Internships in Zambia

Internships in Zambia


Zambia’s beautiful landscape is simply breathtaking. With the renowned Victoria Falls and vast Zambezi River, Zambia—the home of the walking safari—has attracted tourists from around the world.

The sudden growth of the major copper mining and processing industry has encouraged workers to move to the city, resulting in a new exciting urban energy.

Zambia was named one of the world’s fastest economically reformed countries in 2010, as well as considered relatively urbanized in Sub-Saharan Africa. With many internship opportunities available in Zambia, there’s even more reason to travel there!

Top Industries


Zambia is filled with internship opportunities related to education and community development and outreach. Several non-profit organizations have set up volunteer internship programs for people to get involved in. Through teaching underserved Zambian students, organizing community projects, and promoting health education, you can be part of a wave of positive change for Zambia!

Health Services/Medical

While the Zambian government has established free universal health care, the medical service facilities tend to be quite inadequate. Extra help is always needed to provide for the local community.

By interning at a health facility, you can work alongside medical experts in a clinic in Zambia and see firsthand how patients are diagnosed and treated. As a developing country, Zambia is a great place to reach out to those who desperately need basic medical services and impact hundreds of lives. Intern in Zambia to get professional medical experience and understand how the other half lives.

Planning Your Trip

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Internships in Zambia are available year-round, but most international interns work during the summer. Several internship programs in Zambia are conducted through NGOs and other non-profit organizations, which may have separate application requirements. Make sure you do some research beforehand and heed the application deadlines!

Cost of Living in Zambia

The cost of living in Zambia is extremely low; however, it will be difficult to achieve a comfortable standard of living. Basic consumer goods may be imported and have much higher prices.

There is a list below with examples of specific living expenses to help you get a better idea of the cost of living in Zambia. Note that approximately 5195 ZMT is equivalent to 1 USD. The prices are listed in USD to help you gage the costs of living. For a more detailed breakdown of costs in Zambia, see NUMBEO.

  • 1 bedroom apartment in City Center: $600
  • 1 bottle of water: $1.70
  • 1 way transportation ticket: $0.75

Work Culture in Zambia

  • Etiquette: Zambians are relatively laid back in the work place. Like most other professional environments, it is a good idea to dress conservatively, work efficiently, and avoid conflict. Most internships in Zambia are related somehow to developmental studies and are grounded on humanitarian beliefs. Overall, people are extremely friendly in the workplace.
  • Language: There are a whopping total of over 70 languages and dialects spoken in Zambia. But don’t worry about learning these because the official national language is English. Still, it doesn’t hurt to pick up bits and pieces of the local dialects!
  • Networking: It’s always a good idea to build relationships with your colleagues and fellow interns in Zambia. Reach out to others intentionally and don’t be afraid to get to know others outside of the workplace. While there may not be many organized networking events for interns, you can look online for open Zambia networking communities such as the Zambia Expat Community or Zambia Business and Professional Network.

Work and Labor Laws in Zambia

The Zambian Labor Laws outline specific guidelines and regulations for employees’ working hours, conditions, and wages. International internships are usually not paid, unless otherwise indicated by program providers

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Internship Programs in Zambia

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