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Internships in Barcelona - Adelante Abroad

Travel AND Intern this Summer - NOT A JOKE!

Spend 2-6 months in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, or Uruguay. Internships are year round and include customized placements (with over 20 sectors to choose from), FREE housing (in your own room), and Spanish language courses. Apply by April 1st (No Joke!) to start as early as June 2018.

For over 10 years, Adelante Abroad has provided affordable International Internship Programs in Barcelona. Barcelona is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea and the capital of Catalonia that serves as a tourist, cultural, and economic hot spot while heavily influencing the region’s commerce, entertainment, education, fashion, science, and media. Today, Barcelona remains one of our most popular programs.

Choose to intern in a wide range of fields with an internship placement geared towards boosting your professional development. Internships range from Spanish-owned companies to international corporations. Adelante helps tailor a program best suited for your career goals. With airport pick up, Spanish language classes, and an internship placement in your sector, our program provides a cultural experience of a lifetime! You'll walk away with improved Spanish language skills, international work experience to add to your resume, and a cultural experience of a lifetime.

For a full list of internship placements in Barcelona, click on "Visit Site" or if you're ready to fill out an application, click on "Get Started" above. Adelante's support team is excited to hear from you!
  • Flexibility: Our programs start the 1st Monday of every month with year round start dates. Choose to intern anywhere from 1-6 months.
  • Centralized Housing: You'll have your own private room in a shared apartment close to shopping, public transportation, and nightlife.
  • Tailored Internship: Contracted, customized internship abroad within your sector using only screened companies.
  • Local Staff: Our local Program Director is available 24/7 for emergency support.
  • Economical Pricing: We are budget friendly! With some research you will find that our prices can't be beat!
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This Adelante program includes a volunteer or internship placement in your sector of interest, airport pick up, housing, 2 weeks of intensive Spanish classes, and 24/7 access to your local Program Director.

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Barcelona Life

What a great place to call home, even if it is only for a little while... Such a relaxed city, yet always filled by a bustling cacophony of sounds. If a coastal adjacent city filled with culture, fantastic weather are not enough to convince you of Barcelona maybe the selection of internships on offer with Adelante will.

You will not struggle to enjoy your time in Barcelona, from the internship experience for half of the day to the endless list of things to see, do and experience. Whether your preference is historical or modern, from Gaudi to Gucci, the metropolitan Barcelona truly can cater to any and all tastes. The city is filled with old and new, with the wide passage roads all the way to the pedestrianised labyrinth in the El Born district, there is always something on offer in the heart of Catalonia, just don't try and go shopping for food on a Sunday!

For me, I particularly enjoyed admiring the architecture put in place all over the city by Gaudi, and all of the gastronomic delights available to choose from. The only difficulty I have faced is trying to adjust back to life as it was now I have returned home, after three months 'como los Espanoles'!

How can this program be improved?

I would have improved measures and procedures in place to ensure the intern will be valued and/or needed by the companies on the agent's contact list, with a pre-highlighted itinerary of scheduled work and training to be performed during the intern period. This is to determine the beneficial relationship the internship will provide for both parties so that the intern may not be left simply as a prop to enhance the company's brand image.

Yes, I recommend
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Love Barça!

I absolutely fell in love with the city. That being said, being here on your own you have to be willing to jump out of your comfort zone to do certain things you've never done before, and be your own person.

Don't worry about getting lost at times, half the time the moments when I got lost were my favorite; I stumbled upon beautiful findings and encounters. You will notice how close everything is in the centre, so you can walk almost anywhere if you are willing to be on your feet all day.
If possible have your internship in the morning/day, so you have the rest of the day or night to explore and do other activities.

I went in the summer and I LOVE music, there are a lot of music festivals and events to attend during the summer months, great way to meet people.

How can this program be improved?

My experience with the company I interned for was sub-par. I didn't quite have a definite outline on what my duties were while I was there. As well, the Adelente Representative in Barcelona could have been more involved. She did not contact me while I was there until almost two weeks after I arrived.

Adelente should be more clear if they are able to place you in the sector that you desire. I proposed for art/design or museum/gallery internship, and I got neither; instead I was placed in a company that does event planning (in a way ties in with Gallery/museum events) but I was not informed prior this may be an option. Most importantly, Adelente needs to be clear if they can place you in the sector you proposed and right away -- I was not notified until two weeks before my flight.

Other than that, it was a good program!

Yes, I recommend
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Great Experience

My time working in Barcelona taught me so many valuable experiences that can only be learned from working in a foreign country. I recommend an international internship to anybody that wants to expand their horizons and learn about another culture.

How can this program be improved?

I think that Adelante was not clear about where I would be living right away. They told me I would not be living in a homestay but in the end I did.

