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ImmerQi | Teach & Travel China Program
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ImmerQi | Teach & Travel China Program

This program is no longer offered. View more programs from ImmerQi.

Work and live in China for 6 months with ImmerQi's Teach & China program. Find out why 500+ people have taught in China every year since 2005 with ImmerQi.

The program consists of Training & Orientation for the 1st month and a Teaching Internship for the last 5 months. During training, you will meet fellow participants and be given the opportunity to participate in Mandarin classes, culture activities and excursions, including the Great Wall, Olympic Stadium and the Summer Palace. When the training is complete, you will be TEFL certified and travel to your teaching placement. Expect friendly 24/7 support from ImmerQi staff every day. From airport pickup to the welcome dinner to optional travel tours, you will feel at home every day and make many friends.

When this amazing 6 months is up, you will be an internationally certified TEFL teacher with teaching experience.

As an alternative, ImmerQi offers a 6 month work-visa teaching program now!
  • Trial your new career before you commit to it long-term
  • Test-drive your knowledge and skills in a challenging, international environment
  • Enhance your CV in China, a market all multinationals have a keen interest in
  • Build your professional network in a place that is encouraging innovation and research
  • Exposure to the Chinese environment, customs and culture will help with future job searches
Teaching Practicum
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Training Length
120 hours
Job Placement
Airport Transfers
Some Activities
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Questions & Answers

Thanks everyone for the helpful replies! As a general rule, the program accepts people between the ages of 18 and 50. This is because most schools that we work with have this requirement. However, we are always happy to consider people outside of this age range on a case by case basis, or to help them find another China option that is right for them. Hope that helps :)

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  • Benefits 7.2
  • Support 8.1
  • Fun 7.9
  • Facilities 8.2
  • Safety 8.5
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They have your back, but could be a lot more open

I have found the TTC Program to be a mixed bag so far.

My in-country advisor (Jayne) has been really helpful, and any issues I have had (from serious placement concerns, to minor things such as finding out the best places of the Wall to visit when I had visitors in the country) have been resolved in a timely, professional and thorough manner.

The support the company gives is 24/7, and I feel like I can contact them about any issue. The same can be said for the support before I got here.

However, I do not feel the company is run as well as could be. For example, the issues of holidays has been confusing, with many interns apparently being told that they would have a week holiday sometime in the term, which would be the perfect time for travelling the country a little bit. However, we have two 3 day holidays instead, which makes travelling the country a little bit harder. Granted, I have at least 3 weeks before my visa runs out, after the teaching has finished, but for those who undertook the months physical training in Beijing, they will only have around 10 days to see the country after teaching before their visa's expire. The title 'teach and travel' is to some extent a misnomer. I was also told whilst in the process of booking the placement, and doing my online training, that TTC would offer excursions around parts of China during our time off that we could book our place on, and see more of the country, but it seems this is not the case.

Also, we were told during the 2 day physical training course at UIBE, that the teaching would just be conversational english, not grammar or anything like that, but I have found myself at my school to be teaching those very things too, which means I do not feel I was as prepared as I could have been.

Another issue is the money. We are paid 2000yuan a month, with TTC taking a fee for us working at the schools. It was only when they told us this, on the first day of the actual meeting in Beijing, that I was made aware that this was the case. They will say that the money is lower because we are just interns, which is fair enough, but in my school at least, most of the interns are working exactly as much, if not more than most of the full time foreign teachers, and earning perhaps a quarter of the wage, which is a bit frustrating. With careful careful budgeting you can make the money last you, but I do feel that those in Beijing could do with an extra allowance to counter the higher prices that the city brings.

On top of that, the visa situation is definitely a bit sketchy, as we were told during the orientation, in an official meeting, that our visa's were only student visas, and as such, if we were asked by the police, we are to lie and say we are on an unpaid internship, which is concerning to hear, when you are perhaps on your first big trip abroad and for a relatively long time.

On the other hand, I am really enjoying China. It is a massive culture shock, especially in terms of hygiene, but it is definitely an experience worth having. The people can initially appear to be unfriendly, but are in fact incredibly friendly and helpful on the most part. The food is amazing. There is always something to do and see here, from the small up to the magnificent. I am sure that the experience will hold me in good stead for the rest of my life.

