TESOL, or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a blanket term for both the TEFL and TESL.

Although many different schools offer TESOL certification courses, the main accreditation body is called Trinity TESOL and they run certification courses that help teachers in every stage of their career. Trinity's teaching qualifications are accepted by the British Council as well as many English learning centers worldwide.

From teaching young learners to getting a master's in TESOL, a TESOL certification course could help you take the next step in teaching English as a foreign language abroad or at home.

There are several different types of TESOL courses abroad. Getting a TESOL certification means you'll be qualified to teach all over the world. This opens the door for exciting new opportunities abroad. These courses are offered in many different countries, including Argentina, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Russia -- just to name a few -- so you can start your journey abroad while you're getting certified.


The Trinity CertTESOL is an initial teaching qualification for teachers looking to start their first job. Full-time and part-time trainees will complete five units with a minimum of 130 hours in teaching skills, language awareness and skills, learner profile, materials assignment, and unknown language.

This is the most basic certificate and the one you'll likely start with to get all the fundamentals down. The following certificates are like "add-ons" that will help you specialize.


The Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate is an in-service qualification designed for teachers of 7-16-year-old students. Trainees get to experience workshops and tutorials, assisted lesson planning, and teaching observations.


This qualification is for experienced teachers who want to take the next step in their careers, focusing on individual professional development and personal research interests. Trinity DipTESOL carries credits for UK Level 7 MA degrees and is best for teachers who want a highly personalized approach.


The Certificate in International Business English Training is a specialized certificate for those interested in planning and teaching business English training.


The Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology is designed for teachers looking to improve their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills.


The Diploma in English Language Teaching Management is a professional development qualification for language center managers, consisting of 10 face-to-face sessions that go over routine, tactical, and strategic management tracked through written assignments and a project.

The Best Time to Get a TESOL Certificate

The best time to go for your TESOL certification is before the hiring season in your desired teach abroad country starts. This will vary, but typically your TESOL school is a good resource for this.

Where are TESOL Courses Offered?

You can choose to take the course almost all over the world. English speaking countries, like the United Kingdom and Ireland, offer quite a few options, but you also have the choice to take the course in the destination you'd like to eventually teach in.

If Asia interests you, head to Japan, Hong Kong, or China to take your course. These countries have many jobs available every year, so you'll have a good chance of landing a job right away. If you live in a smaller city, the cost of living can be cheaper as well.

Many countries in Europe offer it, including Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain. This will give you a taste of Europe, and you can decide to head to different countries afterwards to teach.

What are the Visa Requirements?

The visa requirements will be different in every country, so check with a TESOL counselor or look on the government's website to see what it is where you're going. It's very important to pay attention to how long you're allowed in the country - you may have to exit and reenter the country in the middle of your course to avoid getting in trouble.

Is Housing Provided?

Typically, housing isn't included in the fees for TESOL courses.

After the course is complete, the program may be able to help you find a job through job openings they've heard of. Once you're experienced, they may even hire you themselves to help out with the course. Networking is very valuable, as it can lead to potential jobs in the future.

The average salary will depend on where you teach. In countries like Thailand, the pay is less, but the cost of living is also less. Teaching in the places like the UAE or Saudi Arabia can pay quite well, with an average salary up to $4,000 USD per month and a housing stipend in some cases.


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