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Hutong School Internships in China

Hutong School has an internationally respected reputation for providing top-quality internships in China to talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals. As a leading internship provider in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai, they not only take care of internship placements, but also offer optional additional services to ensure a smooth stay in China and make sure students have everything they need to gain a sense of cultural understanding, orientation and comfort in China.

  • Wide network: Be connected with hundreds of companies in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai through Hutong School.
  • Expertise: Benefit from Hutong School's 9 years of expertise placing interns at international companies in China.
  • Personalised matching process: Search and pick your own internships and receive the best service from Hutong Schools talented team in offering you the internship that suits you best.
  • Additional services: Pick & choose from Hutong Schools optional additional services such as housing, Chinese classes and airport pick-up.
  • Extensive range of fields: Unlimit yourself by picking the internship of your choice from a wide variety of business sectors, from finance to PR, from marketing to architecture.
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- Internship placement
- Chinese classes
- Accommodation
- Cultural activities
- Airport pickup
- 24/7 practical assistance

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According to their website:, it looks like they provide housing to make sure your internship experience is the best possible! I hope this helps!

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  • Fun 8.8
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.6
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A lovely month in Shanghai

I interned for a month between August and September 2017. I stayed in 2 different Hutong School accommodations in Shanghai. The first was 4 metro stops and a short walk away from the school, just under half an hour journey in total, with lots of restaurants and shops around. The flat was big and spacious, and I shared with two others who I got on with. They left within a week and a half of me getting there however, and I told the coordinator that I didn't want to live alone- he sorted me out with new accommodation immediately, this one in an even bigger flat next to shops and restaurants about 25 minutes journey from the school with other roommates. I enjoyed my placement and the people I was working with, and felt had I had a concern I could have raised it at any point. They're really helpful with visas, arrival etc., and I also enjoyed taking part in cultural activities such as a nighttime bike ride around old Shanghai. It's a great place with great people, and the Chinese classes were amazing- there were only 2 in my group including me and the teachers were the best Chinese teachers I've had - really patient and make the lessons fun and interesting. Highly recommended!

Yes, I recommend
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It takes some time, and then it is amazing!

I think most of the people who start to think about going to China for some time face the same problems and fears I did in the beginning: Will I like the food? How will my internship be? How are the people in China? Can I find friends? Can I learn the language?

Yes, I had the same questions. And thats why I decided to choose Hutong School for doing my internship in Shanghai, because I thought I could need some help in China. Right after I applied on the website, I got contacted by a program coordinator from the school and she guided me through every step on the way and she will continue to do so until I return back home.

I decided to do an internship from March 2017 to July/August 2017. After I applied to the school, I got had an interview with the school and with my CV, I got matched with an internship which matches my interest and my skillset.
A couple of weeks after that I had the interview with the boss of my internship company. As soon I got accepted, the school helped me with the preperatiion fort he trip + the application form my visa. Everything went through very smooth and soon after that I started my trip to Shanghai.

I arrived Sunday evening and had to work on Monday… Not only because oft hat, but also because of the culture, the food and the city itself, my first week was truly awful. I felt like quitting many times, was always tired, did not want to eat anything, and could not really get work done.
After I survived the first week though, things just got better every week. Not only because I got used to everything, but also because the school is one of the best communities I ever was a part of. The weekly events are a great way too meet new people, and I have not found a single person in the school I don‘t like. Everybody gets included very fast and the people make your stay in China more enjoyable.

If you have any problems or concerns, you can also contact people from the school – it really does not matter what kind of problems – and you will get help very fast. Chinese problems? Problems in the apartment? Problems in the job? Everything will get sorted out.
In the internship program, you get 2x2h chinese lessons every week. I feel like I already learnt a lot and can get a good understanding of the basics of chinese, so I can continue studying after my time here and maybe master this difficult language in the future.
Regarding the internship: It really depends on your luck and on yourself. It definetly takes time to adapt to the chinese working mentality, but it really can benefit you as a person for the future. I can only recommend you to do an internship here!
So there is nothing more to say than that i have the best time of my life here and everybody here tries to make the time as good as possible. If you are not sure if you should come to China with the Hutong School: Just do it!

