 Hour Course: (11 weeks) Online Professional Certificate including 20-hours practicum teaching -- for $1,000
  • 60 Hour Course: Self-Paced Intro to TEFL certificate -- for $300
  • 30 Hour Course: (3 weeks) Age Specific TEFL Certificate -- for $270
What makes CIEE TEFL unique?
  • Accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission, and peer-reviewed annually by professors of Linguistics employed at US Universities
  • Feedback from your tutor and peers via video comments, weekly emails, and a weekly live virtual tutorial with your classmates
  • Access to the CIEE Alumni Network – a global matrix of 350,000+ professionals
Interested in a CIEE Destination TEFL program?
  • Support and guidance from CIEE staff in Portland, Maine.
  • Small class size (13 or fewer).
  • Personalized attention and weekly tutorials from your tutor.
  • Alumni network of over 350,000 across the globe.
  • Job opportunities both at home and abroad.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Victor! Yes - as Joanna said, you are expected to find your own practicum in your area. I found it intimidating at first but it is actually a great way to prep you for the job hunt that is ahead of you. CIEE's list is a good starting point but don't limit yourself to it, I am sure you will find plenty of schools, non-profits that work with immigrants, churches, etc. in your area that will be...
Mostly yes. There is a weekly online meeting with your teacher, and you can select from a variety of appropriate times. Also, they want you to keep pace with the class, so that you'll do roughly one module per week. There is also a final date when the practicum is due. However you can do the course at your convenience, and whenever you have available time.


based on 60 reviews
  • Benefits 8.9
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 6.7
  • Facilities 7.2
  • Safety 8.4
  • Instruction 9.1
  • Support 9.6
  • Value 8.6
  • Difficulty 7.5
  • Job Assistance 8.9
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Great course!

This was an excellent course, very beneficial for my teaching career. It was also very well organized and nicely structured; the instructions were always clear. Plus, the tutor and CIEE staff were very helpful.
You should know it is a time consuming course so you need to manage your time very well in order to keep up, but I assure you it is totally worth it.
I highly recommend it. It will help you get a job in multiple countries, for either in-person teaching or online teaching, so you have multiple options to choose from.

Yes, I recommend
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CIEE review

Overall going through CIEE was a great experience. I really wanted to have someone there for me during the process of applying. They were able to help and keep me on track with all required documents needed and who to send them to. I believe this process people can do on their own, but having a team like CIEE makes it a lot easier! Whenever I had questions or concerns, they would never hesitate to assist or give me the correct information needed. I think going through CIEE was awesome and convenient. If you have any questions for future reference, they will gladly be able to assist you and give you any information you want to know. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Yes, I recommend
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Great guidance and TEFL were EXCELLENT

Because I am far beyond my college years and didn't know where to even begin, CIEE was a tremendous help in guiding me through the process of finding a job and obtaining my TEFL certification. Ally was my little angel providing me with support and answering all my questions in a professional and timely fashion - everything from serious stuff to ridiculously trivial stuff!
The TEFL course was excellent and our instructor was fabulous! It was challenging in that I worked a full-time job so I had to do a bit of juggling but I managed to complete everything. Likewise, it got my brain thinking as a teacher again after being out of education for 12+ years. I will admit that the class could be a bit unrealistic compared to what you are thrown into in "real life" but at least it gives you an excellent foundation. For example, almost all the teaching scenarios in the class were something like - "you have a class of 8 students with intermediate-advanced English skills". In actuality, at least in the teaching placement I am in, I have classes of 45-50 college students with barely any English skills...and I have 12 of those classes, so around 500 students! Needless to say, it is absolutely necessary to be flexible, adaptable, creative, and willing to laugh at yourself and the situation you may find yourself in.
Now that I have been in China for a year, I have been able to secure a new job for next year that pays considerably more than my CIEE placement at a school with amazing facilities. But I am so happy for my current experience because I have learned a ton about myself and what I am capable of when placed in a new and strange environment. CIEE and the TEFL program helped me along the way and I always knew I could reach out to them with questions or concerns should anything arise.

How can this program be improved?
The cost of the program is a bit pricey. While the support and guidance were great, I don't know if it is worth the $$$ now that I have been here. However, at the time, it was the best for me.
Yes, I recommend
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I had a wonderful experience with CIEE TEFL. I decided to take the course even though my contract to Teach in Thailand (which I also did through CIEE Teach Abroad and would highly recommend to everyone!) didn't require I have a TEFL certification. I loved that the course was online, so I was able to get my certification without stepping into a classroom every week. The course was structured enough to keep me reliable, but allowed enough space that I was able to travel and work and still complete my certification. The instructor (Annette!) was amazing and was always willing to help and answer any questions I had. And the staff at CIEE (Molly, Jeannette and Ally!) were amazing. They are so helpful and I always felt supported while completing the certification.

