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At VP Bali, we believe that education can change a child’s destiny. More than just an international volunteer program, we provide opportunities to empower local Balinese communities through free English classes, recycling events, workshops, and more.

Since 2013, over 1000 international volunteers have provided the backbone for our community of learning in our after school English classes (Monday-Thursday). Year round, volunteers from the ages of 18-35 come from all over the world to inspire our communities through diversity and cultural exchange. As part of “The VP Bali Way: Education Through Play,” volunteers are encouraged to use creative learning techniques such as games and class competitions. This helps reinforce the idea of education as a journey, not an end goal for Balinese youth.

Volunteers are immediately assimilated into Balinese culture, starting off with traditional homestay accommodation. Weekly cultural exchanges with our kids and local staff members create a special experience far beyond a typical holiday, where volunteers can truly understand the vibrant traditions that make Balinese culture so unique.

Everything we do at Volunteer Programs Bali is for the Balinese and with the Balinese. Our English classes and community opportunities help Bali's youth and their families develop in today's changing society without losing the rich culture and family values that make Bali, Bali.

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Hi Juliette! As far as I know volunteers only get transferred if there is a case of illness or cancelation, and only if it otherwise means that a certain class doesn't have a teacher. When I was volunteering I did not see anyone transferred, they are very well organized and try to accommodate everyone's wishes.
Hi Rowan, From my experience I can tell you that during your classes you can pick up a lot of Indonesian very quickly. If you want to go more into debt you can always follow an extra course which can be found easily.
Hi Cathryn, a social/cultural visa is needed for this program. More information here: http://volunteerprogramsbali.org/placement-info/indonesian-visa/


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I stayed 4 weeks at VP Bali and it was the best experience I have ever had.
It was my first volunteering program abroad and everything stated on the website was what happened.
Children are amazing and you can bond really fast with them. Preparing the classes and knowing how to teach was my biggest fear but you are always paired with volunteers who arrived before so you have a smooth integration.
The homestay was really nice and clean and Wayan and his family treat you like kings and queens. You are paired with another volunteer in the room which helps you adjust more easily. When I stayed at Wena (Homestay) there was around 24 volunteers from different nationalities so you won’t be alone and you can meet people from all around the world.
On the top of the program, you have Friday to Sunday to travel and discover Bali. There are a lot of different places to visit. From temples and secluded areas to more popular areas like Seminyak and Canggu.

I would definitively encourage anyone who wants to mix volunteering and holidays to come to Ubud.

How can this program be improved?
Nothing need to be improved expect that more volunteers should come and bring awareness to this cause.
Yes, I recommend this program
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An unforgettable experience

A huge thank you to Kimberley and her team for doing such an amazing job for these kids! This experience was one of the most touching experience in my life. Teaching these cute and adorable kids was such a pleasure.
I also discovered the Balinese culture which is so different than the European one, but so beautiful. Balinese people are extremely kind and welcoming (the homestay family was amazing!).

How can this program be improved?
a smaller class for the first levels
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing experience! Don’t think twice, just go! It was literally best weeks of my life there and I planned to teach for three weeks but ended up extending two more. Believe me, time goes way too fast. Homestay is super nice, school and kids are amazing and of course Bali itself is incredible🙏🏽
You won’t regret your decision once you have gone through teaching experience with VPBali.
Definately recommended.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Don't miss the opportunity to volunteer with VP Bali!

Volunteering with VP Bali was a truly unique and incredible experience! There hasn't been a single day at school and in Bali in general that I haven't enjoyed! During my ten weeks with the kids and VP Bali I realised what it means to be happy again.

Learning with the kids was not only enriching for them but also for myself personally! The VP Bali staff was always supportive and always there to help. Kids and Teacher always have so much fun together - the kids are eager to learn English and the volunteers are eager to teach them.

Living with a Balinese family has been nothing but amazing. You get to explore the Balinese culture from an inside perspective and you can share lots of happy moments with the family. The family made me feel welcome from the very first day and was always helpful and super friendly!

Not only do you have the opportunity to teach amazing kids, but you also get to travel all around Bali on the weekends to see lots of beautiful places. During my stay I came to the conclusion that for me Bali is paradise!

Thanks to all the VP Bali staff and helpers for everything!

