Chinese Culture + Language Immersion in beautiful & rustic Yangshuo
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Chinese Culture + Language Immersion in beautiful & rustic Yangshuo

From the beautiful, rustic town of Yangshuo we provide a variety of Chinese courses and programs to choose from; with the possibility to start on any Monday, we offer the freedom and flexibility for you to reach your individual Chinese language goals. Our most popular program is the Comprehensive Course which teaches the fundamental aspects of Chinese language.

Alternatively, students can choose a Specialized Private Course which provides flexibility for those who wish to direct their focus on a particular area of study (for example business, art or literature). The HSK Preparation Course is designed to prepare students for all elements of the HSK exam; we pride ourselves on the fact we are one of the only Chinese schools in China to guarantee students will pass their current HSK level exam. Our small class sizes allow us to cater for individual students’ needs and our relationship with the English College means that students are constantly interacting with native Chinese speakers.

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All-inclusive package provides students with visa assistance, accommodation, meals, textbooks, weekly social night, and fortnightly cultural lessons. Alternatively, students can choose to pay for tuition only.
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Best academy in China

After finishing my short-term contract in a hotel, I decided to leave Spain for three months in order to learn some mandarin (my biological parents language). That was my first adventure out of home; and alone! I was quite scared of what would I find in a place with such a different culture and language and which wasn't popular as big crowded cities like Shanghai or Beijing. After coming back I can just say one thing: that was the best choice I could have ever done :) I came across with amazing teachers, amazing people and amazing surroundings (not amazing weather, though). Teachers will become your friends as well as your language partner and other people from all over the world who is having the same experience as you. I will definitely repeat it and hope to be back there within a year!!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would improve is canteen's food

Response from Omeida Chinese Academy

We are so glad you decided to come to Omeida, we can't wait for you to return!! Thank you for sharing your experience.

Yes, I recommend
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非常感谢 Omeida :)

阳朔是一个很帮的地方. 在Omeida,学生和老师可以一起去玩,很有意思. Omeida的餐厅有很好吃的中国猜. Omeida的学生可以住在宿舍还是自己的卧室. 我很高兴认识Omeida. 谢谢Omeida :)

- I have been to Omeida twice, the first time I studied for one week, the second time, I studied for one month. Both times I was satisfied fully. Yangshuo is an amazing place, and Omeida helped me appreciate it. The food is not bad and you can chose your accommodation from living with a roomate in the dormitory to a private accommodation.
I am glad to have been to Omeida, Thank you Omeida :)

- J'ai étudier le mandarin à Omeida deux fois, et J'ai été completement satisfait les deux fois. J'y ai passé une semaine pour la première fois, puis un mois pour la deuxième. Yangshuo est magnifique, et Omeida m'a aidé à l'apprécier. La bouffe n'est pas mal et tu peux choisir le logement du dormitoir à l'appartement privé.
Je suis ravi d'avoir été à Omeida, merci Omeida :)

- He estudiando Chino a Omeida dos veces. La primera vez, he pasando allí una semana. La segunda, un mes. Me quedé completamente satisfecho en ambas ocasiones. La comida no está mal, y usted puede elegir su alojamiento. Me alegro de haber estado allí. Gracias Omeida :)

How can this program be improved?

Odar has done a magnificent job. Omeida staff and management are very happy people, as you get to know them, you get to like them more and more. Just give them a chance if there is something not at your liking, I'm sure they will fix it for you. I wouldn't change a thing :)

Response from Omeida Chinese Academy

You are welcome! Thank you for sharing your experience, we are glad you chose Omeida.

Yes, I recommend
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Have fun while you study !

Omedia Language College is set in the beautiful landscape of Yangshou Karst mountain peaks. The staff and students are very helpful and friendly. Most weekends are packed full of fun and adventure. You can easily make friends and the students can help you practice your Chinese. The lessons are great and the teachers are adaptable to your learning needs.

Response from Omeida Chinese Academy

Thanks for the great feedback. We're glad you enjoyed your time in Yangshuo with Omeida.

Yes, I recommend
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Studying Chinese at Omeida Yangshuo

I started studying Chinese with a survival Chinese course in April 2010. It was a great experience, and it let me decide to continue studying Chinese at Omeida. In the meantime I've been to Yangshuo (Guilin) more than ten times. Teacher's teaching method and patience have helped me to pass the Chinese proficiency exam HSK 3, and my next challenge is HSK 4. I'm very glad to have found this academy, and I'll not stop learning there. The beautiful environment, friendly and helpful teachers and Omeida staff, all this let me feel happy when being there. At the same time I've known more about Chinese culture and way of life. Calligraphy courses, learning Chinese songs, how to prepare Chinese tea, paper cutting, and much more is offered - of course at no addtitional fee.
If you want to know more about my experience with Omeida, don't hesitate to contact me using Omeida's address. I'm German native.

How can this program be improved?

Food in the canteen should offer more dishes.

Response from Omeida Chinese Academy

Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience you had at Omeida.

Yes, I recommend
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The best language school in China

I spent 2 weeks in Yangshuo at Omeida and it was really a very good time. I will for sure come back there. All the teachers are qualified, very friendly and helpful. I can say that during those two weeks we really became friends. There were a lot of opportinities to speak chinese: not only during classes but also in the afternoon and in the evening. The school gave me not only simple chinese classes but I also had the opportunity to learn a lot about Chinese culture, Chinese food, Chinese way of living. Two years ago I studied Chinese in one of Beijings schools - there is nothing to compare. Omeida winns in all aspects. Everyone who wants to learn Chinese, meet nice people and make chinese friends should go there. Thank you Omeida.

Response from Omeida Chinese Academy

Thank you for the excellent review! We look forward to seeing you here again.

Yes, I recommend
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Learning Chinese in Yangshuo is a regular thing for me

I have been going to Omeida Chinese Academy to learn Chinese in Yangshuo for a coupe of years now. I started going on Saturdays for three hours a week when I was training at a local Taiji school then in 2013 I took on a 6 week course and then followed that with another 6 week course in the spring of 2014. So I am a bit of a regular. One thing I would say is that the staff are amazing and extremely helpful. Its also very social and you can spend time with the staff and other students outside of class time. In fact Yangshuo there are plently of things to do from restaurants to cycling, climbing, canoeing the list is endless. But importantly, and the main reason i go back there is because the standard of teaching is very high and the staff personalise the lessons for you. For example, I am an awkward customer since I don't want to lear characters just yet. None the less they accomodate this desire and we work soley on oral Chinese/ I would throroughly reccomend Omedia Chinese Academy to anyone seeking a live in school to study Chinese.

How can this program be improved?

I would like to see more regular Chinese calligraphy classes as I think it helps with reading and writing and is an excellent way to learn about Chinese culture.

Response from Omeida Chinese Academy

Thanks, we appreciate your wonderful review! We will endeavor to offer more Chinese Calligraphy classes.

Yes, I recommend

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