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Final Places Available for Spring Internships

There are only a couple of places remaining for The Intern Group's Spring internship programs. Apply now to secure a space!


We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in London, one of the world's most important and impressive cities. During your internship abroad, you will gain hands-on professional experience and build a network for your future career. Your internship in London will make you stand out from your peers.

Partnering with a range of companies, organizations and NGOs, our program will boost your professional development. We offer programs for people of all backgrounds and experience levels. We’ve previously placed interns at Quintessentially, Bell Pottinger and the London Olympic Games.

Your program includes accommodation, airport pick up and drop off, regular social and cultural events, professional development tools and workshop, 24/7 emergency assistance, a one on one career coaching session for alumni and many other great benefits. Apply now to our award-winning program featured in CNN, TIME and Forbes.

  • Have a top-class international internship in London! Our personalized process ensures that you will be working in the industry sector of your choice, in a role that is tailored to your professional goals.
  • It makes your resume stand out! In today's society, everyone does sport, plays an instrument and is part of a society. As one of millions of young people applying for their first job, you need to find a way to jump off the page!
  • Make friends and professional networks in London and from all over the world! Whether you like it or not, its not what you know, its who you know.
  • For non native-English speakers improve your language! Learn English in the home of the English language.
  • Have an amazing life experience in London! We know that moving to a new place can be nerve-racking. Thats why our team on the ground is made up of Londoners who are there to give you support 24/7.

Questions & Answers

In order to participate, interns must be 18 years old or over. Here's the link for more FAQs: I hope that helps!
Hi Ernestine, the biggest factor here is making sure you are eligible for the appropriate visa. For example, if you are an american you must be there on the Tier-5 "Intern in Britain" visa.
Most people were in their early 20s (20-23) with several people around 25-27. Hope this helps!


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  • Growth 8.5
  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 8
  • Housing 8.9
  • Safety 9.2
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Great internship experience

I interned at London in fashion for 3 months.

It was a wonderful experience!

Initially I felt nervous, arriving at a new country where I knew nobody. But InternLondon made sure that I felt at home!

The program is really well structured, and allows you to meet many new people. Regular catch-ups ensures that you're always surrounded by people going through the same things as you. Paid events in the programme allow you gain the full London experience!

The accommodation was great, particularly because I lived close to my new friends.

Definitely an experience that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

Yes, I recommend this program
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It Is What You Make It

I only have positive things to say about The Intern Group. The program lived up to what was described on the website. The support and administrative team are everything you could hope for. The program provides a great environment to develop personally and professionally. How much you get out of it depends on your attitude and the effort you put in.

The best thing is the network you have access to and the friends you will make. I advise others to set out what they want from their work experience and talk to their employers to ensure they have the best chance of achieving work related goals.

I think everyone finds the first week challenging and will put most out of their comfort zone but that is why you do it. If you have the right attitude and make the effort your experience on the program will exceed your expectations. In the end I wish I could have stayed longer.

Yes, I recommend this program
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10 week Intern London program

The experience i had in London through The Intern Group was one of the most valuable of my life. The process began slow for me, but once i was on the ground in London i quickly came to realize what a great opportunity i had just undertaken. The quality of the internship itself will vary. That is just the nature of it. I made friends with people who ranged from hating their internship to being indifferent about it to those like myself who loved it and found the job nothing but enjoyable. Given the unlikelihood that you do actually hate it, the staff in London are more than ready to help rectify the situation. The atmosphere with everyone in the program is very laid back, and in downtime on weekends or after work I found myself making lifelong friends with the great people I had the opportunity of living with. the Intern London staff are very welcoming, and Natalie did an impeccable job at organizing meetups and fun activities. Hands down I would do the program again. The internship I had was more than I could have hoped for in terms of work experience and setting myself up for my future after London. I've been back for almost two months and not a day has gone by that I don't miss the friends I made or the city I was privileged to call home for a while.