Yes, I recommend this program
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My review

I spend three amazing months in this program. I don't have even words how I can describe this program. When I start this program I was so shy and nervous about teaching. First I was thinking that I will teach with someone else at the beginning but no I teach alone my first week. It was so good idea from them. I got more self-confidence. There was always stuff member who was ready to help if I needed.

I really loved my student. Kids really want to learn English and way how we teach was very creative. One of my favorite experience was when locals invite us to the ceremony.

I have so much to say but if I said everything this going to be too long review. I would like to thank whole vp Bali family cause you made my volunteer period so successful. I also want to thank family of wena homestay. They were like a second parents for me. They always helped if I needed something.

Thank you all!

-Harri Mäkinen

Yes, I recommend this program
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Teaching English

I got the opportunity to volunteer with VP Bali and teach english for the past 7 weeks. This experience was more than what I could have ever expected! The children at school are some of the most loving and enthusiastic kids I have ever met; they all want to play, learn english, sing and dance and just have fun. Teaching the kids english was challenging at times, but it is so rewarding as towards the end you see the kids improving their english and starting to properly understand it, step by step of course! Working together with the staff and the volunteers to come up with fun and educative games is also something very special and challenging to do, but in the end I learned so much about teaching and especially when having to teach a foreign language to someone!

Not only is the teaching aspect of volunteering amazing and indescribable, but the other volunteers you meet whilst you are there and the places in Bali you visit makes it just that much better. I got to make so many amazing friends from all over the world, who I can now call very close friends of mine. I got to see so many beautiful places in Bali with them, it was great!

A unique aspect of VP Bali is their dedication to us volunteers learning more about the Balinese culture and traditions. We got to visit a ceremony, had to dress in the proper clothes for this and then learning how to pray. Every Wednesday you have a cultural exchange at school, where I got to dance, learn Bahasa, walk with a box on your head and so much more!

It really is something special you do there, something you need experience to realise how special it is. I loved every moment and I will miss the kids, the staff and all my friends I have made. Thank you VP Bali!

Yes, I recommend this program

I now call two places home…

During the time I spent with VP Bali I’ve made life-long friends from around the world, contributed to the education of my students by having fun together, learnt new skills both inside and outside the classroom, had the freedom to explore this beautiful island and have tried all kinds of delicious local cuisine.

From day one, nothing was ever too much trouble in this community and you will instantly feel a part of the family. I felt so comfortable to ask for any assistance while settling in and was surprised of how quickly I felt at home. The staff really make an effort to help you understand your surroundings through cultural exchanges in language, dance, amazing food and various other Balinese traditions. I didn’t expect to learn as much from the staff and students as I did. I was also surprised to be one of the only native English speakers within my volunteer group. Being such a mix of nationalities, I learnt things not only about the Balinese culture but about cultures from around the world, too.

VP Bali has opened my eyes to a different side of Indonesia that I had never experienced being here on holiday. It seems like a totally different place to me now. Being able to visit the temple in traditional dress, buying my groceries at the local (5am!) morning market and making friends with the Balinese have all enriched my time here. My one piece of advice would be to stay as long as you can because one month of volunteering in paradise goes way too quickly!

The students are warm and full of energy which you can feel as soon as you walk into school. They are excited to learn, compete in games and just to be around you really. The relaxed environment of VP Bali helps the students learn English naturally, with no pressure. This is what I love about the program and it has been so refreshing to see kids just being kids. It’s incredible how quickly you can form a bond with your students and you realise the effect you’ve had on them when they’re upset to see you go. They really do look up to you. I have great memories of teaching at VP Bali and will never forget my students and the staff involved. I wish them all the best in their bright futures to come!

Yes, I recommend this program

Thanks again Vp Bali ❤🙏

After two months in Vp Bali, i have to let you know how amazing it was.
I decide to come here alone, for giving and sharing with the children but also learning about me and the balinese culture.
And im today the happiest person ive ever been.
The programm is activ and adapted to the children. They wait for us. They need to learn and they’re everytime enjoying each lessons and moments together.
The staff is also very present during classes and very nice.
The volunteers arrive and leave each week, but its everytime a pleasure for us to meet new people and discovering the culture for the all world.
I really recommand this programm to everyone, cause its a life lesson but also new friends everywhere and the proud feeling for having giving your time to let a chance for this cutest children.
Thank you Vp Bali, thank you for all you brought me. I’ll come back. That’s a promess.