The lessons were extremely helpful, and I can honestly say that getting my TEFL certification through CIEE was a life saver. Teaching is underrated, and I was so grateful I took the steps to get certified before jumping into teaching abroad. I learned so much about general classroom guidelines, developing relationships across cultural boundaries, supporting different learning styles, and developing and effectively executing constructive and positive lessons for all students and learning types.

I'd recommend this to everyone! Thanks so much CIEE TEFL!

How can this program be improved?
When I took the course, I thought it would be great if they did some kind of TEFL abroad program... and later that year they rolled out one of these programs! They now offer TEFL courses in places like Thailand and Vietnam, which is amazing. They are really on the ball and are always striving to make their program better and more effective.
Yes, I recommend
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Well worth it!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with CIEE's 150-hour TEFL training course. I decided to take this course the summer before going to teach abroad in Spain, and now that I've just finished I can confidently say that I feel prepared for my job abroad.

The course's interface, Canvas, is extremely user-friendly and makes it easy to view course content, submit graded work and interact with other peers.

Despite the fact that this course is 100% online, it is very holistic in its teaching approaches. Aside from traditional lectures in the form of slide presentations, this course also had audio lectures, discussion boards where you can have great discussions with other people also taking the course, real-life scenario situations and short quizzes along the way to check for understanding. I interacted with the course material, I was not a passive observer. I was asked to give my opinion, to analyze, to create, to rate, to evaluate and more. Best of all, the course has given me a huge list of resources that I have archived in my computer for the future when I need lesson plan ideas, need to refresh my memory on a topic before teaching, and much more.

The course is very demanding, you will spend 10-15 hours a week between doing assignments, intreating on discussion boards and attending class online. It is all worth it!

Yes, I recommend
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Getting TEFL certified through CIEE

This is a great class to take for anyone interested in a career as an EFL teacher. It was informative, well-organized, and interesting. The course content is a combination of PowerPoint slides, videos, discussion boards, and quizzes. My instructor was helpful and responsive and I enjoyed working with her. The practicum gives you hands on experience working with students who are learning English, and is very rewarding. It is true that I was given a lot of information over the course of ten weeks, and I had to budget your time accordingly. Within 10 weeks we had to complete 130 online class hours, take a short quiz at the end of each module, a weekly written assignment of about 500 words, grade three written assignment of our peers, complete a final written assignment, complete a final exam, and attend a weekly conference with our instructor (we're given an extra month to complete the 20 hour practicum). But being an online course allowed me to work at my convenience, and it was never overwhelming.

Bottom line, CIEE offers a great online education program for anyone who's serious about TEFL, and provides great resources for future job applicants.

Yes, I recommend
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I Chose The Right Course

I started this 150-hour course scared and nervous because I hadn't taken a class since I graduated college in 2014. I didn't know what to expect, how much work their really was, or if I'd be able to complete my practicum! But here I am, on the other side of this course, feeling a whole lot better about teaching English abroad than before. I was able to complete my practicum, even though I was terrified of messing up in front of my students. I even learned grammar, which was something that was never taught to me in school. This course not only made me feel more comfortable as a teacher, but it also helped me with my writing.

How can this program be improved?
It's perfect.
Yes, I recommend
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Worth all the time and effort!

There is a lot to be learned in CIEE TEFL's course, but it's worth it if you're serious about pursuing a career in teaching English to nonnative speakers. You do need to be very motivated and organized to do well, but I knew that going into an online course. This is NOT a certification class you can take just to receive a piece of paper. The tutors and staff really want you to understand the material and be proud of your work (and there will be a lot of it!). The expectations are high from the get-go, so it's important to hit the ground running.

Small classes, weekly tutorials, discussion boards, and clear learning outcomes are some of the highlights in this course. The online platform is also really easy to use. The 20-hour practice teaching component, in particular, really cements the theory and strategies you're shown in class. I would recommend this course to anyone who is planning on teaching English abroad, or even anyone looking to advance in the field.

Yes, I recommend
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Good Course!

I believe that this course was quite helpful. It was a very long course but that also meant that it was all inclusive. My teacher was very good. She always left great comments and was there if we had questions or needed advice. I found some of the material to be very helpful and some of it not so much. The school that I am teaching at is very book focused so it is difficult to use any creativity. However, the course did help with just relating to the kids in general.

Yes, I recommend
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Useful, but expensive

Overall, the 150 hour TEFL course was moderately helpful in learning new strategies for teaching English. The best assignments were related to direct application of strategies and techniques whereas the least helpful assignments/lecture had to do with a philosophical exploration of teaching, learning, and cross-culturalism. The course was unduly expensive and requires a lot of time. Now, while abroad I find myself using some techniques and finding even more inapplicable. But, I am glad I took the course, at least to feel better equipped.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend
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Thailand is Great!