How can this program be improved?
Though I had no problems at all, from talking with my friends and peers it seemed like better communication between the Intern London team and the housing company would have benefited those who had issues with their accommodation. Likewise I was aware of communication issues with the companies that some were interning with and the Intern London team. Streamlining of the communication would have made it easier for those having issues to have them resolved.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Fulfilling experience

I had a truly wonderful and life changing experience in London. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at a Central London global advisory firm, and it gave me exposure to the field of foreign affairs in a way that I would not have had otherwise. What I appreciate most about the programme was the fact that interns are given the freedom to experience the city on their own terms, while also having scheduled events where they can interact with others. I made many close friends over the course of my stay in London, and looking back I can say with full confidence that taking part in the programme was one of the best decisions I made in both my personal and professional life.

How can this program be improved?
Provide more information about the housing including pictures of the rooms.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Review-Intern London

Doing an internship with the Intern Group in London has given me a better sense of professional and personal achievement. It has been a very effective way to launch my career, and I've made friends who I know I'll have forever. The program staff have been extremely helpful, (even if I've asked a billion questions about visas,or the TV not working properly) and I'd say that doing this program has definitely broadened my mind. I've learned how to network with contacts, gained valuable experience in my field of choice, and lived in one of the best cities in the world.
The most important thing anyone would be worried about while going abroad is support and help, and Intern London have done an amazing job of providing that. In my opinion, you learn so much more about yourself when you're in a new environment, and this is a great opportunity to do that as well as find where your career interests lie. Thanks guys!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Super positive experience

I've spent 8 weeks in London doing an internship. It has been a very positive experience both regarding the job and the people I've met. I had the chance to learn a lot from my working experience and I also helped to organize three events with my managers.
I met a lot of new people coming from different parts of the world and I had a very good time.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Please Save Your Money

I cannot help to think that I was lied to and cheated during my time with The Intern Group. The Intern Group seemingly appeared to be the outlet for myself to get the perfect overall experience abroad. It seemed as though I would be set during my time in London but it was all a facade to take students money and throw them into a foreign country all alone. We were left to survive in a very bad area being verbally harassed multiple times at all hours of the day. This made everyday activities such as going to work and grocery shopping very difficult.

One of the major reasons I decided to go with The Intern Group was the "active community of interns" which would "stay together in premier accommodation". I easily could have found housing and an internship on my own but I wanted the community of interns which I had been told numbers times that we would be living together. I, along with a handful of other interns, were isolated in a threatening area while other interns were placed in a slightly better accommodation as they promised multiple times on their website.

This left me to question where my money went. After asking how much it cost to live in Julian Markham housing in Elephant and Castle, I learned that it is just a fraction of the cost of what I paid The Intern Group. The disparity between the amounts of money that I paid for living accommodations compared to the other intern's accommodation was insurmountable.

I am grateful I thoroughly enjoyed my place of work or else I would have to call legal action against the scam of what is The Intern Group. Although this is what they may call an "experience", it is just a lie to cheat young students of their money. I strongly suggest you save your money and use it towards a legitimate organization such as Dream Careers or just travel on your own.

Response from The Intern Group

Dear Sharleen,

We are saddened with your review. We understand that our programme is an investment in your future and the mission of our organization is to provide significant personal and professional development. The fact that you are disappointed, despite greatly enjoying your internship, is not nice to hear. We aim to provide a great experience and our feedback overwhelmingly suggests that we do.

