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Adventure Teaching: You Should Probably Do This...

We provide our teachers with an honest, upfront, “no-bull” perspective, and we work tirelessly to prepare each teacher to live and work abroad for a year. We are aware of and interested in each teacher’s unique needs and desires because were all teachers once, too! Everyone on the AT team has lived and taught in Korea, and we use our industry experience to help you navigate the ever-changing Korean job market.

We are committed to finding a work environment that is well suited for you, and we’re committed to helping you navigate the cultural intricacies using our expertise and multi-cultured team. It can seem overwhelming to pursue the application process and get your foot in the door, but rest assured, our selection process is straightforward, and we will be right beside you every step of the way!

Visit our website to submit an application or request more information. Korean schools hire year round, so NOW is always the perfect time to apply!

South Korea
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
Typical contracts for 1st year teachers start from $2000/month. Visit our website for details
Starting Price
Price Details
Salary: 2.1 - 2.7 Million KRW (dependent upon experience)

- 10 days vacation
- Paid airfare
- Healthcare
- Pension plan
- Paid apartment

Questions & Answers

Thanks for providing such great insight Elizabeth! Nate, we highly recommend taking a TEFL course as we find it helps with building confindence in the classroom and gives you a better idea of teaching English. Here are a couple of online courses we'd recommend
They work with you to help you find job assistance, but it is important to keep an open mind since they're a third party!

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  • Safety 9
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Poor Communication

Adventure Teaching was recommended to me by an acquaintance. To begin, AT was extremely helpful and supportive. The interview process went smoothly and I was placed fairly quickly in a Hagwon in Korea. However, as I got closure to my departure date, communication started lacking. It seemed that once they had placed me, they didn't care anymore. I had dozens of questions but felt like I was causing a great inconvenience when I asked them. I also didn't get answers back from them or an acknowledgment that they received my emails for several days.

Additionally, there were things that were glossed over. My school's contract, for example. I requested that after I signed it my boss should sign it as well and send me a scanned copy. I was told that most of the time schools did not sign the contract. I thought that was completely absurd and felt that I had to battle with AT to get them to get the signature. In the end, getting that signature worked in my favor as unfortunately, my boss did not adhere to the contract on many occasions and I was able to point out that he had signed a legal document and could not do that.

Furthermore, I didn't find that they were completely honest with me. After booking my flight I was told that someone would pick me up from the airport. However, a few days before I left, I received instructions as to how to bus from the airport to my small city. Normally, this would not have bothered me but the fact that they told me and sent me a document that explicitly said someone would pick me up from the airport, did.

AT also never once followed up with me. The only thing I ever received from them was an obvious template email that they sent to everyone. Or emails about the Arrival Store. I was told that I wouldn't be able to buy plug adaptors anywhere but a tech supermarket in Seoul and that the Arrival Store was necessary. I was in a fairly small town in Korea and the grocery store definitely sold adaptors....for much cheaper. I really felt that AT was taking advantage of new travelers. Luckily, I had lived in a foreign country before and trusted my gut.

One thing that did impress me about AT, however, were the very straight forward and clear instructions they gave when it came to acquiring the documents necessary for the visa.

Response from Adventure Teaching

Hi Fran,

Thanks you for your submitting a review of Adventure Teaching. We are always grateful for reviews and feedback whether positive or negative. Feedback like yours helps us improve our services so that we can avoid delivering an experience like yours.

Please accept our apologies regarding the level of communication you received. We also apologize for the miscommunication regarding airport pickup arrangements. That should not have happened.

We also take it to heart that you feel like we did not follow up with you. As you point out, we do follow up with our teachers with a series of carefully crafted emails designed to offer key information at selected intervals during their year abroad. There is always a balance between not enough emails and too many emails, and we constantly strive to maintain that balance. We routinely get great feedback from these emails but your comments have been noted and we will continue to work on our communication strategy.

We hope you enjoy your time in Korea and that it is filled with fantastic new experiences.

Reuben Zuidhof | CEO Adventure Teaching

No, I don't recommend
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So far so good!

This was the best decision that I have made in my life! Korea is amazing, I love my job and my apartment is right on the beach. I am so glad that AT were able to place me in Busan and I would recommend it to anyone.