I'm grateful to TTC for the chance to come here, but at the same time, the company could have been more upfront and honest about the issues I have highlighted and more, before we booked our placement. As the company are quick to tell you once you are here, they are for-profit and so want to entice you into coming to China through them, but at the same time more honesty about the cost of living, the payment situation etc would have been greatly appreciated.

Whilst they are easy to contact, and I completely feel that they would have my back in an emergency or serious problem here, I do feel they have been a bit disingenuous about the internship. Given the chance again, I would still come to work in China, but I would perhaps shop around a bit more to see what other options I might have.

No, I don't recommend
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Visit Panda land!

My experience with TTC China has been absolutely fantastic. I spend one month in Beijing and made friends with people from all over the world, and eventhough we were spread out all over China we still stay in touch with each other.

I got placed in the wonderful city of Chengdu - home to the great pandas. The weather's warm and the people are amazing - always willing to help you. The people at the school I got placed at always make sure that I have everything I need. If I have any problems and/or questions I can always contact them and the same with the TTC staff. The days in China pass by so fast that I hardly realized that I have been here for almost 3 months now. I like it so much here that I doesn't feel homesick at all eventhough I am half way around the world from my home. I think that is due to the hospitality of the Chinese people.

My school have arranged all kinds of activities for us. A teacher took me and another intern to see a flower festival. I have also been asked to participate in a Talent-show at my school among other things.

If you want to experience some of the Chinese culture Chengdu is a great place to do so. The city is booming with site to see and temples to go to. And around the city there are breathtaking landscapes and of course there are the pandas! All in all Chengdu is a city full of life and full of people that are more than willing to help you out if you ever find yourself lost in the city. The city is a good mixture of new and old and there is something to see for everybody.

I am glad I got to come to China and Chengdu. It has given me a opportunity to see the real China and meet the Chinese people and culture.

How can this program be improved?

There was some people who didn't get the placement they were hoping for. But I wouldn't change a thing!

Yes, I recommend
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My time in China

Teaching in China is an amazing experience that is always exciting, fun, and challenging. Never a dull moment. ImmerQi provides a great amount of support before and during the internship, helping to make you as good a teacher as you can be. ImmerQi is the best!

How can this program be improved?

Give more information about the town and schools before people arrive there. Would help to make teachers more prepared

Yes, I recommend
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I'm sure if you'd ask any other intern they would all have encountered the same experience.. Adjusting to your new life in China can be quite daunting at first, especially if you've just coming straight out of living with your parents, having them make dinner for you, do your laundry, make your bed, and even bring snacks out to you while you're watching television. So removing all of these luxuries from your life, and then combining it with a whole new culture that you need to adapt to is quite a challenging task, however the rewards you receive from undertaking such a task, such an adventure, is worth so much more! You gain independence, an open mind, communication skills, as well as the foundations for life long learning and cultural awareness. I wouldn't have traded this internship for anything in the world! I undertook a home stay with a Chinese family, and even though I could speak Mandarin it was very challenging trying to make sense of Sichuanese, the local dialect here in my part of China. I learnt so much from them, as they did from me. Going to school everyday gave me an insight into Chinese education, and how the youth's outlook on life is. To be completely honest I felt like quitting the program at one point, however after consulting with TTC staff I thought I'd give it another think through, and within the next two weeks everything changed for me. I had a completely different outlook on it all, it is such an amazing experience and I would have truly regretted having left the program. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who is not only thinking about being a teacher, but looking for an adventure, to learn a new language and experience a new culture, and to create a very memorable moment in your life through TTC!

How can this program be improved?

I wouldn't want to change anything!

Yes, I recommend
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A Change In Pace

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Beijing to go to the quieter town of Foshan certainly had it's positives and negatives. The school, the accommodation and the people in Foshan definitely positives. The lack of nightlife not so much... However, it was relatively close by bus, and not too expensive by cab.
The school week consisted of Monday to Friday, maximum 20 classes a week, between 30-40 minute lessons. The teachers were supportive, most of the time, a few misunderstandings with class times especially around exam time, but for the most part were very accommodating.
I couldn't have asked for a better school contact, she made me feel very welcome, would suggest lesson ideas and would sit down with me to discuss how to teach any difficult topics that needed to be covered. I also had the pleasure in meeting her family that lived close by and a couple of her friends for university.
The children love having foreigners in the school and I would often be greeted with hugs and smiling faces.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Foshan.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching in Guangya Kindergarten