As we explained to you in London, taking your points one by one:

"throw them into a foreign country all alone" -

You state that you were left isolated in a new country and received no help from us. We have checked all forms of communication with Ariana and Christina, our pre-arrival team, and we have verified that you were given all of your pre-arrival documents and your orientation pack in advance. This had all the relevant info that you needed on it and reading them would have given you everything you needed to know. When you arrived you were picked up at the airport by our driver, and you were met by our experience coordinator and given your induction on the same weekend. During your stay you attended all of the events bar one and you were invited to several meet ups and events by Ariana on Facebook (many of which you chose not to attend). The events you attended were tailored so that you could go with people who you had made friends with, rather than the ones you had originally been assigned to - clearly a big effort was made to accommodate your wishes. Everyone on our programme is an adult and often want independence, so we are not sure what you expected from us. Any time you wanted help or assistance, someone was on hand to speak with you - we have noted that our London Director spoke with you at 11pm on a weeknight for example.

- "We were left to survive in a very bad area being verbally harassed multiple times at all hours of the day. This made everyday activities such as going to work and grocery shopping very difficult."

You were living in zone 1 of central London, in the heart of our city. You were staying in the halls of residence of Kings College London, one of the UK´s best universities. We hardly consider this a very bad area. Elephant and Castle has received vast investment in the last ten years, is full of young professionals and has amazing transport links.

When you say that you "and a handful of other interns were isolated":

There were over 55 participants on our programme living in your accommodation residence at the time of your arrival - this is not a handful. We do not understand where this notion of you feeling isolated came from. We used 3 other Halls of Residence during June and July and there were similar levels of interns in each location (Your halls had the greatest number of people in fact). Your accommodation had a good community spirit and the feedback we have got from most interns living there was extremely positive.

Secondly, you have no idea about our accommodation costs. Using figures based around all-year round prices (a 50 week tenancy) to try and work out your own 6 week stay during peak season in summer is completely false and misleading. As well as the numerous other core components of your programme, staff costs/overheads, tax and service charges are all factored into your programme fee - if you think that it is all 'a facade to take students money' then you couldn't be more mistaken. We work tirelessly to make this programme work and we are proud of what we provide and the experiences that people have. These points were discussed in length with Lee Carlin, our Director in London, many months ago and it is disappointing that they are being expressed again.

As it was your first time in London, we understand that the city can be a bit of a shock in terms of size, how busy and dynamic it is etc. But when you talk about us being a scam over the accommodation issue, we find this insulting as it is simply not true. You yourself wrote that you "thoroughly enjoyed the place of work" that we facilitated. We have a genuine sympathy that you didn't enjoy your summer in London, but this review is extremely misleading. It would have been good to bring your issues up earlier in your stay so we could have looked to resolve them.

We hope you can take positives and learn from your experience in London and we wish you the best of luck with your future studies/career. Hopefully in time you may realize that you learned a great deal more than perhaps you think at this time.

The Intern Group Team

No, I don't recommend this program
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Intern London Experience

I had an amazing time with the Intern Group. My internship as a photographer with the Resident was top notch, and provided me with extremely professional experience that is very applicable to my field. I was very satisfied with the amount of "real world" work I was doing around the office, out on jobs and etc.
Any difficulties I came across were more welcomed challenges than anything, such as tough commutes or long days. Everything I experience in London has helped me grow personally ans as a professional individual.
Never before has a summer changed my life in such a large way.

How can this program be improved?
I would perhaps like better living accommodations. The stuffy rooms were unbearably hot, and not much of an amenity.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A great way to travel

I had a fantastic time while interning in London. For me, this experience was more about getting to live overseas for a short period of time, with the added bonus of the internship looking good on my resume.

My internship was exactly what I had hoped for. It was in a nice environment and wasn't stressful. Though I will add that in my internship I didn't learn much that I hadn't already learnt and experienced, but I knew that when I said yes to the company I interned with, because they explicitly stated what my daily tasks would be in the interview. For those considering this program where work experience and growth is really important, you can interview with multiple companies, so make sure you know what your daily tasks will be before signing on.

My shared accommodation was wonderful! I loved the area I stayed in and the house itself was really clean and modern.

I made some really great friends through the intern groups social activities, and thanks to them had an amazing time while abroad.