I made the decision to go to Korea in August 2013 and AT were able to get me employed and in Korea by November, which was perfect. They were really honest and upfront about the issues that I might face, both at work and with my living arrangements, so I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to live and work here.

AT have been really helpful and supportive from the moment I contacted them. I would definitely use their services again in the future!

How can this program be improved?

Not sure..

Yes, I recommend
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Poor communication

I applied through their program because of the great reviews on here. Their information packets were very detailed and informative. However, my placement coordinator had very poor communication with me and always seemed rushed. She never returned my calls and wanted all of our documents with them before we could interview with schools. They also said that there was a hiring freeze so I never heard from them about possible interviews. One of my friends also went through them and only had 3 interviews in 2 months with schools that were not what she was looking for. I decided to look for schools and interview on my own. I was able to secure a teaching job without them in less than 2 weeks.
Too bad they were not more helpful, their website is great and looks promising. Work on your professionalism and follow up with your candidates.

Response from Adventure Teaching

Hi JenDi,

Thanks for commenting on your experience. It always helps knowing the negative experiences people have so that we can improve our serves to our teachers. Our apologies that you did not feel communicated with and that we lacked professionalism.

Our goal is to prepare teachers as best we can before they depart for Korea, and then when they arrive we are available for support for the entire time they teach in Korea. Unfortunately, because in the end the recruiter is just a middle man, we are unable to guarantee jobs or interviews. What we can guarantee though is that if you do secure a job through us, you'll be among the most prepared teachers arriving to South Korea, and when you come against difficulties with your job, you'll be thankful that Adventure Teaching is available for support.

We have also talked as a team how we can better communicate the current job market to our teachers so that they understand why they are not getting interviews.

We hope you enjoy your experience in Korea, and we'll continue to expand our available positions so that more teachers can experience life as an Adventure Teaching teacher.

Reuben Zuidhof

No, I don't recommend
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I'm a Fan of Adventure Teaching

I found the Adventure Teaching staff to be very insightful and willing to take the time to have long conversations with you, giving full attention to your questions. I never felt as though I was being brushed aside by Adventure Teaching.

AT has always been quick to follow up to my emails, and I found the staff to be very easy to reach by phone. The info packets they sent to help me get through the visa process were re assuring and easy to navigate, so I was able to get through a very long visa process very smoothly.

When AT was unable to find a placement for me in South Korea as quickly as I had hoped, they were able to connect me with another teaching opportunity to help me practice teaching while I was waiting to e placed in South Korea. I was very happy that Adventure Teaching went out of their way to help me find yet another valuable teaching experience before I arrived in Korea.

My suggestion: Read the info packs sent to you by Adventure Teaching. They are really useful and enjoyable to read.

How can this program be improved?

I would have like this program to give me more information about what it is like to work in a Korean hagwan. The hagwan can be exhausting at times and I feel that AT could have been more upfront about a general hagwan experience. But for the most part, AT is always straight forward.

Yes, I recommend
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Let People In

Working in my hagwan was undoubtedly overwhelming in the first so months. The school provided an orientation and gave us multiple materials to help prepare, however the orientation happened so quickly that all of my learning began when I actually started teaching. I felt the hagwan could have provided a much more thorough orientation, but the actual resources they provided were helpful. Other foreign English teachers in my school were incredibly supportive and we immediately began planning trips around Seoul together. These immediate social connections were key in helping me work through the initial culture shock. In the beginning, I think it's ok to find other fluent English speakers to explore Korea with, even if your goal is to learn more about the Korean language. Initially, a solid friend group with whom you can easily communicate is immensely helpful. Even if you feel extremely tired after a long day of teaching, it's worth making time to spend time with another person or a crowd to help keep you grounded. A co worker a really admire told me...."Learning how to adjust in Korea means that sometimes you have to let people in." She was speaking about confiding in others.

Working in my hagwan has often felt exhausting because of the number of hours spent teaching and the amount of administrative tasks the teachers are required to finish, but the students are always happy to see their teachers, and watching them grow in their learning and confidence has helped me feel as though working in the hagwan has truly been an accomplishment.

