Spanning 3,000 miles vertically down South America, Argentina is an exciting country waiting to be explored. Famous for its food and football, you could spend your nights diving into a juicy steak whilst watching the Argentinian national football team, one of the best throughout the world, play against their rivals. Or you could instead replace those trainers with a good pair of dancing shoes and attend a milonga, a tango dance party.

When you journey through Argentina it is as though all of the famous natural elements in the world have been brought together. In the north you have the picturesque Iguazú National Park which hosts the Iguazu waterfalls that separate Argentina with Brazil as well as a jungle, a diverse wildlife can be found in the lowlands of the Pampas which are located in the east and central inland, and to the west is the famous Andes mountain range where more than 300 glaciers reside. It sounds Impossible to believe but the country also hosts the seventh largest desert in the world, the Patagonian Desert, and also many National Parks.

Argentina is not limited to natural beauty though as it is also filled with European inspired architecture, historical UNESCO sites and a bustling capital city, Buenos Aires. With a diverse culture to experience, Argentina is a great location to spend a summer studying abroad!

Program Types

When studying abroad for the summer in Argentina it is best to pick the particular program that will suite your interests. You may wish to take a course which concentrates on a single subject matter, you may want to take a Spanish language learning course, or you may wish to take a course that combines both elements.

If you want to choose a course that is influenced by the expertise of the region then you may benefit from studying one of the country’s main industries. Agriculture, automobile production, food processing, energy production, textiles, mining, printing and wine are some of the key areas that Argentina thrives in.

Instead of focusing on a certain subject, you may wish to treat your summer study abroad course as an immersion program. With this in mind it would be greatly beneficial to take a Spanish learning language program, a choice that is very popular in Argentina. Such programs as CIEE offer cultural immersion activities where field trips take you to points of interest around Argentina and it also includes a three-night stay in Uruguay. As well as discovering more about Argentinian culture, you will also develop your Spanish skills which will help you to work or live in South America or Spain in the future.

Or you may rather find a course which offers the best of both worlds; combining a certain subject with Spanish lessons. This is common in many programs, for example, through this particular ISA program you can attend the University of Buenos Aires for six weeks and choose an Agriculture or Environmental Sciences subject as well as taking Spanish language lessons.

When looking into courses always take note on the variation of process and what the program also includes. For example, you may wish to live independently or you may rather a program where accommodation and food is provided for you.

Planning Your Trip

A Few Quick Packing Tips

Clothing Prepare your clothes as if you are traveling for the whole year, i.e. be prepared to face all four seasons. Make sure to pack a few warm jumpers as June and July are the coldest months of the year. However, also bring a variety of light options for those warmer days.

Footwear Bring a mixture of both night out and sensible shoes. Argentina is a party country so it will be a safe bet to pack the high heels, but trainers/hiking boots are also a must as you will no doubt end up hiking across Argentina’s historic paths.

Medical Supplies It is good to bring some common medicines with you in advanced so you are not ill whilst on the road.


Before you pack the swimwear, shades and suntan lotion into your suitcase, there is one important point to note when living in Argentina between June and August: this is the country’s winter. Don’t let this burst your summer bubble just yet though as there are many perks of travelling during these colder months.

This is the best time to visit the largest ski center in Latin America at the Cerro Catedral Mountain in Bariloche city. Or whilst tourists are skiing down the slopes you can take this opportunity to stroll down Argentina’s marvelous coastline. It also means you can visit the many attractions that the country boasts like wine-tasting in Mendoza, golfing in Cordoba and marveling at the arts in Rosario without feeling too hot and bothered.

Important Holidays/Festivals/Events

Why not spice up your Argentinean summer by participating in these awesome celebrations alongside the locals?

Fiesta Nacional del Poncho As it is suggested in the title, this unique festival displays a wide range of ponchos, tapestries and other designed materials. It takes place every July in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca.

Independence Day On July the 9th in 1816 Argentina was proclaimed independent from Spanish rule. Now a national holiday, each year the country comes together to celebrate this historical day.

El Toreo de la Vincha The only bloodless bullfight in Argentina takes place in the town of Casabindo on August the 15th. The event marks the Patron Saint's Day of Our Lady of the Ascension where young men try to grab coins and ribbons that are taped between the bull’s horns. They later return the ribbon as an offering to the Virgin.

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