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Kickstart a global career and make yourself stand out from the crowd with an internship in China! Join Hutong School’s internationally respected Internship Program in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Chengdu, and gain valuable professional experience in this rapidly growing nation. Besides great memories and contacts, an internship in China will equip you with life-long skills and knowledge important for your future career.

We work with over 600 partner companies across these 4 cities to help you find a top-quality internship in your chosen sector. Our fully supported program is specially designed to help you make the most of your time in China. Alongside your placement, you’ll take 4 hours of Chinese classes per week and have the chance to join regular cultural activities and networking events to expand your network and knowledge of China.

When you’re not busy working, studying or networking, you’ll be exploring your vibrant host city with new friends from all over the world!

  • Wide network: Be connected with hundreds of companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou & Chengdu through Hutong School.
  • Expertise: Benefit from Hutong School's 9 years of expertise placing interns at local and international companies in China.
  • Personalised matching process: Search and choose your own internships and receive the best service from Hutong School's talented team in offering you the internship that best suits you .
  • Additional services: Choose from a range of optional additional services such as housing, Chinese classes and airport pick-up.
  • Choose your sector: Find the internship of your choice from a wide variety of business sectors including finance, marketing, architecture, engineering and more.

Questions & Answers

According to their website:, it looks like they provide housing to make sure your internship experience is the best possible! I hope this helps!


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  • Growth 8.1
  • Support 9.1
  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.6
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Wonderful Beijing experience!

The concept developed by the Hutong School is the perfect way to combine valuable professional and social experiences!

I stayed for one month in Beijing - which is way too short - for an internship in the internet sector. I had challenging responsibilities that makes the internship both intense and so interesting!

The biggest asset and value-added of the Hutong School relies on the social community that is naturally created from the 1st day already. You quickly meet other students and you will do a lot of things all together: eating, drinking, visiting, go party, etc.!

By the way, Beijing is a great city: it is a nice combination of historic and new districts, art, culture, food, and entertainment!

An unforgettable experience !

How can this program be improved?
The accommodation might have been a bit more comfortable.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Internship beijing

I stayed in Beijing for almost four months. As I was not able to get in the apartment on arrival, Hutong School provided a nice solution for staying in a comfortable hostel.

I enjoyed every moment of my stay in Beijing, the staff is very willing to help you, the events were great and I got to know a lot of new people. I loved my Chinese classes, even if it was only 6 hours a week.

Beijing has a lot of places to visit and things to do, so you won't feel bored at all. And if you have time, there are a lot of nice places to visit in China as well (Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu,...)!

My internship was not that good. Though the company is very known in it's field, they said Chinese wasn't required, but only one of the staff members could speak a little English, and I had almost no work to do. I got to translate some Chinese texts, but as this is not my field of study, it was more something to pass my time at the office.

I would recommend Hutong School, for following Chinese classes, and if you're lucky, you might have a good internship, but a lot of people I talked to were not that satisfied with their internship placement.
Nevertheless, my time in Beijing was great! And, except from my internship, it was an experience I will always remember.

How can this program be improved?
Do more research on the internships you provide and focus more on INTERNATIONAL companies and offices.
The internship program is expensive for what you get...
Yes, I recommend this program
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Beijing is an awesome city. So much culture, freedom, party, and nice people to meet. The place to do an unforgettable internship. The city is packed with culture and sightseeing places. You can also visit other city's like Shanghai and Xian or visit the countryside in the mountains.

How can this program be improved?
Our appartement was below expectations. We improved it as much as posible. But for the amount we paid we should have got a much better place to stay. The kitchen was to small the bed mattress was bad (the springs where pushing into my ribs).
Yes, I recommend this program
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Beijing, China - internship Crystal Asia

I was in Beijing for three months for an internship in Computer Science. The Hutong School helped me before I was even there to get a great internship, one I was really intersted in.

When I arrived I was very tired so I would have prefered a little bit of rest before a whole introduction to Chinatown. But the reception was great and they really tried to show us the nice places to visit.. although I was so tired I could'nt remember much.

For the rest of the days it was very nice, I saw very impressive things like the great wall and the Hutong School organises fun activities in the evening. I would recomend it for everyone! It's a whole experience and a whole different culture. I could tell u all the differences with Europe, but it's better if you experience for yourself.

How can this program be improved?
It would be great if you would give a paper at the beginning with the common sentences in chinese like.. where is the toilette or just the standard, very basic things.
Yes, I recommend this program
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An amazing experience

My stay in Beijing has been an amazing experience for me. Not only did I learn a lot of new things during my internship but I also gained a lot of life experience.