How can this program be improved?
I would have appreciated more help before I arrived for my internship. Specifically, it would have been great to get more information on my internship, the location of where I was staying in advance, and the ways the intern group helps us during the stay.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing Internship

I recieved a placement at a small boutique, lifestyle PR agency in Soho. As the company was so small I had the opportunity to learn a lot in a short amount of time. As my internship progressed I was also given more responsibility, and towards the end of my program was given the responsibility of training new interns.

My daily duties included, completing coverage checks in both print and online media, scanning and filing coverage. I was also able to help plan media events and previews and got to attend many of our client events.

How can this program be improved?
For me there were a few initial problems with the accommodation, such as not having any bedding or any kitchen utensils when we first arrived. The bedding issue was sorted out on the same day, which was good however we didn't recieve any kitchen equipment for almost a week. Once this was resolved though, things went pretty smoothly.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Don´t try Intern Group, try it on your own

My internship was supposed to be 5 months. I started at a "company" at the Google campus, which wasn´t even a company yet. It was a startup, which figured out it´s business plan, etc. When I complained, the Intern Group told me to make a list with the tasks I had to do and it´s going to be better. There was no list, as my only task was to do research (I applied for an internship in the HR sector). I was lucky that the founders of the company admitted that it was too early to have interns and they would help me. So the Intern Group had to help me too to find another internship. I was really happy with the second company.
Moreover, I was disappointed that I wasn´t supposed to live with other people from the Intern Group. I got to know a really nice guy at one of the Intern Group dinners, so I decided to move to his house. Again- I had to organise everything on my own. All in all, for the money I paid-it´s not worth it with the little support you get.

Response from The Intern Group

Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about the first internship, but we would like to point out that the placement company was a real company. Unfortunately, their expected project didn't materialize for the period of your internship. Therefore, we moved quickly to find you another placement within a week of speaking with the original placement company. This internship was a success on both sides as you point out in your review. We are glad to hear that it went well.

In your accommodation, you asked if you could be moved to be in the same house with your friend, so we facilitated it immediately and made sure it happened.

We always work with our participants to make sure their experience is the best that it can be, as we did with you with regards to the internship and accommodation. Support is one of the most important parts of our program, which is why we have staff on-site 24/7 in London to make sure everything goes smoothly.

No, I don't recommend this program
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An incredible experience

I completed a 3 month journalism internship and had an amazing time. I gained much needed industry experience which has helped me find full-time employment, while at the same time I was able to explore one of my favourite cities and meet people.

How can this program be improved?
In terms of accommodation, I would have liked to have been placed in a house with other interns.
Yes, I recommend this program
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The Intern Group (5 Star Experience)

The quality of internships that The Intern Group finds for interns is outstanding. They take the time give you the best internship that suits you!

In addition, the overall experience between housing, events, and assistance throughout your stay is wonderful. The staff is very friendly and willing to assist you with anything you need.

My advice to future interns: This is your experience - make it what you want! Don't be afraid to wander alone and meet locals. You are there to make connections and advance in your career so you need to take advantage of that!

How can this program be improved?
A little more information prior to boarding the plane. Everything felt a little up in the air. For me, it wasn't much of an issue...but to others who are a little younger and haven't been abroad before - this can make them a little anxious!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Intern London Provides An Amazing and Unique Experience For All

Intern London provides support from the moment participants are accepted into the program! I was involved in the internship interview process, was informed about my living arrangements and the social events that were provided with the fees of the Summer Deluxe Program, and had one on one interactions with the professional staff throughout my entire time in London.

As soon as I arrived, I got a call from a staff member to ensure my arrival and airport pickup, then met with her as well as other interns later that day to get to know each other and get a welcome to the city.

I never had to worry about having something to do after work, because Intern London planned events and meet ups for all of the participants to do, which not only were great for socializing with the other interns, but were cultural experiences that really rounded out my trip. I had the option to attend any or all of the events which also allowed me to have a trip that was unique and full of the experiences I wanted.

