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ImmerQi | Teach & Travel China Program
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ImmerQi | Teach & Travel China Program

This program is no longer offered. View more programs from ImmerQi.

Work and live in China for 6 months with ImmerQi's Teach & China program. Find out why 500+ people have taught in China every year since 2005 with ImmerQi.

The program consists of Training & Orientation for the 1st month and a Teaching Internship for the last 5 months. During training, you will meet fellow participants and be given the opportunity to participate in Mandarin classes, culture activities and excursions, including the Great Wall, Olympic Stadium and the Summer Palace. When the training is complete, you will be TEFL certified and travel to your teaching placement. Expect friendly 24/7 support from ImmerQi staff every day. From airport pickup to the welcome dinner to optional travel tours, you will feel at home every day and make many friends.

When this amazing 6 months is up, you will be an internationally certified TEFL teacher with teaching experience.

As an alternative, ImmerQi offers a 6 month work-visa teaching program now!
  • Trial your new career before you commit to it long-term
  • Test-drive your knowledge and skills in a challenging, international environment
  • Enhance your CV in China, a market all multinationals have a keen interest in
  • Build your professional network in a place that is encouraging innovation and research
  • Exposure to the Chinese environment, customs and culture will help with future job searches
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120 hours
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Questions & Answers

Thanks everyone for the helpful replies! As a general rule, the program accepts people between the ages of 18 and 50. This is because most schools that we work with have this requirement. However, we are always happy to consider people outside of this age range on a case by case basis, or to help them find another China option that is right for them. Hope that helps :)

Program Reviews

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  • Benefits 7.2
  • Support 8.1
  • Fun 7.9
  • Facilities 8.2
  • Safety 8.5
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watch out...

Okay, the first month of the program consisted of a course in Beijing. This course was excellent, no question about it.

Getting help from ImmerQi at my placement was a whole different story. In the beginning ImmerQi was helpful when my school caused me trouble or didn't provide things as stated in the contract. That changed all of a sudden when they stopped replying to my emails.

Also, ImmerQi pockets the overwhelming majority of our salaries and refer to it as a "management fee". I feel scammed. The ImmerQi staff hasn't been honest to us about that.

I'm not recommending this program to anyone. I'm only recommending people to stay away from it.

Response from ImmerQi

Upon applying to the Teach and Travel China program, each accepted participant is well informed of the 2000 RMB monthly stipend which is provided throughout the teaching internship. TTC fully discloses that it is a private for-profit organization during the orientation which is provided during the training period upon arrival into China. Participants on the TTC program are not experienced TEFL teachers earning a salary which reflects such. The teaching internship is designed as a gap year program which allows participants to earn a TEFL certification while also experiencing the Chinese culture over the course 6 months.

No, I don't recommend
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Good Experience, bad company.

A lot of the reviewers are focusing on their experience in China, it's very likely that you will have an enjoyable time in China and the company would like you to.

However the business side of things are very corrupt, you pay a lot of money to get on program and in return for this you spend two weeks in Beijing in a mediocre hotel, get given a very small amount of lessons and fed rubbish food. They'll also be some fun and games and they'll try and make you comfortable so you can go off and teach and make them money.

In total you pay around £1000 for the two week course and for them to find you a placement, that's no too bad. However once you are at your placement you get paid £200 a month for about 5 months and a £250 completion bonus again not terrible, until you realise that the school is paying TTC around £800 a month and they're taking around 75% of your pay and why? They barely contact you and help you during your time at the school, they don't pay for your flights and you've paid £1000 already.

And if you're lucky enough to be given a good placement and you want to extend your contract with the school, TTC has put a clause in their contract that forbids you working for the school if it is not with TTC.

No, I don't recommend
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A truely life-changing experience

After 35 years in the same profession, I needed to change my life and decided that teaching English as a foreign language would suit me perfectly. With the expert help of TTC I was able to achieve my new and successful career in China.
I am teaching in a wonderful polytechnic in the city of Zhongshan near Hong Kong. The experiences I am having here are the best I've ever had, due to the support of the school, the guys at TTC in Beijing and most important of all, the amazing students I teach and even those I don't teach!
Teaching here in China is the most rewarding, heart- warming and uplifting experience I have ever had!
I am grateful to TTC for choosing the right college for me and for always being contactable (even though I never needed their help).
I would recommend TTC's help as a first step for a new career or for a gap year or even just for something a little different!
Teaching in China may change your life for the better! It certainly has mine.

Yes, I recommend
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We got lucky in regards to our teaching placement. We were placed with a private weekend school who then contracts with public schools in the area to give us teaching hours 4 days during the week. One day on the weekend we teach private lessons at the school we're contracted with.

We want to come back to the school because they treat us well and there are many different teaching experiences to be had. We were under the impression that after we finished our contract with TTC that we could go off on our own and start contracting directly with our school if we wanted to stay after the first term/internship.

Not necessarily so. TTC had made a separate contract with our school forbidding them to contract directly with any teachers that completed the first term with TTC; they could only contract through TTC again if they wanted to get re-hired, or else the school would have to pay a hefty fee.

