Volunteer Abroad

100 Awesome Volunteer Project Ideas

Emma Lander

Emma is a freelance copy and content writer. She is a qualified EFL teacher and has taught in the UK, Scandinavia and South Korea.

Volunteering abroad is a big thing these days; most people who have done it have loved it, and most people who haven’t done it want to do it. Volunteering abroad makes your resume stand apart, introduces you to new friends and cultures, and opens your eyes to a new way of living.

Volunteer projects are wide-spread; you aren't simply limited to elephant conservation in Thailand or volunteer teaching English. There are endless possibilities that volunteering abroad can offer. We’ve drawn up 100 different projects from around the world to inspire you and make you giddy with excitement. From building farms to tracking bears in the mountains, these opportunities to change the world are truly diverse and each project is as rewarding as the next.

  1. WWOOF: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms exist all over the globe.
  2. Plant trees in New Zealand.
  3. Become a diver and help protect the coral reef in Fiji.
  4. Girl Power! Volunteer with women in Asia for women’s empowerment.
  5. Help research the glaciers in Iceland.
  6. Restore national parks in Australia.
  7. Build chicken farms in Jamaica .
  8. Help a family anywhere in the world with Work Away.
  9. Harvest olives in Italy.
  10. Fancy something really chilled out? House-sit abroad!
  11. Help out on a refugees in Palestine.
  12. Help the locals pluck tea leaves in India.
  13. Care for abandoned children in Egypt.
  14. Assist in conserving the natural environment in the Maldives.
  15. Assist with food preparation in a soup kitchen in Vietnam.
  16. Sail around the world for free as a volunteer crew member.
  17. Teach farming techniques in Tanzania - don't worry, you’ll get trained up first.
  18. Work in a children’s library in Nepal.
  19. Join the Peace Corps to make a real difference in the lives of people around the globe.
  20. Monitor the coral and fish in Mexico.
  21. Live in a Swedish forest and help conserve the bears, moose and beavers.
  22. Work on farms in the Himalayas.
  23. Help to breed and release endangered Macaws in Costa Rica.
  24. Assist dolphins in Kenya.
  25. Conserve part of the Cloud Forest in Ecuador by planting, trail work and partaking in research activities.
  26. Remove invasive species in Iceland to protect the wilderness.
  27. Head to Australia and hop over to Tasmania to save the Tasmanian Devil.
  28. Learn the art of tracking by following the wolves and lynx in Slovakia.
  29. Volunteer as a library assistant in Africa.
  30. Teach your IT skills to students in Thailand, Cambodia or Laos.
  31. Design marketable products in India.
  32. Help community development projects in Argentina.
  33. Know about nutrition? Developing countries need people to educate them on healthy eating on a small budget.
  34. Assist in community development projects in Nepal.
  35. Build mountain bike trails in Ghana.
  36. Make a positive impact on Brazilian society by promoting intercultural exchange.
  37. Got mechanical skills? Help out in Tanzania.
  38. Teach English in Sudan, one of the world’s most impoverished countries.
  39. Assist hog farmers in Gulu.
  40. Join a veterinary project in Mexico.
  41. Work at a private eco-reserve in a rainforest.
  42. Lend a hand after major disasters around the world.
  43. Help sea turtles in Mexico.
  44. Teach art classes to children in Costa Rica.
  45. Help at an orphanage in Uganda.
  46. Volunteer with lions in South Africa.
  47. Work on a refugee camp in the Middle East.
  48. Be a content writer for publications in developing countries.
  49. Work with elephants in Thailand.
  50. Assist with social development programs in Uganda.
  51. Teach adults how to read and write in Kenya.
  52. Build farms in Argentina.
  53. Explore caves in Costa Rica while studying the bat population.
  54. Assist at a coffee plantation in Columbia.
  55. Teach English in South Africa.
  56. Help build farms in Wales.
  57. If you’re after a really rewarding challenge, volunteer with street children in Delhi.
  58. Help at bed and breakfast houses in Austria.
  59. Work in organic gardens in Sweden.
  60. Want to work in medicine? Volunteer as a healthcare worker in Peru.
  61. Work on organic wine farms in South Africa.
  62. Teach arts and crafts in Namibia and help locals sell their work.
  63. Get involved with conservation efforts in the Galapagos islands.
  64. Teach at a Buddhist temple school in Thailand.
  65. Build a school in Romania.
  66. Help on organic farms in Ecuador.
  67. Install drinking water storage facilities for community groups in Kenya.
  68. Help protect the jaguars in Costa Rica.
  69. Build toilets, stoves and drainage systems in Nepal.
  70. Help out in guest houses in Morocco.
  71. Work as a gardener in a beautiful English village.
  72. Help to design and construct rain water collection systems in Fiji.
  73. Volunteer with monkeys in Namibia.
  74. Love kids? Become an Au Pair in France.
  75. Work in state hospitals in Russia.
  76. Help out in hostels in Brazil.
  77. Work with underprivileged children in Colombia.
  78. Join a coastal marine expedition in Thailand.
  79. Have a whale of a time volunteering in the Cook Islands.
  80. Build dog kennels for shelters in Rio De Janeiro.
  81. Prepare food baskets for families in need in Argentina.
  82. Lend a hand on farms in Chile.
  83. Don’t follow the crowd to Australia to pick fruit, head to Israel and do it there instead.
  84. Join an Amazon Basin research project.
  85. Lead HIV education workshops in Africa (.
  86. Become a dairy farmer in Turkey.
  87. Clean hotels in Ireland - and get free Irish beer as a perk.
  88. Help the refugees in Malta (and experience what island life is really like).
  89. Work with the National Trust in the UK to help protect historic buildings, clean the coast, or assist on a farm.
  90. Analyze data and assist in rehabilitating the gorillas in Rwanda.
  91. Help with climate care construction projects in the Seychelles.
  92. Care for rare-breed ponies in Greece.
  93. Work at summer camps in Italy.
  94. Train in the African bush and become a qualified field guide.
  95. Don’t fancy traveling abroad? No worries, volunteer here in the states instead: build a playground; tutor in schools; work on community projects; or educate others.

Now that you’ve read our truly awesome list of volunteer ideas, start thinking about which opportunity will be right for you! Consider your skills, desires, and hobbies so that you can find the perfect match. Each of these 100 volunteer ideas will offer an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.