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Korvia Consulting - Teach English in Korea

Korvia Consulting is one of the largest and most trusted public school teacher placement agencies in South Korea. Since 2006, Korvia has offered teachers continual support from initial application, to their first day of school, to their final day in South Korea. Korvia is also one of the few agencies to be located in the nation's capital of Seoul allowing us uninterrupted communication as well as access to some of the best positions available.

Korvia works directly with the Korean government as well as education offices around the country and are an OFFICIAL PARTNER of the EPIK, GEPIK, and GOE programs.

South Korea
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
Salaries: From 1.8M to 2.7M KRW
Housing: Single-Accomodation
Flight Ticket Allowance: 1.3M KRW Each Way
Working Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Teaching Hours: 22 Hours per Week
Vacation: 18-21 Days of Paid Vacation
Health Insurance: Provided

Questions & Answers

I was not married when I came to Korea, just engaged. That meant or situation was a bit more difficult because no one can guarantee that a couple that isn’t married will be placed together. Married couples are always brought to the same city and given one apartment together. People who are dating aren’t guaranteed that. With that said, Ann at Korvia really helped my fiancé and I. I told her my...
"A TEFL course of 100-hours or more is required to teach at a public school, with some programs such as GOE and Busan EPIK requiring a TEFL certification with an in-class component as well. Private Institutes and Hagwons do currently not require a TEFL certificate." You can find more information on requirements on their website https://www.korvia.com/korvia-faq/.
I can’t speak to whether Korvia helps with University positions as I didn’t have a position at a University. They may. But it is my understanding that positions at Universities are harder to come by. I have heard of people coming to Korea and teaching in middle schools and getting university positions once there. I don’t know anyone who came to Korea and taught at a university though. That’s...
Teaching experience is helpful in general because it gives you a bit of an edge over other recruits searching for the same jobs. Is it required? Most of the time no. There are some positions that do require it but that depends on the school. Your recruiter at Korvia can help you find the right school whose requirements you've met as well as is right fit for your personal requirements as best as...

Program Reviews

based on 110 reviews
  • Benefits 9.6
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.6
  • Facilities 9.5
  • Safety 9.8
  • Instruction 9
  • Support 8
  • Value 8
  • Difficulty 9
  • Job Assistance 9
  • Growth 7
  • Support 9
  • Fun 8
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 8
  • Growth 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 10
  • Safety 10
  • Impact 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Value 10
  • Safety 10
  • Instruction 0
  • Support 0
  • Fun 0
  • Housing 0
  • Value 0
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10/10 for Korvia

Unfortunately I only discovered Korvia consulting late into my research regarding teaching English in South Korea and after having been in contact with other recruiting agencies. I sometimes consider how much easier and less stressful a number of months would have been, if I had made a connection with this superb company earlier on.

My initial Skype interview with my recruiter felt so genuine and made made me feel positive once again after having hit a few bumps in the road trying to find a teaching position. Korvia Consulting therefore completely stands out and shines in my mind when I think about my journey in researching and applying to teach English in South Korea.

Every step during my application was explained clearly to me, and Korvia went out of their way to provide extra information regarding how to organise a residency certificate in my own country. Despite an awkward time difference, my recruiter made sure to remain by her email so that I could update her or so that she could respond to any important questions I may have had when I was still in my home country.

It was extremely exciting when Korvia managed to set up a, successful, school interview for me in such a short time. My school wanted me to arrive as soon as possible and Korvia made sure I did by constantly making sure I was up to date with my necessary documents. My arrival and first week in Korea was a smooth process and I it was very exciting and comforting to receive Korvia's welcome package.

I know it is usually helpful to give constructive criticism in a review, however I really cannot fault Korvia or my Korvia recruiter throughout the entire process of working with them. Thank you Korvia Consulting for your professionalism, positive approach and constant support.

Yes, I recommend
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Professional and Considerate Support

Coming back to Korea, I knew I wanted to be a little more particular about where I wanted to be. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy or quick. With that in mind, I’m glad I chose Korvia for three reasons.

One, the initial interview was carried out in a professional yet friendly manner. My recruiter, Jessie, asked a lot of questions but she also provided a lot of information in return. It was such a pleasant experience we spoke for well over an hour. From the beginning, I was very clear about my preferences which can scare away most recruiters. However, she did not hesitate to let me know that it would take some time to find what I wanted but they would work to find me a position if I was willing to be patient.

Two, throughout the process I wasn’t bombarded with options I did not want. As promised, they kept to my preferences and worked very hard to keep me updated. I know from experience this isn’t always the case. Usually recruiters just try to find any open position and throw it at you, making you feel like it’s your only choice.