Intern London does a fantastic job of providing a professional experience for its' participants through finding an internship, as well as allowing participants to have an incredibly unique and incredible experience through the extra events that interns can attend.

A tip I would give to participants who opt for the Bethnal Green shared flats: set aside a little extra in your budget for either kitchen supplies and/or utensils. My group that lived together were able to find utensils and small pots for cooking in the neighborhood for between 15-20 GBP, just to give an idea of how much to set aside.

That being said, I would recommend the Bethnal Green shared flats as the living option. Out of about 30 interns who were in London with the program while I was there, probably 25 lived in the Bethnal Green flats and we all were able to hang out and do things together; it really added to my experience to make friends in my building and have them to go to Intern London events with!

How can this program be improved?
I would add a packing list for interns, as well as a list of extras that they will need to provide for themselves (ex. pots, pans, forks/knives/spoons at the Bethnal Green location)
Yes, I recommend this program
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A wonderful investment, personally and professionally.

Overall, I loved the program. I was keen to have international experience on my resume (and mainly -- just really wanted to live in London!) I had a unique degree in equine management, so I was skeptical signing up for Intern Group, in fear of being set up in more of a volunteer role, completely unrelated to my degree. The Intern Group came through and set me up with the most perfect internship at The Riding Club London.

More about the company I was placed with: The Riding Club London coordinates advice, arrangements, experiences, and access to the finest horses, tuition and venues in London, the UK, and throughout the world. My experiences were invaluable. The team embraced me and I was lucky enough to be a key player in the day to day of a quintessentially British company.

My commute to work was about 30 minutes each morning, minimal compared to other friends in the program. I worked in Mayfair - Green Park - 1 block from The Ritz Hotel and minutes from Buckingham Palace. I was fortunate enough to live and work on the same tube line (the Jubilee).

Week days were busy (but I was lucky as I loved my job so much!), and weekends were free to explore. I think I saw more of London than actual Londoners. I made great friends through the program and we traveled to places such as Brighton, England and Dublin, Ireland, together. Great memories, lifelong friends!

One of the main coordinators in the program (for social events) was American, which was quite surprising! She was a great help and contact, but it would have been nice to make that connection from someone who was originally from London.

Overall, I would recommend this program. They were great to me in my internship placement. My internship has opened so many doors for me & the chance to live abroad shaped my life personally. The Intern Group can be trusted! ;)

How can this program be improved?
Communication from the Intern Group leading up to my flight was minimal. I didn't have my housing arrangements sent to me until the morning before my departure.

My housing was the only disappointing part of the program. I was dropped off at the airport to an empty apartment and no way to get in. I waited in the driveway with my bags, until finally someone from the housing department finally arrived and let me in. This is was a bit concerning as I had no international phone and no way to reach the intern group.

Room was the size of a small closet, shared bathroom, kitchen & living area with mainly international students - mostly learning english. I was not housed with anyone from the program, which was disappointing. It was a shock at first, but I quickly adjusted. Flat was a 10 minute walk to the tube station (Canada Water), and a 15 minute walk to Tesco (grocery).

I arrived in Sept, so I believe the programs in the high part of summer have better housing.

Also, the Intern Group does not provide transportation back to the airport at the end of your program. You will be expected to arrange and pay.
Response from The Intern Group

We are pleased you enjoyed you’re internship so much! I’m sure you’ll agree that our team try to tailor each internship to every individual as much as they can for mutual benefit to the company and student. You seem to have made the most of the program by exploring and travelling, which is exactly what we encourage. We love when our interns embrace a new culture and go beyond the bare minimum to fully immerse themselves in the program. We are sorry you felt that there was a breakdown of communication and that the accommodation was not as expected. A lot has changed since last September and we are continuously working hard to improve the program. Our interns well-being is our priority and we appreciate all feedback we receive.

Yes, I recommend this program


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