Teaching in the Guangya Kindergarten is a great experience overall. I'm enjoying every time of it. I have classes every day and teaching 11 different classes. It could be quite difficult sometime, as each class have around 30 to 38 kids in each and I'm teaching from the baby class where the kids are around 2 years old and up to the middle class where the kids are around 6 years old. Every day is different as you never know how it's going to be with them but that makes the experience even more fun and interesting. The most challenging for me was to have to go to the second kindergarten down in Hainan where there was no Foreign Teacher on Campus, and the Chinese teacher were not really good with English. As well having to teach new kids and being able to build a good relation with the kids was difficult as it feels like you have start over. I just felt that I just finally settle down and built a great relation with the teacher and the kids in the Kindergarten in Dujiangyan and I had to start all over again in Hainan. It was a lot of pressure but I managed to enjoy my time here and adapt myself to the campus and the life down there. All the Chinese teachers have been so nice with me and they are trying to help and support me as much as possible, even though their English is not good and my chinese is still really poor, we have a great relationship.

Yes, I recommend
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TTC China

I had two main periods with TTC in China, one month in Beijing for TEFL theory training, then 5 months teaching high school in a Chinese city. The month in Beijing was very enjoyable and went very quickly as things often do in China. Overall I think the experience in Beijing was a very good introduction to the China experience. The second part or the main event of the 5 month placement, was also very enjoyable. Day to day in the placement we had little contact with TTC, as contrasted to the constant contact in Beijing, as we had during the TEFL course been in personal contact with TTC staff everyday as they organised and ran all the events and activities. Within my placement, we had no such constant contact, though this is not a negative aspect as TTC was always a phone call away for problems. TTC did however personally visit us in our placement a few weeks after we arrived and I received phone calls now and then just to ask how we where and if there was any problems. Similarly we had constant email contact from the office in Beijing. Personally I never had a great deal of big problems in my placement so I did not have much for TTC to resolve for me. I did however have one incident where TTC was a great help.
I taught at 2 high schools, one of which was amazing and unbelievably enjoyable and productive and another which was very difficult to teach at since the students would not cooperate very well. I worked through a regional partner in my city, so i was contracted with an organisation representing foreign teachers in the city, rather than with the schools directly. I raised concerns with the regional partner about the school, and told them seriously that it was becoming an issue since I could not do my job there and it was beginning to affect my performance at my other school. The regional organisation where in no way dodgy and in no way treated anyone badly or exploitatively, but it is often difficult in China to differentiate between what someone is capable of doing about a problem and what they are willing to do about a problem, especially since by not solving it they stand to gain, financially or otherwise. Not much happened by telling the regional organisation so I called my regional contact person at TTC, who I also knew from Beijing, and they called the regional partner. Just this call sorted things out with a degree of authority. Without TTC, and if I was alone in China at that regional organisation, I do not know if I would have the bargaining power to negotiate to leave that school and find another one as I eventually did. In the very least it would not have been as easy as it was. It is very useful, even just for situations that might occur and that you do not forsee, to have someone you know is on your side.

How can this program be improved?

Being placed with a random selection of people in a city is the only downfall. The month long TEFL theory course in Beijing is a great introduction to the China experience and you meet and get to know a great group of people. Afterwards you are sent different cities with random people from the cohort of interns, so evidently being placed with your friends is chance. Obviously it is difficult to organise teaching posts if people are able to decide who they want to be placed with, and the practicalities of that are evidently very difficult. Still it would have made a great experience even greater if I had have spent it with the great people I met in Beijing.

Yes, I recommend
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My China experience

My school is in Zhongshan in Guangdong province. My students are from Junior grade 1 so they are 11-14 years old. I have 20 classes each week with 50-55 kids in each class. I really love the teaching, it's really fun and rewarding! The kids are mostly really nice, they are interested in me, my culture and in learning English. Not all of them of course. I like this school, there is almost never any problem with other teachers etc. They are not so good with giving information in time. The students are really a highlight, they gather around me all the time outside the classroom to talk or ask questions. My biggest problem is probably the language difficulty, I don't speak/understand Chinese and some of my students barely speak English so it's sometimes really hard to communicate. But all in all I'm really satisfied about the whole experience!

