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Dedicated Support: With You from the Beginning Till End.

Our #1 priority is you. We believe that by hiring qualified and dedicated teachers we can improve the overall quality of the Korean education as a whole. We are with you through the application process, at the airport when you arrive, and the last phone call you’ll receive if you decide to go back to your home country. We’ll be with you until the end!


Korvia Consulting is one of the largest and most trusted public school teacher placement agencies in South Korea. Since 2006, Korvia has offered teachers continual support from initial application, to their first day of school, to their final day in South Korea. Korvia is also one of the few agencies to be located in the nation's capital of Seoul allowing us uninterrupted communication as well as access to some of the best positions available.

Korvia works directly with the Korean government as well as education offices around the country and are an OFFICIAL PARTNER of the EPIK, GEPIK, and GOE programs.

Questions & Answers

Unfortunately, at this time the Korean government only issues E2 English teaching visas to those from one of the 7 native English speaking countries (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, & New Zealand). Those that fall outside these citizenships can still come to South Korea as a student or tourist but unfortunately are not able to come as an English teacher. We hope that...
I was not married when I came to Korea, just engaged. That meant or situation was a bit more difficult because no one can guarantee that a couple that isn’t married will be placed together. Married couples are always brought to the same city and given one apartment together. People who are dating aren’t guaranteed that. With that said, Ann at Korvia really helped my fiancé and I. I told her my...
"A TEFL course of 100-hours or more is required to teach at a public school, with some programs such as GOE and Busan EPIK requiring a TEFL certification with an in-class component as well. Private Institutes and Hagwons do currently not require a TEFL certificate." You can find more information on requirements on their website https://www.korvia.com/korvia-faq/.
I can’t speak to whether Korvia helps with University positions as I didn’t have a position at a University. They may. But it is my understanding that positions at Universities are harder to come by. I have heard of people coming to Korea and teaching in middle schools and getting university positions once there. I don’t know anyone who came to Korea and taught at a university though. That’s...


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Exceptionally helpful

I am extremely glad to have worked with Korvia Consulting. Having lost my last job in Korea due to budget cuts, I was very unsure whether or not I would be able to find a new teaching position. However, working with Korvia, I found that they consistently searched for positions that would appeal to me. They are the most organized recruiting company I've worked with, and they provide all the basic information necessary to consider each position. They are very quick to answer questions during the recruitment process, and they are so, so helpful even after employment. They made sure I got settled in properly, and continuously check up on my experiences in Korea. They are reliable in every aspect.

Yes, I recommend
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Korvia made it happen

Korvia is on top of their game when it comes to helping you with the application process, which only seems to get more complicated with the recent job cuts and red tape for incoming NETs. My recruiter Ciena was always great about following up with me. I could tell that they really cared about making this happen for me by their detail-oriented and organized help through each step.

Yes, I recommend
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Very professional and helpful!

I work in a middle school in Korea. I work with a co-teacher and we teach the class together. I've found Korvia to be a professional and helpful organisation. They set me up with a school that met my criteria, and were helpful in all phases of the application. Submitting the correct documents can be quite a complicated process, but they remained patient throughout and gave clear and accurate instructions. They have a great reputation here in Korea among English Teachers and I highly recommend their service.

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic Recruiters

My experience with Korvia has been wonderful. Ciena, was my recruiter during my first year in South Korea. She helped me with all of my questions and responded in a timely manner. Even when I moved from Gangneung to Incheon and I had questions while switching jobs she still assisted me. The best part of working with Korvia is how caring their staff is! My recruiter, Ciena, checks in on me from time to time and even sent me a lovely postcard recently.

One thing that is great about Korvia are the quarterly parties that they throw so new and former recruits can hangout and meet each other. If you are interested in moving to South Korea to teach English, I highly recommend using Korvia!

How can this program be improved?
I think that Korvia does a great job. One thing that would be great is having resources for new teachers such as a list of important numbers or basic Korean phrases and learning materials available to new teachers.
Yes, I recommend
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Teach in South Korea

Minimal experience needed, decent pay, low cost of living, plenty of support to teach and learn. Korea wants native speakers in their elementary classrooms and you will teach alongside a Korean teacher. In most situations, you will have the support of your coteacher, it will be a rewarding experience, and not too difficult. People with actual teaching degrees and experience may find the English Program in Korea rather frustrating, as the Korean government has a specific curriculum and method to follow, but the ability to really take the lead and use your experience completely varies school to school. If you are placed in any decent-sized town or city, you will find lots of other expats and a lot of English spoken, so adjusting to life in Korea can be fairly easy. Consider staying two years or more, as there are many benefits available to those who renew. Get your own transportation and see Korea on your own terms. Most EPIK teachers earn enough money and have plenty of time to maintain active social lives and travel throughout Korea and other countries.

Most importantly: Korea changes CONSTANTLY. Be flexible and very adaptive to sudden change.

How can this program be improved?
More heads up regarding placement location and living quarters, so that incoming teachers can know what to expect and what to bring with them. Fitting your whole life into one or two 20kg suitcases, when you have no idea what to expect, is a really difficult task.
Yes, I recommend


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Korvia Consulting is an ESL recruiting agency based in Seoul, South Korea that works with the Korean government (GEPIK, EPIK, GOE,) and commercial franchises and programs in China to place English teachers into public and private schools across the...