And lastly, applying to Korea is a lengthy process which is often times confusing. Even for a returning teacher. I received a lot of support from Jessie, Jina and the crew. They always answered all my questions in a timely manner and gave me as much information as they could.

I do wish they had more information for returning teachers since some things can be a little different for us. There were a few times when I didn’t really have helpful answers. All in all though, my experience with Korvia has been superb! The Korvia crew is supportive and always professional.

Martha J. W.

Yes, I recommend
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Top-rate legit agency

When I was in America, Korvia navigated me through every step toward getting my first job in Korea, teaching with EPIK. The recruiter assigned to me was patient with all my questions, and responded quickly and thoroughly.

After my first year, my EPIK position was eliminated, so I asked Korvia for help finding another job. This time two recruiters in Korvia helped me, presenting my resume to several private and non-EPIK public schools. They set me up with good interviews and stayed in contact through the whole process. Within a couple of months, I'd signed a new contract.

This is a legit company that works with legit schools, and they won't charge you a penny. I've been to one Korvia party in Seoul, and it was packed with grateful recruits. The only thing Korvia has ever asked of me was to give them was a review on this website, which I'm happy to do.

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Helpful with everything!!!

I had a very positive experience with Korvia because they have been very helpful and able to answer my questions right away. They also organized everything for me so I knew the deadlines of when a document(s) had to be completed. I would definitely recommend Korvia. They set up everything for me from the job interview, to even helping me find cheap flights. My recruiter Jessie also offered me her phone number in case of emergency. They have been very helpful and very fast at responding to any questions or concerns I've had.

Yes, I recommend
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Korvia All The Way!!

I've been using Korvia for the past three years. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They've really helped make my time here in Korea absolutely amazing and stress-free. They were there every step of the way, from when I first submitted my application to present day random questions about work. They're one of the few recruiters I know of who work hard for you even after you've already accepted a job. They work hard to help you adapt to your new life here, either through the Korvia parties or introducing you to other people in your area.

You're in good hands with them (especially Jessie and Jina!!!)

Yes, I recommend
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Great results twice

I have used Korvia recruiting for two years in a row and both experiences have been great.

The recruiters at Korvia are extremely friendly and went above and beyond looking for schools that fit my specifications. They have a great variety of schools, both public and private. I was shown a great selection of schools.

Korvia has always been prompt with responses and understanding if there is a delay in paperwork.

I had a unfortunate situation in which one of the schools I had chosen had decided to cancel my contract last minute (due to budgeting) and Korvia saved the day by finding me another excellent placement.

It has been fantastic working with them and I would certainly recommend this program to others in the future.

How can this program be improved?

No major changes come to mind.

Yes, I recommend
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Two thumbs up for Korvia

It was great working with Korvia. Literally I applied with them mid-January (considering I have all of my documents)and little did I know there was a job waiting on the other end already. The process was fast and easy. I applied and waited for about 4 days and then an email and interview was set up right away. I am very happy with them. They were very considerate of the time differences so all interviews including the school interview was made during the early evening in central time (morning in Korea). I was well prepared by my recruiter and she made sure that I asked lots and lots of questions before the interview. She did mentioned that in some cases some school will offer you the job right on the spot so be prepared to take it or not. Sure enough just within hours I received an email saying the job was offered. One thing I really liked about the process is during the interview they made sure to check in with you before and after the school interview. It was nice to know that they're on Skype during your interview time. When flying in to Korea, I got an early arrival time, my recruiter was up and she emailed and facebook me to make sure I made it safely to Korea and finding the right person for my ride. It was an honored to work with Korvia and my recruiter. She was the best and still the best!!! Thanks Ashley and Korvia for this last minute opportunity!!!!

How can this program be improved?

I wouldn't change anything but I would like to add an idea to the program. If it is possible it would be very nice to have volunteers to host new teachers, especially new teachers that does not or speak little Korean. It would be nice to have someone to help assist with the first few weeks upon arrival. This is coming from a GEPIK teacher's perspective. I am pretty sure there is something similar for the EPIK program already.

Yes, I recommend

Top 5 Reasons Korvia is the Best!

1. Korvia has a winning attitude. I have been blown away, not just by their high level of professionalism, but also by their patience and kindness towards me. I felt that they genuinely cared about me and wanted the best for me.

2. The whole Korvia team has you covered. When my recruiter was out of the office for a few days, other staff came in and helped me while she was gone.

