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Why You Should Volunteer in Africa in 2020

Africa is the second largest continent and holds a very special fascination for visitors. With 55 countries, it is an extremely diverse country that has ecosystems from deserts to lush rainforests, from fascinating coastal areas to high snowcapped mountains. While many people still think of it as an exotic location, the continent is becoming more and more accessible for tourists and volunteers.

But Africa is not only an amazing tourist destination. It's also a place where your contributions will have an impact on the people you work with and on yourself when you decide to volunteer there. Because we want you to experience this amazing continent, in this article, we have put together the most important reasons why you should volunteer in Africa in 2020.

1. Make a Positive Impact

Africa is a beautiful continent – for sure. But it's also true that many African countries face issues like poverty, undernourishment, and access to quality education. A lot of improvements have occurred in the last years, but there is still a lot to do.

If you approach your volunteer work in Africa with a learning mindset and are willing to exchange knowledge, your work can have a real impact – in the project you are volunteering with, as well as on yourself. Whether you're still in school or you have a very specific skill set, you can help plenty of programs and meet incredible people along the way.

By finding a reputable program to volunteer with, you can make a positive impact on projects, people, and wildlife.

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2. Help Protect the Amazing Wildlife

While the African continent has many interesting cities and is an attractive destination from a cultural standpoint, it's also distinguished by its nature.

The huge landmass is home to primates, lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes, and many more species. Going on a safari is on everybody’s bucket list, and there is no better place to experience this than in many countries within Africa.

While most people think of the big five when they think of Africa’s animals, there are many more species to find. Where else could you work with delicate lemurs as well as giant whale sharks, with huge mountain gorillas as well as tiny turtles? The different climatic and geographic circumstances on the continent have evolved, many times right next to each other.

And after seeing this beauty, who would not want to protect it?

One of the reasons you should volunteer in Africa in 2020 is that you can work in many different conservation projects with all kinds of wildlife. Reforestation, environmental education, caring for orphaned animals – all of these tasks are important to protect the natural beauty of the continent, and you can be part of the effort!

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3. Diverse Opportunities for Volunteers

Another compelling reason to volunteer in Africa in 2020 is the diversity in opportunities.

Do you want to work with children? There are many projects, from schools and kindergartens to youth centers. Are you into conservation? Plenty of conservation programs are looking for volunteers that are passionate about our Earth. Are you interested in volunteer work in the health sector? You can find programs for many health and medical interests.

There are so many projects to volunteer in Africa that it can be overwhelming. Make sure that you work with a trusted provider of projects to guide you through all the possibilities.

Popular volunteer programs in Africa:

4. Travel Before or After Volunteering

Of course, you chose a destination for your volunteering trip based on your skills, your interests, and the local situation. But that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun while on your trip too, right? You will have weekends off to wander and maybe even a week or two before and after your volunteering stint. And Africa is an amazing continent to explore!

Depending on the country you volunteer in Africa, you can go on a safari, snorkel in the crystal blue sea, visit local cultures, or experience the exciting bustle of growing cities. Where else can you go from a beautiful beach to the fascinating desert during the same vacation? Africa offers amazing trips that you can take in your time off and that make sure, your volunteering trip is also loads of fun!

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Africa in 2020 – There's No Better Time than the Present

While there are some African countries that still experience political turmoil, many of them are safe. There is so much development happening in Africa right now. It is an amazing time to experience this continent and to be part of it. And with so many new inventions and trends are starting on the African continent, and if you go on a volunteering trip to Africa in 2020, you can experience them firsthand.

You will meet amazing people, make unforgettable experiences and definitely discover a love for Africa that will stay with you forever!