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Here at Volunteer Programs Bali, we believe that education can change a child’s destiny. More than just an international volunteer program, we provide opportunities to empower local Balinese communities through free English classes, recycling events, workshops. Furthermore, we also provide scholarship program, paid-internship, and continuously encourage local business owners to create job opportunities for our students. These opportunities give our students the tools they need to achieve their fullest potential in an ever-changing society, while holding on to the values and respect for the vibrant culture that makes Bali so unique.


Every volunteer’s experience, empowerment, and growth is equally as important as anyone else in our family. We hope that the personal development and lessons learned during your time with us stay with you long after Bali, and ultimately inspire you to empower those in your own communities.

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Hi Juliette! As far as I know volunteers only get transferred if there is a case of illness or cancelation, and only if it otherwise means that a certain class doesn't have a teacher. When I was volunteering I did not see anyone transferred, they are very well organized and try to accommodate everyone's wishes.

Hi Rowan, From my experience I can tell you that during your classes you can pick up a lot of Indonesian very quickly. If you want to go more into debt you can always follow an extra course which can be found easily.

Hi Cathryn, a social/cultural visa is needed for this program. More information here: http://volunteerprogramsbali.org/placement-info/indonesian-…


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Yes, I recommend this program

Enriching Experience in Bali

•I learned about the program on Google & it seemed so great I decided to enroll.
•The moment we arrived at Wena Homestay, we met so many volunteers from all over the globe, besides we got to live with a Balinese family. Little by little, the people we met started to become a second family.
•Orientation is very helpful and you won't feel alone.
•Most important of all, the kids are so welcoming & friendly. VP Bali is teaching in a fun way. Classes are very interactive with a communicate approach.
Overall, this is such a rewarding experience. Not only will you teach but you'll also learn a lot from the kids. You'll notice how small things really matter. A smile, a hug or a high 5 will make your day. You'll help & grow a lot. Don't miss it!.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Have some spare time to travel after the program even when you can travel on your mornings/days off. Also, consider extending your stay in the program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience

I was recommended by my friend to have a look at VP Bali. I did some research about the programme and then applied. I was in Bali only a month later!
I volunteered for 12 weeks from 8th of Feb to 4th of May. Below is a little overview of my time... (For those that don’t want to read lots and just find out good from bad... I Loved it)

The application process ran smoothly. I received an email with a step by step preparation list which I personally found very helpful!

I had no experience in working with or teaching children and I thought this would be an issue. I absolutely loved my experience at school. The kids are amazing and have such a passion for wanting to learn. You really do build a special bond with your kids to the point where you don’t want the class to end! They are the easiest hellos and the hardest goodbyes.

You have to prepare your classes and tailor them to suit your kids and this is something that is really rewarding when the kids love the classes. You get all the help you need with the helpers and staff and you also have your co-teachers so your are never alone. It’s really a lot of fun being at school, there’s always something going on every week, from a cultural exchange where you learn about the Balinese culture to a full on school water fight... never a dull moment!

Being on the program is mainly about volunteering. But it’s also about learning about a new culture, weekend trips away, meeting new people and becoming a family.

I can’t speak highly enough about Vp Bali and the experience I’ve had. I’ve loved every moment and if your thinking about doing it then there’s lots of positive things about Vp Bali and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time like I did!

VP Bali will always hold a special place in my heart.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Walking into the school and meeting the kids for the first time was a bit scary for me but the kids are so welcoming and happy that they make you feel so comfortable.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My incredible experience in VP Bali

This experience was the best I did so far, I met incredible people, and connect with the kids really quick ! Living with strangers from all over the worlds is really enriching and really special. That's why I think if you want to go to VP Bali, you should go alone or with only one friend, that's what I did and it is better because like that you will better enjoy discover new people and you will speak English more often. Like that it's better to be integrated.
The Wena Homestay was really nice with a lovely family. I want to do it again ! You should stay a month minimum to live this experience completely.
The best memories that I have, is the farewell because it was so intense and I won't forget it for sure. Vp Bali is more than giving class to some kids, it is learning so much from them, giving but receiving so much, there is not enough words to speak about this. YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT TO UNDERSTAND IT.