TTC did not make us aware of this AT ALL. We felt pretty scammed, as they tout that after your internship, you will be employable and are free to apply for tefl jobs independently. Wouldn't recommend this company to anyone else looking for a tefl experience, to be honest. If you do contract with TTC, remember to ask them if they have arranged a second contract directly with the school you're placed at.

Response from ImmerQi

The Teach and Travel China Program cooperates with 100+ educational institutions around China. As participants accepted on to the program are required to complete a terms and conditions document, schools are also required to submit a similar document with additional terms.

Partner schools cooperating with the TTC program are not restricted from employing a teacher intern upon completion of the internship and initial agreement, and a number of the schools do choose to employ the teacher intern directly after the completion date. However, there are fees imposed on this employment agreement, which are in place to ensure TTC can continue to cooperate with its partner schools each semester and keep the program in operation. In addition to this, some schools in China are unable to employ foreign teachers directly, as they do not hold a Foreign Experts Certificate, which is required by the Chinese government for institutions wishing to employ.

No, I don't recommend
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Complete rip off

I would never recommend this program to anyone. The staff at TTC are only slightly helpful if it is a problem they can easily help you with... if it's something that actually requires them to put some effort into their job, they just tell you "it's not possible" or "we can't do anything about that." I am on the program right now and the living allowance is pathetic, considering TTC is pocketing almost 8000 RMB from each intern every month while we only see ¥2000. I have no hot water in my shower, my living conditions are worse than many of the locals around here, and the whole TRAVEL part of "Teach and Travel China" is a scam. You only get a maximum of 3 days off at once and it is not possible to travel out of the country on your visa. In addition, the "15 teaching hours a week" is not guaranteed... I only teach 7 hours a week and yet I have to be at the school for 35 hours. This program is slightly ridiculous and not worth your time. If you search the Beijinger you can find jobs that pay 10,000 RMB a month for teachers with little to no experience.

Response from ImmerQi

The “Teach & Travel Program” is an internship program that provides teaching experience as well as travel opportunity to participants, as the name suggests.
Teaching: Participants are given 5 days of teaching per week (Monday to Friday in most cases) with 10 to 15 hours of face-to-face teaching each week. For students ranging from primary school to university age, teaching hours are completed in class, where for kindergarten ages, teaching is a combination of in-class teaching and outdoor activities tutoring due to the low English level of Chinese kids and the specialty of kindergarten teaching.
Travel: Participants are given weekends (or two other consecutive days in some cases) off to allow them to travel and explore local areas. Public holidays (3 consecutive days occurring moderately frequently) allow participants to travel a bit further. Most participants would travel intensively after the completion of the program for a few weeks, which is what our visa is designed for, with a completion bonus as their travel fund.
Fee: As an internship program, participants receive a monthly allowance which would cover their basic living and spending costs, accommodation and meals during work days are provided. Interns are told from the very beginning how much this allowance is. In this specific case, where hot water was not available, the issue was either resolved quickly or was not reported to either the school or TTC promptly. We have looked into this case and similar incidences and have acted promptly to ensure the hot water machine is being fixed.
Both interns and schools are our participants and as a service provider we do charge a management fee from our placement schools as we provide a two-way service. Being qualified and experienced means a westerner can easily earn money in China which we are open and honest about from day one to our participants. As a cultural experience provider, TTC is designed to provide the best cultural experience using its well designed product and 24/7 support which sets us apart from regular job agencies.

No, I don't recommend
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I'm still here!

I came our to China with ImmerQi to teach about 2 and a half years ago and I haven't been home since!

I was teaching in Beijing in a wonderful school with amazing kids who were so fantastic to teach. ImmerQi were in contact a good amount during the internship and were available 24/7 if I needed anything.

They helped arrange social activities after the orientation period had finished and suggested loads of ways to get the most out of your placement.

All of the staff were very friendly and always keen to answer my questions.

I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to stay!

How can this program be improved?

When I was an intern there was no way to network with large groups of people on the internship (Facebook is banned!) but I have been informed they have that now...

Yes, I recommend
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Great way to get started

TTC was a great introduction for me to China. The staff were helpful and co-operative all the way, and always at the end of the phone if you needed anything. My placement was great too, I had fantastic accommodation and my school were really helpful and supportive.

I am still in Beijing now, 5 years later, having originally come for 6 months. TTC gave me a great stepping stone for my future here, and I got all the help and support needed while I figured out the way things work here, and after 2 semesters with TTC, went it alone and found my own job.

Best decision of my life, I think the length of time I have stayed is indicative to that!! I still have friends I made 5 years ago, and of course lots of new ones too.

Anyone deciding whether to give it a go or not definitely should. I can promise you you'll have a blast :-)

How can this program be improved?

I don't really feel qualified to comment here... As mentioned, I was part of the program 5 years ago and I know a lot has changed since then!!

Yes, I recommend
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Best time with TTC

My day to day experiences are from Monday to Friday I teach at my school. Week nights I catch up with mates and we chat about school and stuff and go out to bars or to parks.