Teaching in Thailand is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and enlightenment! Every day is a grand adventure with the students, faculty and community members. Living in a "compound" with other English teachers from the United States adds so much to the adventure. This gives all of the members an opportunity to have a support system during the school day and outside of the school day as well. Members of the "compound" get to travel together on the weekends and have a built in "family" for holidays and other special events. One year being twelve zones away from home couldn't possibly be better than being in Thailand. Everyone would love to have this marvelous experience of teaching in Thailand!

Yes, I recommend
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It is what you make of it

A bit of background on myself: I am a 23-year-old graduate of UW-Madison and I took the 150 hour CIEE TEFL course in preparation for my CIEE Teach Abroad Program in Chile. I have had quite a few hours of classroom facilitation but no experience teaching English, though I am well versed in the language.
The cons: An online course of how to run a classroom, in my mind, seems bound to fail, so perhaps this review is unfair. What I mostly gained from the coursework was what to specifically google the things I need to know as a future teacher. Exams were super easy to skate through, and I didn't really have to read all of the slides to do well on the tests. I wish the course would have focused more on lesson planning and less on how to adapt to a new culture and educational theories that I will probably rarely consider day-to-day. I also hated the pseudo class discussions online where posting is mandatory and you have to reflect on classmates' comments. Certain types of media were really difficult to upload and I had some technical issues.
The pros: The course has a mostly-intuitive layout. It provides you with a ton of resources at the end of every module which was one of the few things I knew I would return to. I did gain a better understanding of how to plan lessons which is key. Classroom videos and critiques of live teachers did help, but those only came near the end of the course. My tutor was awesome and easy to get a hold of. I also really enjoyed the practicum component of the course.

How can this program be improved?
Less personal reflection/discussion online and more videos of live classrooms/activities.
Yes, I recommend
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CIEE is legit.

After a reasonable fee of $1000, and 11 weeks of power points, discussion posts, quizzes, and useful weekly assignments (including the production of lesson plans for the future), you gain access to the world! I am now eligible to teach in South Korea, and I feel well-equipped to do so! A lot of valuable information is given in this course, and whatever is not explicitly written you can find on your own using the provided links to legitimate educational resources.

You do have to find an institution and/or people to tutor for Practicum hours on your own, but CIEE provides advice and a tutor--a real person to communicate with via video calling. CIEE also provided me with a letter as proof of enrollment during my application process for teaching abroad. All you have to do is email these people and they'll get right back to you.

The tech stuff is easy to figure out if you've been around computers, the coursework isn't at all over the head of anyone who has successfully done at least some college units, and if you're a slow reader, I'd carve 20 hours per week out of your schedule to complete the work. Through CIEE, it's not at all a grueling process to earn your TEFL certificate. :)

How can this program be improved?
The Power Points can seem long, but if you find yourself zoning out, you can skip ahead to the review portion or to the unit summary and obtain the essential information.
Yes, I recommend
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Leason Planning

The lesson planning portion of the course was really helpful! It enables me to discover all the option I have for creating fun and effective lessons. Now that I'm teaching, I am avle to use the resources I practiced in my TEFL course!

How can this program be improved?
The course was eatimated at 12-15 hours a week but I often needed mire time than that. I would advertise it as 15-18 hours.
Yes, I recommend

CIEE TEFL: My Bridge From Topeka to Thailand

During this 10 week TEFL course I developed my awareness of the field and practices of TEFL and gained a deeper understanding of the components of the English language applicable to teaching EFL. I’ve also developed appropriate lesson plans for a variety of learners to aid both their receptive and productive skills and their use of English. This course has given me the confidence to step into my classroom in Thailand. The practicum gave me first-hand experience with teaching so I could better understand what was to come.

Now I'm in Thailand teaching English to 6th grade students and I use the skills I learned from my course every day. I have an awareness of how to build my lessons in a way that brings the learners along with me to eventually create projects using the English skills I taught them. I know many games and have access to many resources to keep English learning exciting. I'm able to blend together my new learnings from the teachers here in Thailand with my understanding of TEFL theory I learned in the course. Currently, I am having a nostalgically joyous time teaching Christmas to the children in my classrooms.

The CIEE TEFL program really helped me become a successful teacher equipping me with the skills and confidence to kickstart teaching English to Thai students. I would recommend the CIEE TEFL course to anyone who is going to teach overseas.

How can this program be improved?
This might be specific to when I took the course, but there were a couple of issues that arose when I went through the program. First, our main contact, the coordinator of the program, was promoted to a different position in the company and we were given a new coordinator just two weeks in. That transition was a bit difficult because some of the students in the course had asked questions to the first that went unanswered for quite awhile. Secondly, our tutor became very ill week three and decided she was unable to continue with us. We received a new tutor who was not briefed on what we had accomplished so far or what questions had been asked and answered. Things were a little redundant for a week or two, but overall I welcomed the new tutor.

We also had our mandatory tutoring sessions once a week at 5:00 eastern so 4:00 central for me. I thought this was difficult to make many times because I worked a day job and had to request off for this. Maybe having a few different times to choose from would have made it easier to attend these sessions.
Yes, I recommend


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