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10 Post-Graduation Teaching Opportunities for 2022

Interested in teaching abroad in 2022, but not sure where or how? Start your teaching journey here, by exploring our picks for the best post-graduation teaching opportunities for 2022.

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Post-graduation, you are ready to take on the world – literally. For recent graduates looking to both gain work experience, make money, and live in a foreign country, teaching abroad is a great option. Future employers will appreciate your adventurous spirit, and you’ll have the exhilarating experience of not only traveling to a new country, but living in it.

However, especially if you don’t have teaching experience and have never been to that country before, it can be intimidating to leave everything behind to look for a job in a new place. Luckily, there are plenty of organizations that can take care of those logistics for you—all you have to do is fill out the paperwork, get your visa, and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

So, if you’re ready to make the leap to teach in a new country, here are a few exciting post-grad teaching opportunities waiting for you this year:

How can I prepare to teach abroad?

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Even with a degree, ambition, and a whole lot of passion for travel, you'll still need to prepare before you make the transition overseas.

Determine what teaching job type is right for you

Knowing that you want to teach English abroad is a great start, but narrowing down what type of teaching job strikes your interest can help guide your research even further. From teaching in public schools to volunteering at English camps, there's a wide variety of job types available for recent grads in the ESL world. Below are three examples of teaching types:

  • Public school teacher: Teaching in a public school may be a great option if you're starting out in the ESL world. You'll likely work as a teaching assistant, helping the local teachers with their lesson planning and other classroom management.
  • Private school teacher: If you're TEFL certified or have prior teaching experience and are looking to make money teaching overseas, you'll likely work at a private school. By going the private school route, you could find work teaching small classroom sizes of adults, or even teach young learners if you work in a pre-school or day care center.
  • Volunteer teacher: Looking for a short term placement teaching abroad? While you can also find long-term volunteer placements, working as a volunteer teacher with a program such as a summer camp, can be a great option for you to travel and gain teaching experience. However, if you're teaching as a volunteer, you may have to cover a hefty upfront program fee for housing, meals, support, and more.

Consider getting TEFL certified

Like many other competitive jobs, in order to land a high-paying placement teaching English abroad, you'll need to be make your application stand out. If this is your first time teaching abroad, one way to gain experience, prepare yourself to teach, and strengthen your application, is to obtain your TEFL certificate.

For many competitive teaching positions you'll need to have a 120-hour TEFL certificate to be able to teach English. Fortunately, these are quite easy to obtain online, and some programs will even include a TEFL certification course as a part of your orientation and job placement process. Others, particularly volunteer-based programs, do not require a TEFL certificate at all.

Where should I teach abroad?

A chart outlining the most popular countries for teaching English abroad, based on amount of wishlisted programs

If you're feeling stuck about where to teach, look to your fellow Go Overseas community members for guidance. We've gathered the most popular wish listed teaching countries here at Go Overseas. Though Spain tops the list for 2021, if you don't see your country of interest in our top 10, don't be discouraged, there's plenty of amazing countries worth teaching in.

You can also explore our picks for the top countries to teach in, ranked according to average salary, cost of living, common perks, and more in our The 10 Best Countries to Teach Abroad in 2022 article.

How did we pick these programs?

At Go Overseas, we want our community members to have the knowledge and resources they need to find the program that best fits their travel goals! To determine the best programs, we considered the overall rating of each program and compared the number of verified, recent reviews that program received.

We read the reviews left by community members and check to see what they love, what they hate, and everything in between! The more positive, highly-rated reviews there are, the more confident we feel to give our stamp of approval!

Lastly, we used our own industry knowledge to ensure we're recommending programs that are vetted both by you, the community members, and us, the experts, so that we feel confident the programs included are the best of the best!

1. Teach English at Summer Camps in Asia with Abridge Academy

Lush green mountains
  • Program length: 3-10 weeks
  • What's included: flights, accommodations, orientation program, fully accredited TEFL course and certificate, three days post-program accommodation in a city of your choice

For beginners looking to teach English or STEM courses in Asia, Abridge Academy may be a great option for 2022.

With no teaching experience required, participants will be placed in summer camps across China, Taiwan, and Japan, and given the option to either teach English or STEM courses, or help lead outdoor adventure camps, focused on sports, and camp activities and games.

A great perk that comes with volunteering with Abridge Academy is the opportunity to take fully, internationally accredited TEFL training. You'll learn about how to plan lessons and prepare class activities, and learn basic teaching methods tips to help you feel ready to take on your classes -- it's all included in the cost of the program! Talk about a deal!

My time in Shanghai was incredible. The experience of running my own classroom and of trying to instill in students a curiosity about economic ideas was extremely rewarding.