The city is very safe and there is always something to do. You can just get off at any subway station you want, walk around and admire the view.

Even though the language was a major barrier at times I noticed that most of the people were very friendly.

The people from the Hutong School were always very helpful and I could contact them at any time if I had a question or needed something.

How can this program be improved?
Provide some kind of manual for common things like for example the washing machine. It took quite a while to figure out how it worked since all of the settings were written in Chinese.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great experience

Beijing and China had always attracted me and every weekend I had the chance to explore the city, both during the day and during the night (one of the safest city I've ever seen).

Accommodation service was prefect from the first day to the very last one. The European furniture was definitely a plus even though the apartment's bathroom were very small.

Hutong School staff was always very kind to me.

The metro card given by the school was really helpful in order to reach my office the first days.

How can this program be improved?
I would have made a small manual of common things you need during the day with related pictures and chinese and english explanation. This would have helped me a lot in my experience especially in the first days in China
Yes, I recommend this program
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Good experience

Beijing is beautiful, every weekend a different thing to do.

Great maintenance service at the accommodation. Very convenient accommodation area but apartment's bathroom very small.

Friendly staff and easy-reachable school.
Cheaper than Shanghai.

Riding my bicycle to go to the office was amazing through the morning traffic both in summer and winter!
I met amazing people and made life-long friends.

How can this program be improved?
Reviewing some internship programs: according to my personal experience and to what other students told me, the working tasks weren't exactely what they were suppose to be.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great experience: nice people and a lot of fun


I am already a year back in my home country and there is no day, at which I didn't miss Beijing. The people I met there, the atmosphere. Don't know if there is any place similar.

As it is common in Asia, even though we had a kitchen, we hardly ever used it. Most of the time we (me and my friends) went out for dinner and lunch.

I liked Beijing that much, because two cultures clashes together. In one minute you are surrounded by the most modern skyscrapers and than you turn around and you are in a very traditional Hutong Area.

Like the homepage of Hutong School Asia already tells you, the people in this program become family. Still I hold contact of some of them.

Sometimes it occurs that you are not happy in the beginning, but the Hutong School Crew tries the best, to help you out. Don't bother to call or text them. Although they are busy most of the time, they will take their time to help you.

How can this program be improved?
Well my internship placement was not really like I hoped it would be. I didn't learn that much and was kind of bored. However my colleagues were pretty nice and I understand, that there was not so much to do for me. Everything else was perfect.
Yes, I recommend this program
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One of the best experiences of my life

I really enjoyed the whole experience and I totally recommend it. During my internship I had the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and to learn about other cultures. The work assigned at the internship was up to my expectations and corresponded to the description of the website.

I shared my apartment with really nice people and I meet other persons at Hutong School activities. There is a huge range of them: from learn how to do spring rolls, see the Beijing Opera, do paper cutting and even practice Tai Chi.

The people from Hutong School were always there when I needed them. I had some visa issues, but I received help from them to solve it. And when something at the apartment wasn't working, the next days was someone fixing it.

How can this program be improved?
When you are doing the internship program its more difficult to meet new people (compared to people who are taking the chinese classes) so it would be nice to do more social activities for this program.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Overall great program for China newbies

First of all, I want to say that I had an amazing time in China and Hutong School was a great help for me as a China newbie. Therefore I can recommend the program for everyone who will visit/live in China for the first time.


The contact with Hutong School was quick and friendly. All my questions before coming to China were answered so I wasn't worried getting on a plane to China. Airport pickup worked well and I was brought to my apartment directly before getting the police registration done and have a short introduction at the school. The school is located at a convenient location in Beijing (Sanlitun) I think the prices of Hutong School are a bit high. But they take all the hassle of organizing a stay in China off your hands so it was worth it for me. They are a professional and trustworthy organization so you don't have to worry to pay the deposit for the program upfront. I read a bad review which I found via Google beforehand and was a little bit worried. However, don't believe the review that says that Hutong School is a scam because it isn't. All Hutong School students I have met and talked to would recommend the program.

Language Classes
The Mandarin classes were always great fun. The group size was always really small, usually between 2 and 4 students. I had classes with two different teachers during my stay. The first one was really nice and also taught us a lot of small talk which was useful for every day life and small talk but wasn't in the textbook. The second teacher was very nice too but didn't have the same English proficiency like the first one which made it harder to ask questions and clear things up when needed. What I didn't like was the textbook they used for beginners. I think the structure doesn't make sense and slowed down my learning progress. I have seen better textbooks for beginners which I used afterwards to review my Mandarin skills when I got back home after my stay in China. Also, if you take part in the internship program or you have a job in China the time for studying Chinese is very limited. I had classes late at night which was tiring because you are exhausted from your day in the office and the hot weather in Beijing. The students should be aware that the learning progress is limited if you only take evening classes. Friends of mine who took the intensive program at Hutong School had an incredibly fast progress in their Mandarin skills, simply because they had all day to study and practice. So really think about your priorities before choosing one of the programs.