How can this program be improved?

I would like to get a little more information about the schools in advance and maybe about living/travelling in China. It would be really good to get a little more money to, 2000 yuan is not enough to be able to fun things with.

Yes, I recommend
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Like Home

Like home

You’d think moving to a foreign country across the world, where English is not widely spoken, the culture is different, the people are different, the food is different and even the smallest daily essentials are somewhat different, that it would take a while to get used to, or settle, or feel any way comfortable what so ever. In my case, I have never felt more comfortable, the only time I felt otherwise was getting off the plane in Beijing Airport wondering if I filled the China entry form out properly.
Part of it may have been my nature, I’ve always had itchy feet at home, and always felt unsettled and maybe it was being in a foreign country that made me comfortable. But to be honest most of it was due to the program, due to the advisors helping me and to the friends I’ve met. Everyone on the program was in the same situation that I was. Every person on this program be it intern or official, were all the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Between making the lifelong friends I have now and the support and organisation of the advisors, coordinators and the company, I found myself every day, thanking the past me for making the decision to do it.
The teaching, for me, was the tougher part. I found standing up in front of 40 young children in each class very daunting. I had no confidence in my teaching skills. Every evening I worked hard to create the perfect lesson plan but it was the words of some of the coordinators that echoed in my head. “You’ll do great”, “I was in the same position as you were before, don’t worry”, “it is a very rewarding experience”, “Have confidence, you will get more used to it”, “If you need advice, we are here” and their presence during the period was a huge help. Eventually, even though I didn’t believe them at first, their words became reality. The teaching got easier, the lesson plans got easier, it became very rewarding, and even though there were bad days, where students didn’t cooperate or just didn’t listen, I still found myself loving it.
I have had no bad experience with my placement, I love this school, this place, the people, well, maybe I’d prefer less mice and cockroaches, but I don’t think anyone can help me with that. Overall, joining this program is probably the best decision I’ve ever made.
Daily life in the school is great, the routine is easy to get used to. Get up, greet students, teach some classes, ( I have 12 classes in total, 2 times a week, so i teach around 12 hours a week), nap during lunch teach classes, hang out in the office in between and finish up. Our evenings are our own, where we usually go shopping, eat sushi or hit the gym. We eat food in the canteen, I like it but some teachers don't like the food. The highlight of my teaching life is getting to know the students, they call my name in the hallway and try speak to me when they can, the only difficulty i found was a lack of curriculum, I wasn't and sometimes still not sure what I should be teaching them. It would have been a lot easier if I was given a set curriculum but I'm happy out none the less and I've had no complaints about what I'm teaching with even some compliments.

How can this program be improved?

I would probably ask for more time training, although the 2 days training we did receive was enough for most people, for people like me, I would have preferred some more practical work or training before the actual teaching.

Yes, I recommend
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TTC Summer 2013

Day to day differs from the classes I teach! My youngest students are 6 years old and my oldest is 17 and there are a varied lot in between! I have mixed nationalities in each class and it makes for a very interesting learning experience! Difficulty would be text books and the mix of different levels in one class! However it always is an interesting class none the less! Highlights would be the children everyday, everyday their smiles just make it all better no matter what is going on!

How can this program be improved?

All my questions have always been answered! The support has been amazing! I'm very grateful to the TTC team they are amazing people!!!

Yes, I recommend
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Summer 2009 - 2010

I'm going to keep this brief and short..

My sister has also done this programme and had recommended it to me. So it's well worth doing!

The first month was an awesome experience. Hanging out in Beijing was amazing, and at the age of 18 it blew me away. Met lots of people, had tonnes of experience that I had never experience before. Simply amazing.

Teaching placement was also pretty chilled. But they also vary widely around China, so the one that I had might not necessarily be like the one you will get. Which makes the rather exciting!

I taught 21 classes a week, 45 minutes per class. I felt like I was a capable teach by the end of it. Lots of travelling also between this time, as in China their holidays are normally a week long or so. I went to Guilin, Yunnan, Guangdong.. all over. Excellent time!

This program has had a major impact on my life. Since then I have been teaching myself chinese and have been to China several times. If it wasn't for the initial support from TTC, I don't think I would be as brave as I am today.

I am currently in China teaching English, so it's legacy lives on!

How can this program be improved?