Yes, I recommend
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Well I think my biggest problem with the trip was my housing experience. I lived with someone who promised me wifi and I think was suppose to have a cleaning service. Instead I found myself being yelled at about cleaning the house when the house was perfectly clean. I also was not provided with the wifi I was suppose to receive so I wasted a lot of money on communicating with my family. The women I lived with on top of that was like walking on egg shells. He name was Rosa C. and I would not recommend living with her. She makes your life hard and difficult. Unfortunately I speak Spanish and I could understand every rude and non understanding comment she made. Everyday after my Spanish classes I went to my internship which was a challenge at times but I was open to a new challenge. I welcomed it with open arms. I worked on various projects with a non profit organization. I wish the organization was more health related but I did acquire experience in a different area. If you want a specific experience which is more than Spanish, I would not recommend this program because the internships are not selected in a very specific fashion I dont think. I also met people when I decided to attend a international church and I thank God for my roomate. She made it easier for me to live with the crazy woman i lived with. She also failed to return on the day I was leaving to return to me my deposit. It truly was an adventure. I suggest get involved in some community activities to meet people. It was an overall painful experience and I spent way to much money. However, I learned some new things. Definitely wouldnt recommend it to anyone though because even when I asked to be moved out of my house for lack of wifi, my coordinator in Barcelona ignored me and also didnt help me in any shape or form.

Response from Adelante Abroad

Thank you for taking the time to let us know now how unhappy you were with your housing - we will not be using that housing again in future! Once the wifi was fixed we had no indication that you wished to move. There can definitely exist personality conflicts, however "walking on eggshells" is not what we want any candidate of ours to feel. Great news on the internship front - a challenge is what you are supposed to experience! And acquiring work experience in many areas, at an international level, is also the goal, so again, mission accomplished in regards to your internship in Barcelona. Good luck in all your future endeavors, and please accept our sincere apologies for not meeting your expectations on the housing part.

No, I don't recommend
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Not everything that I anticipated

The first 2 weeks was great because I was meeting new people and taking the intensive Spanish course. But there was major trouble on my internship because my original got cancelled. Also, my roommate moved out so I had no one to talk to or go out with. Making me very lonely during the last half of the program. The family I stayed with is great and very lovely.

How can this program be improved?

If your roommate leaves, bring a new one in. I was VERY lonely in Barcelona.

Response from Adelante Abroad

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Although it is rare (occurs in under 5% of our placements), when a participating company abroad cancels their contract with an intern last minute the only things we can do are 1) never, ever use that company again, and 2) find our intern a replacement company as quickly as possible. We did both in this case, but it still doesn't make it any easier on you when it is happening! On top of that to have a roommate that you really get along with leave early due to a family emergency, well your time in Barcelona had a lot of speedbumps. Our program is independent, so there are no Adelante sponsored events or group outings. However, your overall rating indicates that you had a solid, international experience in Barcelona and that shows that you were able to find strength and adaptability, giving you, we hope a valuable life and work experience there. Thank you again.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience!

I gained so much from my three months in Barcelona with Adelante Abroad, both personally and with regards to my future. They make it much less daunting to work abroad as everything is very well organised before travel, including excellent accommodation in the centre of the city (opposite 'la Sagrada Familia!), 2 weeks intensive language lessons and a work placement. I had a great time becoming more independent and experiencing the amazing local culture...also I feel living here and making friends with locals is the best way to learn Spanish and Catalan. Weekend were spent visiting all of the amazing sights Barcelona has to offer, getting in the thick of the local food, music and culture and taking trips to Montserrat, Sitges and other parts of Catalunya. I do think the work placement could of been more challenging but it was still a great investment in my future. I really enjoyed it!!

How can this program be improved?

I would allow interns to meet other people in the programme and share experiences.

Yes, I recommend
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The time of my life!

I am the lucky Adelante scholarship winner. I am interning with Party Earth and am learning the art of taking photographs and writing reviews of and on the local social scene in Barcelona, from coffee shops to bars to clubs. I have learnt a lot about how the city works, systematically covering all of the different sections of Barcelona, making great new friends as I go along. One of my pictures was recently used in the Huffington Post!!

At the ripe age of 28 I am also doing a lot of personal growth and consider this experience invaluable. I recommend this program for anyone (especially people who think they might be too old for something like this!).

I am grateful for this amazing opportunity and can proudly say I am having the time of my life.

How can this program be improved?

I felt that the support from the Director in Barcelona could have been better. In terms of an initiation meeting before classes/ the internship starts as well as a more extensive discussion on what is to be expected. Perhaps a follow-up meeting with the director once a month or so. But other than that I have no real criticism.

Yes, I recommend
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Life-changing, both personally and professionally

My time in Barcelona through Adelante's internship program was one of the best things I have done in my life. I grew tremendously as a person through my exposure to this new culture and exploring a city on my own. Professionally, I honed my spanish-speaking skills and was able to highlight my skills through this internship in a variety of manners. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is seeking an eye-opening, challenging, and amazing experience abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Intern Barcelona- Best. Place. Ever.

The best aspect of this experience was the overall experience of living independently abroad. The country is incredible and I started to feel like I belonged in Barcelona. After a few weeks I was able to familiarize myself with the city and everything just clicked, including public transportation, local grocers, coffee shops, and even my social life. The language school was awesome and I met a lot of really great people there. We all ended up hanging out on the weekends and evenings at neighboring towns/cities and local pubs, etc. and that is where I learned a lot of Spanish because most of them were not English speakers.

With the internships being only 4 hours a day, you really have a lot of time to explore the history and beauty of Barcelona. I plan on returning every 5 years or so. I have recommended this program to everyone I know and I am very glad I did this... Just talking about it makes me want to do it again.

The main advice I have is to make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you head to Spain. Including location of housing, school and internship. Study the local maps as well. Like I said, this is INDEPENDENT living... no one is there to tell you where to go.

Yes, I recommend

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