With hundreds of thousands of U.S. students study abroad each year, it’s easy to see all the trees instead of the big forest. Facts are facts- regardless of a program's targeted major, they often include excursions to museums and historic sites, from Berlin’s formidable Pergamon Museum to Mexico’s Museo Nacional de Antropología and everything in between. And the Bucket list of the average person often includes visits to at least one of the ancient wonders of the world. It would seem that studying archaeology abroad, even if just a beginner’s course, is appealing to anyone!

For those archaeology majors whose research interests lie beyond the U.S., all the more reason to go abroad. Picture the opportunity to see the hauntingly beautiful Stonehenge, the otherworldly Moai of Easter Island, or even the majestic Machu Picchu! So strap on your whip, practice your best swashbuckling impersonation, and load up your iPod with John Williams’s soundtrack to Indiana Jones. Create your own archaeological adventure abroad!

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There are a variety of reputable archaeology programs abroad, some offering degrees, and others representing standard summer and exchange programs. Generally, the location and program type dictate the language used. If the program offers a degree and is in an English-speaking country, courses will be in English. Degree programs in non-English speaking countries tend to be in the native language. Regular study abroad programs run by universities and NGO’s typically offer courses in either English or a combination of English and the native language. Similarly, depending on the program, package costs usually include tuition, airfare, some meals, and housing.

Popular locations for such programs include the U.K., Greece, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Australia, Ghana, and South Africa, to name only a few. The Archaeological Institute of America and Archaeology Fieldwork also periodically post fieldwork programs abroad.

Popular regions to study archaeology include Central and South America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Italy, Greece, and China. In terms of degree programs, the U.K. stands out in research, with the University of Sheffield and the University of South Hampton representing some of the largest archaeology departments in the country.

Israel also offers degree opportunities at Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa. Similarly, Australia has several degree programs through Australian National University and Flinders University. In terms of study abroad programs, Italy, Greece, Spain, and the U.K. take center stage, with providers including API, CEA, and CIEE, as well as many programs run through U.S. based universities.

There are myriad scholarships and funding opportunities for archaeology students. Here's just the beginning!

Archaeology Study Abroad Programs

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University College London
UCL Summer School: World-class study in the heart of London
8 reviews1 interview

UCL is a world-leading university (ranked 8th globally by QS in 2020)...

University of Evansville Study Abroad
Study Abroad at Harlaxton College in the UK
14 reviews2 interviews

For over forty years, the students and faculty of the University of...

SAI Programs
SAI Study Abroad at Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy
4 reviews2 interviews

SAI has partnered with Sant'Anna Institute (SA) to offer semester and...

University of East Anglia
Summer Study at UEA
11 reviews3 interviews

Want to get the most out of summer? Summer Study at UEA is about...

Arcadia Abroad
Arcadia University- University College Cork
6 reviews

University College Cork is set on a stunning campus that combines a...

Institute for Field Research
IFR: Ireland Field Schools - Cork, Galway, Spike Island & more
7 reviews2 interviews

The Institute for Field Research would like to present our rich and...

Lorenzo de' Medici
Study Abroad at Lorenzo de' Medici
10 reviews1 interview

Lorenzo de' Medici invites you to come study abroad at one of our...

Institute for Field Research
IFR: Peru Field Schools - Arequipa, Lima & more
5 reviews1 interview

The Institute for Field Research is pleased to present our assemblage...

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
VU Amsterdam Summer School
26 reviews2 interviews

Spend your summer studying a challenging and interdisciplinary topic...

SCIE Center Siracusa
Study Abroad in Sicily with SCIE Center
8 reviews1 interview

SCIE Center sits in the heart of historic Ortigia, a safe and gorgeous...

Loyola University Chicago Global Centers
Learn, Intern, and Live Abroad at the John Felice Rome Center
18 reviews3 interviews

Spend a summer, semester, or an academic year at Loyola University...

CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Summer in London - University of Westminster
2 reviews

Make the most of of your summer by spending it in London, one of the...

Study Art in Provence, France
2 reviews3 interviews

The mission of the Marchutz School is to help students, who wish to...

Learn International
Customized Programmes in Ireland with Learn International
5 reviews2 interviews

"Global Classroom, Global Learning and Global Citizenship" are...

The Education Abroad Network
TEAN: Study Abroad in Townsville, Australia
9 reviews3 interviews

Study abroad with TEAN at Australia's James Cook University. The...

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Beautiful sunset

Studying abroad in Florence for a semester was by far the best decision I could have made. The fact that you're able to leave the US for a semester and immerse yourself in an entirely different...

The friends I met abroad with the beautiful ladies of API Florence. We owe it all to you for the best trip ever!

Hands down the best experience in my 21 years of life. A full month abroad in the most beautiful city. The ladies of API Florence planned the best weekend excursions. We saw some of Italy's most...

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Its was an incredible journey with HEX, I would never imagine to learn so many things be it profession or for personal development, making new friends for life, meeting great bunch of people from...

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