Like with every internship it can either be a valuable experience or you are used as a cheap helper for the tasks nobody else wants to do. It is the same with the internships Hutong School finds for you. I had a great internship with interesting and challenging tasks and supporting managers who really made sure that I learn something during my internship. However, I also heard from many other Hutong School students that they had boring jobs and sat around all day. I think Hutong School only has a limited influence on which tasks are assigned to interns within the individual companies. So it is also up to you to ask in the first Skype interview with the company what your tasks will be and how they see the role of interns in general. I think the value of the internship also always depends on the length of the stay. However, Hutong School always offers to find another company for you if you are not happy. Or you can still decide to do the intensive Chinese program. All in all, the internship staff of Hutong School is always very encouraged to find the best fit for you and make you happy.

Accommodation (Beijing)
It is simple but works well. All apartments are located central so you can get around quickly. You definitely pay more with the program than finding an apartment yourself. But you also don't have to deal with landlords, internet companies, repair service, etc. If you have a problem you call Hutong School and they fix it for you. It is all very simple and hassle free!

Social Experience
Probably one of the best things about Hutong School. From the first day you are not alone in China. You meet people from around the world so quickly: your flat mates, your class mates, other Hutong School students from hanging and going out together...
Hutong School also organizes many cultural activities and trips to other places in China. It is a great opportunity to meet other students of the school and make new friends while learning something about China.

Overall conclusion
I can recommend Hutong School to everyone who goes to China for the first time. They eliminate all the hassle (and therefore fear) of going and living in China. The only downside is the price of the program. It is really expensive! They do a good job and they want to earn money too. But with some China experience and language skills you can also organize a lot of things yourself. For me it was always a dream to go to China, therefore it was worth the price. But if you have been to China before and have some experience you can also risk the adventure of organizing it yourself and saving a lot of money. For "China beginners" it is a great program to get a first impression of an amazing country without having to worry about anything!

How can this program be improved?
The flexibilty of the program, e.g. the language classes are part of the internship program. Sometimes I wished I could take a break from language classes for a month, review what I have learned so far and rather save the money for that time. But since it is just one big package deal it isn't possible. Instead I would have prefered small building blocks so I can build my own individual program.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Easy going!

If you don't have a lot of time or energy to find your own apartment and your own internship place than Hutong School is the way to go.

You pay the price for a good apartment, service, classes and of course FUN! Thanks to Hutong School there was always something to do and new people to meet!

I partially have to thank them for experiencing Shanghai in a really comfortable and safe way!

Especially I thank some of the employees for their constant attention and friendliness!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Internship in Shanghai

My 3 months stay in Shanghai was a fantastic experience! A big part of that is due to Hutong School, from the moment I arrived until the moment I left, I could always count on them.

Hutong School found a great internship for me, I learned a lot during the 3 months I worked in Shanghai. I combined my internship with Chinese classes. The lessons were a lot of fun and the teachers were really nice.

Through the cultural activities I learned more about the Chinese culture in a fun way and at the same time I also got to know the other students.

Shanghai is a fantastic city to live in and the apartments of the Hutong School are amazing!!

I am definitely coming back !

Yes, I recommend this program
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Internship In Beijing

I did an internship that Hutong School arranged for me at an interior design firm. The internship was a great experience, the Chinese classes that they provided were lots of fun and the people I've met are awesome. I ended up staying in China and I'm still enjoying the ride! Currently working in Shanghai.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Matched my needs perfectly

Hutong School represents a great opportunity to travel and discover China in a safe way. They offer you a lot of different services to make you feel comfortable in your daily life.

The internship was really interesting and the local company team welcomed me without any problem. Hutong School team is also reliable, do not hesitate to ask them any question you have. They were able to help me regarding my tourism trip organization in China.

They propose high-quality lessons with different levels to facilitate your introduction and learning experience.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A real experience

If you like China and you want to have a true professional experience that is valuable on your cv, PLUS a great housing, PLUS nice activities organized, PLUS a wonderful support from the staff on many aspects, PLUS language classes, this program is for you.

Yes, I recommend this program

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