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When most students go abroad for the first time they do so with caution, classmates, and a well-tested support network. I did none of that. I am the guinea pig for my University testing the waters to see whether other students should come over and whether or not the classes are rigorous enough to be counted as transfer credit. In addition i was the only one from my school who ended up going the distance with this particular program. It was also my first time, living in another country, living in a city, flying in a plane and later I would add my first time in an amusement park. This might not sound too crazy until one realizes that it was for six months, an entire semester, and the plane flight was around thirteen hours. However, the staff in this program, my wonderful host family and my great professors at Torcuato Di Tella and Longwood University all supported me. Where I lacked experience I had a sense of adventure and a million people behind me always interested in what I was doing. the classes themselves were some of the most challenging I have ever taken, but worth the effort for all I learned. The trips and activities are just what one needs after a long day of hard work and open a whole other world of possibilities to explore and my host family has provided a caring home for me to retire to at the end of the day when I learn all about the daily life aspects of Argentina like games, cooking and mate. Although studying abroad for a semester in a foreign country with your second language is not for everyone and a lot of work everyday, it has truly changed my perspective. I would not trade my experience for anything.

How can this program be improved?
Expanding this program could be beneficial considering the low number of students who attended the same university in Buenos Aires as me and more trips are never a bad thing.
Yes, I recommend
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Study abroad is presented to students as a way to experience another culture by immersing yourself in a new country; to improve your language abilities by being forced to practice with locals; to challenge yourself to go outside of your comfort zone. My time in Buenos Aires with API was all of that and more. The only regret I have from college is that I didn't spend an entire year abroad. This program, along with my resident director Carmen, had such a positive impact on me that I lived abroad two additional times after graduating and chose a career path in the study abroad so that I could assist students and having a life-changing experience like I did. The semester taught me more than classic Argentine literature and the history of Eva Perón, it taught me about learning from the stories and lives of locals around the city. It taught me to be a global citizen and to fight for diversity and inclusion because equality and understanding other perspectives is of the gravest importance. It has directly influenced my career goal: to find ways to make study abroad accessible to every student, to help them learn about the world, and learn about themselves.

How can this program be improved?
Honestly, Carmen, the resident director is an absolute gem. I hope to one day be like her in the study abroad field. She is so kind and compassionate, so knowledgeable and helpful, and will make any student's time in Argentina an unforgettable one.
Yes, I recommend
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I chose to go abroad with API for many reasons, including the company's great feedback from former students, the sensible price for what was included, and the selection of coursework that was offered. I selected the International Studies program at UAB because not only did the classes interest me, but all four I enrolled in covered a requirement for me. While abroad I was able to cover a History General Education class through Spanish Civilisation and Culture, a Communication major class through Intercultural Communication, and two Social and Behavioral Science Global Education Requirements through Urban Interventions and my Spanish Language course. Opportunities are endless here, as I was able to see a great deal of Europe between my studies since the Barcelona trains and airport are at our convenience to travel in-and-out of. Living as an international student in a foreign city greatly improved both my problem-solving skills, as learning how to maneuver a new city can be daunting, and detail-oriented planning, understanding that there is a lot that goes into organizing trips. API: Barcelona was a great program for me; no matter what program you decide it is up to you to mold the experience that you want!

How can this program be improved?
Can't think of anything!
Yes, I recommend

My main goal for studying abroad was to improve my Spanish. I believe I did just that on this program. I took part in the early start program with intensive Spanish classes. It was a great way to start the program so I would definitely recommend that. I also took classes with Argentine students. Generally most of my classes were with Americans or a few other foreigners. One draw back is that the program is mostly Americans studying at the school, so there’s a good amount of English, although all my classes were in Spanish. I enjoyed my classes with argentines cause it did really make me feel like an exchange student. I had to do the same work, tests as them so I thought it was a great challenge and overall very interesting to see what school is like for them. My housing was great! I lived with an amazing host family in Recoleta. What I liked a lot about the housing is that only one student is placed per a family, that way it’s a lot more Spanish and then there’s no favorites. Also Carmen and Jimena, the program directors, are fantastic and are always there to help. Everyone LOVES them. Overall Argentina is an amazing experience and unique if you’re looking to study abroad outside of Europe. I would recommend it 110%

How can this program be improved?
Not much improvement needed, maybe more activities to get students involved with the community although it seems that is already happening.
Yes, I recommend
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First, I need to say I love the city of Seville. When it came time to choose a program, I had to pick between Barcelona and Seville, and I ended up choosing Seville because I wanted a truly immersive Spanish experience. I wanted to brush up on my Spanish speaking skills, and people were less likely to speak English in Seville. In addition, I knew about Seville's history with Arabic culture, and I had a strong interest to learn more about it.

However, Seville is not a popular program, so I ended up being the only student. The on site API coordinators were amazing and helpful, so I had no complaints there. However, I was slightly disappointed with my internship placement. I was placed at a startup where I was meant to do marketing for a kids phone app. While I loved my co-workers and their support, I didn't have much to do. I helped them with the initial setup of their product, but there wasn't much for me to do after the second week there. The best experience I had at my internship was my ability to practice my Spanish at the workplace.

As for my living situation, I was placed in an apartment. I was the only one in my program, so I had a room all to myself. There were others in the building, but they were mostly graduate students from other countries. We did talk/hang out every so often. I ended up traveling most weekends and meeting people at hostels/couchsurfing so I can be a bit more social.

Truthfully, I wish I had done a homestay instead, or had the chance to study at the University instead of partaking in an internship. Perhaps I would have been more social otherwise.

While I don't regret my Spanish experience (and I will always choose Seville over Barcelona) I wouldn't recommend this for people who aren't willing to be independent and try new things. Seville isn't as popular as Barcelona or Madrid, but that's exactly why I loved it more than those cities. Seville was a truly an immersive Spanish experience, and that's what made it the best.

This experience made me more confident in my abilities to travel, communicate, and explore. I learned a lot about the world and myself, and while lonely at times, I think it was worth it.

How can this program be improved?
More social experiences. Can be very lonely at times.
Yes, I recommend


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