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Internship, Volunteer, Semester & Summer Study Abroad Programs define Adelante Abroad's menu of offerings and expertise. Choose to intern overseas in Spain, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, or Scotland. With year round start dates, Adelante is sure to provide a travel program that's right for you!

Our affordable internship abroad programs include airport pick up, 2 (or 3) weeks of intensive Spanish language classes, orientation, an internship in your sector of interest, housing, and 24/7 access to your Program Director Abroad.

Candidates enjoy their own private room in a centrally located shared apartment. We have staff on site full-time. They are there if you need them but are trained to give you space to bump into things, make mistakes and finally find, on your own, how you fit into your new country & home.

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I was an English-teaching intern in Viña Del Mar, Chile for a month. The city was an amazing and beautiful place to be and I felt quite safe. It was relatively expensive to live during the month I was there as my roommate and I had to provide our own food and transportation. However, the work that we were during was great. I had never taught English before until this internship, and I learned a lot about myself; how well I work in a position of authority, and my planning skills. The program had a lack of guidelines on what we were supposed to be teaching, and although that was a challenge, it provided us with the opportunity to create an entirely new lesson plan that catered to the needs of the students. We taught four amazing adults who were eager to learn from us and it felt great! I’d encourage future interns to take as many weekend outings as they can in Chile. The city has so many amazing activities and sights that will keep you busy in between your working hours. The only downside of the program was that I had to find my own transportation back to the airport at the end of the program which was expensive and difficult to navigate. But my experience in teaching in Chile outweighed any cons that arose!

How can this program be improved?
Airport transportation needs to be provided at the end of the program, not just at the beginning. Also, there should be some sort of guidelines or subject matter for the English-teaching interns so that they have a better idea of where to start and what the students are expected to know by the end of the program.
Yes, I recommend this program

I originally chose this program with Adelante because it was by far the cheapest one available. The price is reasonable and includes meals and housing-- both of which turned out great. I loved my host and the meals she made for me. I felt at home there. Also, Sevilla in general is a beautiful city that is very safe, colourful, and walkable.
The university (UPO) is not within walking distance but has its own metro stop so getting to class is easy and convenient. The courses required some work but were not overly stressful.
Adelante was helpful as well with connecting me with a local study abroad program and continuing to check up on me through email throughout my stay.
I will say that the program works best for students that are independent, as Adelante representatives will tell you. Many other programs are so expensive because they have some trips bundled in the cost-- this is not the case with Adelante. So, if you are interested in planning your own trips and activities around Spain/Europe with more flexibility, this program may be a good fit. You also may want to consider how willing you are to meet new people and try solo travel for the times when the schedules of other students who have more boxed-in programs don't align with your travel plans. These aspects worked for me and I got to travel a lot with the money I saved by choosing this program-- also, there are many student/erasmus travel programs for the weekend like We Love Spain which I also would recommend.
Sevilla is a beautiful city and I had an awesome time there. I gained a lot of confidence in myself during my stay there and would highly recommend it!

Yes, I recommend this program
Hello I'm Stephanie!

I really enjoyed my experience with Adelante in Madrid. I was really nervous going into the two week Spanish course, but the teachers were all wonderful. My level of Spanish significantly improved in the duration of my course. By the end of the course, I felt comfortable speaking in Spanish around town. I was also really glad I could participate in the activities around the city through the school.
My internship was in Accounting with Hugo Boss. I learned so much during the internship and gained the experience in the industry which helped me land the job I have today.
I made lots of friends in the process who I still keep in touch with. My roommates and I traveled around Spain together, which are memories I will never forget!
Overall, I had a great experience and I highly recommend Adelante. They took care of all the details of my personalized program. I loved that they sorted my accommodation, Spanish lessons, and internship as one package. Communication was great leading up to my departure and throughout the duration of my program.

Yes, I recommend this program
Jessica Castronovo

LOVE this program! I was in Madrid for International Marketing and gained SO much experience, more than I ever could doing an internship back in the states. I got to learn hands on experience and just learn things that I was never taught in classes that has boosted my resume immensly in helping me get a job later on. The company that I worked for was so nice that I am now great friends with all the girls. Not only did I learn great work experience, I got to travel so much! After I graduated I tried to find a job and was not satisfied so looked to Adelante Abroad. I figured why not boost my resume AND travel. You have the rest of your life to work 9-5 everyday, when is the next time I get to travel for 6 months? If anyone is looking for a LEGIT (yes, I was scared at first this could be a scam) program- this is it! Everyone is so helpful and just care about your experience!

How can this program be improved?
Everything about this program was amazing. The only thing would be maybe housing, certain things needed a bit more maintence. Also once I was done with the language classes and I wish they would still inform me of any trip they have planned such as museum visits, day trips, etc.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My 2 months in Ecuador was an incredible experience! I lived in Quito with an Ecuadorian family and completed 2 weeks of Spanish Language classes before beginning a 6 week placement at a veterinary clinic. Not only did I gain incredible skills and knowledge from my work placement that I can apply towards veterinary school in Canada, I was also able to travel around Ecuador and get to know its culture and people. My main goal out of this experience was to learn to speak another language. I came to Ecuador with some basic Spanish, but being immersed in it every day ,both at home with my host family and at work, allowed me to accomplish this goal. I met so many amazing people during my time in Ecuador and I am so thankful for this amazing experience!

Yes, I recommend this program


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