Nepal is a land of much variety and disparity. Teaching there can be a great way to not only educate people in need, but explore a truly magical location.

Despite being landlocked, the country has some of the most diverse terrain in the world, from the tropical and subtropical Terai (lowland plains) in the south to the central Pahad (hill region) where snow sometimes falls in the winters to the Parbat (mountain region) with incredibly high elevations and alpine weather. Near the northern border, you can find eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, including Sagarmatha – or as the Western world knows it, Mt. Everest.

Many schools are understaffed either because the government hasn’t allocated enough funds or because they are in locations so remote that teachers don’t want to go there. That’s why it’s so important for educated people from other countries to come to Nepal and share their knowledge. What may be boring and prosaic to a highly-educated Nepali from the big city could end up being the adventure of a lifetime for someone from outside the country.

Imagine living in a rustic Nepalese village and immersing yourself in the local culture while you teach English or some other important subject to the people there. You’ll truly feel like you’re in another world in the bucolic setting, and are sure to be surprised by the willingness of the villagers to learn from you so that they can improve their lot in life.

Or you can find a program that will allow you to teach in a private school in one of the bigger Nepalese cities. You’ll enjoy all of the comforts of modern life while still surrounding yourself in a completely foreign environment with unfamiliar customs and people.

And, of course, part of the joy of teaching abroad is that you have the ability to travel and explore in this incredible foreign land. Anyone who enjoys mountain-climbing will be in absolute heaven in Nepal, but the wide variety of terrain and temperatures means that there is something for just about everyone to enjoy.

There are a huge number of programs and schools that will help you to teach abroad in Nepal. The largest number, by far, are those schools that help people to gain TEFL certificates to Teach English as a Foreign Language or TESOL certificates that allow you to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. Armed with an internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certificate, you can travel almost anywhere in the world and get paid to help people learn how to speak and write in English.

Most recognized TEFL and TESOL programs don’t require you to have a background in teaching or even to speak the native language of the country where you’ll be headed. All that’s necessary is that you have an excellent command of English, willingness to travel, and dedication to helping others. Most programs can be completed in a matter of weeks, and some even offer the promise of jobs or relocation funds to their students.

If you’re interested in having the adventure of a lifetime while making a difference in the lives of others, teaching in Nepal is an experience you’ll never forget.

Contributed by Aileen Pablo

Teaching Programs in Nepal

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Trek to Teach
Trek to Teach - Teach in the Himalayas!
9.67 •12 reviews

Trek through the foothills of the Himalayas to a remote rural village...

Oyster Worldwide
Volunteer teaching in Pokhara, Nepal
9.88 •8 reviews

Nepal is a must visit country for all inspired travelers. From its...

Volunteer and Internship Foundation Nepal
Kindergarten Volunteering in Nepal

Kindergarten volunteering is one of the most enjoyable learning...

Trekt Himalaya
Teaching Trek Nepal Volunteer Adventure

In this 2 week adventure volunteer trek to remote villages of the...

Eco-Reach Foundatioin
Eco-Reach Foundation: Volunteer Teaching in Nepal

Eco-Reach Foundation is a partner of several schools in Kathmandu. You...

Volunteer Teaching in Nepal

Volunteer your time as a teacher in Nepal
  • ELI Abroad
    ELI Abroad: Volunteer in Nepal
    9.36 •14 reviews

    Join us in Nepal and immerse yourself in the culture of this...

  • A Broader View Volunteers Corp
    Volunteer in Nepal Kathmandu - 17 Social and Conservation Programs
    10 •5 reviews

    Volunteer in Nepal with housing available up to 25 volunteers, A...

  • Global Crossroad
    Volunteer in Nepal - Lowest Fees & Trusted Since 2003
    9.1 •21 reviews

    A trip to the majestic Himalayan country of Nepal will leave you with...

  • The Mountain Volunteer
    Her Farm, Growing Hope in the Himalaya
    10 •3 reviews

    Her Farm is an organic farm that is operated for, and by women. Life...

  • Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme
    Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme (Nepal)
    9.2 •5 reviews

    As our name suggests (Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme), we...

  • We Volunteer Nepal
    Assist to Orphans in Nepal, Short or Long Term

    Volunteering in an orphanage home is one of the best programs in Nepal...

  • Diamond Hill Academy
    Diamond Hill Academy in Nepal
    9 •4 reviews

    My name is Shamser, I am the headmaster at Diamond Hill Academy and I...

  • GIVE Volunteers
    GIVE Nepal Volunteer Excursion in the Himalayas
    9.9 •39 reviews

    Nepal is a truly special place in the world and volunteering in Nepal...

  • The Love Company Nepal
    Volunteering at the The Love Company Orphanage
    10 •3 reviews

    Welcome to The Love Company Orphanage! is a non for profit orphanage...

Online TEFL Programs

A TEFL Certification will help you acquire the skills and qualifications to teach abroad in Nepal
  • World TESOL Academy
    120-hour Online TESOL/TEFL Course
    9.85 •13 reviews

    To effectively teach the English language, you’ll need to have a...

  • 2 new reviews
    Westminster College London
    150 Hour Online TESOL Course-Westminster College London
    10 •2 reviews

    This course will give you thorough training in the skills of being an...

  • BridgeTEFL
    BridgeTEFL Online Certification Courses (40 - 120 Hour Options)
    9.36 •14 reviews

    Bridge, with 30 years’ experience and Department of Education...

  • 1 new review
    Abridge Academy
    Accredited TEFL Courses - 10-150 Hours with Specialisms in CLIL, Experiential Learning, Online Tutoring
    10 •1 review

    Interested in teaching abroad, becoming an online English tutor, au...

  • TESOL Coach Master
    150 Hour ONLINE TESOL Certification Course
    Multiple Countries
    9.71 •7 reviews

    TESOL’s full form is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages...

  • 362 new reviews
    UNI-Prep Institute
    UNI-Prep 120-Hour Online TESOL Certification Course
    9.21 •362 reviews

    UNI-Prep's online TESOL Certificate program is 120-hours in length, is...

  • 183 new reviews
    ITTT Online TEFL/TESOL Course
    8.84 •183 reviews

    ITTT offers a wide selection of online TEFL courses ranging in length...

  • International TEFL Academy
    International TEFL/TESOL Courses & Job Search Guidance with ITA
    9.28 •97 reviews

    Interested in getting paid to travel the world? With International...

  • 116 new reviews
    150-Hour TEFL Certification
    8.94 •116 reviews

    Our flagship, 150-hour TEFL certification course provides you with 130...

What People Are Saying

I spent 9 weeks teaching in the rural Annapurna village of Kimche. The hospitality and welcoming spirit of the Nepal village people in unparalleled. From the moment us teachers arrived at the airport...


I learned a lot while I was abroad, about myself and the world. While I was there, I trekked through the foothills of the Himalayas. Before Nepal, that sounded nearly impossible. But I promise almost...

Class 2

This program was the most incredible experience I have ever had. It was never easy and challenged me in so many different unexpected ways but I truly loved every second of it. I got to live in one of...

Poon Hill

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