Immerse yourself in la dolce vita (the sweet life) and choose to intern in Italy! Known internationally for its mouth-watering cuisine, its ancient history, and impressive sights, Italy provides the opportunity to explore one of the oldest civilizations on Earth while gaining valuable work experience.

Many internships in Italy are available with the option to be tailored to your own personal, academic, and professional goals depending on the program provider. Being the eighth-largest economy in the world, Italy provides countless internship opportunities to shadow experts and get hands-on experience in your desired industry.

For those on the outside, finding an internship in Italy without assistance or personal connections can be very hard due to their tight-knit work culture. If you are hoping to eliminate these types of problems, then taking the time to research different providers that will have someone organize it on your behalf can be very helpful.


Home to world-renowned fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Missoni, Versace and more, Italy is constantly at the forefront and is proud to continue their tradition of making long-lasting trends. With such a rich culture and an artistic history, there is no surprise that Italians are known for being cutting edge.

Those who love fashion, can even jump at the opportunity to be part of Fashion Week in Milan. From being invited to exclusive shows and events to working in showrooms, Global Experiences has programs for fashion business and design interns. If you are interested in being able to creatively express yourself while soaking up the Italian sun, then grabbing an internship in Italy's fashion industry is right for you.

Hospitality & Tourism

With over 62 million touristsvisiting Italy in 2018, the country is ranked as the fifth major tourist destination in the world. This makes it a perfect location for an internship if you are looking to learn more about the field of hospitality or the travel industry. Expect to gain hands-on experience by working in Italian restaurants and hotels or with tourism agencies and companies.

Marine Biology

Have you ever wanted to work on both land and sea? If so, embrace the opportunity for a once in a lifetime hands-on experience in research, environmental conservation, communication patterns, and more by choosing to intern along the coast of Italy. Many internship opportunities await those wanting to work with different marine mammals, such as dolphins, near the magnificent Mediterranean Sea.


With world-renown structures like the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Duomo in Florence, Italy is a great option for an architecture internship. Placements through organizations like Istituto Europeo give interns the opportunity to gain design skills and construction experience in an architecture firm.

When and Where to Look for an Internship:

For those looking to work in an exciting and fast-paced environment, Milan, the fashion capital of the world, is a great place to immerse yourself in the culture especially if you’re interested in fashion or finance. If marine biology is more of your thing, then make sure to check out cities near the breathtaking Mediterranean. If that doesn’t suit you, you can always choose Rome or Florence, where a vast majority of internships in business, communications, tourism, and hospitality are available. While internships in Italy are generally available year-round, try to avoid working in August, when many businesses are shut down.

Cost of Living in Italy:

Most internships available in Italy take place in big cities such as Rome and Milan which means that the cost of living can be a lot higher than in the rest of the country. On average, the rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the center of a large Italian city is 615 Euros ($700).

Try to avoid eating at restaurants and shopping at stores that are aimed at reeling in tourists. It is best to walk away from the busy sights, turn the mysterious corner, and support the many family businesses instead. They are scattered all over Italy, providing a more authentic (and cheaper) experience! For more cost of living information, visit Numbeo.

Work Culture in Italy:

  • Etiquette: Italians are extremely intuitive, which means that first impressions are important. They prefer to do business with people that they know and trust. In the workplace, it is common to be interrupted while speaking or for voices to be raised. However, this is not because they are angry. Italians can be very expressive communicators, often using facial and hand gestures to prove their point. Dressing to impress is a priority as well. Men and women should aim towards wearing dark-colored and conservative business clothing while keeping their accessories very elegant.
  • Language: It goes without saying that the better you are at speaking Italian, the easier it will be to communicate with your colleagues in your new internship. However, there is always room to polish up your Italian with many internship programs providing intensive Italian-language classes and even private tutoring if needed. Being realistic about your language ability and willing to improve upon these skills is important to keep in mind once you arrive in Italy.
  • Networking: Taking the time to build relationships with your colleagues is important since Italians are very big on working with people they can get along with. Most of the time, the goal of a first meeting is to develop an initial sense of respect and trust. Networking is often considered a full-time occupation since personal contacts can really help you get ahead.

There are many professional networking organizations that can help you find the right internship in Italy. These include:

Work and Labor Laws in Italy

U.S. citizens are allowed to stay in Italy for up to 12 weeks or about 90 days. After that, a student visa is needed to remain legally in the country. Due to visa regulations, all Italian internships are unpaid. However, some companies may offer non-monetary benefits such as academic credit, housing, meals, or other types of perks for your efforts, although this is at the discretion of the employer.

Internship Programs in Italy

Want to land an internship in Italy? Check out these programs!
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CAPA: The Global Education Network
CAPA Remote Global Internships: Non-Credit
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IES Abroad
IES Internships Rome – Full-Time Semester Internship

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IES Abroad
IES Internships Milan – Full-Time Semester Internship

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CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Intern in Florence

It’s easy to see why Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance—on...

Intern Abroad HQ
Most Affordable Internships in Italy with Intern Abroad HQ

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World Internships
Intern in Italy with World Internships!
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Internships in Florence or Rome combine extensive Italian language...

The Beacon Fellowship: Real Consulting Abroad
The Beacon Fellowship - Consult abroad under a McKinsey/Bain/BCG consultant
Multiple Countries
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Friends of Spannocchia
Farm Internship in Tuscany, Italy
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World Endeavors
World Endeavors: Intern in Italy

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World Endeavors
World Endeavors: Public Health Internships Abroad
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Living and Learning International
Global Virtual Internships
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Global Nomadic
Marine Biology Course Italy

For those wishing to jumpstart or further a career in marine biology...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get an internship in Italy?

    The first step is to research the cities that are best for your field of interest. Once you’ve narrowed that down, decide on your budget, make a C.V., and start applying for internships. It may also be helpful to think about the level of your Italian language skills and to make sure it matches your desired position.

  • What kind of internships can I get in Italy?

    Although you can find internships across most industries in Italy, some of the most popular fields include fashion, architecture, hospitality & tourism, and marine biology.

  • Where can I find an internship in Italy?

    As Italy’s largest city, Rome has plenty of internships in all different sectors including business, art, architecture, and hospitality. As a hub for tourism, Florence and the rest of Tuscany are a great place for hospitality internships. And, of course, Milan is a dream come true for those interested in the fashion industry.

  • Are internships in Italy paid?

    Most internships in Italy are unpaid due to visa regulations. However, you can receive compensation in the form of academic credit, housing, meals, and more.

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