Jack, 23

Program Details

Teach English or STEM at Summer Camps or Homestay Across Asia
Abridge Academy
Multiple Countries
Starting Price:
$0.00 USD
9.54 Rating
based on 13 reviews
  • Benefits 9.2
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 9.8
  • Facilities 8.7
  • Safety 9.2

2. Teach in Thailand with Travelbud

People in boats docked on the water, green hills
  • Program length: 4 months -1 year
  • What's included: in-country TESOL/TEFL course, Thai lessons, pre-departure support

Travelbud is a Capetown-based teach and volunteer abroad organization that was founded in 2012. Throughout your application and placement process, you'll be talking with someone who has taught abroad before and knows all about the excitement and challenges that may entail. Once you’ve selected a program, they’ll help you plan and organize your adventure by providing you with a guaranteed paid job placement, TEFL certification, cultural orientation courses, and 24/7 in-country support.

The TESOL certification provided by Travelbud is one of the most widely-accepted certificates in Thailand. They are very helpful regarding the logistics of moving overseas, including helping with the visa process and getting airport pickup. Teachers with Travelbud will have the opportunity to work with students of all ages, and positions are open to grads from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand.

Travelbud has a new cohort each month and accepts applications year-round. Placements can vary from 4 months to a whole year.

I have learned so much not only about solo traveling and Thai culture, but also about myself. Had it not been for TravelBud, my experience would have been completely different and definitely far more stressful.

Sara, 23

Program Details

Paid Teaching & TEFL Program in Thailand with TravelBud
Starting Price:
$2,350.00 USD
9.18 Rating
based on 72 reviews
  • Benefits 9
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 8
  • Facilities 8.1
  • Safety 9.7

3. Volunteer abroad with Projects Abroad

Kate, Projects Abroad Tanzania
  • Program length: starts at 2 weeks, but can be extended
  • What's included: accommodations, activities, transportation, and meals

For those who are more service-minded, Projects Abroad hosts volunteer teach abroad opportunities in four continents, from Samoa and Vietnam to Kenya and Madagascar. Though these positions are not paid, this organization has more off-the-beaten-path destinations, and a chance for you to really make a difference in someone’s life.

Teaching with Projects Abroad does not require a teaching certificate or prior teaching experience. They have flexible start dates and end dates, and you can apply at any time.

Overall this trip was empowering for me as a young woman. It not only allowed me to do something that I love (working with children) but it put me out of my comfort zone and demonstrated that I really can do anything I set my mind to.

Karissa, 23

Program Details

Projects Abroad Volunteer Programs in Nepal
Projects Abroad
Starting Price:
$1,770.00 USD
9.47 Rating
based on 36 reviews
  • Impact 8.8
  • Support 9.1
  • Fun 9.4
  • Value 8.9
  • Safety 9.5

4. Teach in China with The Fewer Things

Travelers walking down the Great Wall of China
  • Program length: 10 months
  • What's included: online TEFL course, orientation and teacher training, guaranteed job placement, accommodations (excludes Shanghai)

With The Fewer Things, you'll grow your teaching portfolio, travel and make money, and feel supported every step of the way.

The Fewer Things provide a long list of services to help you get your bearings as you navigate your new life in China, including cultural activities, teacher trainings and 24/7 guidance and support to help you better integrate into your new home overseas. Not TEFL certified yet? Not a problem, they offer online TEFL certification courses to help you prepare for your upcoming teaching adventure.

They also offer group and couple placements if you'd like to teach abroad with your partner or best friend -- the best of both worlds!

Their programs are also covered by a COVID-19 policy which allows for flexible booking. If you're looking to join The Fewer Things this year, spots are open, with jobs beginning in February and August.

The Fewer Things has been helpful in all aspects of life here in China, from giving you advise and tips on teaching, to recommending restaurants and bars!

Angie, 26, United Kingdom

Program Details

Teach in China - TEFL, Free Housing and 12 Weeks Vacation!
The Fewer Things
Starting Price:
$825.00 USD
9.58 Rating
based on 33 reviews
  • Benefits 9.1
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 9.5
  • Facilities 8.5
  • Safety 9.6

5. Teach in Spain with RVF International

Red and yellow painted stairs outside in an alley
  • Program length: 8 months
  • What's included: guaranteed job placement, Zoom call support, personalized housing support

If you have an associate's or bachelor's degree, a strong interest in teaching, and an adventurous spirit, a teaching placement with RVF International may be the move this this year!

Grads who sign up to teach with RVF International will secure a guaranteed job placement as a language assistant for a public school in Spain. You'll work four day work weeks and enjoy fun, culturally immersive activities and travel excursions, provided by RVF.

RVF is currently accepting applicants for their 2022/20223 school year, with applicants expected to start teaching in Spain in October.

RVF was amazing! Spending a year (or possibly more) in Spain has been a dream of mine for the past few years, and I'm truly grateful that RVF helped me achieve this dream.


Program Details

Teach English in Spain | Get paid while you travel and explore new cultures!
RVF International LLC
Starting Price:
$1,299.00 USD
9.84 Rating
based on 61 reviews
  • Benefits 9.6
  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 9.6
  • Facilities 9.7
  • Safety 10

6. Teach in China with Teaching Nomad

Peter, For Teach Recruiting China
  • Program length: varies depending on job placement
  • What's included: varies depending on job placement

Finding a teaching job with Teaching Nomad is a great option for independent recent grads. Teaching Nomad is a free recruitment service, offering personalized consultations to help you land your ideal teaching role in China.