3. Korvia goes beyond the call of duty. The level of support they provide is phenomenal! Even if you are trying to get an English teaching position for the first time, and don't even know the right questions to ask, you don't need to worry at all. Korvia is so thorough in their job, they don't miss a thing! They've got you covered!

4. Korvia doesn't stop taking care of you. They didn't stop after I arrived in Korea and they continue to support me and answer my questions and concerns.

5. You gain friends. Korvia practically feels like family to me by now. My recruiter and I have even planned to go out for coffee the next time I'm in Seoul!

Don't even bother wasting your time looking at other recruiters! Choose Korvia!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I can think of is that when I very first contacted Korvia, response was a little slow. Of course, that was also during their busiest season! Other than that, I can't think of a thing. Korvia is amazing!

Yes, I recommend
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Terrific recruiters

I had a wonderful time working with Ashley and Jina (as well as a few others more briefly) throughout all the steps of getting a job here in Suwon through GEPIK. They always responded to emails on the same day (or the next day, given the time difference with the US). They were supportive and worked with me through all the steps. We faced a few bumps once I began the interview and contract process with my school, but both Ashley and Jina were very professional and communicated the issues.

I don't think there is much I could suggest to improve their recruitment services!

Yes, I recommend
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An excellent professional service

Korvia consulting is an extremely well organised, professional recruiter. I have used their services many times and have always found them to be helpful and quick to respond. They listen to your preferences and help you find the teaching position you want.

Yes, I recommend
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First class service

Signing up for my 3rd year in Korea I decided to go with Korvia, and I am so glad I did.
From the moment I signed up I was told exactly what was needed and the best ways to go about getting all my documents in order as quick as possible.
Once I had all my documents Korvia set me up with a list of schools to choose from to suit my needs. I did have some special requests for my new school and they managed to find me a school that ticked all the boxes.
Korvia's Jessie called me before my interviews, after my interviews, when I was the immigration office and any other time I needed help or to check in with my progress.
It was extremely reassuring and it was a great 'customer experience' as they make you feel looked after.
I have been at my new school for 2 months now and couldn't be happier.

Yes, I recommend
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Korea via Korvia

Apply for any new job can be stressful, let alone one in a completely foreign country. Luckily, Korvia will make the whole process as simple as possible which will leave you more time to be excited about it than stressed!

I have successfully been placed at two great public school jobs in Korea through Korvia and their incredible team of recruiters. My first job was with the EPIK program and my current school is with a GEPIK school that matched exactly what I was looking for in a school.

Korvia will work closely with you to make sure you can get the experience that is best for you. Korvia will keep you informed and on track for the whole application process as well as giving excellent support once you arrive in the country!

The parties allow you to meet other teachers in Korea and the team are always available to answer questions.

I really couldn't recommend Korvia enough, they're everything you expect in a good recruiter and then more!

Thanks,Korvia, for helping me with my journey and providing me with the supported I needed to be here and happily living in Korea.

What are you waiting for? contact them now!

Yes, I recommend
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A great experience

I dealt with Jessie from Korvia and I had a very positive experience. She helped my through the application process for various jobs and she, alongside her team and Ann Park, secured me a great teaching job. I am so grateful to them. She also kept up contact with me after that, making sure that I was doing ok and asking how my job was. I am so happy I went with Korvia, I feel like they really looked out for me and they are so helpful and kind. Thanks Korvia!

Joseph Johnson
September 2015

How can this program be improved?

I think the Korvia is very well run.

Yes, I recommend
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Not too hot, not too cold; just right.

KorVia Consulting gets a lot of positive reviews because they are written by real satisfied customers. I don't think there's anything I can say that hasn't been already.

I'd like to give a personal shout-out to Jina Rhee for helping me out with securing a job with EPIK. You've got a bright future ahead of you!

I encourage you to check out KorVia Consulting and see for yourself what they can do for you. You'll love 'em, I guarantee.

How can this program be improved?

No program is perfect, but I can't think of one thing I would change because I haven't had an issue.

Yes, I recommend
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Korvia Consulting

Korvia Consulting is perfect for those looking to teach abroad in Korea. Their knowledgeable staff guided me through the entire application process and was able to promptly answer any questions I had, and my recruiter, Jesse, was an absolute superstar. They even greeted us at the airport when we got to Korea with goodie bags. 10/10 would recommend.

Yes, I recommend

About Korvia Consulting

Korvia Consulting is an ESL recruiting agency based in Seoul, South Korea that works with the Korean government and commercial franchises to place English teachers into public and private schools across the country.