- More money for people who are in tier 1 cities
- Stricter lessons and more thorough training
- No major complaints to be honest.

Yes, I recommend
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Hohhot Inner Mongolia

Little London English school in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia was a great place to undergo your teaching internship. Our average week consists of teacher training and lesson planning on Thursday and teaching on Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. We are contracted to do 20, 40 minute lessons a week (usually 3 on Friday then 17 at the weekend). They are always looking for extra work though and the school will pay you 110RMB per hour over these contracted hours which is an easy way to earn lots of extra money. You get lots of time off which is great which gives you plenty of time to get everything sorted such as the washing etc and to go out and explore Hohhot. The school is also very generous. They will pay for various celebrations (it depends what time of year you have the internship) and they even payed for what have been a very expensive grasslands tour. I won't spoil some of the other surprises though. Food and drinks are unbelievably cheap here and I have not cooked once which is actually really practical. When I first arrived at the accommodation it was an absolute tip and looked nothing like what we were shown just before we came which was actually the full time teachers accommodation and not ours. Be prepared for this and you won't have a problem. I honestly hated the 1st few days because of this but be prepared to spend the 1st 2 days or so buying products and cleaning your apartment. There is enough time to settle in, especially compared to some of the other schools so don't think that you are wasting your time. It could be better for the next group of people as they are building more apartments right now. There are so many foreigners working at the school so being social in Hohhot is not a problem. People are always inviting you places. There are some great places to go! Clubs such as box+ and babybox are the ones to look for. Although they are unbelievably expensive, we have gone there on countless occasions and not bought a single drink because lots of people in there buy them for you. There are some great supermarkets for buying your daily needs which also have plenty of imported products to satisfy your need for western food. It is really practical to live out here and there is a really cheap and great market on the doorstep of the university that you live in. It is very dirty around the area which isn't good but you soon get used to it. Some of the food places there are great. Don't let looks deceive you! There is a curfew but it doesn't apply to foreigners so don't let that alarm you. One thing you need to be prepared for is that sometimes depending on various reasons, the school is very disorganised. They have messed up our pay a few times (which will get sorted - just make sure you take note on the days you have worked) and on our 1st few weeks at the school we had no monitor at our school so everything was all over the place but it soon settled down. Also be prepared if you are coming in winter because it gets unbelievably cold. I haven't yet experienced this cold to the full extent but even now in mid- November it is freezing. Wait til later on. Stock up on winter clothing as early as possible. It's easy enough to find!!! Overall - If you are placed in Inner Mongolia you will have the time of your life. The time off is the best part and you can travel during your internship. We have just got back from a 3 day trip in Datong which was amazing!! Also you are al in it together (lots of people get placed in Hohhot) and you always have the support of people. Inner Mongolia is a truly amazing place!

How can this program be improved?

-Practical teaching before we started (we were just thrown in the deep end).
-Actual pictures of our accommodation before we came rather than the full time teachers apartments.
-The school being more organised - especially with our pay.

Yes, I recommend
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Life changing challenge.

I took apart in the TTC Program in Summer 2009, right after I graduated from High School. It was quite a challenge to leave my home country for the first time by myself, to a country so far away, so different.
Therefore, I was really happy to have the support of the TTC team. The first month in Beijing (TEFL training) was amazing and I found friends for a lifetime. Now, 4 years later, I am still in touch with many of them, we met up all over the world and share our China experience. The TEFL training was very beneficial as well and I felt prepared when I left to my placement. I was placed in a "small town" (1 million people) about 4 hours by train from Beijing. In the beginning, it was a difficult transition. From buzzing Beijing into a small Chinese town with very few foreigners..However, my school was amazing, I had lovely students (I taught many different age groups) and great colleagues. I also learned a lot of Chinese and made a lot of Chinese friends. I was often invited for dinner by my colleagues/ students and got to know a lot about the Chinese culture. The work ethic was a little difficult to adapt to in the beginning but also an interesting part of the experience.

How can this program be improved?

At the time, I would have loved to be placed with more foreigners in a bigger city. It was some times difficult to live in such a small place, with only one foreigner (the woman I was placed with was also much older than me). However, after all I think it was a good thing, as I learned so much more about China (and Chinese) as I would have otherwise.

Yes, I recommend
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Stay away.

