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EF Language Course in Rome, Italy was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I arrived in Italy and my luggage went missing, I was scared and frustrated. I didn't have anything with me and did not know the family who I would be staying in. I arrived at the home and I had the best welcome, they made me feel comfortable and safe and they made me not worry about my luggage. The next day I needed to be at school at 9am, my host family showed me how to get to school, how to take the metro and which buses to take from Termini. I arrived at school and was greeted with a huge smile by Domenico and other staff. i felt like I had known them forever, they did such a great job at making you feel at home and encouraging you to get to know others. I remember on the very first day we went on a tour of the areas surrounding the school and I met so many friends. Friends who I know travel with and are some of my closest friendships. The instruction began and the teachers were fantastic, professional and charismatic. They made learning Italian fun and they were so passionate about what they did. Every day I looked forward to going to school and learning more of the language and the culture. The teachers and staff didn't make this feel like school, they made it feel like we were all a family who spent time together learning about Italian culture. What I loved the most is that we weren't stuck in the classroom, we took our learning outside and had first hand experiences with the people of Rome. I loved that on the weekends we had field trips where we immersed ourselves in the Italian culture and visited new places. The whole staff was knowledgable and caring. They learned my name on the first day and were always to caring and helpful. This was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget, I recommend this program to anyone who has ever dreamed of studying abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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I was really happy with my studies in Paris! The staff and the teachers at EF were very warm and welcoming, they really made me feel at home. I spent 20 weeks in Paris and I learned a lot, both of the language and of the french culture. I would recommend it to everyone who would like an exciting experience and want to make friends all over the world. The hostfamily was also very welcoming and they were really interested in learning about were I'm from and taught me a lot about their culture since they originate from Moracco. The only problem I had at the family was that they didn't know what food to make me since I'm vegetarian. But since I was in Paris there was always nice restaurants I could go to.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe more activites that are free, like picnics and movienights at school.
Yes, I recommend
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I'm having an experience extraordinary. Meeting the friends overall the world, nice teachers, and the activity staffs who always taking care of students. Not only the school courses, you can also travel Paris and around Europe more easily. And having the various cultures experience. The negative thing is the price... But except this everything is so cool. I'm gonna miss this experience and this place so much at the future. I hope other people have this experience also.

Yes, I recommend
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After a year of teaching in China under my belt, I knew I wanted to come back. My main concern was that I was going to spend a few years with a lot of travel stories, but little to show for it with my professional self. I told my recruiter this when I applied. She told me about all of these teaching qualifications I could gain with EF. When I asked about other opportunities she said that it has that too. I took it with a grain of salt.

Five years later I have gained teaching qualifications, I've moved out of the classroom and started working in the central headquarters, and now I'm moving back to the US with a full time job with EF at their Boston office. I guess I proved my parents wrong with that one.

This "program" is a bit different from the others because it's not a program. It's a job. You are expected to work, but you get paid and you get plenty of holidays. Of the countries I visited while working with EF in China, about 50% were on my own and 50% were with company sponsored conferences. The housing isn't provided, but I liked that. They help out a ton with finding your apartment, and then I got to choose where I lived and how much I spent on it.

If you want to travel abroad, but also start a real career, this is the place.

Yes, I recommend
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The site says Education First, but it should say Saftey Last. I was horrified at the pick up procedures in Nice. My 17 year old daughter was left at the airport for over 2 hours and finally found a representative picking up another student. If you value your children’s safety I would not use Education First for emmersion language learning. In all of my travels to multiple third world countries I have never seen such total disregard for safety in pick up. We were told every thing was in order before our daughter left. I deeply regret using hard earned money to endanger my child.

How can this program be improved?
Try and improve your communication. Leaving panicked exhausted parents trying to arrange safe transport for a child at 5 am using google translate and SIRI is unacceptable.
Response from EF International Language Campuses

Linda, we appreciate your feedback and will certainly use it to continue to improve our programs, specifically our arrival procedures. Since EF was founded, safety has always been our number one priority. For this reason, we ensure all students have multiple emergency contact numbers and clear instructions on how to find the EF representative waiting for them when they arrive in country. Of course, as is the case with travel of all sorts, flights change and last minute changes are always a possibility. EF offices and staff around the world remain flexible and available to students in these times of change and will certainly use your feedback to continue improving our emergency and pick-up protocol. Thank you again for your feedback and for choosing EF as your study abroad provider.

No, I don't recommend


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