Have you been searching for a place with all of the following -- tall people; a vivacious nightlife; little wooden shoes; sophisticated canals lining beautiful cities; natural greenery?

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is the epitome of European beauty and the heart of international affairs. Diplomatically, the Netherlands is home to the International Criminal Court in the Hague and the city of Maastricht, a historically important city to the creation of the European Union. The innate beauty of the Netherlands merely supplements the country’s crucial international position. Studying in such a unique place is a rare educational experience.


Amsterdam has resources for either side of the spectrum. If crowded parties with scantily-clad strangers quell your hunger, there are parties and social functions aplenty. If traditional cafés surrounded by well-kept gardens and traditional Dutch architecture fit your bill, you also cannot go wrong in Amsterdam.


Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe, that was at one point the largest port in the world. After experiencing severe infrastructure damage at the hand of the Germans, Rotterdam was rebuilt in a more modern fashion, incorporating steel and glass high-rises. There’s a reason why Rotterdam is known as the Manhattan of the Maas.


Maastricht, a city within walking distance of Belgium and Germany, is historically known as the birthplace of the Maastricht Treaty, which officially transformed Europe into a single Union. However, big, grand, and industrial are not words to describe Maastricht; bikes trump cars and city festivals cause quite the hullaballoo here.

Where to study in the Netherlands? With whom should I stay? These are but some of the questions to consider when choosing a program. Make sure to consider all the options before making a final decision, though.


Dutch may be the official language of the Netherlands but nearly 83% of the population speaks English to varying levels of coherence. Venturing around the cities and the classrooms can be accomplished without a drop of Dutch. Then again, no one is stopping you from learning the Dutch tongue for social interactions with larger social groups or the elderly. NRCSA is one program that offers 15, 20, or 25 hours of Dutch language lessons a week.


Dutch cities tend to be quite modern and well-equipped for study abroad students. Thus, programs offer a variety of living accommodations from apartments to home-stays to dormitory living.

If you have to organize your housing independently (which is typical if you directly enroll in a program), you can find furnished student apartments across Italy through UniPlaces.

Academic Life

Dutch schools are becoming increasingly international, meaning you could take all the steps from a bachelor’s degree to a PhD without any Dutch-instructed classes. Whether you’re at the University of Amsterdam or Leiden University, academically driven students from all over the world are sure to be joining you.

While Dutch schools have international influences, the education system there is unique in that professors use a 1-10 scale that is linear and not curved. Anything between an 8 (very good in Holland) and 10 (excellent) would be considered an A+ in the US and to a certain extent in the UK.

While much of the Netherlands innate beauty can be enjoyed on feet and on bikes, there are famous restaurants, museums, arts galleries, and festivals to investigate. Arming oneself with scholarship money to explore Dutch culture and pay for university tuition can be a game-changer for some. Here are a couple of scholarships to study in the Netherlands:

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Study Abroad Programs in the Netherlands

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CIEE Summer Business + Communications in Amsterdam, Netherlands
1 review

Deepen your business and communications knowledge while broadening...

CES Maastricht University
Business & Economics in Europe
14 reviews

The European Union (EU) is a major global trading power. With the...

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad
9 Countries: Nursing, Pre-Med, and STEM Traveling Summer Study in Europe
Multiple Countries
3 reviews1 interview

Make your summer unforgettable! Travel throughout Europe with students...

CES Maastricht University
Positive Psychology
5 reviews

What makes life worth living? People have always been driven by the...

CIEE Summer Comparative Public Health in London & Amsterdam
Multiple Countries
2 reviews

Spend this summer exploring issues of health care from the Dutch and...

SIT Study Abroad
SIT Netherlands: Perspectives on Sexuality
3 reviews

Acquire an intersectional understanding of the complexities and...

CES Maastricht University
International Relations and Politics in the EU
6 reviews

The European Union (EU) was created in the wake of the Second World...

CES Maastricht University
Politics, Law & International Relations in Europe
Multiple Countries
9 reviews

Human rights, democracy and the rule of law are the core values of the...

CES Maastricht University
Public Health & Medicine in Europe
3 reviews

Europeans enjoy some of the highest quality and most affordable health...

University of Amsterdam Summer Programmes GSSS
Placemaking in the City
3 reviews

Cities and the lives of inhabitants are intrinsically connected: both...

CES Maastricht University
History, Culture & Arts in Europe
2 reviews1 interview

In 1992 the Maastricht Treaty led to the creation of the European...

Hogeschool Utrecht University
Study Abroad at Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands
2 reviews2 interviews

The Schools of Journalism in Arhus (Denmark) and Utrecht (the...

International Business Seminars
Winter One: International Business Seminars
Multiple Countries
2 reviews

Visit 4 countries in 16 days! Winter One is perfect for undergraduate...

Hanze Summer Schools
Hanze University Abroad: "Doing Business in Europe"
2 reviews

Hanze University's "Doing Business in Europe" is a fantastic way to...

InnoEnergy Master's School
Master in Smart Electrical Systems and Networks
Multiple Countries
1 review

Innovative ideas. Creative engineers. The smart grid of the future...

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What People Are Saying

Maastricht family at the 3 country point; Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

This programme exceeded all of my expectations and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Despite the cold that I’ve never felt before back home in Australia, the city itself felt like home away from...

The canals in the city center combined with the architecture is lovely.

Amsterdam is an incredible city to live in. I lived right outside the city center near Vondelpark, and I felt at home very quickly. Naturally, it took me a little while to adjust, but before I knew it...

Magical Maastricht Christmas Market in the Vrijthof Square

Right in the heart of Europe, this beautiful little city is located in the southern Limburg region of the Netherlands. It is a bicycle ride away from the Belgian border and a quick bus trip to the...

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