Do you enjoy writing? Need some more experience before you can land that dream job at your favorite magazine, website, or news organization? Interning abroad can be an exciting and valuable experience that can enhance your resume, lead to new contacts, and make you stand out from the crowd! The field of journalism is always changing so a fresh perspective may be just what you need to make that big break.

Journalism internships are available in almost any field you can think of. Some of the most popular areas are broadcast journalism, fashion journalism, magazine journalism, medical journalism, and science journalism, but don't let that limit you! Just add the word "journalism" to a subject that interests you, (eg. music journalism, art journalism, etc.) and you will be on your way to finding a new and exciting internship.

  • Broadcast Journalism: Refers to television, radio, and internet journalism. These fields need writers just like a newspaper or magazine would. Internship structure and training may vary a lot in this category but most will stress verbal and written communication skills. International Business, Brand Management, Human Rights, etc.
  • Fashion Journalism: Fashion magazines, editorials, and fashion blogs are some of the most sought-after jobs in the fashion industry. To get an internship in the fashion industry you will need to be hardworking, persistent, and have a strong attention to fast-rising trends in the fashion industry.
  • Magazine Journalism: Internships in magazine journalism will teach you how to gather information using interviews and background research, and to communicate this in an exciting way for readers. These jobs require individuals who are hardworking, have outstanding communication skills, and an awareness of specific audience needs.
  • Medical Journalism: Ideally, medical journalism is the perfect way to convey the latest healthcare news to a large audience through television, medical journals, newspapers, online publications, and a variety of other mediums. If you have an interest in medicine and healthcare than medical journalism may be the perfect way for you to combine your interests with your love for writing.
  • Science Journalism: Science affects our lives every day. This means that communicating complex science to a general audience in a simple yet informative way is becoming increasingly important as technologies in biology, chemistry, and other areas of science progress. Jobs in science journalism typically require that the individual applying have some sort of interest and/or experience in science and are able to communicate science to the public.

Journalists are somewhat spoiled when it comes to picking a country to intern in. Every country both big and small needs writers, reporters, and journalists. This means that you can find an internship nearly anywhere in the world if you look! Internships are particularly popular in regions of Asia including China, India, and Mongolia, Australia, Chile, and in the United Kingdom.

  • Asia: Internships in Asia will offer a unique opportunity to develop your skills in the most quickly developing countries in the world. Enhance your Chinese language skills or start from scratch with internships in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other regions of China. Mongolia, India, and many other Asian countries also offer internships in print journalism, editing, television, and more.
  • Australia: Why intern in the Land Down Under? Australia's unique history and climate can make it a fascinating place to live, work and write about. Perhaps you enjoy writing about aboriginal culture and coral reefs, or maybe you prefer being a journalist in the thriving cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne or Sydney. No matter what your interest is, Australia is sure to have it.
  • Chile:Whether you are interested in education, sustainable tourism, or newspaper writing, Chile is the ideal place to develop your skills in journalism. Many internships in Chile do not require Spanish language experience so you (the intern) will be able to focus on your writing and learn the language at your own pace!
  • Spain: A journalism internship in Madrid can be a fantastic way to gain experience while living abroad in Europe. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and lively pubs and cafes while you refine your skills in search of that dream job. As the capital of Spain, Madrid has much to offer to all aspiring journalists!
  • United Kingdom: England has long been a center of literary arts and culture. Edinburgh is often referred to as the "Athens of the North" because of its classic buildings and status as an intellectual center. Being based in the UK would put interns in an ideal location for reporting on European affairs and international studies.
When and Where to Look for a Journalism Internship:

In order to get a good head start you should begin looking for internships at least 6 months before your planned start date. Below are some suggested links for finding internships in various fields of journalism.


Science Journalism: NASW (to join) AAAS Conference (to attend)

  • International Journalism: The International Center for Journalists works with more than 75,000 professional and citizen journalists and media managers from 180 countries. Their mission is to train journalists to work in the international community and have launched news organizations, journalism schools, news products and more.
  • Online Journalism:If you are interested in online news editing than you may want to consider attending the Online News Association (ONA). The ONA is a nonprofit organization for digital journalists that seeks to connect journalism, technology, and innovation.
  • Science Journalism: If science journalism is something you may find interesting, you may want to consider joining the National Association of Science Writers (NASW). NASW has student memberships as well as professional memberships, and offers many opportunities to learn about job postings in the field.
Contributed by Jessica Scarfuto

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