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IVHQ is the world’s most trusted and affordable volunteer abroad organization, offering the largest range of safe and impactful volunteer programs in 40+ destinations around the world.

Over 80,000 travelers have volunteered abroad with IVHQ over the past 10 years, making IVHQ the world’s most experienced volunteer organization with the best safety record.

Whether you're taking a volunteer vacation, gap year, or on a career break, IVHQ has a wide variety of programs ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks to fit anyone's schedule.

Programs are available in these destinations: Bali, Costa Rica, South Africa, Greece, Fiji, Nepal, Peru, Jamaica, Madagascar, Spain, Belize, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Italy, Tanzania, Cambodia, Victoria Falls, India, Vietnam, Portugal, Laos, New Zealand, Belgium, Morocco, Brazil, China, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Indonesia, Cambodia, Argentina, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines and Thailand.

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The Cartagena program was fantastic. Good food, comfy accommodations, the nicest staff. The programs were very meaningful. I was only there for 2 weeks but felt like I was part of the family by the time I left. Monica the director of the program is the nicest, most caring woman. Our weekly meetings added value and a bond that is hard to describe. Colombia is a place of nice, warm people and the staff is a direct reflection of that. On the weekends, volunteers were allowed to travel to other parts of Colombia, and the staff helped us book flights and hostels, as well as give us safety tips on how to travel through Colombia. On my last night, Monica took us out for dinner and thanked me for my time down there. She made every volunteer feel special, as well as valued. For that, I am grateful.

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I volunteered in Colombia for 4 weeks with IVHQ. The coordinators in Colombia were very helpful and always wanted to make sure you felt at home. The cost of living in Colombia is very cheap so you only need roughly $30 a week but if you are traveling on the weekends you need around $80. The programs were well organized and fun! The coordinators and volunteers were devoted on making a difference for the people of Colombia. I would recommend others to this program.

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My experience with this program though only for a week was an amazing adventure. Every day was filled with laughter, community service and happiness! The living arrangements were comfortable and welcoming. All the other volunteers and staff will always be remembered for this. This program tho on the more expensive side was well worth the cost. The food was great and we were all always well fed. The host house was very secured and all the volunteers and I felt safe 24/7. I hope this review helps you choose to travel with IVHQ as it was a dream week.

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I decided to volunteer in South Africa- Muizemberg and I don't regret one bit! As soon as I came to Cape Town I was greeted by a local who came to pick me up. He was the nicest! Then, I met my house mother, who truly cares for you. I needed to have access to wifi for a tour the next day and she called all her contacts to find someone who can hotspot me for a few minutes and not long after she found someone! All the people who stayed in the same house as me greeted me and helped me to get organized and comfortable.

They also cook amazing food! If you are vegetarian you just need to let them know and they'll make a separate meal for you.

As for the program itself, I was in teaching and it was the holiday program. We started volunteering at 9:00 and ended around 13:00. We worked along the sports development program and it was the best! All the kids are so adorable and genuine. They just want love and affection and they'll be the most happiest person in the world! They knew all the volunteers name by heart before I knew theirs. If I could stay for more than 2 weeks in there I would without hesitation. There are just so many things to do in there and the locals are so nice that you wanna extend your stay and so many people did. Every day we tried to do a new activity. I totally recommend you to hike lions head and table mountain. They're just the best hike you can ever find in the world. Also, if you can go to Chapman's peak, do a three day safari tour, do the Cape Point tour and go to the Roben Island you'll have the best time believe me it's worth it! I had a budget of 500$ before going there, but there are just so many thing to do and see that I didn't care spending more.

Also, if you are worried that Cape Town might not be the safest place just know that there will always be people to help you. I've never had an issue there and you just have to be cautious. For example don't walk alone at night and try to stay with a group of people when you're going out and you'll be fine.

Just know that by volunteering with IVHQ you're never be alone. They will always be there to help you by guiding and preparing you for the trip! They're the best!

Thank you IVHQ for this unforgettable experience. I will definitely volunteer again with you guys.

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You think 2 weeks are enough until the last day arrives, and the first thought that comes into your mind is “I need more time.” All the ideas of volunteering started with one of my friends saying “I volunteered in Africa 2 years ago, let’s do it together this year!” One year passed by and now I’m here returning from the volunteering program of IVHQ and NVS Kenya.

I volunteered alone for two weeks in Ngong Kenya, and I can’t find the words to describe how wonderful was the life I experienced there. From meeting incredible people, to playing, to taking care of children, to hearing people screaming “Muzungu” in the streets, to giving hi-fives to all the kids, to learning the culture, to helping, but most importantly, to learning about myself, something that has changed my life forever. IVHQ gave me the most memorable experience of my life, and I will definitely travel with them again!

Throughout the trip, the staff supports you, gives you attention and make sure you are safe. Everyone is incredibly friendly and just want you to be happy. In my placement, I was able to meet people from all around the world, that now I’m so glad to call them my friends! Now I feel I have a family in Kenya that is waiting for me to come back.

Before coming there, I was just an 18 years old girl who wanted to help. My mom, obviously, was scared for me to go alone to Africa. She wasn’t sure if IVHQ was safe, but after talking with some volunteers, She let me go to this fantastic adventure. Now if I were to ask her for permission again, she would let me go anywhere with them. IVHQ and NVS Kenya had changed my life.

Reading this, if you are thinking of volunteering or you are going to, here is my best advise: - Come without expectation, be prepared to get out of your comfort zone, be yourself, put yourself out there and embrace the culture, respect other people and just enjoy the adventure :)

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