What would you improve about this program?
I will maybe propose to help cleaning temple or things like that to be more involve in the balinese way of life. And maybe I will maybe include the payment for the way back to the airport in the price.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I want more, please.

It is no secret that volunteering is an experience full of learning. My biggest learning? Maybe be much more aware, in the broadest sense of the word. It is possible that my time at VP Bali does not mean a radical change in my life, but it is undeniable that the experience, although brief, pierces your soul and opens your mind, eyes and heart. Take down any wall that prevents you from seeing the reality of the world and the priorities of life. It makes you a simpler, more human, empathetic and sensitive person and, perhaps, of all this, you will only realize when you go back to your bubble, where you start to rethink everything. It reiterates the idea of "they teach me" but it is so true. I admired and admire their gratitude and generosity, both of the children and of the family with whom we stayed. It has helped me to value immensely what matters. But above all things, it has helped me to realize how lucky I am, how much love can be shared and how well it feels. It has helped me to grow and to meet incredible people who will stay in my life... To value more everything you have and take for granted, but that at a stroke life can take you away. I lived in my flesh for the first time that the needs are relative. I traveled with a backpack full of clothes, but I discovered that almost everything was left over, I just wanted good company and surprised me at every step. Before doing this volunteering I had two fundamental fears: that the organization was not really transparent and how long I stay should last. Well, now I am directly addressing you, future volunteer, you will only need to talk for a while with the founder, Kim, to realize the clear mission and vision of this volunteering and all your fears about possible double intentions leave. And finally, extend your stay as much as you can, for me, two weeks are not enough, so I just want to come back for much longer.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Do not reserve any excursion in advance, when you arrive here you will cancel them to make trips with the rest of the volunteers.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A life change experience

VP Bali was my first volunteer outside my home country and I could not imagine a better start. I only had the opportunity for be there for 2 weeks. It is better if you stay longer but if as me, you are not able to stay more time, it is a beautiful experience anyway. One of my concerns before coming to Bali was where I was going to stay. You stay with a Balinese family. However don’t imagine a house similar to yours. It is a rectangle with a lot of individual rooms and bathrooms that share a courtyard . So you will share your room and bathroom with only one volunteer more. The breakfast is included. You have to buy your own lunch and dinner but Balinese restaurant are super cheap and you can find any type of food. Another worry was about what clothes I should bring to Bali. The weather in Bali is hot and super humid so bring floppy clothes. There is no restriction for clothes in your free time. Girls can perfectly wear short skirts or tank tops. However in the school your shoulders and knees have to be cover. Balinese consider their foot the “dirty” part of the body, so they don’t go into any room with shoes, this means you will teach without shoes. For this reason, it is recommendable to bring flip flops. About the English classes, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any precious experience because you will have a co-teacher and all the VP Bali team to help you. The kids are just amazing. You will fell in love with them from the first second. In my opinion, VP Bali is the best place you can go if you don’t have a lot or any experience but you want to feel useful. It is also a good opportunity to travel and really learn about the Balinese culture. VP Bali organize cultural exchange activities and living with a Balinese family and interacting with the kids helps you a lot to understand their traditions and way of living. What I personally found incredible. Moreover you have free weekends and Fridays where you can travel. I will always thank the VP Bali family for let me live this experience. I truly hope I can go back.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience ever

I can say it now : participate to VP Bali was the best experience ever in my life.
I had so many questions before leaving for Bali. Am I a good teacher ( because my level in English was not amazing maybe a B2 level ) ? Can I adapt myself to a country as different from mine ? Aren’t 4 weeks too long ?

Finally, I can tell you that I learned more from the children than I taught to them. Thanks to my co-teacher who was here one week before me, it made me more comfortable for my first days in class. I got to watch her and see what I would have to do for the next 4 weeks. Once my co-teacher was absent and I was afraid about teaching alone, but it ended up being very easy : I could ask to one helper to translate some words in Indonesian and stay with be at the beginning. Tutik and Kim were also here to help me, during the meeting on Monday I saw what I could do with my class with them. Don’t worry about being left on your own, it will never happen!

