Study Abroad Programs in Brighton

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Study Abroad Programs in Brighton

Study Abroad Programs in Brighton


Brighton is a cozy, laid back city in southern England that’s along the seaside and full of students during the school year. It’s 45 miles south of one of the most bustling cities in the world, London, but also a great alternative for students who want a more relaxed pace of life.

Students studying abroad in Brighton will get to experience a more relaxed side of England that they would not get living in London, while still being close enough for a quick weekend getaway. Further, there are two great universities and several third party program providers who can help you arrange a great study abroad trip to Brighton!

Program Types

There are two universities in Brighton that most students choose to study abroad in: the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. Both universities offer spectacular programs and housing options, and are set against beautiful settings in this southern England town.

However, those who prefer to travel or are staying for a shorter period of time may want to look into third-party providers for a study abroad program that suits their itinerary.

Students can choose to study for a full year, a four-month semester, or several weeks over the winter or summer breaks.

University of Sussex

This internationally friendly university is a top choice for university students looking to study abroad in Brighton. It’s just outside of Brighton in Falmer.

The University of Sussex offers many different types of programs to students. For example, it has programs in American Studies, Anthropology, Art history, Business, Chemistry, History, Geography, Law, and many more topics that are a great fit for students in different areas of study.

University of Brighton

This University is another top choice for students and is located within Brighton.

The University of Brighton offers sports based programs, health programs, and student teaching programs, along with a few others. Students can apply for these areas of study:

The University of Brighton gives study abroad students the option to take field trips to either East Sussex, London, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Rye, Bodiam, Castle, and Paris, France.

Areas of Study

Arts and Humanities are two major areas of study in both the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. For example, students who study literature in Brighton thrive in the creative arts scene of the city. The city itself has inspired many literary novels and pieces, making it a great place to study this topic abroad.

Students studying management and business may find Brighton an ideal location to study abroad. With London within arms reach, students can travel between the two major cities and learn more about the subject while experiencing it hands on.

Planning Your Trip


If studying with a university, students may choose to live in a dorm on campus, or choose to arrange their own housing in a nearby apartment. If traveling with a third-party provider, students may have the chance to live in a homestay.

The University of Sussex offers:

  • En-suite accommodation, which are flats that house anywhere from 4-8 people, depending on which type you apply for. The prices range from 140-150 pounds per week.
  • Accommodation with shared bathrooms, ranging from 86-130 pounds per week.
  • Off campus options, such as university managed flats, ranging from 120-150 pounds per week. There are also university managed houses, which are reachable by bus to the University.

The University of Brighton offers:

  • Housing in all locations: Brighton, Eastbourne, and Hastings -- 70% of eligible students get housing in Brighton
  • Flats and houses
  • Opportunity to live in homestays

The cost of living in England can be quite high, and may be more than you’re used to spending in your home town, since Brighton is still a major city in England. It is, however, typically a cheaper alternative to London.

An average meal at a restaurant will set you back about 10 pounds. If you’re paying for your own utilities, this may cost, on average, 160 pounds a month (depending on the size of your apartment). Participating in the surrounding nightlife during the week may be cheaper than on the weekends, when there are less deals.

Purchase a meal plan at your university to lower some of the food costs. Or, if you have a kitchen, go grocery shopping and cook your own meals.


Students must obtain a student visa before arriving in Brighton. If applying through a third-party provider, your study abroad program may help you obtain the visa.

Those who are studying less than six months will need a short term study visa. Students studying longer than six months will need a Tier 4 Student Visa. This is a bit more difficult to apply for; you may need an ATAS Certificate (allowing you to study certain courses in the UK), a tuberculosis clearance certificate, obtain your CAS, and leave plenty of time for your visa application.

Cell Phones

Students can choose to get a pay-as-you-go phone or set up a contract with a cell phone provider when they arrive in England. Most will opt to go with a student pay-as-you-go cell phone plan while in England. Don't waste money setting up an international plan with your cell phone company before you go overseas.

Additional Information

During the school year, students make up a majority of the population in Brighton, making It an ideal location for study abroad students with its seaside location and laid back atmosphere. Compared to the US, studying in the UK requires more independent study than in classroom hours, which gives students the opportunity to go out and explore Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Health & Safety


There are no vaccines required for travel to England; however, students should be up to date on any routine vaccinations. Talk to your health care provider beforehand to decide what’s best for you. Make sure you pack clothes for cool weather, as rainy weather is common in England.


Brighton is an extremely safe city, which makes it an ideal location for young study abroad students. However, as you would in any major city, don’t walk around alone at night and with valuables in plain sight. Take the normal security precautions and be wary of petty theft and crime.

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