Study Abroad Programs in Glasgow

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Study Abroad Programs in Glasgow

Study Abroad Programs in Glasgow


Glasgow is the perfect study abroad destination for well-rounded students with a wide range of interests. The city has so much to offer - your study abroad experience is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting and meaningful times in your life!

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is packed full with enriching opportunities and fun activities, from museums, theater and opera to sports and some of the best pubs in the UK. Glasgow also offers an array of superb academic opportunities, including challenging classes at the University of Glasgow (one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world). Ready to start? Read on for our how-to guide and explore study abroad programs in Glasgow below!

Planning Your Trip

Planning Your Trip

With opportunities abounding, it may be difficult to picture exactly what your study abroad experience in Glasgow will entail. This guide details many of the opportunities and challenges that you will face, offering advice about everything from the best museums to scholarships that can help fund your trip. Let us answer all of your questions and help you to plan the perfect study abroad adventure!

Culture and Immersion

Glasgow is a dream for sports enthusiasts. The first ever international football match was held in the city in 1872 (Scotland and England tied 0-0), and its three professional teams now dominate in international play. Rugby, ice hockey, and cricket are also immensely popular in Glasgow, so there are always plenty of sporting events to choose from. Students studying in Glasgow will also have the opportunity to learn about curling, a medieval sport that was invented in Scotland and is still played there today.

Not interested in athletics? Don’t worry! There are still plenty of cultural opportunities to fill your time. Glasgow has a variety of museums, which specialize in everything from religion to modern art. Literature lovers will appreciate the city’s immense Mitchell Library, which holds over 1.3 million books. And don’t forget to check out a play at one of Glasgow’s many top-rated theaters.

Glasgow also has a vibrant and hip student culture that will certainly enliven your study-abroad experience. There are many live-music venues, and in 2008 UNESCO named Glasgow an official City of Music. Each year Glasgow also hosts a variety of different festivals, with a range of themes that will fit any of your fancies (including comedy, jazz, film, and even one focused on all things Celtic). Students should also be sure to take advantage of Glasgow’s numerous museums, almost all of which are free.

Don’t leave Glasgow without seeing these sites!

The Glenlee: Right on the Clyde River, Glasgow has been a center for nautical trade for centuries and has one of the largest seaports in the world. Also known as The Tall Ship, the Glenlee is a cargo ship that was built in 1896 and was recently restored to pristine condition. Now serving as a tourist attraction and nautical museum, it is a great destination to learn more about Glasgow’s history.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum: This beautiful 19th century Victorian building houses one of the finest art collections in Europe. The collection has been expanding ever since the museum opened in 1902, and you may need to make a couple of visits to get through all 22 themed galleries, which house over 8,000 pieces (luckily admission is free!).

Scottish Football Museum: Even those of you who prefer kicking around a ball to admiring fine art will appreciate this museum. It is crammed full of memorabilia commemorating the world’s most popular sport, including a ticket from the very first international football match. A visit to this museum will certainly spark new-found appreciation for the history and impact of this game.

Glasgow Cathedral: This medieval site is a centerpiece of the city. Built in the 13th century, its Gothic style and immensity is both imposing and awe-inspiring. For a spooky look into the city’s history, make sure to visit the neighboring necropolis, which houses the tombs of many of Glasgow’s Victorian elite.

Culture Shock and Support System

Your study abroad experience is certainly going to be life-changing and incredible, but it will also be a challenge at times. Even though English is the official language of Scotland (making the language adjustment easy!), you will still be faced with with many unexpected cultural differences. Keeping an open mind will help you to adjust quickly and learn as much as you can. It’s also important to choose a study abroad program that will support you as you make this transition.


Scholarships: Glasgow

Depending on the university and program you choose, your fees to study in Glasgow will vary. However, there are many scholarships available that can help you achieve your dream of studying abroad.


Glasgow uses British currency, which makes traveling throughout the United Kingdom easy. Also, ATMs are widely available.

Living in Glasgow is relatively inexpensive (especially in relation to most other European destinations). This is partially thanks to a great selection of casual eateries, such as cafes and pubs, which serve as a gathering place for students. A typical pub offers beers for only 2-3 pounds (about 3-5 dollars). Glasgow also has many free attractions, including museums.

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