Yes, I recommend
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Active school & good lessons

I had a positive experience at Hutong Beijing. The school has clear communication, open to questions and assists when needed. Staff is friendly and open.
Two/three times a week they organize events for their members where you can participate in, focussing on Chinese culture, cultural trips or just social events. During my time I followed group lessons and had a nice group. The teacher is open to hear where the group wants to focus on, while still staying close to what is useful to learn. A downside is that the apartments provided are not always of quality as expected. You are in China so it will be different for sure, but to me this was a downside. Next to that, if something goes wrong or you need help there is almost always someone available to help (Saturday midnight water issue, Sunday 09.00 help).

Yes, I recommend
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Very nice experience!

Hutong School is a very good choice if you want to learn Chinese. Their intensive program is very effective. I started from scratch and my language skills improved rapidly. Friendly and experienced teachers.

I appreciated the support from the staff members before and during my stay in Shanghai. Great atmosphere and good place to meet new people from all over the world. Overall, very satisfied with my experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful team!

My internship with Hutong School in Shanghai was great! I really enjoyed the team I was working with, they are super supportive and fun. Location of the school is very convenient - in a safe neighbourhood just two min walk from the subway station. Teachers are cool and tell lots of curious things about Chinese culture which I would never discover as a tourist. It is a valuable opportunity to make your profile special, to learn Chinese and to have fun in Shanghai.

Yes, I recommend
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Hutong School Internship Program

My experience with the Hutong School Internship Program has been great! The staff are there to support you with any troubles and questions you might have during your stay and help you feel at home and become a part of the new community. They offer such a wide selection of possible internships and help you prepare for your interviews. The skills I learned during my internship are definitely ones that will be very beneficial for the future.

Yes, I recommend
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My Internship through Hutong School

My internship through Hutong School was a great experience. I was in a marketing company called Adsmith China, and my professional experience there was very good because I acquired a lot of new skills and understood better the Chinese market. Hutong School was very helpful during my 6 months here, always available when I had issues or questions. The team was really nice and I enjoyed going to the school for Chinese classes! Also, I made a lot friends through the social events of Hutong and my flatmates in my apartment (provided by the school) were really nice. I would highly recommend Hutong School services because they contributed to one of the best experience of my life!

Yes, I recommend
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Highly recommended

My experience with Hutong School was more than excellent and way above expectation.
Professional and super friendly staff, great environment, high quality language teaching, excellent and clean accommodation services, full immersion in the Chinese culture, lots of travelling opportunities and meeting awesome people from all over the world - all because of Hutong!
I wouldn't change anything from my experience in China.
There is so much to gain from this program especially for young professionals beginning their career. Not only it boosts your CV and differentiates you from this competitive world, but you will also make friends from all over the world.
For avid travellers like me, there is so much to see and experience in China.
So I definitely recommend it!

Yes, I recommend
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China, Hutong School, I'll be back.

I wouldn't change anything to my experience in China with Hutong School.

My classes and especially my internship were great and to be honest, even better than I expected. This is certainly an experience that I won't forget. I've made friends with people from all over the world and even with the staff of the school (miss you!).

I'd recommend this program without a doubt and I will probably come back as soon as I can. You won't regret that choice!

Yes, I recommend
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Unexpected China

At the beginning I was a bit skeptical about going to China, and for someone who has never been there the first two weeksw where overwhelming but before you realize it you´ll have adapted so well you won´t want to leave. It´s a whole different experience, for me it was from going to the wall on school trips, with family or friends to like almost every section in beijing to staying out partying every weekend, sometimes weekdays..ooops ´til 5 or 6 am, fighting to get a taxi and then trying to explain with your basic chinese where you want to go, trying out those food street wraps and loving them..specially after the club... going to work everyday with only chinese people and trying to connect with them and somehow becoming basically their english teacher, making new and incredible friends that you´ll never forget, going to a restaurant and have the table next to you be full of half naked men drinking baijiu, sharing it with you to drink shots and then having one of then throw up in the middle of the restaurant, surviving the burning hot summer and the freezing winter (makes packing a bit complicated), anyways it turns out to be a really unexpected experience with unforgettable moments to make you not want to leave or definitely come back!

