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As a psychology student, you seek to understand human nature and how we make our way in the world. By studying abroad in psychology, you can trace the field to its roots in destinations like Austria or Switzerland, or learn newer developments in places like the U.S. and Australia. Only one question remains: what does your psychology study abroad destination say about your unconscious desires?

Program Types

The type of program you choose should be dependent on your level of study. Do you plan to get a bachelor's in Psychology? Or are you working on your Doctorate? You should also choose a program that allows you to focus on the subject you want.

Whether you want to study abroad to boost your resume for graduate school or to simply explore a different cultural understanding of Psychology, you'll have a lot of choice in programs abroad. Most generally, you'll need to decide if you should enroll directly or through a program provider.

Direct Enrollment

One option is to enroll directly through the school of your choice as an exchange student. This is a great option for students are comfortable being independent abroad. Ultimately, you'll be responsible for all the logistics of your trip, but you will have more control over what you are studying. This is a great choice for those who are studying psychology abroad, as you know better than anyone which sorts of classes will fulfill your requirements and which classes will hold your interest.

Provider Program

Enrolling in a program through a provider program can be a simpler process than direct enrollment. This is a good option for those who aren't well travelled, as a provider can help you with everything from your visa to your housing. You will have less choice in what you study, but that doesn't mean you won't have a good experience! In fact, you may find a program that is more specifically focused on a topic you love.

Popular Destinations

Universities in many different countries offer top-notch psychology programs, allowing study abroad students to study with the greatest thinkers-about-thought in a whole range of different places. Studying psychology abroad will help you grow as a student, as you'll be exposed to the influence of different cultural norms on the subject.

However, if you aren't fluent in a foreign language and want to continue taking courses related to your major while abroad, you might want to consider a study abroad program in at an English speaking university.

United Kingdom

It's no surprise that the UK is full of highly ranked programs, like those at Cambridge, Oxford, and University College London. In particular, Cambridge boasts that its professors are world leaders in the field; you can study psychological behavioral sciences or natural sciences in their degree program.


China's universities also rank quite highly, with the University of Hong Kong and Peking University topping the charts. The countries unique cultural problems will provide students an interesting and engaging experience. In recent years, China has been rising in the field of psychology, and will only continue to grow.


Australia, too, boasts amazing Psychology programs, particularly at University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and Australian National University. If you want an education dedicated to making contributions to the benefit of society, Australia is a great choice for you.

Other Countries for Studying Psychology Abroad

If you're looking for a destination that's a bit more off the beaten path, try the National University of Singapore, Japan's University of Tokyo, New Zealand's University of Auckland, Spain's Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, or the Netherlands' University of Amsterdam.

Costs & Funding


You may need to budget for your housing, as some providers expect you to find your own living accommodations. If you need help finding a place to stay, you can start with our study abroad housing guide.

Scholarship Resources

Prices will vary depending on the type of study you plan to do. Home institutions often offer major-specific scholarships, so check with the Psychology department at your school!

These databases can also help you find scholarships specifically for Psychology students.

Contributed by Emma Cramer

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