No, I don't recommend
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My thoughts

I am so extremely grateful for Adventure Teaching. The process, although long and tedious, was very smooth and easy. The employees are friendly, and answered every question I had. My recruiter, Kelly, went above and beyond to help me with whatever she could. I'm glad I went through an agency, because now, if I have any concerns here, I have people to go to.

My experience in Korea have been pretty good, so far. I have only been here for a little over a month, but I can already tell that this was the right decision for me.

The school isn't exactly how I had imagined it to be, however. They are very unorganized, and leave things until the last minute. I feel very stressed with the amount of work, and the little planning time that they give us. My co-teachers, however, have been a life-saver. If it weren't for them, I would of probably left during the first week. I love the students and the teaching part so much though, that I am pushing through all the extra hard parts with the administration.

Outside of school has been amazing. There are always things to do, and places to go. I recently went on an Adventure Korea trip to Gyeongju for the Cherry Blossom Festival and to hike up MT Namsan. It was fantastic!

Overall, I am having a wonderful experience in South Korea. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings :)

How can this program be improved?

The schools DO pay for your flights beforehand. I asked my recruiter multiple times if they would, and she insisted that they wouldn't. I was the only teacher that had to wait for them to pay me back. It took over a month to get that back, and that is money that I could of used during my first month without a paycheck. Please be aware of this situation!

Yes, I recommend
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Great Recruiters

I was very satisfied after using Adventure Teaching. Kelly my recruiter was so incredibly helpful, in getting me over to Korea. She gave me great advice, and she listed to what I wanted. While I was very flexible in my preferences, Kelly helped place me in a good school in a great part of South Korea!

How can this program be improved?

I wish there is more contact with the recruiters after the teachers arrive in Korea. That is the only request/complaint that I have. I have received a few emails, but nothing too personal. I do understand however the recruiters are busy, so that might interfere.

Yes, I recommend
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Is Korea really for you? Read my experience and see.

My first full day in Korea (a Sunday) was awful, I just wanted to go back home. I walked around my city where I was going to stay and was completely overwhelmed by the Korean billboards and neon lights everywhere. I went back to my hotel and hid until work Monday. Thankfully I brought dried fruit and granola bars so I had that to eat.

Since my first day, every day has gotten much better. I have met friends by getting plugged in to a small group at a church. Some people chose social groups but I really like my church small group. They have really helped me with my transition. Every weekend they take me someplace new. I have been here 2 months now and I am considering another year.

If you are not a morning person this is the job for you. I usually wake up at 10 am go for a jog, come home by 11:30, get ready for work, then I'm out the door by 12:40 to be at work by 1pm. I work an 8 hour day with at least 3-4 hours of planning and 4-5 hours of teaching, depending on the day. I get home by 9:30 pm. Sometimes I wake up earlier to run errands but this is pretty much my day.

One SUPER IMPORTANT thing, if you think the whole world runs like the country you are from, and you are not a flexible person, then don't bother signing up. You will end up having a miserable time and make everyone else miserable. I have a coworker who makes everyone's life miserable at work because he is not flexible, and thinks Korean work should cater to his country's work ethic. You will work hard in Korea, even when you are sick. Sometimes you will be asked to work extra (this rarely happens but it happens). All the negative reviews you read online especially about Avalon are more than likely from people like this.

How can this program be improved?

I don't feel like I was prepared enough which is why my first day was so scary. It would be nice to get information about the town I will be staying in before I arrive. Also, I think it would be good to Skype with a teacher from my school before my arrival to set up a time to meet. Apparently the head teacher was suppose to pick me up on Sunday and show me around.

Yes, I recommend
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Korea part one and two

I have taught in Sanbon for three months and got to know amazing people and adorable kids. I was really glad AT had placed me there.
After three months, the school had me let go and I had to find a new job if I wanted to remain in Korea. I kept in touch with AT the whole time and in 2 weeks they found me a new place with similar working conditions in a very nice place.

I highly value the work of all the AT advisors, who are both really friendly and good at what they are doing.

Keep up the good work, we need people like you!

How can this program be improved?