Yes, I recommend this program

Life changing experience

I just finish volunteering last week, and there are not enough words to explain how grateful I’m feeling for having had the oportunity to share life time with so many beautiful souls.

I was supposed to volunteer just for two weeks, but when time passed by I couldn’t imagine leaving so early; so I decided to extend one more week.
At first I was a little bit affraid because I had no experience teaching and I’m not a native speaker, but once I was at the Monday meeting listening about the vision and mision of the program, getting to know the amazing staff, how does it works, etc I started to feel very comfortable and cheerfull to do my best. Also what made me feel very confidence and happy was knowing that’s this volunteer is not only about teaching but also about learning. What really caught me was when in my first day Kimberly told us that if she would have wanted to have “perfect English” teachers for the kids she could have only accept experienced English teachers, but it wasn’t about that. It was about exchanging knlowledge, experiences, culture, joy, fun, learn and obviously teaching English. You can immediately see the transparency of this program and the will to really make a positive change in society.

At the end of the volunteer in VP Bali I end up with my heart full, full of sharing with the kids what makes your day happier, full of new friends, full of joy, better skilled, rich of experiences, lessons learned, amazing views, food, people, animals. I sweat out literally 💦☀️ and metaphorically speaking my mental and material attachments, your tightness, your comfort zone, being picky, enable to adapt and feel happier and lighter as a human being. To smile just because you are, to give because you feel, to recibe because there are plenty of good souls around the world that are welling to give. Even tough I was only volunteering for 3 weeks, this was a life changing experience, and this doesn’t ends up in Bali, but it’s the continuity of a better version of me expanding and sharing everywhere I go.

Alejandra Quintero
From Mexico .

Yes, I recommend this program
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Enriching experience

My experience in Bali was a very fulfilling experience. The kids are so full of life and they are always happy. They were easy to create a bond with in a short amount of time, and some of them genuinely cried on my last day after two weeks. They love to learn the English language and about your own culture wherever you're from. It was challenging and fun to come up with new games for them to play and explain the rules to them. Living in Goutama Homestay in the heart of Ubud was truly a special experience that I couldn't have gotten on my own. The family was so caring and kind, breakfast and laundry services were amazing, and there was so much that I could walk to easily close by. I found several yoga studios that I could walk to, incredible food, and sights to see only a short motorbike taxi ride away. The other volunteers were from all over the world and I am happy to have left with friends from countries that I've never been to before. I even took weekend trips to Canggu, Uluwatu, and climbed a volcano with my new friends. Overall this was a life-changing experience that brought me so much joy and I look forward to returning to Bali again and visiting the kids from VP Bali!

How can this program be improved?
I think the program could be improved with slightly more structure/guidelines for the teaching aspect. I love that there is a lot of freedom but also feel I could have done a better job with more tools and knowledge at my disposal.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Unexpected perfect

Coming to Bali has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.

In my case, this program has enriched my experience as a teacher. The kids were amazing, a bit noisy, but very thankful. The staff in the school has been incredible. If you have any question they will help you anytime!

The accomodation is clean and the breakfast is delicious (how I've missed the banana pancakes now I'm home...). In my case, as the classes happened in the afternoon, I used the mornings to enjoy the town. You can go to yoga classes, or just go to have a walk, or go to the market. It is very important to use the time you are in Bali to know the culture (which is amazing).

I have only good words for the program and the organisation. If you are interested in joining the program, do it. Don't be scared to be alone, there is full of other volunteers that will help you during your time there. :)

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing 12 weeks

Hi, I am Outi from Finland. I I was a volunteer for 12 weeks and how wonderful and valuable experience I got. Through volunteering I had possibility to offer my help to the empowerment of children and their communities and to enabling better prospect of future studies and employment for children. Even though I gave a lot for them, they gave me more.

I believe that this experience has taught me to be more adaptive and it has grown my capacity for problem solving. I am the type of person who likes to plan and prepare a lot before I go into a new situation or have a meeting with new people. During my volunteering I also have planned my classes very carefully, but I noticed that everything did not always go as planned and it's really not are serious thing. Volunteering in VP-Bali encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and I really learned enjoy being spontaneous and playful.