Weekends I play rugby on Saturday and go out Friday and Saturday night. Sunday is spent travelling around my city.

That is my typical week

How can this program be improved?

I would make it easier to extend for a second semester. There were a lot of issues with getting a new visa and it was a bit frustrating. But it did encourage me to go to Hong Kong.

Yes, I recommend
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Real China Experience

I wanted an amazing TEFL experience abroad, and Teach & Travel China/ ImmerQi delivered just that and more. Assistance from the beginning until the end allowed me to enjoy my day to day life in China without any extra hassles. After 3 semesters with TTC at my school in Ningbo, Zhejiang, I gained experience in teaching all age levels, from primary to university students. I was able to create my own lesson plans and grow as a TEFL teacher at my own pace. I'm currently still abroad in China, and with the confidence and experience I gained through my time here I plan on continuing to work and live abroad for years to come. I couldn't have asked for a better stepping stone in to life abroad and TEFL.

How can this program be improved?

Not easy to do, but inform new participants of the cultural differences they are bound to encounter.

Yes, I recommend
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It Changed My Life

I can't imagine where I'd be if I hadn't have taken the opportunity to travel to China with TTC and ImmerQi.

It's completely changed my life - for the better! I've made a new life for myself in Beijing, I have great friends and a great job, all thanks to the Teach and Travel China Program.

I completed my semester in a Kindergarten not far from Beijing. It was quite an isolated town, between two major cities, and I was one of two foreigners in the area. Because of this, I was a local celebrity! My Mandarin language skills improved rapidly and I had so much fun being engulfed by the Chinese culture. I had very few issues with my placement and whenever I contacted my advisor with a problem, they were very supportive and offered great advice.

A year after leaving my teaching placement, I'm living in Beijing with my partner. I still regularly visit my placement town to meet up with old friends and visit my students. I plan to stay in China for at least a few more years, it's got so much to offer and I've made friends for life from all over the world through Teach and Travel China.

I owe everything I have right now to ImmerQi. They offered me a way out of a potentially dead-end situation in the UK. The program has given the confidence and personal skills to be able to tackle anything life throws at me.

How can this program be improved?

More organised social activities during the internship.

Yes, I recommend
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Outstanding Program

I am glad I decided to join the TTC program here in China. The support has been fantastic, I know TTC will assist me if my school is unable to sort out issues and they have done very quickly. I loved my 1st internship in Chengdu working at a kindergarten so much that I decided to sign up for a 2nd semester with TTC in a different place and TTC again placed me in a great school and location.
Highlights have been travelling during my time off around China (TTC even give you travel hints and tips during your semester as well as teaching assistance if required!) You make so many new friends whether it is interns in your area, or the local Chinese and teachers from your school. I will never forget what TTC has done for me in my life and the experience they gave me. A truly unforgettable and amazing experience. Thank you

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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A life changing experience

Coming to China was the single greatest decision I ever made, second was choosing ImmerQi and the Teach and Travel program.

From the moment I applied, to the TEFL training to my placement (just on the outskirts of Beijing) I had an absolute blast. All the logistics had been carefully planned by the on-shore support and once at my school they were only a phone call away even surprising me one afternoon to take me for dinner.

The school itself were fantastic and I was given a contact to liaise with for my day to day questions, poor thing I had loads!

Life itself was just great, sure there were stresses, language being the most frustrating but it all culminated in a truly magical period that quite literally changed me, my life and my future.

I never left :-)

How can this program be improved?

Not really a criticism of the program per se but the orientation period was so good it was difficult to go from being with other participants and staff to being at your placement.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching in Chengdu

The whole programme has been fantastic. The school are great, the facilities are the same, if not better than what one would expect in the UK. I have absolutely no problems with anything provided to me, by either the school, or the company.

Yes, I recommend
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Go For It!

This program offers you the chance to gently settle into Chinese life whilst giving you the opportunity to build a large circle of friends and contacts. I have too many highlights to mention but I'll offer you 3. 1) Myself and two college from the program made a Halloween video for our school. We decided to make a Gangnam Style video around Chengdu. It became a local sensation and we have had the pleasure of being on the front of newspapers and on TV several times. 2) Chinese people. I don't think I would have had the courage to come to China on my own, but now that I actually have I wonder if I'll ever leave. You'll quickly make friends and never get tired of Chinese hospitality 2) Due to the friends I have made on the program, I have been able set up a football team. Luckily we are half decent and and have even won a few trophies.

How can this program be improved?

The pay is not the best but this is more than offset by benefits.

Yes, I recommend
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A great time in Inner Mongolia

Through ImmerQi, I found a full-time teaching job with Little London English school in the capital of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot. It's a great job, working 3 to 4 days a week and the rest of the time is all my own. I've been here now for almost two years and I've had a great opportunity to learn Mandarin and practice it everyday. Doing this was the best choice I've ever made in my life.

How can this program be improved?

Run a psych eval on all applicants before sending them into China to tarnish the reputation of the Laowai.

Yes, I recommend

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