I am a very positive person, but when things turn bad, I worry easily. I would have loved to keep in touch daily when things were going bad instead of every other day - since every day was a long and stressful wait for news. :)

Yes, I recommend
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Can't imagine using any other service

The fact that all the staff has lived and taught in South Korea and have gone through the same experiences and emotions makes it such a personable program. Hearing your recruiter say, " This was really helpful when I was living there..." really ensured me that I was in good hands. After my very first phone conversation with Kelly I immediately knew that I had made the right decision. She was there every single step of the way, encouraging me on and getting me pumped to leave as I worked my way through the visa process. Having experienced nothing but headaches going through a visa process in another country, I must say it doesn't get any easier than having AT's checklist with each step written out for you in full detail. Kelly even went out of her way looking for job opportunities to help me get ahead of schedule and had job leads and interviews lined up and waiting immediately after I had returned home from a vacation. I cannot say enough nice things about my experience working with my recruiter and truly would recommend this life changing opportunity to anyone. Life here is good, as I am within a 5 min. walk to school and have everything I could possibly need within walking distance. I am even still receiving emails from both AT and The Arrival Store checking in to see how things are going so far. A very personable and enjoyable experience the entire way. There is hope for companies who deliver what they say!

How can this program be improved?

I would suggest setting up some sort of communication between the existing foreign teachers at the school to help with the adjustment period when first starting.

Yes, I recommend
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So far so good!

So far Korea has been amazing! The city is beautiful and the kids are adorable! The people at adventure teaching were super helpful and made this transition a lot easier then I had thought. From the first email to the last, through numerous phone calls, stories and pep talks Kelly has been awesome at helping me and encouraging me to take on this experience. The arrival store was a great plus and it was nice to have stuff here when we arrived. Korea has been challenging, mostly just the language, but for the most part the people are extremely nice and when all else fails, just smile. I'm thankful for this opportunity and would recommend adventure teaching to all my friends!

How can this program be improved?

Have more adventure teaching staff located in Korea so they can help you throughout the first few weeks. The teachers are school sometimes help, but you can feel like a bit of a burden.

Yes, I recommend
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Researched yet Unknown; You Are Not ALONE

Leaving home for most is an experience that is filled with mixed emotions. You are excited to take on new adventures while you are entering a world you have researched, asked questions about and done whatever you could to make yourself ready but you still have so many questions. If you are thinking about taking on Korea and the journeys’ it has to offer, you are in extremely capable hands with Adventure Teaching (AT).
I came to Korea with my girlfriend and in late February. We got here with one week left in the school year and the biggest thing that I suffered from was jet leg. Culture shock I think is something that I was expecting to be swarmed with, but it was switching from the Eastern time zone to fourteen hours ahead here in Korea.
Let me tell you a little bit about our day. We have been here for seven weeks, but teaching for six. It has taken us about a month to six weeks to get into a good routine. That is normal. The one thing you need to know coming here, you are not going to be able to walk into your job and be set into a perfect routine, nor are you expected to be. We work at a Hagwon (which is a private school) and our days start at 9 am. The students start arriving at 9:30 and classes start at 9:50. We have 5 periods throughout the Kindy (kindergarten) day teaching things such as reading, writing, math, science, art and PE (gym). We have lunch provided which is nice, because one, it cuts down on our expenses and two, it helps immerse yourself into the culture. Our Kindy classes finish at 2:30 as we see our students off, our Elementary students start to arrive.
Our Elementary classes which go until 6 pm. These students come in from other schools to do extra schooling focused entirely in English. The abilities of these students vary. You can have very high English speaking students to very raw English aptitude. With these classes you could be teaching anything from reading, writing, spelling, speech, to science.
One thing that we learned better when we got here was that Korean ages differ from what they call the international age. In Korea, the day you are born you are instantaneously one. Then on New Years you gain one more year. So, for example, if you are born on December 31st you are one, then the following day is January 1st, you then become two. So when you are teaching your students you are seven, in all reality, they are 5 internationally.
Now that we have been here for a good amount of time, and we have gotten into our groove at school we have really started to take on certain aspects of Korea with some traveling. We are going to Seoul next weekend for the Cheery Blossom Festival! This happens in April, or when the weather allows the tree’s to bud.
Another great touristic aspect is that Korea is a great jumping point for traveling. You can very easily fly to Japan, China or wherever you want or need to go. We have our summer vacation in late July early August and we have planned a 10 day trip to Japan. How groovy is that!
When it came to choosing and planning for this adventure, we were treated so fairly by Adventure Teaching. They were patient and understanding of anything and everything we threw at them. Their response was typically we understand each situation is different and we just want you to have the best experience in a country that we have grown to love, and we want you to love it as much as we did. As I said our situation was difficult. My girlfriend has an education degree so there was a high demand for her in international schools. She had three offers but we wanted to be in the same school. And that’s what we stuck to. When the time came, they found us the job we were looking for. We got hired in Cheongju, which is an hour and half bus ride from Seoul.
Our placement coordinator made herself available to us at all times. She understood our need to ask questions, and she was able to comfort certain discomforts with personal experiences and experiences she had heard from colleagues and friends who had also embarked on Korean teaching experiences. She was honest and did not sugar coat things. So we were as best prepared as we could be. But do your research, however do be naïve and think you are going to be fully prepared, just be as best prepared as you can be. This is a new culture, a new land, a new language and a new adventure that can be the best thing that ever happened to you, just do me one favour (and this the Canadian spelling) have an open mind. If you do you will be opening yourself up to a beautiful culture, once in a life time landscapes and experiences many only dream of, but ones you can make your reality!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would change would be something I could have done differently. There was a short period when I felt left out. I applying with my girlfirend and she had offers and interviews and there were moments when I felt in the dark. However communication is a two way street, and as soon as I brought this up, it was quickly rectified and from then on, the lines of communication were flawless between me, my girlfriend and our placement coordinator. If I could turn back time, I would have said something sooner, because as soon as I made it known I never felt that way again with AT! Thank you for everything Kelly! You are a beauty!

