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We provide our teachers with an honest, upfront, “no-bull” perspective, and we work tirelessly to prepare each teacher to live and work abroad for a year. We are aware of and interested in each teacher’s unique needs and desires because were all teachers once, too! Everyone on the AT team has lived and taught in Korea, and we use our industry experience to help you navigate the ever-changing Korean job market.

We are committed to finding a work environment that is well suited for you, and we’re committed to helping you navigate the cultural intricacies using our expertise and multi-cultured team. It can seem overwhelming to pursue the application process and get your foot in the door, but rest assured, our selection process is straightforward, and we will be right beside you every step of the way!

Visit our website to submit an application or request more information. Korean schools hire year round, so NOW is always the perfect time to apply!

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Thanks for providing such great insight Elizabeth! Nate, we highly recommend taking a TEFL course as we find it helps with building confindence in the classroom and gives you a better idea of teaching English. Here are a couple of online courses we'd recommend
They work with you to help you find job assistance, but it is important to keep an open mind since they're a third party!


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Although I eventually made it to my placement in Korea in a timely manner, the summer preceding was extraordinarily stressful, unfortunately do to the lack of communication from AT staff. There is a lot of extremely time sensitive stuff leading up to leaving for Korea, so it seems unprofessional that my emails were answered days late, and even then with questions that I ask left only vaguely answered (or not answered at all). I am grateful for the little help I received, but if I did it again, I would almost certainly go through somebody else.

No, I don't recommend this program
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Keeps getting better

My first few months teaching in Korea were a bit rough, mostly due to the culture/language barrier outside of the school in my city, and lack of expats I had to hang out with. My school has always been great to me though, and I enjoy working there. I love the pay and the housing they provided. The more time that goes by, I've become much more comfortable living in Korea and getting by doing day-to-day stuff without any awkwardness or problems. I'm finally meeting a lot of cool people and now have a good solid group of other foreign teacher friends. I'm finished my contract in 4 months, and if I didn't have prior plans back home (Canada), I would seriously consider resigning with my school! Overall a very awesome experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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It's worth it.

Adventure Teaching hooked me up with a school that was a great fit for me, in a nice area with great parks. It is hard to get used to a different culture, different foods, and a new language. However, Koreans are exceptionally hospitable to foreigners in many ways. They go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable. My school even gives me free lunch every day! The perks of the job are great and it is totally worth it to spend a year or more here.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great recruiting company!!

AT was absolutely amazing to work with! They helped us with every detail when planning out year abroad. Adventure Teaching was always very prompt and quick in their communications with us when we were looking for a school.

AT was also there for us after we settled into life in Korea. Their online store was often a lifesaver. We were able to set up cell phones with them and get other household items. If we ever had any questions about our teaching contracts or simply just life in Korea they were always so helpful!

Our year in Korea would not have been so successful without Adventure Teaching!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Adventure Teaching: More Than Just a Recruiter

From start to finish, Adventure Teaching supported one of the most excellent life decisions I have ever made: teaching in South Korea. Their staff was available for questions and support throughout the application process, and the school I was placed in provided for my personal needs well beyond the status quo.

The stories I heard from other English teachers confirmed the truth about many other recruiting programs: most are interested in getting teachers into their new jobs, and that's the extent of their services. With Adventure Teaching, I received regular communication from Adventure Teaching Staff, asking for feed back, directing me towards professional and personal resources in South Korea, and giving me advocacy support in all questions I had about life in Korea and my job. The thing about Adventure Teaching that continued to be clear throughout my time in Korea was this: for the Adventure Teaching team, it was not just about a business, it was about providing an awesome experience for their teachers.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Adventure Teaching.. The Best!

Adventure Teaching, there are so many great things to say about the company. From the initial process of getting a Korean visa to my arrival in Korea, they were there through the whole process! The staff was extremely friendly, approachable and often checked up on me to see how I was enjoying my time in Korea. They eased my nervousness, connected me with other teachers and answered all my questions about the culture differences. They have a great understanding of the Korean culture and do a lot to help ease their teachers into Korean life. They want the best for their teachers, and go to great extents to creat a comfortable, enjoyable time in Korea!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Adventure teaching goes above and beyond

Adventure teaching helped my husband and I find a great school in a great location. But more than just help us find a job, they helped us settle into life in Korea. We received a welcome package with a subway map, t money card (transit card) and many more items and tips that would be helpful and necessary to daily life. They also helped us with setting up a cell phone, buying a scooter and getting a water cooler in our apartment. When planning to teach in Korea, I had never thought about these things; I only thought about the job and housing so it was nice that they thought about these things and helped make is feel confident (and not completely lost) in a foreign country very quickly. I have so many fond memories of South Korea because of Adventure Teaching.

Yes, I recommend this program
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After stumbling upon Adventure Teaching, I discovered I was very fortunate to find them. They made every part of the process virtually seamless. The keep in constant contact with their clients, even after they have arrived and settled in Korea. They also have an online store to help new arrivals as well as the grizzled veterans track down the much needed comforts of home. I have used Adventure Teaching twice now, and would highly recommend them to any one!

Yes, I recommend this program


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