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ITTT offers a wide selection of online TEFL courses ranging in length from 60 to 250 hours. Our...
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OISE University of Toronto TEFL
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Highly rated for Instruction
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Pairing your bachelor’s degree with a TEFL certificate from a top-20 global university is the...

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Marcell Grant
Study: The Trinity Cert Tesol course at the GET academy was certainly rigourous but support was always there when needed. After completing the course you genuinely felt surpised at the amount you had...
Cherie Tregre
The work at The Language Company has been exactly what I came for and the travel in Chile has astounded me. I came here as a seasoned language educator with the goal of having a stimulation and shift...
Henry Cui
Very good course, lots of information taught through this course. There were game materials, teaching support materials, and in-class activities provided for students to download throughout the course...
Nolte Lourens
What an awesome experience, I left SA pursuing a new career and decided on doing the TEFL through ACT. Overall the entire course was a bit daunting at first but June(our instructor) was so a treat,...