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As a budget-minded traveler, you might wonder if guided tours are really worth it: what are you paying for, after all? Learn about the major considerations in planning a guided tour that's also budget-friendly.
Travel can have an amazing impact on those who travel -- but it can also have a negative environmental impact. Learn more about how to measure your carbon travel footprint, and how you can reduce carbon footprint through sustainable travel.
When you choose to volunteer abroad, your hope is to help improve life for those you work with. Do you know how volunteering abroad will change your own life? Read one writer's perspective-changing experience volunteering with refugees in Jordan.
Florence is a popular study abroad destination -- and for good reason with delicious food, beautiful art, and stunning scenery. If Florence is your top study abroad destination, here's what you need to know before you depart for an unforgettable semester.
Study abroad is an exciting time filled with opportunities for new experiences. Unfortunately, natural disasters like earthquakes can happen almost anywhere on earth, including while you're studying abroad. If you want to prepare in advance, here's how to stay safe while studying...
For 2018, we asked the whole team to contribute travel and office resolutions to help make our office -- and the world -- a better place. Here's what everyone agreed to try and accomplish in the coming year!
Booking a tour helps take the stress and confusion out of trip planning, but comes with its own set of questions. One of the biggest ones: how much should you tip your tour guide? In this article, learn correct tipping etiquette all over the world -- it will make tipping on your...
Want to study abroad but afraid of the price tag? We're here to help. Here's the latest version of our super-popular list of study abroad scholarships and grants, updated for 2018.
Beat the winter blues by trying to win some green to go study abroad in the Emerald Isle! Learn all about this year's scholarships and how you can apply.
Ready to study abroad in Ireland? You might be surprised to learn that Ireland has a rich and fascinating cultural heritage -- much of which you can experience first-hand while studying abroad. Learn more about the best ways to experience culture in Ireland.

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