Are you sick of sitting in a stuffy lecture hall hearing about Marcel Mauss, Franz Boas, or Claude Levi-Strauss and all there exciting adventures? When is it gonna be your turn! Are you itching to get out in the field like they once did?

There’s only so much you can learn about culture from a book; complete immersion in a new culture allows for Anthropology students to learn more about their field of study while applying the techniques they’ve learned in the classroom; and, of course, while having tons of fun.

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The Ethnohistorical Field School, Mexico: This school is an intensive travel study program that allows students to learn indigenous cultures through exploration of archaeological sites, museum collections and immersion into indigenous communities, as well as classroom courses and on-site lectures being held in English.

The Ecuador Field School Programs: This school focuses on understanding the coastal Ecuadorian culture and allows for students to learn this through field methods, interaction with local populations and collecting and analyzing data, as well as courses being taught in English.

One of the wonderful parts about anthropology is that you really can study it anywhere.

If you're an archaeology student, places like Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Peru are great destinations to consider. You'll also want to look into a program that incorporates field study with your usual academics.

For cultural anthropology students, the world is your oyster -- literally. From New Zealand to Senegal, Malta to Laos, Papua New Guinea to Bolivia, studying abroad as an anthropology student is a chance to finally immerse yourself in the cultures you've been reading about in ethnographies.

Personally, I struggled to find a good destination to study anthropology abroad. Out of the 20+ foreign universities that my home university had partnerships with (and therefore easy and affordable direct enrollment study abroad options), only two had anthropology departments -- one of which being the University of Malta.

However, if you open yourself up to third party program providers, there are a few highly specialized operators out there. ISDSI, which runs a People, Ecology, and Development study abroad program in Thailand, is a great example of a program that incorporates intensive anthropological and ecological studies. Plus, you'll get to learn Thai -- essential for any future ethnographic research in Thailand!

The cost of your program will vary widely, and your overall budget will be determined by the country you end up studying abroad in. However, all students should consider applying for study abroad scholarships. Here are a few noteworthy ones for anthropology students:

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Anthropology Study Abroad Programs

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SIT Study Abroad
SIT Study Abroad: Social Movements in Argentina
9.5 •12 reviews

Discover the diverse social movements and struggle for human rights in...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad Sydney Direct Enrollment – University of Sydney
9 •2 reviews

Take advantage of your chance to live and learn in one of the most...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
ISA Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland
9.75 •4 reviews

Study abroad with ISA in Dublin! In this young and international city...

SIT Study Abroad
SIT Nicaragua & Cuba: Youth, Literacy & Media
Multiple Countries
9.67 •6 reviews

Explore Nicaragua a generation after the revolution and investigate...

CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Summer in London - University of Westminster
10 •2 reviews

Make the most of of your summer by spending it in London, one of the...

CET Academic Programs
CET Vietnam
9.41 •17 reviews

Looking to experience international development in action? On top of...

CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Summer in London - University of Roehampton
9.5 •2 reviews

London is ready for you. Are you ready for London, with its rich...

SIT Study Abroad
IHP Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care
Multiple Countries
9.5 •8 reviews

Investigate how communities can ensure the health and well-being of...

SAI Programs
SAI Study Abroad: John Cabot University (Rome, Italy)
9.69 •49 reviews

SAI invites students to experience the sweep of Italian history by...

CET Academic Programs
CET Florence
9.21 •29 reviews

Want to study in one of Italy's most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities...

SIT Study Abroad
SIT Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization & Social Change
9.57 •7 reviews

Explore how concepts of development and cultural identity are being...

CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Summer in Aix-en-Provence
9.5 •2 reviews

Venture down to the South of France to experience the traditional...

SIT Study Abroad
SIT Ecuador: Development, Politics, and Languages
9.5 •6 reviews

Study Ecuador's development processes while considering the...

SIT Study Abroad
SIT South Africa: Community Health & Social Policy
South Africa
9.5 •6 reviews

Examine community-based health concerns from a South African...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
ISA Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru
9.33 •3 reviews

Spend next semester or summer abroad in Cusco, Peru at the Universidad...

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This trip was easily one of the best months of my life. While most study-abroad experiences are pretty stationary, we had just the opposite. Moving locations every 1-3 days, we were able to see almost...

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