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Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an award-winning international volunteer placement organisation based in the UK. We provide the worlds most affordable, need-driven and supportive short-term volunteer programmes across Africa, Asia & Latin America. Our programmes start from just one weeks in duration right up to six months. You can join us throughout the year as we have two start dates per month.

PMGY was founded by volunteers for volunteers. We are an independent social venture, not a corporate machine. Our volunteers become part of something really special. We work together with local communities in the developing world to actualise long-term sustainable goals. We recognise that travel can be meaningful, everyone has something to give and that we can make a positive impact.


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I had an absolutely incredible time In Ghana with Plan My Gap Year and would recommend this experience and PMGY to anyone and everyone. Philip and Josh in the UK team were so incredibly helpful from moment one. They went out of their way to answer any questions promptly, organise absolutely everything and make the booking process quick and easy. Plan My Gap Year is extremely reasonable with exceptional service. Seth, Flo, Dennis, Prince, Christie and Emmanuel out in Ghana are incredibly friendly, helpful and welcoming. I quickly felt welcomed into their big family. I took part in the medical program and was amazed by all the incredible experiences I had the pleasure of being involved with and observing. I also had the opportunity to help out in an orphanage and on an outreach program where Plan My Gap Year provide medical care to remote villagers who are unable to afford/ access it. I would highly recommend the Plan My Gap Year project in Ghana as the people, food and weather are just fantastic in every way. The people are the most open, fun and kind that I have ever met. This was to date the best experience of my life. I cannot wait to book my next trip. Plan My Gap Year is the best!!

How can this program be improved?
I had an absolutely amazing time, I just wish I could have been there for longer!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Peru, Cusco 🌹. PMGY have established a project so worthy of recognition and accolade, it would be a crime not to post the beauty of the project. Cusco - the Pachamama of cities in Peru and in my eyes, of South America. It was everything I could dream of and then some ....

The children of the Colibri, the project I chose to work with, inspired my life and my thought patterns. These beautiful children, wide eyed and engaging were open to visitors and volunteers from across the globe making me feel at home in their home. Their personalities and strong individual personas carried me through this project and though my Spanish weak, the universal language of children was strong and helped my engagement in trying to assist whatever requirement of education, or game playing these people of tomorrow needed!

Their influence and strong attachment to Cusco was influential on my stay and no doubt my learning from the children tripled from their input! THANK YOU Colby Robinson Pmgy!

Besides from the obvious beauty of Peru, there was something so pure about choosing Cusco as my destination. Prior to booking, feeling worried (and parents worried) I pestered Colby almost daily about the ins and outs of the place and project. Colby took it into her own hands to look after me so well and set me up with a family so honest, lovely and welcoming, I didn't dare dream about missing home! My Peruvian family were active, engaging and encouraging in everything I was in Peru for and extra. They had their own children and like minded volunteers, therefore I was never short of company in their home! I am vegetarian, eating no meat and fish, and my Peruvian Mama went out of her way daily, to cook me fresh clean food! I could not have been more grateful and not once did I feel sickly or unwell. My peruvian mother would even wake up on my early morning 3am tours to make sure I was ok!!! Therefore I could not be more grateful and in favour of Colby and PMGY for setting me up with such due diligence, safety and well being.

Also in Peru there was the 'base camp' set up, for us volunteers to touch base with (daily if you would like) and a chance to meet other international volunteers and/or participate in activities for bonding. I think the offer of Spanish lessons and other engagements was a bonus I was not expecting and a sure welcome of validity and safety in Peru.

I would rate PMGY 5 stars on the basis of the following things I felt important to me and my stay: the project cause and what it represented; the country/city PMGY have chosen to set up base in; the touching base/in country team support and project/peer engagement available they offer while in country; the family and their home; and finally the BEAUTY OF PERU CUSCO!!!! I could not speak more highly of such exquisite scenery and for a company to set up meaningful projects in such areas is a fortune.

Thank you PMGY and Thank you Colby - memories made in love.