They'll cover everything you'll need to feel successful while abroad, from helping you secure a job placement with competitive pay to finding safe housing. Plus, many of the schools Teaching Nomad works with offers their teachers free housing, health insurance, and even flight reimbursements.

Teaching overseas is a big venture to undertake, but [Teaching Nomad's] assistance allowed me to feel more at ease with the process.

Marisabel, 44

Program Details

Teaching Nomad - Teaching Opportunities in China
Teaching Nomad
9.66 Rating
based on 259 reviews
  • Benefits 9.4
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.3
  • Facilities 9.4
  • Safety 9.5

7. Teach in Italy with Greenheart

Italy - colorful buildings stacked on a cliff overlooking water
  • Program length: 3 months
  • What's included: insurance and 2-3 daily meals, accommodations, and transportation from local host family

Looking for an exciting, unique, and immersive adventure teaching in Italy? Greenheart provides English Teaching Assistant placements in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools throughout Italy.

With Greenheart, teachers will also experience true Italian culture and live with a local host family. With your host family, you'll enjoy 2-3 homemade meals per day and have opportunities to practice, or even perfect, your Italian.

Though positions with Greenheart are unpaid, they're a great opportunity to gain teaching experience.

Every day is an adventure and a chance to eat the most incredible food you've ever had in your life. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to be immersed in a culture, work hard at school, eat amazing food, and travel around Italy/Europe.

Abigail, 25

Program Details

Teach English in a Public School in Italy for 3 Months
9.29 Rating
based on 17 reviews
  • Benefits 8.8
  • Support 8.3
  • Fun 8.4
  • Facilities 8.8
  • Safety 9.7

8. Teach in Thailand with CIEE

Sculpture of Buddha
  • Program length: 6-12 months
  • What's included: pre departure support, housing, some meals, travel insurance

If green jungles, delicious pad thai, and clear blue waters are calling your name, then consider teaching in Thailand with CIEE

CIEE offers paid teaching programs throughout public and private schools in Thailand, with no teaching experience required. Recent grads can even request to work alongside their friends or partner! Teachers with CIEE are also offered a competitive benefits package, including pre-departure and visa support, free housing, and a week of language lessons.

I would absolutely recommend using this program to travel abroad because they have made every moment easy, fun and worthwhile!

Kaylee, 23

Program Details

Teach in Thailand | 6 or 12 month placements
CIEE Teach Abroad & TEFL
Starting Price:
$1,700.00 USD
9.34 Rating
based on 112 reviews
  • Benefits 9
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 8.6
  • Facilities 8.3
  • Safety 9.6

9. Teach in Korea with Travel & Teach Recruiting Inc.

Family walking underneath trees
  • Program length: varies, depends on job placement
  • What's included: housing, flight arrangement, visa sponsorship, medical insurance

For those who wish to work in South Korea, Travel & Teach Recruiting connects aspiring teachers and travelers with teaching positions throughout Korea, from Seoul to Busan.

Travel & Teach takes a personalized approach to job placement and will make sure to find a school in Korea that suits your needs—if you want to live near Seoul, they’ll make an effort, or if you prefer the countryside, you’ll be there too. Though a TEFL certificate is not strictly required, it is highly recommended so that you are more confident in the classroom.

I've now been teaching in Korea for 8 months and I have loved my experience here so far! I have absolutely fallen in love with Seoul and Korean food and I enjoy my job and have made great friends!

Natasha, 27

Program Details

Teach English in Korea with Travel & Teach | 100% FREE Placement
Travel and Teach Recruiting Inc.
South Korea
9.37 Rating
based on 110 reviews
  • Benefits 9.2
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 9.1
  • Facilities 9.1
  • Safety 9.5

10. Consider teaching online

Hands typing on a laptop

In this era of pandemic and remote working, when thinking about post-graduation options, it's always a good idea to have a backup choice that will keep you close to home. Teaching English online may not be your first choice, but it's a great way to gain experience and make money while waiting out travel restrictions.

There are a number of great online teaching platforms that will connect you with students around the world. Teach Finder is a great option for language teachers to meet students from around the globe. If you're unsure how to get started as an online teacher, check out these insider tips to help you get off the ground.


Where will you teach abroad?

With so many teach abroad options available to you, it can be daunting to make a decision. Which organization? Where to? And for how long?

Whether you decide to sign a 2-year contract to work in China or volunteer to teach English for two months in Greece, the experiences you create abroad after graduation will help shape your future education, career, and outlook on life. You may also decide that it's not the best time for you to go overseas, but that doesn't have to stop you from beginning a career in international education; check out all of the options for online teaching to see how you can get creative with your career goals.

But, whatever you choose, just remember that at the end of the day, there is no wrong decision.

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