In today’s fast-paced global economy, study abroad is a valuable experience for economics majors. Each country and culture carries it's own set of nuances and problems. And because the world is ever integrating - with the broader practice of free trade and the phenomenon of globalization - studying abroad gives economics majors a chance to witness how public policies in other countries influence economic performance and individual outcomes.

Analyzing an economic system outside of one's home country can deepen students' understanding of their own financial systems and fiscal impacts and ultimately challenge their way of thought. Studying abroad offers econ majors an invaluable and unique experience, one that blends academics with adventure.

Though England boasts many top economic schools, there is a very wide array of country options for all you econ-majors looking to change your currency for a bit. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and London Business School all top U.S. News’ Rankings.

But that list of UK schools is only a fraction of what the big-bad-econ world has to offer you. If the Euro speaks to you, check out these high-ranked universities with undergraduate courses in Europe: Italy’s Universitá Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Sweden’s Stockholm School of Economics, Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Université Catholique de Louvain (must speak French) in France, or Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Spain.

If you’d rather have Asia’s yuans and various dollars in your hands, National University of Singapore, China's University of Hong Kong, and University of Tokyo in Japan also have top-notch Economics programs.

Choosing your program

Across the continents, students will find opportunities to study in sub-specialties, including accounting, management, economic development, finance, economics, political science, international relations, government, and even law. Most programs are either run by reputable universities, such as Harvard, Duke, or Berkeley. You would apply to these programs directly through the school.

There are also third party programs that will facilitate your studies and provide support and logistics. This is an especially great choice if you want to study somewhere but don't have the requisite language skills.

Costs and visas

Costs and visas will depend on the destination you choose. We suggest reading destination specific guides for more helpful guidance on these two matters.

However, if you're looking to save some money on your study abroad trip, consider looking outside of Europe and Australia. There are some great econ programs in Latin America and Asia -- two places where the day to day cost of living will be much lower than in a city like London or Sydney.

Interning during your study abroad

As an econ major, you might want to consider pairing your study abroad trip with an internship abroad. Spend your week learning theory, then gain hands-on experience with an internship. Some programs will help you set up both, whereas in other cases it might be on you to set up the internship. If you're a direct enrollment student, ask your host university for tips.

Scholarships for Studying Economics

Home institutions often offer major-specific scholarships, so check with the econ department at your school!

Has Japan caught your eye? Morgan Stanley offers scholarships to study abroad there.

Contributed by Emma Cramer

Economics Study Abroad Programs

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CEA Study Abroad
CEA Study Abroad in Alicante, Spain
13 reviews3 interviews

Nestled on Spain’s stunning Costa Blanca, Alicante features white sand...

API Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain
14 reviews2 interviews

Barcelona, Spain is a city of contradictions: old and new intertwined...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad Tokyo – Language & Culture
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Whether you’re people watching in the hip Shibuya neighborhood...

Oxford Royale Academy
Summer Study Abroad in Oxford, England
101 reviews14 interviews

Our Oxford Summer School is our longest running and most popular study...

Semester at Sea
Semester at Sea: Study Around the World
Multiple Countries
153 reviews10 interviews

Explore multiple countries around the world while earning up to 15...

API Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina
10 reviews9 interviews

Founded in the 1500s by Spanish conquistadores, Buenos Aires...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad Santiago - Study in Santiago
27 reviews3 interviews

The IES Abroad Santiago Program allows you to fully immerse yourself...

Italy: Torino - International Business, Politics, Italian Studies
23 reviews6 interviews

USAC is working in collaboration with the highly regarded School of...

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA)
IFSA: University of Edinburgh Partnership
15 reviews4 interviews

Hallo agus fàilte! Study abroad amid beauty, history and friendliness...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad Dublin Direct Enrollment – Trinity College Dublin
18 reviews8 interviews

You won’t need the luck of the Irish to have an unforgettable study...

Thailand: Chiang Mai - Culture, Politics, Business
17 reviews3 interviews

USAC has teamed up with Chiang Mai University to offer students the...

SAI Programs
SAI Programs: Study Abroad at Florence University of the Arts
69 reviews8 interviews

SAI invites students to surround themselves with the refined beauty of...

Germany: Lüneburg - German Language, European and Sustainability Studies
24 reviews1 interview

In Luneburg, a beautiful, historical city dating back more than a...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad Dublin – Irish Studies
29 reviews1 interview

This program is designed for students who seek intensive academic...

API Study Abroad in Seville, Spain
11 reviews4 interviews

Seville, the capital of Andalusia and Spain’s 4th largest city, is...

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