I’m so grateful I got to meet beautiful people such as the children, the volunteers from all around the word, helpers, the locals at the homestay and also the founder of the organization Kim. During these 4 weeks I saw children always smiling with sparkles in their eyes even thought they live with almost nothing. I will never forget the smile of the students from both my classes. Living in Bali for 1 month taught me a great deal about the balinese culture, I understood a new mentality and a worldview that is completely different from mine. I also realized that the balinese people are living happily without clear drinking water, warm water, unlimited clothing options and all the kind of stuff we are used to living with.
I would like to say thanks a million to vp bali for giving me the chance to live this amazing adventure. You gave me so much that I could ever give for you.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Don’t be afraid to go for a long trip, more than 1 month ! I regret having stayed only 4 weeks, I felt like home after few days
Yes, I recommend this program

an inspiring and amazing program

First of all - to volunteer at VP Bali was one of the best things I have done so far.
I have been here for 10 weeks and I don‘t regret a single second I spend in this programm.
VP Bali is not just about teaching kids and traveling. It is about giving the kids a chance to have a better future, get close to the culture and being a part of an amazing program.
Before I came here, I had so many questions. How are the kids? Am I a good teacher? Is it going to be easy? How is it to stay in the homestay? Should I travel after my time at VP Bali?

Living in the homestay was a brilliant way to get even closer to the Balinese culture and the family. I came to Bali alone and after a few days, I had so many new friends, with who i could share my experience. Wayan, the owner of the homestay is really helpful and you can trust him. If you have any problems, his family will help you with everything.
When you live in a homestay, you are never alone.

I had amazing Co-Teachers and Helpers, who made teaching really easy.
All the volunteers are sharing their experiences, games and ideas, so I never ran out of games for my class.
I was in Room 2 and in both classes I had amazing kids. The moment, when you come to school and the kids run into your arms, asking you with a big smile how you are, is always a special moment.
I have learned so much from my kids, that i can‘t even say what exactly it was. I am so grateful for my kids, that they have been patient with me, happy about every game, coming to my class and always having a hug left for me.
I will never forget the letters or flowers, the kids gave to me.

After my time in VP Bali, I will go to Australia. Once you go away from home and start traveling, you can‘t stop anymore. Many of us volunteers changed their flights to travel threw Asia or other countries, which are close to bali. I can just recommend to book a flexible flightticket.

Now my time at VP Bali is over and I think, staying 10 weeks, was perfekt. It is a long time, but after this time, you can call this place your home. A home with so many people from all around the world, who are getting so close, that you can call them a family. This program changed my life and the way I see my life.
Thank you VP Bali, for this amazing time.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
When you choose a volunteer program, your number one priority should be the teaching the children. But after the program, many volunteers are traveling around indonesia or other countries, which are close to Bali. So don‘t plan to much before you come here. You never know, who you will meet or what you want to do after the program.
Yes, I recommend this program


My experience in VP Bali is not finished yet, but I already regret to not spending more time here. VP Bali is not only teaching English to children and helping them to have a better future, this is way more than that!
VP Bali is discovering a new country, immersing in a new culture and changing your way of seeing life. VP Bali is growing up through a unique experience, learning from the kids and learning about yourself. VP Bali is meeting fabulous people, having tons of fun and making friends for life. VP Bali is visiting splendid places, travelling around Bali and going to places you never thought you could go. VP Bali is meeting adorable kids, smiling every time they give you a drawing or flower and crying when you need to say goodbye. VP Bali is living a wonderful experience, regretting that you can’t stay here forever and being more than thankful for everything.
VP Bali has been one of these moments in your life that stay engraved in you mind. A life changing experience, an unforgettable chapter, an extraordinary time. A thousand of thank you to Kim, Tutik, Indra, the other helpers, the kids, the other volunteers and all the people I have seen on my way here!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Defininitely enjoy every moments you will spend in Vp Bali! Time flies and I don't know any volunteers who didn't want to extend their programmes here! Life changing experience, more than worth it