Yes, I recommend
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No Regrets

My life in South Korea has been amazing so far! There are so many things to love, and I still have so much to try and see. Sometimes it feels like there aren't enough days or hours in a week.
Teaching children isn't always easy, but it is worth it. I have quickly come to care about all of my students Plus, life outside of school isn't too shabby either. Seoul is a beautiful city with something exciting happening on almost every street.
At this point, I could write five pages about all of the things I love, but I think everyone who is curious about this experience should try it and find out for themselves.
With that being said, Adventure Teaching is the way to go. They have been so helpful in guiding me through this process, and I am so happy that they were able to get me here.
My recruiter was there for me every step of the way-every silly question and minor panic attack. I feel like it is the people have made this big transition an easy and fun one for me.
For those interested-I think it is all a matter of coming to Korea with the right attitude.You have to keep an open mind and be prepared to accept the differences between your culture and the Korean culture. Just a little understanding goes a long way.
I jumped in, and I have no regrets.

How can this program be improved?

There were times where I had wished I knew a little bit more about my living situation ahead of time, but I think that information is pretty much too hard to get whoever you are. Plus, my living conditions are great!

Yes, I recommend
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Not just another number

Adventure Teaching have been nothing but Help to me... I was one of those people who just had to a question about everything I could think of... and never once, they turned me away. They made me feel like I was important and I can say with certainty, that I skipped the culture-shock a little bit, since they prepared me so well.
I would not be able to recommend anyone better. I've recently signed up for year 2, and I'm having the time of my life.

Yes, I recommend
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Do it - Plain and simple.

AT prepared me perfectly for this position here in Korea. There was no sugar coating of facts, no fiction to be told, just the truth. The work schedule here is extremely fair and my coworkers are always willing to help in anything. While there might be a few things I don't agree with on a managerial point of view, I understand its all part of being in a new country with different ideals than my own.If I could do it all over again I would choose AT once more, all of my paperwork and mental stability is all thanks to them for preparing me as a foreigner in a completely different country, thanks AT!

How can this program be improved?

I'd consider trying to update the many info packs they have every year, though they were only a year or two old so almost all of the information was still quite relevant.

Yes, I recommend

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