I did the Teach and Travel China internship through i-to-i TEFL and I would definitely not recommend it! It was one of the worst experiences of my life and to think I paid almost $2000 for it makes me sick to the stomach! The company, schools and entire programme is shady in its practices and many many people have quit the programme.

We arrived at our schools ill equipped, we had no cooking utensils and I had to beg my advisor for money so we could buy cooking stuff. The money they pay you is NO WAY enough to live off if you are placed somewhere expensive like Beijing. You will end up spending a lot more than you earn.

Many people quit the programme as their contracts were broken by the school, some people did not get their pay, some people had no running water or working shower for months, some people had no food (school meals) and no money to pay for food because their pay did not arrive on time. Some people has infestations of rats, bedbugs and other insects in their room. These people did not get refunds and were not relocated as promised. One person was fired for no good reason by his school. These people all lost their money as they did not receive refunds.

The company that run the programme (ImmerQi, who run Teach Travel China) are very shady and totally illegal practices, they lied to us, telling us that if we quit the programme, our visa would expire instantly and we would have to leave the country or break the law. This was a lie. They also got a company in Beijing to lie and say we were working there so they could grant us visas. This was so they did not have to tell the government we were making them money and they took most our paycheque for themselves. They charged the school almost $2000 a month for having us as teachers … we received less than 5% of this payment. They also lied to the school about our experience, telling them that we were more qualified than we actually were. They just make money out of you and then charge you for it. They also told us to lie to the authorities if anyone asked, and to say we were not getting paid anything at all.

A few people had their laptops, mobile phones and money and passport stolen by the schools (or someone at the schools) too. We were warned to lock our items away in our cases as people at the school have keys and will come into your rooms and apartments whilst you are teaching and steal your things.

Stay away.

Response from ImmerQi

The "Teach & Travel Program" is an internship program that provides teaching experience as well as travel opportunity to participants, as the name suggests.
Teaching: Participants are given 5 days of teaching per week (Monday to Friday in most cases) with 10 to 15 hours of face-to-face teaching each week. For students ranging from primary school to university age, teaching hours are completed in class, where for kindergarten ages, teaching is a combination of in-class teaching and outdoor activities tutoring due to the low English level of Chinese kids and the specialty of kindergarten teaching.
Travel: Participants are given weekends (or two other consecutive days in some cases) off to allow them to travel and explore local areas. Public holidays (3 consecutive days occurring moderately frequently) allow participants to travel a bit further. Most participants would travel intensively after the completion of the program for a few weeks, which is what our visa is designed for, with a completion bonus as their travel fund.
Fee: As an internship program, participants receive a monthly allowance which would cover their basic living and spending costs, accommodation and meals during work days are provided. Interns are told from the very beginning how much this allowance is. In this specific case, where hot water was not available, the issue was either resolved quickly or was not reported to either the school or TTC promptly. We have looked into this case and similar incidences and have acted promptly to ensure the hot water machine is being fixed.
Both interns and schools are our participants and as a service provider we do charge a management fee from our placement schools as we provide a two-way service. Being qualified and experienced means a westerner can easily earn money in China which we are open and honest about from day one to our participants. As a cultural experience provider, TTC is designed to provide the best cultural experience using its well designed product and 24/7 support which sets us apart from regular job agencies.
Upon applying to the Teach and Travel China program, each accepted participant is well informed of the 2000 RMB monthly stipend which is provided throughout the teaching internship. TTC fully discloses that it is a private for-profit organization during the orientation which is provided during the training period upon arrival into China. Participants on the TTC program are not experienced TEFL teachers earning a salary which reflects such. The teaching internship is designed as a gap year program which allows participants to earn a TEFL certification while also experiencing the Chinese culture over the course 6 months.

No, I don't recommend
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I definately recommend ImmerQi, they are very serious and professional about what they do. They have a great support system for all participants and are all genuinely nice people.Thanks to the one months TEFL course in Beijing you'll get to meet so many new people that you'll never be without a friend when in China!

How can this program be improved?

The pay is not super-good but if you go to earn lots of money you're doing it for the wrong reasons!

Yes, I recommend

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Since 2005, ImmerQi has been providing prospective teachers with teaching internships in China in addition to regular internship, culture & volunteer programs. ImmerQi Participants become culturally enriched and help strengthen the cultural ties...