I am very grateful that I got to be part of this loving family for three months. VP-Bali family accepted me as I was, they did not ask me anything. the children in school showed their love so openly. Every time I went to school, I faced smiling faces and kids ran to my arms. I felt that I was loved, and I did not have to try anything. I understand that I do not need to be performing to be loved. Thanks to thanks VP-Bali family, that you taught me to love myself. I found my inner child that I had lost, and now I couldn’t be happier.

Love, Outi

Yes, I recommend this program
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VP Bali

Indonesia was the most incredible trip I've ever been on,it was amazing, and I'm glad I went on it. I met incredible people from all around the world, and made some great friends along the way. This trip will forever change how I view myself, my world, and my opportunities. Ubud is fantastic and there is a lot of free time to do things during the day. The friday and weekends are free as well, which gives us time to go on little trips and explore other cities with each other. Bali is genuinely the most beautiful place I've ever seen, I'm so honoured I got the chance to go there through VP Bali and have such an amazing experience.

Serbian, Croatian,Bosnian review :)
Indonezija je jedno od najboljih putovanja koje sam do sad imao. Upoznao sam fantastične ljude iz celog sveta sa kojima sam još u kontaktu. Ovo putovanje me je promenilo zauvek,pre svega poglede na sebe,svet i svoje mogućnosti. Ubud je prelep grad i prilikom slobodnog vremena ima dosta stvari da se obidje. Petak i vikendi su slobodni tako da volonteri imaju mogućnost da putuju ostrvom i upoznaju druge gradove i mesta. Sve u svemu Bali je jedno neverovatno mesto,sigurno jedno od najlepših na kojima sam bio,osećam se počastvovano i ponosno što sam 4 nedelje bio deo organizacije VP Bali!

How can this program be improved?
The programme was incredible and there's not much I'd do to improve it.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Life changing experience!

I first want to thank VP Bali for this sacred and nurturing experience. The past three months in my life were full of self fulfillment, magical moments, connections, growth, and serenity. Originally we come to this program to teach English but trust me what we learn from these kids is much more than what we teach them. These beautiful creatures teach you how to appreciate the little things in life no matter how little they are, they show you how easy it could be to be a genuinely happy person, they give you the opportunity to discover how beautiful you could be by acting like a kid, by forgetting your personal life for a little while and by giving unconditionally. Willingly, these kids attend our classes right after their schools. They come not because they have to but because they want to. Seeing their improvement make you feel as proud as seeing your own child making his first steps. What's so special about VP Bali is that they work their best to make sure that we leave with much more than what you gave. With VP Bali you cannot but be a part of the culture. You'd be living in the homestay of one of the sweetest families in Ubud; you would have the opportunities to be a part of at least one ceremony, you would witness how Balinese people spend their days. With the cultural exchange on Wednesday you learn a lot about their culture and you get to act upon it as well. You also get to attend Balinese ceremonies in the village or even pray with your students in the special occasions. Finally, imagine how much you can learn about the culture when the staff members are all locals with the sweetest hearts who are always ready to share with you everything they know! More than the Balinese culture, with the diversity of nationalities of the volunteers, you would have the opportunity to have a glimpse of knowledge about a lot of different cultures as well! Especially that in VP Bali we are much more than colleagues; in VP Bali we are family! Starting from the most influential founder Kimberly, to the interns, the staff, the volunteers and most importantly the kids. You might think that three months is a long time but I was learning something new each day! No time would feel enough but the more you stay the more you learn. I came back home with a long lasting smile on my face, serenity and peace in my heart and most importantly a lot of knowledge to share.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My internship with VP Bali

When I first started the internship I didn't imagine how much I would learn about the Balinese culture. As an intern at VP Bali you get the chance to work closely with the local staff. This was for me the best way to learn about their culture cause they are all happy to let you in and give you an inside look.
I've also learned a lot from the Kimberley. Even though she is the founder and has a million things to do she is always there to answer all the questions and help you where it's needed.
I've learned so much more about Marketing and Social media. I for sure grew a lot professionally but even more personally!
This experience is truly incredible. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made (if not the best).

Yes, I recommend this program


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At VP Bali, we believe that education can change a child’s destiny. More than just an international volunteer program, we provide opportunities to empower local Balinese communities through free English classes, recycling events, workshops, and more....