How can this program be improved?
No improvement required everything was as it should and could be PMGY could not do more for me!!
Yes, I recommend this program

I took part in the medical program in India Summer 2017 for two weeks. This was one of the most rewarding, jam packed two weeks of my life! Firstly, I was thoroughly impressed with the breadth of activities available for you. A typical day consisted of a 9 am start in either the hospital, slum clinic or dispensary. I was able to learn and reinforce basic medical examinations and I found scrubbing into surgery very useful as I experienced first hand how a busy hospital is run in a developing country. Then in the evening you could explore the local town or volunteer in the orphanage or disable school, which I particularly looked forward to.
You are well looked after by Vishi, Kranti and the family with three cooked meals a day. The volunteering housing facility is equipped as well as can be for the extremely warm climate, with a fan in each room.
On the weekend you have the opportunity to visit different cities which I organised myself. I visited the beautiful Amritsar, which was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

Thank you to everyone out there who made my experience a thoroughly rewarding one!

How can this program be improved?
- Perhaps have a chaperone in the hospital visits as the language barrier made it difficult to communicate in the busy hospital with doctors.
- Weekend trips could be better supervised, with a more reliable point of contact.
Yes, I recommend this program

The Sri Lanka Real Experience was amazing! The two weeks travelling was tightly planned, it felt like we saw as much of Sri Lanka as possible in the time we had. We were constantly supervised by our tour guide which made the whole experience feel really safe - I came as a solo traveller so it was reassuring staying as a group the entire time. The hotels we stayed in during the two weeks had everything you could need, we were all warmly welcomed. We mainly ate in hotels during the two weeks, however, I didn't feel like I missed out on the Sri Lankan culture. Most of the food we ate were traditional Sri Lankan curries, I am coeliac and all the curries are naturally gluten free - so there's no issue eating in Sri Lanka! A particular highlight of the trip was going on a jeep safari through Parakrama Samudra. We were able to give presents to the children in the village, and saw so much nature as we were driving through. Our tour guide kept on stopping the jeep to explain what we could see, it was just amazing! We finished the journey off by watching the sun set over the river, we were incredibly lucky to see an elephant basking in the water. It was truly magical and my favourite memory of the trip!
The two weeks volunteering was equally rewarding - but in different ways. I volunteered with the elephants in the morning and did teaching in the afternoon. I absolutely loved the elephant experience, however, I think you get the most out of it by understanding that in Sri Lanka, elephants are working animals. Once you understand the cultural difference, and therefore appreciate that the elephants you look after are working elephants that are almost having 'time off', you understand the impact your care has. I loved it, and felt like cleaning them and feeding them made their situation a lot better.
Teaching was one of the challenging, yet one of the most satisfying experiences ever. I taught the lowest ability class which ranged from 4-9 year olds. Once we found ways in which we could communicate to them (through drawing pictures and asking the teacher to translate) it was so much easier! They are so willing to learn, I learnt so much about myself just from the happiness they get from living such simple lives. You really realise how little you need to be content, and how precious these children are.
I stayed in the River House. The views are amazing, you see such beautiful sunsets at night! Make sure you bring a blanket with you, the beds only have pillows so many of us had to go and buy scarfs etc. from the nearby town! The whole team are really friendly and willing to make your experience the best it can be. I had the most amazing time and would recommend it to anyone!

How can this program be improved?
Some more free time during the travelling experience.
Make it more clear on the checklist to bring a blanket for the beds.
Yes, I recommend this program

James and I decided to start our gap year volunteering in India, and we chose this program to do so. The choice was the best we could have made.
On arrival, we couldn’t find any wifi, but as they told us, there was a driver waiting for us that drove us to the accommodation. Our place was fine, sharing with other volunteers. It had a rooftop to chill out.
We taught in the slums school in the mornings and helped in the orphanage in the afternoons. During our month of volunteering we really developed a close relationship with those amazing kids. Sometimes we think that we learnt more about them than we did from them. We really encourage other people to try the same. Give them your best and you won’t be disappointed. Those kids are great!
Thank you for everything!

How can this program be improved?
Although it is a volunteering, the program could offer different kind of activities such as yoga, meditation, cooking classes (or just help in the kitchen) that could introduce the volunteers in the indian culture
Yes, I recommend this program


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