Good marketers understand their product, their audience, and their world. You can learn from a book, but experience, travel, and adventure, as part of your marketing studies, will help you become a thought-leader in your field. The people you’ll meet, the food you’ll taste, the cultures you’ll absorb will all inform your worldview and make you a valuable asset.

Study abroad also helps you develop the soft skills that are so invaluable to a career in marketing: strategic thinking, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and self-confidence. Combine these with the creativity you’ll gain from your travels and you’ll be well on your way to success that goes beyond the classroom. Go, study marketing abroad.

Marketing today means determining consumer needs and then translating them into products and services and then selling them locally, nationally, and even globally. Today's semester in China can translate into a tomorrow's brilliant career selling sprockets overseas. Although your future office many be in New York, you will need to understand ethical business practices in Bangladesh, cultural norms in China and government regulation in South America.

Increasingly, there are study abroad programs designed specifically for marketing, advertising, and public relations. Some are part of broader business studies programs, but ideally, they will include a practical component, like a dual study-intern program.

At the end of your semester, summer, or year, you should have a greater appreciation for marketing at a global level, but should also have had the opportunity to start a portfolio of your own.

Where to Go

Some popular destinations for marketing study abroad programs include:

  • England (London)
  • Ireland
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • France (Paris)
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • China
  • Mexico

Though, if you're choosing your study abroad program based on your major, it's helpful to be flexible on your destination.

Health & Safety

As with any study abroad experience, it’s important to be aware of one’s surroundings and follow all advice and counsel from one’s home university, study abroad program, and any travel warnings from the State Department.

Health considerations will vary widely from country to country. Please make sure to look at country specific advice for vaccinations and tips on staying healthy.

Cost of travel making you sad? Turn that frown upside-down! Here are some scholarships that can help easy the costs of study abroad:

Don’t forget to search for location-specific scholarships once you’ve found a marketing program that appeals to you!

Marketing Study Abroad Programs

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European Innovation Academy
European Innovation Academy in Hong Kong

European Innovation Academy (EIA) provides a unique hands-on program...

BCA Study Abroad
BCA Study Abroad: Brussels, Belgium

As the Capital of Europe, Brussels is the ideal place for students of...

BCA Study Abroad
BCA Study Abroad: London, England

London offers nearly endless cultural activities for students...

International Business Seminars
IBS Summer MBA: Germany, Austria & Czech Republic
Multiple Countries

The Summer MBA is perfect for graduate students pursuing their MBA, or...

International Business Seminars
Winter MBA: Paris & London
Multiple Countries

Winter MBA is perfect for graduate students pursuing their MBA, or a...

Young Judaea Year Course
Tel Aviv Academy Plus

Welcome to TEL AVIV ACADEMY PLUS - The perfect combination of world...

National University of Ireland - Galway
Postgraduate Study Abroad at NUI in Galway, Ireland

Postgraduate students at NUI Galway have the opportunity to immerse...

Asia Exchange
Study Abroad in Bali, Indonesia (Warmadewa University)

Combine tropical island living with a study abroad semester at...

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Master of Applied Management Program in New Zealand
New Zealand

Study at Grad School in New Zealand! NMIT introduces our Master of...

Athena Study Abroad
Athena Study Abroad Program at Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA)

Studying abroad in Florence, Italy means that you will experience one...

Athena Study Abroad
Athena Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is located in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean...

Kingston University
Kingston University Study Abroad - Semester and Yearlong

Our program welcomes more than 250 students from across the globe for...

Academic Studies Abroad
Study in Chile, Volunteer & Internship opportunities available

With tons of activities to do outside the classroom, you'll really be...

Swiss School of Management
MBA in Luxury Management in Rome, Italy

The Swiss School of Management 1 year international accredited MBA...

Swiss School of Management
Swiss School: Bachelor of Business Administration

The SSMROME Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a full-time...

What People Are Saying

The sunset at a beach in Cádiz, España

Throughout the beginning of university, I contemplated the idea of studying abroad. After my first year of college, I decided to take a leap of faith and complete an application to study abroad in...


If you're looking for a high adventure and culturally immersive experience, API's study abroad program at the University of Otago is for you! I studied at the University of Otago in Spring 2017. This...

Journaling on the west coast of the south island at sunset! Mid road trip.

I must start by saying that my time abroad in New Zealand was absolutely the best experience of my life. I stayed there for the full 6 months that my student visa allowed me to, and I am so grateful...

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