How can this program be improved?

The internship program and offers could be improved as well as the support of the staff for this, specially when difficult situations arise

Yes, I recommend
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Mediocre internship choice

I was in Shanghai for only 6 weeks, of which 4 of them I was doing my internship in marketing. I chose marketing as I thought I would learn a lot on the job. Unfortunately, it was far from that, the only thing I learnt was how not to run a start-up company. However, I enjoyed meeting new people and the location was ideal. I think I would have had more luck had I stayed longer and chosen a company that was used to having interns.

How can this program be improved?

I think the internships should be vetted so that staff know exactly what interns will be doing at every job, and not rely on the company to set up the whole program for them.

Response from Hutong School

Hi Gregory

Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave us a review. As per your other review for our language school we're really glad you enjoyed the Hutong School vibe and community - it was great to have you there as part of the family.

As you mentioned in your review of our internship program you were only with us for a short period of time. A lot of companies are very unwilling to have interns for such a brief duration, which significantly narrows the field of options.

Despite this the company in which we placed you had been thoroughly vetted by our team; they did have interns in the past who enjoyed their experiences, so it's a real shame that you didn't find what you were looking for with them.

Next time you're with us we hope you stay for longer so we can better find the ideal internship option for you.

All the best from the team.

Yes, I recommend
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Perfect Program to study chinese and to have an oversea experience

I had really great time studying at Hutong School. The teacher, Mo laoshi, is really comprehensive and very friendly.
My internship was really interesting, integrating an international team and developing new projects! Thanks for all the staff!

Yes, I recommend
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Had the time of my life ...

It was the best internship i ever had, with a really good internship host, I got a lot of new knowledge and experience. But not only in my profession but also culturel thanks to Hutong there gave me a lot of culture experiences.

A normal day would be starting with going to the Hutong School to have two houres of chinese lessons and then to work from 10:25 to 18:00 and then home. And the two days a week I didn´t have lessons in the morning I would go to culture aktivities in the evening and sometimes in the weekends.

I ran into som trouble regarding my visa, but the Hutong School staff really helped me out and if there where any problems at all they would always try to help.

All in all I had a great stay, 3 months, and I´m very happy to have chosen Hutong School, Shanghai Branch, for my stay in China.

How can this program be improved?

I would like if the apartments had some more equipment for things like cooking, we really needed it is some times.

Yes, I recommend
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Welcome to Shanghai

Unlike other people that have found their internship through the Hutong School during their stay at university, I came to Shanghai after completing my Master's Degree in Italy.

I had already experienced Northern China in the past for a language scholarship, so I was really interested in finding my way into a new environment, this time to build some office experience. Even though I haven't made use of the language classes (very helpful if it's your first time in China), I have found the networking opportunities and the staff extremely important to get settled at first and through the first weeks.

Especially, the internship that I have started through this company went on to become my job after a few months, so I can say that I am very satisfied with the service they offered me. I personally recommend anyone to take part in the cultural activities on offer as well, as they can help you get familiar with local culture and the city in general.

How can this program be improved?

You should pay more attention to the accommodations for the people who come in.

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Beijing experience!

The concept developed by the Hutong School is the perfect way to combine valuable professional and social experiences!

I stayed for one month in Beijing - which is way too short - for an internship in the internet sector. I had challenging responsibilities that makes the internship both intense and so interesting!

The biggest asset and value-added of the Hutong School relies on the social community that is naturally created from the 1st day already. You quickly meet other students and you will do a lot of things all together: eating, drinking, visiting, go party, etc.!

By the way, Beijing is a great city: it is a nice combination of historic and new districts, art, culture, food, and entertainment!

An unforgettable experience !

How can this program be improved?

The accommodation might have been a bit more comfortable.

Yes, I recommend

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